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Bones Recap

Bones EP on Booth/Brennan's Future Post-Sully, Nixing Betrayal Scenario

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Tuesday’s Bones

That wasn’t so bad, was it, Bones fans?

Turns out Booth and Brennan ‘shippers didn’t need to be so worried about the return of her onetime love, Sully (guest star Eddie McClintock) — but that doesn’t mean the couple’s out of the woods.

In Tuesday’s episode, Brennan struggled to open up to Booth about her dad’s death, to the point where she even asked him for some alone time. Next thing you know, Booth slinks out of town on a case, Sully reappears out of the blue, and Brennan’s opening up to her former flame.

In the end, though, nothing inappropriate transpired between the exes, and Brennan ultimately was able to connect with Booth. But was that always the plan?

Below, co-showrunner Michael Peterson reveals whether he and his fellow EPs ever considered staging a more scandalous reunion for Brennan and Sully. The EP also previews Brennan and Booth’s relationship status following the difficult episode.

TVLINE | There’s such a deep bench of recurring characters you could have revisited. How did you land on Sully?
It was spurred by the writer of the episode, Karine Rosenthal. First of all, it was such an honor to get her to come back onto the show. Karine has been there since the very beginning and has taken some time off for family. … This is an idea that she’d been playing around with. She was there for those years when Sully was first introduced.

Bones SpoilersWe played with [bringing Sully back in] earlier episodes, but once we figured out what was going to happen with Max, everything just kind of fell into place. He was an integral part of Brennan’s life. But also, the journey for Brennan in this last season [is about a person] in search of family. From the very beginning, she wanted to find out what happened to her parents. It’s [about] her ability to connect with other people and to find family even among her friends and colleagues. Sully was what kind of opened the door to her heart [which, in turn, made room] for Booth.

TVLINE | What does it say about Brennan’s relationships with Booth and Sully that she’s having a hard time opening up to Booth, but she’s able to talk to Sully?
I think it’s true for a lot of people, actually. People have crises in their lives. Some [confide in] the person closest to them. [For] some, it’s very, very difficult. So first of all, I think it’s very honest, and it can happen. Because you aren’t sure how vulnerable you want to make yourself to the person that you’re with. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about these things with a stranger.

Brennan used to have these walls up. She [eventually] put the walls down, [but] now with the death of her father, she is putting her walls back up and keeping Booth out. We always want to make sure everything is very organic to the characters. It felt very real.

TVLINE | I think the fans were a bit worried about what Sully’s return would mean for Booth and Brennan.
I understand that… I’m not in charge of what Fox puts in the promos. They had concern when Hannah showed up. They were concerned over this. It’s just a great testament to the show. But I hope that they will trust us. We’re not going to put them through something that our characters couldn’t handle.

TVLINE | The interaction between Brennan and Sully was actually very innocent. Did you ever consider having something more happen between the two of them, like a kiss or even sex?
We bandied it about the room a little bit. But Brennan’s just not that person. True, this is a vulnerable place for her, but she’s not somebody that will betray Booth, even though she’s [said] before that she’s not sure monogamy is natural. But Booth is the love of her life. It was definitely talked about it, because we always want to explore every option. But once we really talked about Brennan’s character, we knew it was never really an option.

TVLINE | How will what Booth and Brennan went through in this episode affect them going forward?
By the time there’s that final moment with Booth and Brennan at their house, and she explains what Sully meant to her and how he helped her grow as a person, they’re confident enough in their relationship that this is a blip compared to all that they’ve gone through. In the next episode, she’s still reeling from the death of her father. Her journey to figure out what happened to her parents; that’s the central arc when you meet Brennan in the pilot. It’s about her discovering family. To find her father and to go through this journey with him, to finally forgive him for all that has happened, and then to lose him, it’s a defining moment for them. This crucible… it’s going to continue to the end of the season.

Bones fans, what did you think of the episode? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Anon says:

    Such a disappointing end scene

    I wanted Brennan to talk about why she shut out Booth, why she closed him out. He was hurt. And all she talked about was frakking Sully. When it should of been about B&B and Max.

    This EP really disappointed me. sully was so unnecessary, sending Booth to Canada so unnecessary…let them deal with it as a married couple , instead of estrange most of the ep

    • suzi says:

      I agree. Her snippiness with Booth at the beginning was uncalled for, it seemed she did blame him for what happened. In the past she has always been able to turn to Booth, and her reactions here seemed very organic and unreal to me.

      • suzi says:

        Darn that non-existent edit button—I meant UN organic.

      • Kia says:

        But she explained it in the scene with Angela! She said she doesn’t want to worry about anyone else right. She doesn’t want to worry about Booth blaming himself when she doesn’t blame him. She was snippy because she could see he was blame himself and ahe didn’t want to deal with it. Maybe a little selfishly, but it makes sense given what she has to deal with. I’m sure she explained that to Booth “offscreen” (then again. He knows and ubdersyan her, knows it’s her process) but there was no need to do two scenes dealing with the same issue. I feel like someone wasn’t paying attention and just looks for excuse for complaining.

        • Emma says:

          But for Booth’s character the whole issue was about Brennan giving him the cold shoulder. That was his plot. It needed addressed by having Brennan explain herself, so we could see him deal

          That’s why the B&B end scene makes little sense to me in terms that they addressed the wrong issue – Booth didn’t have a problem with Sully, he trusted Brennan he went to Canada, his problem was about her freezing him out, that should of been addressed in that scene not Sully

        • suzi says:

          I feel like someone doesn’t respect the opinions of others. It seemed to me (see, that implies this is an opinion, not fact) that Brennan could be open with everyone but Booth, and that bothered me.

        • Anon says:

          “I’m sure she explained that to Booth “offscreen””. Yes I’m sure she explained everything to Booth offscreen. I’m sure they grieved together offscreen. All their romantic moments are offscreen. Problem is, this is a TV show. We watch it to see the story played out on-screen. Otherwise, we could just daydream or read a book.

      • Tracy288 says:

        I’ve just found this entire season to be a disappointment – like Emily Deschanel is phoning in an exaggerated portrayal of the character. Sadly I won’t miss this once it goes off the air, not like I should a beloved show.

        • Collette says:

          Thank you! I’ve been taking a lot of flak for criticizing ED’s affected and robotic delivery. She drones on and to me she’s insufferable. I’ve always liked the rest of the characters much better than B&B and now if they both take a long break that would be great.

          • Joy clark says:

            I record all episodes, and when I compare the early free-wheeling Brennen with the robotic speech Brennen, I am puzzled. It’s like she had a stroke or something.

  2. skrable2a says:

    The show runners keep talking about her need for family … but we’ll likely never see what happened to Russ

  3. rozenator says:

    What happened to Max? And Brenna. Booth should tell her to kha. She can tell Cam what’s wrong but not her husband?

  4. Kia says:

    Absolutely loved this episode. So well done. So emotional. “I love you Bones always” same Booth. See, these writers know Brennan would never do anything to compromise her life with Booth. Can’t believe some people were actually worried. It makes me kind of sick. But anyways, this was excellent and I’m really glad they did it.

    • Anon says:

      What makes me sick is that the show runners were even considering having Brennan cheat on Booth by kissing or sleeping with Sully. That’s disgusting. It’s also disgusting Booth never got an explanation from Brennan about why she shoved him away. Plus, Sully is the one who prepared Brennan to be in a relationship with Booth? Since when? Garbage through and through. Glad for a two week break and hopefully B&B will be back on track after that.

      • Emma says:

        I think she just meant that she grew a bit being with Sully and that she could see herself being with Booth someday, being committed…the ep pretty much spelled out that Brennan was in love with Booth in S2, Sully knew it. that’s why he never came back. He knew Brennan’s heart lied with Booth.

        I don’t think they were crediting Sully with too much. I mean what about Hannah & Sweets & dead intern, they all played a part . let’s not forget B&B too

        Sully wasn’t the issue it was Brennan shutting Booth out and I did need to see Brennan spell out to Booth why she was acting that way, He was so hurt and I didn’t see he him being able to emotionally address it, Booth was hurt let him own it. Say sorry something. And also I didn’t care for how Brennan didn’t care about Booth was grieving,, to his face, to Angela she did. But to Booth it was the big freeze again. I need to see Booth get comforted. That’s why the end scene made no sense to me, cause Booth didn’t care about Sully, it was Brennan shuting him out that bothered him. It was like a wrap scene to the wrong issue

        And Booth being sent to Canada annoyed me, I just didn’t see the point. And Sully really added not much either. In think the writer forced him into ep at the expense of B&B airtime and Max focus.

        Next ep looks more B&B centered, thanfully

        • Anon says:

          I agree that the end scene should have been Brennan apologizing to Booth and explaining to him why she shut him out. He was clearly hurt all through the episode and that was just left hanging. Very disappointing that Karine Rosenthal wrote this episode — I expected a lot more from her in terms of Booth and Brennan emotional intimacy.

  5. Najida B Burns says:

    One question. Where is Russ. She could’ve had her brother. Did I miss what’s happened to him? Family.

    • kmw says:

      Well for one thing Bones cannot get the actor who played Russ back but him not being there is glaring but I am sure they will mention sometime. Thanks for the recap but the way they built this specific episode up and his excuses about how Brennan grieves in tis instant. Sorry I would have preferred to see her mourn without the aid of an ex boyfriend that hasn’t been seen nor heard from in a decade.. And really pathetic that they actually thought for a second or a minute to have her cheat. oh well like I said an overhyped episode which is going into probably a far better one with Booth and Brennan undercover. how sad only 4 more to go. just because this one may not have been one of their best doesn’t mean this season hasn’t been good. Thank god this one is over with

  6. Trogdor777 says:

    Nice call back to Sully (‘the sandwich maker’?!?). This ep had moments where the writing felt sort of disjointed to me though, or some of the acting was weird/bad. Hard to explain. Like it almost felt like a low budge episode. what was that weird massive scanner bar on the angela-tron? And the newfoundland setting seemed kind of weird. Maybe so quick after the loss of Max last ep. I think B&B solving a case in newfoundland would have been a classic one off goofy episode, if done later or another season. I always liked when Booth, and Brennan interacted with civilians in small towns. Her interacting with the Canadian podiatrist was always great. Anyway, they mentioned Karine’s been out of the Bones universe for a while. Maybe that’s it. I did like how David played Booth watching Brennan and Sully interact from afar. *I think she said Russ was on a trip with his family and they’d do something nice for Max later in summer*.

  7. Tracy288 says:

    What the heck kind of accents were the “actors” trying to portray in this ep? They sounded Irish!

    • Tara says:

      I agree, there are so many great Newfoundland actors that could have been better. How about a chance to bring a little republic of Doyle to the fans who miss it!

  8. Nancy says:

    It bothered me that Brennan could open up to all BUT Booth? These new people just don’t get the B&B vibe. I have to say, they are making the ending easier. I don’t want these hacks anywhere near my B&B. If Bones comes back they need to have Hart or Nathan at the helm. I didn’t see what Sully brought to this episode other than people grieve in different ways. Wow, anyone else could have voiced that bit of wisdom. Russ would have been more important and a better call back. I know the actor doesn’t act, but a recast could have been in order. I don’t think people would have minded under the circumstances. I guess then the office ‘gossip’ mongers would have had nothing to chatter about. Very disappointing!!

  9. M. Ackerson says:

    Very disappointed in th funeral for Max. For a final , it lacked a lot. Where were all Brennan friends That excuse for Russ not being there w as lame. They could have just shown the back of his head

  10. NWChic says:

    Very disappointing. Totally agree that Brennan needs to tell Booth what she told Angela. Booth and Brennan need to share the memories of the moments they shared with Max. I mean there is a TON of history there that was just dropped. I didn’t see Brennan even sharing much with Sully. Why in God’s name was he there? She was just telling Sully about Max because Sully had never even met the guy. Maybe they are saving some of the Booth/Brennan stuff for next episode?
    WHY? Why did Peterson see the need to kill Max and tell this story? B&B didn’t even have a good talk. They didn’t hash things out. They should have been talking about Max and NOT stupid Sully. Sully doesn’t mean anything – who is going to babysit now? How are the kids taking it? They have more important issues in their lives. I can’t believe it they are so blind to the value of Max to B&B. It’s insulting. I hope the oboe player dumps Sully she can do better!
    Brennan and Booth should have been reminiscing about all the crazy things that happened with Max. The time Max and Booth duked it out before Booth arrested him. Max helping to save Booth from ice pick. How about the Christmas that they had in the trailer?? Or when she was hanging out the car window to talk to Max when she left him with Christine. When Max helped them with Pelant, I mean it’s a long long list. And we got that nothing drivel…….
    Don’t get me started on Sully taught her anything…..s3 – she had one guy for sex and one for conversation. OMG – they taught her more than Sully! Peterson wasn’t there in season 3.

  11. Cheri says:

    When Seeley came fully into Brennan’s life it seemed she had started to lead more emotionally than medically with her feelings. Now, I feel like she has reverted back to the medical or lab emotions. Even in her demeanor and speech. Where Seeley has grown as a person, husband, father, I feel like Brennan’s character has regressed. That is a disappointment to me. I hope that is better by the time the show ends. I will miss what they were when they finally committed to each other. That was enjoyable. I had hope before it ended it would build on that.

  12. Eliza beth says:

    We have loved BONES ever since it started and watched every show. This one was handled beautifully with Sully showing up.
    I could relate to Bones not being able to open up to Booth about how much she was hurting. A lot of us have a problem sharing pain with our loved one because most of the time they are feeling the same loss and we feel we must be strong for them.

    • Eliza beth says:

      I never saw the show where Max died. Must have been pre emptied here, which has happened several times and really makes me mad. Very sorry this show is going off. Seems like the best ones are leaving us. I.e. Bones, Rizzoli and Isles. Our MUST WATCH shows.

  13. sarah says:

    So they brought sully back for what exactly? Seems like the EP just wanted to bring back as many old character as possible (no matter how irrelevant they were) instead on focusing on the ones they had!! Brennan could have as easily shared her pain with angela! And sully actually boring

  14. kmw says:

    ok now that I have actually watched this episode. I was right it was neither as good nor as bad as promoted. Sully didn’t need to be there of course( Bones should have done something different) but in reality he was nothing more than a friend or as I also said a glorified psychologist and his scenes with Brennan were actually not bad( especially the ” cheating” dinner scene with the wine) The case wasn’t spectacular but Brennan Booth’s pain was real and David and Emily did a wonderful job with that( although their scene at home should have been longer and Brennan should have apologized) Their home scene shouldn’t have revolved around Sully but Brennan was perfect when she said ” I love this” about her life and home with Booth I did feel for Booth because of Brennan shutting him out( you can be mad at Brennan for this but her pushing people away when hurt is how she reacts good bad or indifferent) and I could see also that he was feeling a little bit of guilt over Max’s death. And of course Emily’s speech as Brennan at the cemetery was really worth the whole episode. Emily Deschanel sure does give good speeches( weddings her own and funerals, her dad and Sweets). So as I have said elsewhere much ado about nothing especially about Sully. Now to get to what is really irking me about this whole thing. Michael Peterson especially in this interview above is speaking out of both sides of his mouth Which is it Peterson? Did you or did you not consider having Brennan ACTUALLY cheat on Booth? My guess is that they really did given this episodes promotion over Emily Deschanel’s directorial debut and HOW soon this spoiler about Sully came out. Shame on you and anyone else at Bones who even toyed with this because a lot of these writers have been at Bones for a long time and already knew the answer to how fans would react to this. They could have and SHOULD have promoted this show about what it was really about and it was Booth and specifically Brennan’s grief. No it became a soap opera plot Will she or wont she? And seeing last nights ratings this bad publicity certainly didn’t help Bones. Now that this one is over we can get closer to start mourning Bones in four more episodes

  15. Sally Forth says:

    What a bunch of crock. Booth didn’t ‘slink out of town,’ he was pushed off-site so these showrunners could needlessly inject tired marital drama into the FINAL SEASON of a 12-year old show. What a bunch of *****. Yes, the Hall Monitors have annointed this idea, along with everything else, Fabulous and Awesome and Covered with Rainbow Sparkles. But aside from the Bones Stepford Wives, the ratings prove just how bad an idea that was.

    Brennan was able to turn to Booth when A DOG died but she wasn’t able to when HER FATHER died? And Booth wasn’t allowed to grieve at all for the man whose been a surrogate father to him?

    If these showrunners had been in charge of this show from the start, it wouldn’t have had two seasons let alone twelve.

    There aren’t enough words in every thesaurus in the world to describe the stink of this season.

    • Anon says:

      Bravo, Sally Forth.

      I think I love you, in a non-threatening, platonic, Brennan/Sully sort of way.

      Booth isn’t allowed to do anything this season, apparently, except be a whipping-boy for his wife.

      The hall monitors must have bought stock in the rainbow sparkles company, because they are spewing it everywhere. They are also prodigiously administering scoldings across the internet and heaping sugar-sweet praise on the show runners and writers at every opportunity.

  16. Same says:

    I am so tired of every one saying poor Booth please when his father died he bit Brennan and his grandfather head off. He was so nasty Brennan had to make him open up. When he got his brother killed same thing he was mad and nasty. Every one deals with a lost of a loved one different. Booth always wants a quick fix. It was better than I expected. If the writers had any smarters they would have address pops passing not killing off max.

    • Sally Forth says:

      Yes, she had to make him open up. And when he did, we got a lovely scene that was about Booth and his father, not about Booth and someone else.

      What did we get here? A scene about Sully.

    • Anon says:

      “He was so nasty Brennan had to make him open up.” Yes, you are right. Brennan has even fought with Booth to get him to open up or to see reason (like when he kind of went off the deep end after being betrayed by the FBI, stocking up on guns and such). She stayed and fought instead of leaving town so he could go on a dinner date with Hannah.

      Unfortunately the writers weren’t so kind to Booth. He didn’t get the opportunity to make Brennan open up, because she shipped him off to Canada. When he got home, instead of her apologizing for her nasty behavior, explaining why she shut him out, and inquiring about his own grief, she instead talked about Sully, and credited him for making her ready to be with Booth.

      So yes, I do say poor Booth. I’m curious if MP closed out Booth’s story at all, or if this is all we are going to get.

      • NWChic says:

        Yes – the heavy weight of Max’s death required Sully’s soothing to fix not Booth. That was sad to someone who has watched this show over 12 years and seen everything B&B used to mean to each other. This was just a sad contrived scene so they could bring back an old mostly forgotten character and pretend he was more than he was to her. What a waste – I want Max back!

  17. D wojtisiak says:

    The show is ending who cares if ratings are dropped

  18. Elaine says:

    Haven’t watched it yet but for a couple that has 2 kids you don’t see the children very much. where are they when all this drama is going on? do they have a built in baby sitter that no one sees?

    • NWChic says:

      They used to have one – the grandfather that they just killed off! Now who takes care of the kids? I guess it doesn’t matter, just the fact that Sully can swoop in and provide Brennan with what she needs while Booth can’t? It’s sad to waste these last precious episodes on this stuff!

  19. Manny says:

    Brennan sending Booth shows that she has not grown as character. The writers are running out of good ideas. Why not have Booth’s ex come back to bring comfort to Booth. This show should have ended last year.

  20. Joy clark says:

    Where was Russ?

  21. Liv says:

    You gotta love the Booth stans and frustrated Castle fans commenting here. Oh you guys, how you make me laugh.