Vampire Diaries Series Finale: Elena, Stefan Reunite in Latest Teaser

Dear CW, you’re killing us.

Sincerely, fans of The Vampire Diaries.

Following this week’s Kai-centric episode, the network on Monday made public its latest teaser for the March 10 series finale, this time tossing Stefan into the mix.

No, we don’t hear any new dialogue — still the same “What happened? Why am I here right now?” from Elena — but we do see that she’s speaking these words to Stefan, who appears dressed for a fancy occasion. (Like, say, his wedding to Caroline?)

Last week, The CW released a vague synopsis for the series finale, titled “I Was Feeling Epic”:

With the fate of Mystic Falls at stake, Stefan and Damon must fight their greatest enemy for one last battle.

Hit PLAY on the video above, then drop a comment below: What do you make of this highly anticipated — yet highly confusing — reunion?

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  1. Alyson says:

    I just got smacked in the face with all the Stelena feels.

    • MangoMagic says:

      Same. I stopped watching the show after Plec destroyed Stelena, but it’s always going to be my TVD OTP so I had to watch this clip.

    • Sara says:

      Stelena are just so beautiful! They were the anchor of the show and as soon as Julie ruined them she essentially ruined her show. Kevin never should have left.

    • Ella says:

      Like so many fans I stopped watching the show when Plec and Dries turned the show into the Dulena Diaries. Judging from the ratings, people just got bored and dropped the show.
      Now the final smack in the face of fans. This scenes – Stefan will be the best man at the wedding of his brother marrying his (Stefan’s) Love of his life.

      I bought Seasons 1, 2 and 3 dvd’s Checked in for a few seasons, saw it was the dullena diaries, then damon diaries, Stefan with his zero chemistry friend as lovers (yuck), Bonnie not with damon, etc.

      I am happy the show got cancelled. Proves 100% Plec/Dries and their creepy crush on Ian destroyed this show.

  2. Chris says:

    You guys are kinda a few days late reporting this one lol

  3. Gina says:

    This pretty much confirms for me that Stefan is the big death in the finale.

    • Superwoman says:

      I have a feeling it’s going to be Damon…and I really hope I’m wrong. Characters I like always die, latest being Wes on HTGAWM :-(

      • Samantha Gilland says:

        Girl, me too. I feel like fans will get screwed out of another delena moment. I considered, above all, the terribly awkward moments that would create for Nina and Ian filming a love scene again after all the weirdness. But also, alot of people have talked about both of them giving their lives for hers, (which is totally a reasonable assumption because as Damon stated in season one “It all comes down to the love of a woman.”
        I usually end up regretting watching a show after the finale. It NEVER goes the way my heart wants it to lol

      • I really really hope it isn’t Damon. I absolutely love him and will cry buckets if he dies. Sounds kind of dramatic since he is a character in a TV show that’s ending but what can I say. I feel you on Wes on HTGAWM. I had a feeling it MAY be him but when they revealed it was him my heart dropped.

    • Ks says:

      That’s what I’m seeing too. It looks sort of dream-like, so maybe Elena gets to go in Stefan’s head right before he dies to say goodbye or he gets to be in Bonnie’s afterlife dimension instead of hell. I think her confusion probably has nothing to do with having just woken up, but is about seeing Stefan and being at school. She’s sad because he’s dead, and he’s happy-sad because he gave up his life so damon could be human with her…Stefan forced Damon to be a vampire so this would be his way of making up for that. Damon probably wouldn’t agree to it but I could see it being forced (Stefan extracts cure from his blood, shoves it into Damon). That’s my prediction! Hope I’m wrong because I prefer to be shocked, but too many spoilers out there.

      • Jane says:

        There is actually a promo picture from the next episode where Stefan injects Damon with smth. I thought Stefan vervains Damon to try to take Cade on his own. But it might be he instead gave Damon the cure (putting him in that weak transition to human state) and went on a suicidal mission to kill Cade.

        • Ks says:

          I saw that photo, too, but I’m still thinking it’s vervain because at that point they probably still don’t know if or when Elena is going to be awake, could be decades, so he wouldn’t force the cure on Damon just yet.

    • Karen says:

      I was just thinking the exact same thing.

  4. Flashrow says:

    Well if they kill Stefan at the end of the show, they didn’t learn anything about True Blood.

  5. Maurice says:

    Your late this promo was released a few days ago. There is a dumb theory from reports guessing that Damon is going to drink the cure from Stefan I don’t think thats going to happen because Damon would be killing his own brother and Damon wouldn’t do that. I don’t think the writers made Stefan human just to kill him off that wouldn’t make sense. I can’t wait until the finale to see how it ends I’m still hoping for a Stelena endgame Stefan and Elena are both human now and I don’t think Steroline is endgame now that Stefan is Human.

    • I agree, that and the fact that Caroline likes being a vampire and doesn’t want to go back to being a human

    • guessitsme says:

      It didn’t make sense for them to bring Tyler Lockwood back just so Damon could kill him off but that’s exactly what happened….so here we are, Elena’s back and Stefan is grinning like he just made the best decision (sacrifice) in the world

  6. J says:

    People keep saying that the reason Stefan isn’t aging from the cure is because when it happened to Katherine it was because Silas sucked it out of her. But couldn’t that just be the loss of blood with the cure running through it? I still fill like the fact that Stefan got shot and stabbed and lost so much blood may come into play with the aging theory. As they mentioned he had to have blood pumped in him, that blood wouldn’t have had the cure in it. Is this theory too out there?

  7. lol all these people still stubbornly clinging to Stelena, claiming they are the true OTP just because it started with them remind me so much of two other shipper camps from other shows – the Bangel shippers from Buffy and the Clana shippers from Smallville. people grow up and change and so do their relationships. Buffy, Clark or in this case Elena were TEENAGERS when they fell in love with Angel, Lana or Stefan. It was their teenage first love but once you grow up you are not the same person that you were as a teen. And the teenage love comes to an end as you gravitate towards a more adult relationship. Less fairy tale, more complicated and fulfilling.

    Its what happened with Buffy as she fell in love with Spike (and is now with him as an adult – see Buffy Season 10 and 11), its what happened with Clark when he found the love of his adult Superman-ly life with Lois Lane (so amusing how the Clana fans still claim that Clana was the OTP. people its Lois and Clark!!! the most enduring and iconic love in all of pop culture history)

    and on TVD Elena found it with Stefan. I mean seriously, TVD is so blatantly ripping off Buffy with those three main characters in nearly every regard.

    Stefan is basically Angel (worst vampire in history who turned into a tormented vampire hero when his humanity was put back in place, became the first love of the teenage heroine and reverts back to his evil self when he loses his humanity. I mean hello?! obvious much?)

    Damon naturally is Spike (badboy vampire obsessed with an evil vamp queen, who later turns good when he falls in love with the heroine and regains his humanity for her, seeking redemption and becoming a hero. seriously Plec should pay Whedon royalties for this)

    Even the concept of vampires is largely the same. On Buffy, when vampires lose their souls their humanity is gone and they turn into their worst selves. On TVD they do the exact same thing, just with a humanity switch instead of losing a soul.

    And Elena is of course Buffy (just not nearly as well written or badass). the teenage heroine who falls in love with a vampire, then that relationship breaks apart as they grow up and she finds a new love as an adult that is more complicated but ultimately more fulfilling in Damon.

    Stelena fans just like Bangel fans need to come to grasp with the reality that a teenage love rarely lasts for life and that just because the show started with that love does not mean it has to end with it too. characters change and evolve and so do relationships. How many people are still with their highschool loves 10 years later ? Way of life people. quit living in the fairy tale.

    • Jane says:

      To be fair all of it is a fairy tale, people enjoy different pairings with different dynamics and to them their fav ships are otp. Why trying to convince them otherwise?
      You’re quite right about characters growing up and falling for different people. But also watching the same pairing overcome various obstacles for 8 years would be boring. Delena also lost some of its allure after a while. So Nina left to do other projects
      If a TV series has more than 5-6 seasons, chances are main characters will all sleep with each other and at this point it’s just a question of preferences, which pairing you personally like the most. Hell knows who is/was meant to be an actual otp.

      • I do not disagree but its safe to say that at this point Stelena is long dead and both Elena and Stefan have moved on for quite some time now. Thus still clinging to them is a giant waste of time. Obviously they won’t just bring Stelena back after all these years of Delena for just one final episode. It would make no sense at all and would be an insult to years of character development.

        • Mike says:

          To be fair, the insult was the actual dismantling of Stelena to go down the Delena ship. But MMV of course.

          • Jane says:

            Realistically I can’t think of a twist that can organically end tvd with Stelena. But as for time time, 4-5 years is nothing for vampires. And to me Stefan never looked like he completely moved on from Elena. It was her choice to be with Damon and Stefan respected her decision and tried his best to move on. But in one of the latest episodes he was still pretty mad at the whole Delena thing. And none of his relationships after Elena (Valerie, Caroline) worked.

    • Nic says:

      The show is based on a book series that was released before Buffy was even a TV show. In the book series I believe she ended up with Stefan but I didn’t read after the fourth book. She was still in love with both brothers though at that time.

  8. Why_Be_Normal says:

    They are vampires she should just be with both ;)