Supergirl Recap

Supergirl Recap: Valentine's Day Brings Out Kara's Inner 'Nasty Woman'

Supergirl‘s belated salute to Valentine’s Day could have doubled as the weirdest Bachelorette finale I’ve ever seen.

Two suitors remained at the top of Monday’s episode: Mon-El, the reformed bad boy from Daxam, and Mxyzptlk, the smarmy charmer from the Fifth Dimension. And following an hour of made-for-TV drama — honestly, I half expected Chris Harrison to emerge from behind an icicle in the Fortress of Solitude to take over hosting duties — Kara did, in fact, agree to marry one of her suitors.

“I’m not in love with him, but it’s the only way to stop him from hurting other people — and from killing you,” Kara told Mon-El of her decision to accept the magical lunatic’s proposal. (And isn’t that how most reality show winners feel by the end of the season?)

Then came the kind of twist from which after shows are born: Kara’s acceptance of Mxyzptlk’s proposal turned out to be part of a much larger ruse, one that ended with him spelling out his own name backwards, thus banishing him back to the Fifth Dimension. (Afterthought: Since Mxyzptlk didn’t receive the final rose, does that mean he gets to be The Bachelor next season? I feel like the producers could get a ton of mileage out of him calling Kara a “nasty woman” in the promos. You know, really play up the villain angle.)

And with Mxyzptlk out of the way, Kara and Mon-El were free to say how they really feel about each other: “The first bit about your infuriating male ego, that part I meant,” she told Mon-El. “But the second part, about us not being a match, I didn’t mean that.” Cue the long-overdue makeout, complete with a final shot of — you guessed it — two damn roses:


Elsewhere this week…

A CHANGE OF HEART | The Good ‘Ship Sanvers also experienced some rocky waters this week, but rest assured, it remains very much afloat. Ever the relationship optimist, Alex attempted to fight Maggie’s ambivalence towards Valentine’s Day with a some sexy choreography. But once Maggie explained her history with the holiday — specifically that she was outed at age 14 for giving her best friend a card, which led to her being kicked out of her house — Alex agreed to back down. So no one was more surprised when Maggie decided to change her tune, renting out a private ballroom for a “belated Valentine’s Day prom” to share with her “breathtaking” new girlfriend. D’aww.

WINN-ING! | Heck, this episode was so jam-packed with Valentine’s Day stories that even Winn got a piece of the action — in a surprisingly adorable subplot, might I add. Following a rough encounter at the alien bar, Winn fell hard for his savior, a Starhaven stunner named Lyra. (Her favorite book from childhood happened to be the only Starhaven book Winn had ever heard of, which totally sounds like the basis for a solid relationship.) She was hesitant to date him, as her experience with human men hasn’t been *ahem* stellar thus far, but she agreed to take things slowly. (I’ve got to admit, the way he made her feel comfortable in that restaurant scene was pretty charming. I really hope the show doesn’t find some way to murder this poor girl.)

Which of this week’s (many) Valentine’s Day stories did you most enjoy? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the episode below.

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  1. Roger says:

    Believe that is Tamzin Merchant as Winn’s new GF.

  2. Ws says:

    Well all those people who jumped to conclusions based on the promos turned out to be wrong.. who’d a thunk it?

  3. Susan says:

    So I loved this episode but the Mon-el haters are going to hate it

    My one annoyance – Kara’s continued double standard. She can protect Mon-el but he cannot do the same? She can make decisions by herself but others cannot?

    Wa not crazy about Wynn’s new girlfriend but the Maggie storyline with her girlfriend was sweet.

    • kath says:

      Kara is protecting Mon El at the moment because he’s new to Earth. Once he’s got his bearings, she’ll stop.
      Mon El needs to stop thinking he can make decisions for Kara when she’s repeatedly told him she wants to think for herself.

      • KCC says:

        If Kara was protecting Mon-El from Earthly dangers I might agree with you, but she’s protecting him from inter-galactic/dimensional dangers. He seems to know as much or more that Kara about those dangers. He knew who Mxyzptlk was and how to defeat him and Kara was clueless.

    • Katherine215 says:

      She’s that way with James and the Guardian storyline, too. I get he’s human and she’s not, but she seems to think only *she* can put herself in harm’s way and gets annoyed when anyone else has a desire to help or make a difference. I know she’s Supergirl, but who is she to tell everyone else how they are allowed to live their lives?

  4. Jason says:

    what this show has done to james as a character just because he isn’t the love interest has left such a bad taste in my mouth. Not even a mention. it was like he didn’t even exist and I know some people will be snarky and say good but to me it feels wrong after making him sucha huge part of the show.

    • Ws says:

      I’ve never liked this version of Jimmy Olsen since the start… he seems to be the one major casting misfire on the show.

      • Jason says:

        Writers not knowing what to do with a character is not the same as a casting misfire. Just like Laurel on Arrow. The show does not know what to do with him and its showing

        • Pedro says:

          Except he was miscast. He didn’t really fit the character of Jimmy Olsen. He’s not the happy-go-lucky dorky, sweet geek. He’s more like Superman himself. And he was meant to be the romantic lead, but he and Melissa never gelled.

          • Agreed, Winn would’ve fit the role much, much better. But in lieu of him and Kara, a bridge which I think has been thoroughly burned, I actually like Mon-El, and I think he and Kara have even more chemistry than winn and James had with her combined (Though we can all agree that Winn had far more chemistry with Kara than James ever had).

            Also, I think it’s both a miscast AND poor writing, with a character they just don’t know what to do with. It’s possible to have two things.

          • Jason says:

            its not a miscast if they never intended for Jimmy to be that in that in the first place They never wanted Jimmy to be some geeky nerd so its not really a miscast

          • KCC says:

            Except they didn’t write Olsen as being a happy-go-luck dorky, sweet geek. If they did then Mehcad Brooks might have been miscast. They were trying to reinvent him as a love interest for Supergirl and now as The Guardian and I would think Brooks can handle either of those types.

          • Ann says:

            This Jimmy Olsen is supposed to be an older, more confident man than what the young dorky guy in the comic books. Let’s just state what is the elephant in the room. People think Mehcad Brooks was miscast because he isn’t a white, red-haired boy like he is in the comic books and the public and comic book lovers simply aren’t used to that.

          • Pedro says:

            Sorry. He wasn’t anything like Jimmy in the comics, but also did not work as the male lead. Either way you look at it, he was miscast. If he was completely different from the comics but gelled with Melissa and they had great chemistry, then you could make a case. But, here, he character doesn’t work on any level and they are really grasping with the Guardian storyline when they should have just written him out along with Ms. Grant.

          • I did not like Mehcad cast as a love interest to Kara. They had very little chemistry. But I do like him as the Guardian. All they need to do is let him grow into the character. It is dumb for Kara to fight street level criminals. Jame and Winn can do that. They make an excellent team. They should show them both gradually improving there skills and technology. Also. I think the perfect match for James is Lanaa Luther. He doesn’t trust her and she has that mysterious evil streak, which is a perfect segway into a relationship that would have some good solid fireworks.

          • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

            The deal was that James Olsen was supposed to Kara’s Lois Lane. Essentially filling the same roles that Lois Lane does with Clark Kent. And Lois Lane was never a happy-go-lucky dorky, sweet geek.
            Kara Danvers = Clark Kent
            Cat Grant = Perry White
            Winn Schott = Jimmy Olsen
            James Olsen = Lois Lane

      • Susan says:

        I agree

        I like the actor but he has as never really fit with the rest of the cast.

        • lisa says:

          I feel the same. I’ve liked everything I’ve seen him in since I first saw him in Desperate housewives. But he doesn’t seem to fit here. Maybe because the show is campy and he’s not? Or maybe he just seems older/ more mature than Winn and Kara. I don’t know.

      • kath says:

        I thought he was good in the first few episodes. And then they brought Lucy in to stall the Kara/James ship and the writing didn’t know what to do with Kara/James other than to have her be a puppy dog around an adult man.
        Kara/Barry and Kara/Mon El are both written like playground romances which is how the show seems to like writing for Kara and James definitely does not fit in to there..

    • Agent 86 says:

      Any episode of Supergirl without Jimmy / The Guardian is a good episode in my personal opinion.

      The character just isn’t working – not as a love interest, not as a co-worker, not as a mentor, not as the replacement Cat Grant and most definitely not as the vigilante The Guardian. Jimmy should either head back to Metropolis to be Superman’s pal once again or he should be tempted by some “super power” drug offered by CADMUS and become their super powered muscle.

      If neither of those scenarios are possible, then he should join the DEO as a trainee agent (since he’s using technology he stole from them in the first place) or he should get over his egotistical need to be as heroic as Superman and Supergirl and partner with Kara when she’s working on stories as her co-writer or photographer.

      • Jason says:

        Hard to say a character is not working when theyre only on the show to argue with kara every other episode. You say he doesn’t work. I say the show is failing the character becasue hes not given any kind of consistent storyline. Thats a show failure not a character within a show failure

      • Susan says:

        Well put.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      The writers obviously don’t know what to do with James, and frankly I don’t miss him when he isn’t on the show.

  5. A says:

    BY FAR THE WORST EPISODE OF THE SEASON, they coudn’t ruin Kara’s character more even if they tried and to call this sanvers centric ep when they had 10 min. top SMH

    • Ws says:

      No one called this a sanvers centric episode.. they found time for several different storylines and characters and treated them all well.. was a fun episode.

      • A says:

        You calling what they did to Kara’s character treating her well ?!?? wow you are either blind, dumb or we are watching a different show

        • Ws says:

          What exactly do you not like about her storyline?

          • Rt says:

            basically the whole season 2 and the mon el thing is just topping it all off, i’m not saying i ship her with lena but the writers clearly write better scenes for kara when she’s with her

          • A says:

            Go rewatch season 2…

          • Ws says:

            I’ve liked season 2 a lot better than season 1… it’s more fun.. I miss some of the Cat Grant stuff but do not miss Lucy Lane and Max Lord and a lot of the clunky plotting.. Season 2 it seems like they are having more fun and they are using the supporting cast better…. no more stereotypical love triangle… Mon isn’t a problem for me.. other than that his name really should be Lar Gand if they were following the comics better.. but still.

        • Pedro says:

          What did they do to Kara? She outsmarted the villain on her own, stood her own ground with Mon-El and showed she was not a damsel in distress, upheld her morals of not killing and even gave her sister-in-law great advice.

          • emara says:

            Agreed. This episode again proved that she is the hero of her own show and is an example of how to stand her own ground.

            I also see Mon-El’s trayectory within the season (and the episode) as character development. Where is the fun of watching someone that is perfect through a full season/ episode?

            I think that Kara and Mon-El are better together, incredibly fun to watch and I love their chemistry. That argument was hilarious and was extremely important for them to develop an adult relationship (season 1 Kara never stood her ground with James and even let him guilt her to tell Lucy that she was Supergirl so he could keep on dating her). They tell each other what they like/ want and what they don’t from the other and work with that. None of them seem to have had a lot of experience in real relationships so it will be rocky. At the end of the day they will take care of each other and will make the other happy. That is a good relationship in my book, just saying.

            Also, both Melissa and Chris are charismatic and charming and love them together.

  6. Josh says:

    long overdue make out? Yeah fin right never mind they rewrite Karas romantic history to accommodate Douche-el changing that SHE dumped Jimmy instead of that BS about her putting her heart out there to always get hurt. Apparently her love life has to take over the show instead of being in the background like last season. Douche-el is almost always with her and hardly ever interacts with others. I’m so sick of every episode ending with the rushed forced romance . Give me Kara/Alex/Winn/J’onn scenes more time

    • Pedro says:

      Her love life was very much a main story in the last season, with no less than three love triangles involving her, Jimmy and a third party.

      If you watched the episode today at all, she didn’t need Mon-El to save her. She told him to back off and handled the situation on her own.

  7. Phillip says:

    Best episode of the season!!

  8. peterwdawson says:

    Well Mxyzptlk certainly fulfilled one of his potential jobs, namely being an audience surrogate. “Hmm… he hates Mon-El and loves Kara. Let’s make the second part be romantic in his eyes and roll with it.” It was like watching a fan fic author try and take over the show, in (mostly) the best possible way.

  9. lisa says:

    Fun episode! I found Mxyzptlk annoying, funny and cute. I’m glad both Kara and Winn got some action on VD!

    However, I feel like the show is in need of a season big bad.

    • apnrc says:

      you’re so right! they’ve had cadmus but that’s just an organization with a mean leader. Maybe next season they’ll have a big bad, or one might develop at some point!

  10. Mary says:

    I think I might like Winn and Lyra. And I’m glad Kara passed on a bit of advice to Maggie. Mxyzptlk was a lot of fun, so I hope we see him again at some point.

  11. Rt says:

    Tbh Mxyzptlk had more chemistry with Kara than Mon el, and don’t get me started on Lena that ish was on another level

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Someone trying to force Kara to marry them or destroy her world is good chemistry?
      Maybe in some 3rd world country where “honor killings” are approved of.
      How does this even equate with Mon-El, who only wants to protect Kara and be there for her? Has Mon-El ever threatened to destroy the world if Kara didn’t give in to him? Mon-El was perfectly willing to go home at the end of the episode. It was Kara who asked him to stay. That’s how much he respects her. Yes, she keeps saying she doesn’t need protection. But that’s what true friends do, they look out for one another.

  12. rt says:

    um – who cares about the actual episode -as a single male – can we just talk about kara/melissa in the wedding dress – stunning

  13. Karen MT says:

    I was laughing at the beginning of the episode with the Aladdin references. It’s like “yep, let’s just get the Genie stuff out of the way.”

  14. steven says:

    Whatever alien make up that was used on Lyra made her look like a Star Trek alien, maybe even the same species as Ensign Ro.

  15. Anna says:

    Every episode just makes me miss Smallville more and more. You’ll never find a better casted Superman universe, in film or television. #TomWellingIsMySuperman

  16. Ws says:

    The one thing i dont get is. why does Kara change back into her civilian guise at the DEO? They all know she is Supergirl.

    • Susan says:

      Or why does she wear her glasses at home?

      • Cate says:

        She’s only been wearing the super suit for a year or so and the glasses have been part of her since she was a teen.

        Agreed she looked gorgeous in the wedding dress. With Melissa Benoist splitting with her husband not long ago, wonder if all the love stuff is hard for her?

    • ninergrl6 says:

      The clothing changes drive me a little nuts too. A few eps back Alex was dressed to go to a concert with Maggie, at the last minute decided to stop by the DEO to talk with Kara (with the intention of still going to the concert after), and apparently changed into her full work outfit. Doesn’t make sense!

  17. Lyra is not actually an alien. Residents of Starhaven are actually the genetically modified descendants of humans who were abducted from earth many generations ago.

  18. kath says:

    It seems that the producers really don’t want to give Kara an OTP because both Mon El and Mxyzptlk were douces with their measuring contest. At least Mxyzptlk admits that he’s looking for love; Mon El is just straight out frat boy who only does good things to impress the girl he’s trying to bed.
    Alex/Maggie were better but Alex should have been the one apologizing to Maggie. Maggie straight out told Alex that she hated Valentine’s Day, wiht good reason as we found out, and Alex should have respected that.
    The best romance was Winn/Lyra. Straight up honest and adult. J’onn’s messages to M’Gann was sweet too.

    I can’t wait till Mon El leaves.Kara being constantly tied to him is killing her character.

    • Ws says:

      I really don’t get all the hate for him… but I think it’s pretty clear that they will send him into the phantom zone at the end of the season so they are making her care for him so that it will be a big thing for her to make that decision.

      • Mon El comes off as soft and not much more compelling as Winn. But Winn’s role is clear and it works for him. He is the classic techno geek. The James and Kara experiment didn’t work either because they had no real chemistry. It all looked like a real teenage mess. Which is how the show was designed, to appeal to young people. I do like James as the Guardian and paired with Winn as a team. It just needs to be developed and maybe a possible spin off. The last episode showed James using some decent fighting skills which does fit him.

  19. ninergrl6 says:

    I really enjoyed all three storylines in this ep, one of my favorite eps of the whole season actually (more fun & charm, less “omg the world is ending”). I think the Winn/Lyra relationship was the most entertaining, probably because it’s brand new & it came out of nowhere & that ending restaurant scene was ADORABLE (plus I watched Jeremy Jordan turn on the charm as Jack Kelly in Newsies twice within three days so I’m definitely in that zone right now). But I liked Alex/Maggie and Kara/Mon-El too. Chris Wood has such great chemistry with everyone.

  20. Lysh says:

    After the episode, I was like heck yeah that was a fun one, but I guess I have a lot of criticisms. Like the lack of James (even though it’s like they don’t really know what to do with him), Kara trying to control everyone, Maggie walking away from that tiramisu (who does that?). But Peter Gadiot really nailed Myx and I’m glad they left it in a way that he could come back again. And I dig Winn and Lyra. Hopefully she doesn’t turn out to be a baddie because I like her so far!

  21. Olivia says:

    I loved the ep but I also didn’t like some things.
    *Loved: Sanvers romantic scene, Lyra as a character, Lyra and Winn, Maggie starting to have some backstory, J’onn being cute thinking about M’gann, Kara’s reactions to Mixy, Kara/Mon-El bickering at the DEO was actually very funny, some pop culture refs were funny, no James.
    *Not so much: Mon-El being his usual frat boy self, shooting Mixy (the idea that he thought it was real ammo and still went with it without even a second thought… there’s no excuse for that one) and the double standard about how gay vs straight kisses are portrayed.

    But good episode overall, pretty funny and cute.

    • DJ Doena says:

      “the double standard about how gay vs straight kisses are portrayed”

      Could you elaborate on that? I admit I don’t really pay attention when TV couples kiss so I may have missed that there’s a difference (besides the genders of the kissers).

      • Olivia says:

        Sure! It’s the fact that straight characters are allowed to make out (they can even end on a table and a couch, like in this episode and it’s perfectly acceptable) while gay characters share a blink-and-you-miss-it chaste kiss.
        It’s not the fact that Alex and Maggie didn’t make out (I’m personally fine with the cutey loving kisses and pecks as long as it’s the same for everybody), it’s the fact that they didn’t while Winn/Lyra & Kara/Mon-El got to — coupled with the fact that they barely had any screentime on a V-Day ep (Sanvers got less than 5 minutes in total, most of it arguing). If that makes sense?
        Anyway, it was a bit depressing for a Valentine’s day episode but nothing warranting torches and pitchforks… as long as it doesn’t become the norm.

  22. Red Snapper says:

    This was definitely one of my favorite episodes. I loved Mr. Mxyzptlk and hope we see him again. Kara was a little annoying with all her ‘you can’t save me but I can save you’ stuff but I kind of get it. I like that Winn met someone and I really hope that she doesn’t turn out to be evil or something. Most of the episode I found Maggie and Alex annoying but they were cute at the end. I’m so happy that Mon-El and Kara finally kissed! I don’t get how people don’t see their chemistry. I really hope Mon-El is around for more than this season. I know how his story goes and he can be around for awhile before that or they could change it. Also, another episode where I totally forgot that James existed.

    • Susan says:

      Agree. Do not understand why people are so sure Min-el is here for only one season

      He and Kara are the best part of this season, which has been a little aimless after a great start

      • Josh says:

        If Mon-el wasn’t only sharing scenes with Kara i might like him more. If He wasn’t on more than Alex J’onn and Winn I might like him more if every dang episode didn’t end with the forced rushed romance I might like him more.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          I love Mon-El’s scenes with Winn, especially Winn asking for dating advice last night. Actually I think they’re my two favorite characters on the show, but then again I love Chris Wood and Jeremy Jordan so I’m predisposed to like their characters.

        • Susan says:

          They do need to develop him more with other characters. He and Winnhave some great scenes.

    • lisa says:

      I think they are really sexy together!

  23. CC says:

    Loved that red dress. Alex looked stunning!!

  24. dancmh says:

    Kara’s “Do things exactly my way or else” attitude was tiresome and obnoxious. Keeping Mon-El so under powered has not helped the dynamic whatsoever and the Winn storyline felt like it came out of nowhere.

    Oh, and John is going to send a written note to Mars announcing to the entire planet of white martians where he is and who makes him emotionally vulnerable?

    This episode was just all kinds of wrong. Mxy could have been fun but fell short.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Lyla was introduced to become the Yoko Ono of Team Guardian. They had to introduce Lyla sometime, and what better way than to be a love interest on Valentine’s day.

  25. Diz says:

    I enjoyed sanvers, even though it was really short, they’re cute. Winn was cute with his new girl. But I was disappointed with karas storyline. They keep telling us he’s changed but the haven’t shown us, he’s still a selfish arrogent dudebro, this entire episode he acted like an ass. Also, he shouldn’t have to change who he is for a love interest. the whole thing is ew on many levels.

  26. Luli says:

    I miss all the Danvers sister moments we had last season! Love all the romantic stuff going on, but I need more scenes with them!

    • Diz says:

      Remember when they were the main relationship, the most important one, they used to end almost every ep on the couch talking. I miss that too.

  27. Elizabeth says:

    I love it and I can’t wait to watch the episode

  28. akane171 says:

    Loved the ep, loved all stories, loved that we finally learned something about Maggie. I smiled like an idiot when John said he sent a letter to his Martian lady. I’m a little suspicious about Lyra, but hopefully I’m wrong, because Winn deserves some happiness. Also Karamel rules and they seriously give me some Leia x Han feelings. And I miss James. Yeah, I miss James – shock of my life.

  29. brandydanforth81 says:

    I liked the episode-Kara looked great in the wedding dress,Alex looked great in the pretty red dress and I liked Kaamel and Samvers scenes and Mxy was cool and I lived the scene of Kara/Alex talking about Maggie.Its cool J’onnwas sending Mghan a letter on V too.

  30. ninergrl6 says:

    One of my favorite moments of the ep that I don’t think anyone has mentioned yet: the Hamilton-inspired duel. I literally burst out laughing when I saw that they were in a theater, and then Myx’s “don’t throw away your shot” line had me rolling again. Well done, Supergirl writers. Love, theater nerds everywhere

  31. I hope Winn and Lyra would be a couple for many years.They seem cute togeter and I love diversity,so go #Wyra.Peter Gadiot made a an excellent job as Mxy too and Chyler and Floriana are so romantic in ther scenes.This is my favorite episode from this season