Quantico Recap Season 2 Episode 13 Epicshelter

Quantico Recap: Two Become One

Need to catch up? Check out the previous Quantico recap.

By the end of this week’s Quantico, the final one featuring two timelines, we know this much is true:

The mastermind behind the terrorist attack at the G20 summit was Lydia.

Alex and Ryan are very much in an “off” phase of their on-again, off-again romance.

Harry likely is never going to get the justice he’s chased all season.

Owen definitely is one of the good guys. (At least, for now.)

The damage Lydia did is going to take a new team of FBI and CIA agents to handle… and you might recognize a few of them.

However, I’m fuzzier on a few other things that take place during the hour. And maybe that final line of President Haas’ doesn’t mean what we think it does? Let’s review the highlights of “EPICSHELTER.”

ADIOS, OWEN | In the past, right outside the crazy person hovel that exploded at the end of the last episode, Owen tells Alex they’re not going to do anything except go home and pretend they weren’t there. But when some FBI agents come to talk to Owen about the explosion, we learn that the man going into the building was Jeremy Miller, the arrogant novelist/former CIA recruit who washed out of the program at the beginning of the season.

At the same time, Matthew Keyes — remember him? — arrives at The Farm for a lesson in how to “cover your a–,” aka get out of a situation if you’re exposed. They also have to write their wills to help them come to terms with the reality that they might die or something. It doesn’t really matter. All that really matters is that this sets the scene for Harry to have a spectacular emotional breakdown in front of everyone later. (We’ll get to that in a moment.)

Oh, and those FBI agents aren’t done with Owen: They found Lydia’s NSA tap and want to know what’s up. So in an act of love, Owen takes the fall for his shady, shady daughter. They have a nice moment together before he’s carted off to federal prison; “You’re a good person. You risk everything for your country, and I hope I can live up toy our example,” he tells her, making her cry as he pulls her into a hug. And when he’s cuffed and put in a van, Lydia turns to Alex and kicks her out of The Farm for good. Um, OK? I’m not clear why, other than she hates Alex, which may be a good enough reason.

HARRY MELTS DOWN | So, about Harry. He and Pip chat early in the episode, and through their conversation we learn that Harry hasn’t been able to find anything incriminating about Elliott’s father in those stolen NSA files. What he has found, though, is that Sir Lawrence has been smuggling refugees to safety… yep, he’s not quite the monster that Harry wants him to be. And taking him down, then, means denying all of those people safe haven, “all because of what he did to one man,” Harry says, crying a little. “This doesn’t feel like revenge anymore. This feels selfish.”

Harry then tries to get his handler, Charlotte, to pull him out of the program, but she refuses. So he goes to the bar, where everyone is working on their wills, and orders tons of shots while he outs himself as MI:6. Oh, and he reveals that he’s been reporting on all of them, too, for reasons he doesn’t go into much. During the evening, Sebastian makes it clear that he’s tattled on Harry to Matthew Keyes, and it doesn’t really matter, because Harry’s leaving the next morning, anyway.

Before he leaves, he has a moment with Sebastian in the shared house’s kitchen: He hugs Sebastian and forgives him, which leaves the conflicted man even more conflicted than before.

THE REAL TERRORIST IS… | In the present, Dayana and Will are still inside the perimeter of the terrorist event — as are the drives containing sensitive spy information from the G20 member nations — and Lydia needs a small tactical team to go in there and get ’em. “”I believe Dayana stayed behind to find those drives and took will to decrypt them,” Lydia says, helping Alex, Ryan, Sebastian, Harry, León and herself to put on bulletproof vests and FBI jackets. Outside, as a very Die Hard-looking snow starts to fall, Harry mutters, “”Oh, Lord. I hope this is the end and not the sequel.” (Heh.)

Alex eventually finds Dayana and Will… who reveals that Lydia sent them there to hide a few hours before. Then Lydia shoots Alex from behind — don’t worry, it hits her vest-covered shoulder (I think) — and by the time everyone catches up to her, Lydia has uploaded one of the drives onto the Internet. Will tries valiantly to stop the damage, but as Lydia says just before she and Alex go fist-to-fist, “It’s done.”

Meanwhile, at the FBI, Miranda lays it all out for Shelby. OK, try to stay with me (and please let me know if I’ve missed any of this):

Jeremy Miller contacted Miranda about a month after he faked his death in that explosion and told her that she wasn’t wrong about the AIC; he somehow got mixed up with the teachers at The Farm, who had formed a group to fight the AIC and started calling themselves the Citizens’ Liberation Front. The CLF wanted Miranda involved so she would keep the FBI out of the way “of what they needed to do to bring this group down.”

Wait, there’s more! The First Lady was part of the CLF and had contacted most of the members of the AIC to be at the summit, but Miranda swears she didn’t know that CLF was going to kill FLOTUS. She thought the CLF was just going to identify the AIC members and then disappear back into the crowd… or so she says. A little naïve for a seasoned law-enforcement, no?

But when the Islamic Front takes credit for the G20 attack — even though they take credit for everything, and they clearly weren’t behind this debacle — it gives the FBI and the CIA an out, and Shelby announces that both Miranda and Nimah are free because the whole thing is going to be swept under the FBI’s rug.

Quantico Recap Season 2 Episode 13MOVING ON | So, what’s next? After giving Ryan back his ring and telling him that she’ll always love him — though making it clear that they are done, at least for the near future — she leaves to go to a meeting. It’s at the White House, and Shelby’s there when she arrives. Oh wait, guess what? Ryan, Nimah and Dayana are there, too! And when President Haas and Keyes walk in, they announce that all the assembled are part of a covert, hybrid CIA/FBI task force designed specifically to deal with the fallout from Lydia’s upload. Or, as Hass puts it, ” to find out who’s coming for us and to find this information before they use it against us.”

But wait, Alex asks, who’s in charge? “My son,” Madam President responds. Now, I know we all want Caleb back on our screens, but isn’t it possible that there’s another Haas sibling out there, making get another branch of government his wry and towheaded playground?

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! Another son! That would explain why the actor was not the one who previously played Caleb in the previews … unless there was a recast?

    • Jen says:

      Graham Rogers will be back for ark east two episodes. That wasn’t a recast. Hunter Parrish plays a different role.

      • "A" says:

        Hunter Parrish is playing Caleb’s brother and President Haas’s other son, “a political strategist forced to join forces with the CIA and FBI during the aftermath of the G20 hostage crisis”.

  2. bernard says:

    thought the first lady was AIC else if the first lady is CLF, then why did CLF kill her?

    • Gio says:

      I thought the same thing? It wouldn’t make sense for the CLF to kill her if she was on their side? But maybe I got confused? This entire season was so confusing? I love Quantico but it gives whiplash AH

      • WhatAmIMissing? says:

        You’re not alone. A good friend and I review a lot of television with each other and a common theme is that more than a few shows require too much concentration to follow casts and plot lines with Quantico being at the top of the heap. If they don’t simplify the aforementioned, they’re gonna lose us.

    • Carla Krae says:

      The dead first lady was AIC.

  3. Dale says:

    I truly do not understand the present day time line.

    Is Dayana a good guy or part of the terrorists? If Dayana had the drives with Will how did Lydia get them?

    How did lydia upload them without will?(they honestly made it look like she just plugged a drive into a server)

    i am so lost with this plot line. I feel like they made it far more complicated than it needed to be in order to stretch it out for most of the season

  4. Lloyd says:

    So many plot holes.

    Why would Dayana be so concerned that she was a target of the CLF if she was a member of Lydia’s op, and therefore not a terrorist? Why did Eric Boyer kill himself over this? Why did Jeremy Miller jump out a window when Alex found him at the end of the 1st episode of the season?

    • Carla Krae says:

      She was CIA posing as AIC. She also didn’t know for sure if Leon was innocent until he covered for her.

      • Lloyd says:

        Okay, that’s feasible to an extent (Though holes can easily be poked into that theory too, given that Dayana got Leon kicked out of the Farm because she didn’t believe he had the stomach to work with Lydia. Therefore why would she believe he could be AIC?), but that doesn’t explain Eric Boyer and Jeremy Miller’s suicide.

    • Phumelelo says:

      I have the same damn questions. I understand maybe Eric Boyer heard that the first lady was executed and therefore got scared. However I dont understand Dayana Mampasi. Why was she scared that the CLF were looking for her? And the picture with her, Mike Murray and the first lady in episode 9? And also why is every article saying that Lydia Hall is the true traitor?? How is she a traitor if she was never part of the AIC and only wanted to expose the AIC by apploading America’s drive into the internet?

    • Luísa says:

      Plus, Alex says “I’m the one who killed him” referring to Jeremy. I’m so confuse

  5. jazmineyancey says:

    I’ve been hate watching this show since the beginning…never lets me down

  6. C.C. says:

    I don’t understand why the show constantly wants to juggle so many C, D, E, and F plots with so many characters to service and time/space to constantly shift from. The editing in this episode is all over the place. First Alex gets shot in the back by Lydia, and Will and Dayana take cover. Commercial. Alex wakes up and finds Will semi-conscious. Alex confronts Lydia about the drives. Then all of a sudden Will is up and about on computers with no explanation whatsoever. Then Lydia fights Alex trying to stall so the upload can complete. Dayana is never seen again until the upload completes and backup arrives to arrest Lydia. I’m guessing some scenes were gutted to make up for time but holy hell. The whole present timeline ordeal ends with a “Huh?” and a “Wait, what? Two Weeks Later???”

    Let’s not even get started on this season’s use of actors who only appear in one episode and die but are somehow EXTREMELY CRUCIAL to the whole A-plot like Jeremy Miller, FLOTUS, and the Farm teachers. Jeremy Miller has a whole friggin’ story arc off-screen, but he’s reduced to getting pulled out of the Farm in the very first episode, getting fake blown up during the Farm timeline with a stand-in actor, and killing himself in the present timeline.

    Quantico, no. It’s not even near the season finale but If you come back for a third season, there’s no way in hell I’ll tune in if you’re 22 episodes again.

    • Bob Phillips says:

      Well said. The longer this series goes the more confused I become. I really hate timelines that are all over the map. Am I now, or before, and how come the program seems to be another program after returning from the restroom?

    • Same for me here. Between Will (not “will”!) unconscious and Will logging into work stations in no time I thought I had slept split seconds for the change was too abrupt.

  7. Mandela says:

    this season was so confusing. i honestly have no idea who the AIC are and if they are the good guys or the bad guys. This season was fun but confusing as hell

  8. Carla Krae says:

    Read the showrunner interview over at EW.

  9. liame says:

    Moving forward on (3/20) I hope all the headaches are gone. No more flashbacks every other scene, please.

  10. Cari says:

    Russel Tovey has been fantastic these past two episodes. I love the dynamic he brings to the show. I hope he stays if they get renewed.

  11. The first lady was IAC and that’s why the CLF killed her

  12. Dean says:

    I usually love different timelines but I agree it was getting way too confusing with Quantico. The end scene has set up would could be a really promising new direction for the show. I can see it now as more of a procedural where they investigate leads every week…

    I also agree about Russel Tovey, he has been brilliant this season!! He seems to be one of those actors that just seamlessly fits into whichever show he takes part in!!

  13. katsssblog says:

    I’m John Snow, I know nothing.
    I don’t get it. It is so confusing, and to be honest, it is ridiculous. it’s been like this for both seasons, and they said no more 2 time lines, and yet we are still confused by 2 time lines and with whole thing I don’t even know why I watch this show. I think I’m done after this season.

  14. Traci says:

    Is anyone else confused, with all this FBI,CLF,CIA, AIC stuff !!! I loved this show last year, Ryan and Alex’s story is the only thing I can watch!! Just put them back together!!

  15. Fan says:

    I have to admit I’m barely holding on to this show. How the heck a group of people who are, for the most part, rookies, can be made to be so smart and ultimately win the day. I dunno. It just feels unrealistic to the point of silliness. Omitting the dual time lines is a step in the right direction. I’ll be there to watch should Quantico get another season, but it’s going to have to be much more realistic. (Also, as much as I liked Ryan and Alex together, it was so unrealistic to think 2 agents from different (and conflicting) agencies could have a serious, loving relationship. How the heck could they maintain trust with all the secrets they had to keep from each other? And that would never change so long as they were agents. Have some hot drive-bys ……. that’s fine………but a serious romance ….. pretty much impossible.

  16. dsrbroadway says:

    I was so excited to see Caleb back, but I like Hunter Parrish so I guess he’ll do. What I’m annoyed with that we have to wait a month to see the new version. I really wish they did the 24 route where they just did the shows with no breaks. These breaks are killing the momentum.

  17. georgee says:

    Last year Castle at this time had better ratings, it was canceled by ABC. This year the two shows that are Castle replacements in this time slot, one has already been canceled and I feel this one is next. Last year at this time the president Paul Lee stepped down in part because of poor ratings, not much has changed in a year. ABC might want to bring back Castle with all the players to save this 10:00 pm Monday time slot.

  18. Jamey says:

    I am so confused with this story! I want to like it, but maybe I am not that smart enough to follow it. Can I ask whatever happened to Rayna?

  19. Ben Slowen says:

    I don’t know what it is, but I’m just not “getting” this show. I’m completely confused, so if someone is willing to bail me out, I’d be thankful.

    Who is CLF? Who is AIC? Who is CIA? Who is running this AIC group? At the beginning of the season, why were they all mixed together, posing as terrorists? Who are the “real” terrorists? Do they all think they are being “patriots”? If the First Lady was CLF, why did the CLF kill her? And what about the people that were being executed one-by-one…. were those “rogue agents” or not?

    So… yeah. Help would be appreciated.

  20. John says:

    Lydia Hall is the new character which has been included in the show.

  21. Jaleeva says:

    I thought Caleb was an only child…
    (though in the pilot a sister was mentioned then never heard of again)