24 Legacy Recap

24: Legacy Recap: Daddy Issues

This week on Fox’s 24: Legacy, Senator Donovan questioned the latest evidence against his chief of staff, Nicole swung into action and Carter did what the hero here typically does — went against CTU’s orders!

POP QUIZZED | As Nilaa got hauled to CTU for further interrogation, Senator Donovan continued to question his longtime colleague’s guilt — as well as raised an eyebrow when his father didn’t scratch his own head the slightest. After an assistant ran background on the allegedly damning mosque incident and corroborated Nilaa’s story — she went there to denounce the radical imam — Donovan had an NSA pal examine the tell-tale ATM video, deducing that it was a fake. Donovan confronted his father with that intel, noting that the leak nonetheless did come from their campaign office, and only they and Rebecca had access.

Henry confessed that he was leveraged into accessing and turning over the Army Rangers’ names when Jadalla Bin-Khalid learned that his company bought off-market oil from ISIL. Henry saw the six Rangers’ lives as a small price to pay for the good that his son will eventually do as president. Donovan called his wife at episode’s end to report that Nilaa is in fact innocent — but will he turn in his dad, who is prepared to deny everything (at the advice of slithery Luis)?

CLOSE CALL | Having heard a recording of the phone call where Aisha ordered a hit on Isaac, Nicole was anxious to alert her ex — so she tripped up 6-foot-2 Jerome with a coffee table (?) and made a run for it. Jerome chased after her, firing bullets, while Aisha tried to head Nicole off at the pass. Nicole KO’d Aisha, then pulled a gun on Jerome and phoned Isaac just in time to keep him from getting whacked at the meet-up. Hearing shots fired, cops arrived to arrest Nicole, after Aisha and Jerome had split, but Isaac ended up bribing the men in blue to let her go.

SEE-T-YOU LATER! | Yes, the terrorists got their hands on the flash drive, though unbeknownst to any of the good guys the sleeper cell files got corrupted, and thus will — conveeeeeniently — take much time to salvage. CTU meanwhile was left with no leads, until Grimes told Carter that he recognized the custom guns used by Jadalla’s crew, and they likely came from an ex-military smugger named Gabriel. Carter suggested to Mullins that he and Grimes approach Gabriel ostensibly to sell top-secret military schematics, but Mullins nixes the idea. So, of course, Carter and Ingram conspire to launch that op anyway, with about-to-be-fired Andy sneaking the schematics to Carter, who then gets the drop on not one but three men to sneak himself and Grimes out of CTU, to find this Gabriel.

THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE | Amira’s brother Hassan coached her over the phone on how to end Drew’s life, with a syringe full of air shot into his IV. And though she couldn’t bring herself to do it, when Drew woke up and started freaking the eff out over seeing her, Amira went ahead and killed him as instructed.

What did you think of 24: Legacy Episode 4? Will Donovan rat on his father? Will Isaac read too much into Nicole saving his life?


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  1. Zero Continuity says:

    So… For the last three episodes, Grimes says if he doesn’t get the money owed him, HE’LL CALL THE TERRORISTS and sell them the list… But now, literally less than one hour later (in the timeline of the show) he forgets about the money (making the ILLEGAL actions of Carter in the episodes prior mean nothing), and now he miraculously has NO IDEA how to contact the terrorists? I’m sorry, but I can’t with this show anymore. And the low ratings reflect I’m not alone.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Grimes had one of the terrorists’ cell phones, that’s how he was going to arrange a trade. But yes, he had an insta-turnaround — which Carter called him on tonight — with regards to selling out.

      • Zero Continuity says:

        Fair point about the phone… but Grimes still has that phone (since we never saw him throw it away or lose it)… so my frustration over this plot point remains relevant. And I know it’s just a TV show, but Carter blew up a police evidence room, took two cops hostage with a bomb, and directly threatened the life of the officer who helped him… and all is forgiven because Rebecca (who doesn’t even work at CTU anymore) said so over the phone in episode 3 at the right exact moment? That ridiculousness aside, how do we possibly root for Carter as a hero when all he’s done so far is keep failing at his missions while breaking the law? Was there always this lack of care to some iota of reality on the original 24?

  2. EJ says:

    Wow, Aisha really had a hard noggin to get up so quickly from that encounter with what, a heavy wrench? I was hoping she’d be struck by a hubcap but I guess Isaac will be the one to off her once and for all.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I was thinking (hoping for?) tire iron, but regardless – right??

    • Mark my words says:

      I’m calling it now. That was the last we’ve seen of Aisha on the show. These writers dont seem to care or know what to do with the minor characters, so killing and/or sending them off to never be seen or heard from again (cough:Jack Bauer:cough) seems to be their go-to move. I’ll be shocked if I’m wrong.

      • EJ says:

        I think you should be prepare to be shocked. Aisha was spared only so she can show up again, pose a minor threat and then end up a casualty statistic.

        • Mark my words says:

          Don’t hold your breath. I’ve got solid intel that I’m correct about Aisha vanishing for good… and was warned that she’s not the only major guilty player from this season to suddenly vanish with no closure.

  3. Kevin says:

    Eric Carter going rogue and bringing his friend Ben Grimes with him to track down Gabriel, a showdown between father and son in the Donovans, Nicole kicking butt and getting into trouble and Amira acting a bit like Arya Stark as she flatlines Drew to death in the hospital. BTW, is Isaac becoming like Avon Barksdale or Stringer Bell from The Wire?

  4. johnrcashfan says:

    24 was one of my all time favorite shows and I really want to like this one, but the plot holes are enormous. I am also so tired of seeing Gerald McRaney playing the same role. This is almost identical to the role he played in Longmire a couple of seasons ago. Last but not least, as much as I want to like him, Corey Hawkins just doesn’t have what it takes to seem believable in this role. Maybe if they had fleshed out his background story a little better, he might have been able to pull it off. You know who would have been good in this role? Theo Rossi from Sons of Anarchy.

  5. Raftrap says:

    Eric goes rogue… I just need a “Dammit Andy! We’re running out of time” and a Nilaa was a mole all along to complete my new 24 bingo

  6. Donna Smythe says:

    I like this show, glad he didn’t kill his buddy and Gabriel did. Gabriel should have stayed around for a few more episodes, scary dude, Carter lets his soft side show too often for trying to keep the terrorist from getting bomb codes, and needs to be a bit more edgy like kiefer was. Oh, that girl at headquarters is dirty, and no one has her number, need a third character to catch her out.

  7. Mango Tango says:

    It really pissed me off to see that stupid girl Amira killing that nice boy Drew! I liked that kid!