Walking Dead Recap: Little 'Right' Lie

Last week’s midseason premiere of The Walking Dead left us with questions — big ones.

Why did being held at gunpoint by a group of strangers make Rick smile? Who’s been spying on Alexandria? Why did Gabriel clean out the pantry? With whom did he drive off? Helpfully, Sunday’s excellent hour answered them all (and so will this recap). Shall we?

‘NO GUNS FOR BAD BOYS’ | As “New Best Friends” began, the Kingdom’s delivery to the Saviors went south when, in the wake of that prior dust-up, Jared decided that Richard should no longer be allowed to have a gun, and Ezekiel, as he tends to, said OK. Then, before Jared could engage in his favorite pastime and wail on Richard, Morgan intervened with his stick, and Benjamin — his skills improving — intervened to prevent the Savior’s retaliation. In the end, Gavin warned that, if this kept happening, “things might need to get a little visceral” — and Richard’s head would be first up if Negan wanted to give Lucille a bit of batting practice.

Returning to the Kingdom without the stick Eastman had given him — Lord, the Saviors are mean! — Morgan admitted to Daryl that yes, he’d been making the drop-off to the Saviors. “If Carol were here,” Daryl suggested, “she’d be leading us right to them, ready to kill them all.” Yep, Morgan replied. “And that’s why she left, man.” Off that conversation, Daryl happened upon Richard practicing archery (since the Saviors had figured out that he couldn’t be trusted with a gun). In no time, Ezekiel’s right-hand man had recruited Daryl to ambush some Saviors and leave a trail to someone for whom the king cares, so as to inspire him to go to war. Who? “Some loner he met,” Richard said. Of course, it took Daryl all of two seconds to deduce that that loner was Carol. Richard was fine with sacrificing her for the greater good; Daryl, not so much. In fact, if Carol so much as caught a cold, he swore he’d kill Richard!

the walking dead season 7 episode 10 recap‘WE OWN YOUR LIVES… WANNA BUY THEM BACK?’ | Next, things got weird in the most wonderful way. People started emerging from a junkyard and milling about in oddly organized fashion. Why? Turned out Rick and the gang we’d last seen at gunpoint were with them, and they were forming two circles around our heroes. “Are you a collective,” asked a woman whose name we’d eventually learn is Jadis, “or does one lead?” Upon establishing that Rick was the leader, Jadis allowed him to see that her group — its motto, “We take, we don’t bother” — had Gabriel as well as the supplies they’d forced him to swipe from Alexandria. That being the case, Rick noted that she knew they had nothing left with which to buy back their lives. He had a better idea, anyway — the trash people, who reminded me of a cross between the Borg, beatniks and Occupy Wall Street protesters — should join the fight against the Saviors.

After a looong pause, Jadis said no, and fisticuffs broke out. When the dust settled, Gabriel insisted that the trash people could have a s—load of stuff if they helped defeat the Saviors. Which he was sure was going to happen, because, he added, “Rick can do anything.” (Aww.) Intrigued, Jadis decided to let Rick prove his mettle by pushing him from a mound of garbage into a deathmatch with a walker covered in spikes. Natch, Rick survived, spearing his hand Jesus-style on a spike in the process, and at last, a deal was struck. Before we go on, two quick things: 1. That walker — sorry, Winslow — was spectacularly cool. And 2. a week ago, I would have said that the last thing TWD needed was more new characters. I even rolled my eyes when EP Scott Gimple said he thought people would like this group. Well, he was right, I was wrong. Pollyanna McIntosh’s Jadis isn’t just freaky, she’s freakin’ awesome.

the-walking-dead-season-7-episode-10-recap‘EVERYONE’S ALL RIGHT’ | Before the trash people could join Alexandria’s fight against the Saviors, they needed guns — “a lot,” Jadis said. And Rick, his swagger back for the first time in eons, was, like, no problemo. While Rosita bristled at the notion of bringing supplies back to Alexandria rather than immediately going gun-scavenging, Gabriel confided in Rick how touched he was that Rick had known he wouldn’t just run off on his friends in Alexandria. One question still remained: Why had Rick smiled when all the trash people had pointed their guns at him? “Someone showed me enemies can become friends,” Rick replied, clapping a hand on Gabriel’s shoulder. (Aww again!)

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the Kingdom, Carol caught Ezekiel and a few of his subjects clearing out walkers from her area. Turning on the charm, he insisted that he knew she just wanted to be left alone… but he also knew that walkers could be very inconsiderate toward those seeking privacy. No sooner had Carol settled back in with her book than there was a knock at the door — Daryl! After an emotional reunion, she explained that she’d left because she couldn’t lose anyone else — “I couldn’t lose you” — and, to protect her loved ones, she’d have kept killing and, in the process, lost herself. When she finally worked up the nerve to ask about the Saviors’ retaliation — glorious performance by Melissa McBride, BTW  — Daryl couldn’t bring himself to tell her about Glenn and Abraham. Instead, he lied that Alexandria had made a deal a la Ezekiel’s with the surviving Saviors, and everybody in Alexandria was OK.

the walking dead season 7 episode 10 recapLater, back in the Kingdom, Morgan found Daryl keeping Shiva company and said that Ezekiel would be impressed that he was so good with the tiger. In turn, Daryl revealed that he’d found Carol. And, though he wasn’t mad that Morgan had honored her request, he stressed that, in the battle with Negan, “we need the Kingdom — you gotta make that happen.” Sorry, “it can’t be me,” insisted Morgan, adding that, since Daryl hadn’t told Carol what really happened in Alexandria — thereby dragging her into the fight — the two men were actually very much the same. (As if to underscore how gentle Daryl really is, Shiva, right on cue, nuzzled his hand.) At any rate, Daryl left the following morning for the Hilltop.

So, what did you think of “New Best Friends”? Did you get misty during Daryl and Carol’s reunion? Should he have told her the truth? Hit the comments.

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  1. Lilly says:

    Not the most thrilling episode ever, but I was glad to see them cover more than one story at a time. Glad Gabriel is evolving into a likable character. And getting to watch my fav characters without having to hear Negan open his mouth … priceless.

  2. AngelWasHere says:

    I think I’m getting TWD fatigue. So much eye rolling. Like why did it take Michonne to tell Rick to use the trash? And why do the trash people talk like 2ND graders? I love this show, but I’m getting tired of it. Kill Negan and get back to surviving on the road. I miss when the zombies were the threat.

    • Abby says:

      Same here, I am getting bored with a few of shows at the moment and I am gutted because I used to love them but when the writing starts to go downhill and they kill off your favorite characters and the ones you used to like start changing and acting stupid, that’s it really.

    • John Q says:

      The zombies have never been “the threat”. Even on the farm which had the lowest number of outsiders, the threat has always been been the other surviving humans – the walking dead. The zombies are the McGuffin.

      • AngelWasHere says:

        I can’t agree with you on that. They played a much bigger role in the past even when they were just in the background. Now you see the characters barely interacting with them. I can’t even remember the last time someone was bitten.

    • Adam says:

      Here’s the problem. The TV show has been very heavy on following what the graphic novel does. Welll the graphic novel is heading towards where Zombies will never be a figure point on the TV show again. After the Saviors, you will have to deal with the Whisperers. So if you are looking for them to be on the road again and having the zombies be the real threat, I would stop watching after this season.

      • AngelWasHere says:

        Nah I’ve invested too many years into this show to give up on it now, but that’s pretty disappointing. I hope the writing improves if that’s the case.

    • Desiree says:

      A-freaking-men re: the trash people and their communication ability. I mean, the zombie apocalypse started what? Three years ago at this point? I could almost understand if the apocalypse had happened thirty years ago and they’d been living under the trash that whole time…but three years? Why the hell have they lost the ability to form complete sentences? I absolutely HATED these scenes, and I’m not someone who has been overly critical of this show in the past.

      I did love the Carol/Daryl scenes. I wish we’d gotten more of that.

    • R.O.B. says:

      Funny, I was thinking the same thing. Why did they need to talk that way? It seemed like an unnecessary way to differentiate them. The people who talk weird. Maybe if they raised themselves from 4 years old. Not a year or two (however long) after the incident. I am also tired of Negan’s people all basically being the same A55h0le. It’s like Negan sat 500 people down in a lecture hall and taught them all how to communicate in the same exact way.

    • Harmya says:

      I second that! I like the on the road surviving part. Where are the zombies, aren’t they the mean treat anymore? The little people-community back door drama annoys me. It has nothing to do with zombies anymore…

      • Lilly says:

        Something in the way you phrased that made me think of something. Perhaps the real problem is the writers are too busy spending the entire season setting up the season finale. To an extent, I’m sure that’s true of all shows, but they are spending all their effort building to some massive climax and they’ve forgotten HOW to tell the weekly stories – at least to the level we want on TWD. Perhaps we will see some sort of big-picture purpose when it finally does happen, but in the meantime they’re losing fans left and right. Actually, I’m not leaving yet, but I admit frustration….

        • MrM3000 says:

          The problem with TWD writers is that they never truly have a good climax at the end of the season anymore. It’s all a massive buildup of anticipation only to leave everything on a cliffhanger. Such a cheap way of getting out of writing compelling stories with a genuine twist is truly irritating. It may increase ratings once or twice, but as soon as fans figure out they’re being egged on ratings go down.

  3. Aly says:

    Melissa McBride was absolutely fantastic in her scenes (as always, really). I am so frustrated with the lack of Carol this season though. It feels like the writers have benched her character because they know if she was with the others, she’d sort a lot of the mess with the Saviours out right away…and wouldn’t let Negan get away with what he’s done. I miss her on screen a lot. Hopefully she’ll join up with the group by the end of this season.

    Rick and the group’s storyline was very very dull. I’ve been bored with pretty much the entirety of this season. Story is dull, writing is shaky, and even the acting in this episode made me squint a bit at my screen (guy at the trash site saying “or else” dramatically – I’m looking at you in particular).

  4. dsrbroadway says:

    Melissa McBride’s acting aside, it was hard for me to feel much of anything. I mean, when was it they separated in our time? Like 9-10 months? It was nice to see them together because of their natural chemistry, but I spent the first couple of minutes even remembering why she left Alexandria in the first place.

    • Tv viewer says:

      Don’t get me wrong, they do have chemistry, but I like Carol and Daryl scenes because of the emotional context between the characters. Their exchanges are meaningful because of an intimate space they’ve created for one another. It doesn’t matter how long they have been apart – or how much they have changed in the interim – whenever they get back together they strike a cord.

  5. Carlos Lee says:

    AMC, what is with all the commercials?

  6. Ron says:

    I didn’t hate the episode. It definitely had its redeeming moments–namely Carol. I loved the Daryl/Carol reunion. Melissa’s acting was fantastic. But I do kinda need badass Carol back. I’m glad the group is somewhat coming back together, because when they’re spread out, the show, in my opinion, really becomes daunting. On a somewhat different note: am I the only one who was shocked at how shoddy the green screen work seemed to be in this episode when Rick was atop the trash pile?

  7. Mushhead says:

    Hey Rosita. Lighten up Missy.

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      Right!!! I used to like Rosita but now I can’t stand her. She’s turned into a total hag. I hope she gets bit!!! I literally came off my couch last week when she was in Morgans face naming off all the people the Saviors killed. Sorry Rosie honey, but Olivia being killed and Eugene being taken are all on you sweetheart, lmao!!! She hasn’t taken any responsibility for her reckless behavior.

    • AnnieM says:

      I’m kind of hoping she’ll get Holly’s fate from the comic book.

  8. Jimmy says:

    I don’t understand what the Junkyard crew is all about. They willingly live among trash, they speak like they’re 5 years old, and they wait for other people to do their dirty work for them (painfully ironic, considering their living standards). Considering this group is not in the comics, I wonder how they will fit in after the Saviors War is over.

    To me, what would have been a far more interesting story is if the new group they introduced was led by Tara’s sister, Lilly. She was around in season 4, part of the Governor’s new group after Woodbury was overrun. Lilly is the one who shot the Governor dead after Michonne stabbed him. Tara said she saw a zombie horde swarm her when they attacked the prison back in the season 4 mid-season finale. But she never saw her dead body, so there was no proof she actually died.

    There is a set of novels written by Jay Bonansinga based on the character of Lilly, in which she resurrects Woodbury and begins a new community there with a whole new group of characters, Since the novels are separate from the show, I think it would have been an interesting way of intertwining the two stories by having Rick and Co. find recruiters from the new Woodbury group along the road, and take them back to meet Lilly, where she and Tara would be reunited. That way, they could bring back an old face, already established community, and we wouldn’t have to sit through this junkyard nonsense.

    Aside from that part, the episode was good. I enjoyed the focus on Daryl and his reunion with Carol. They are definitely two of the show’s strongest and most well-developed characters, and Melissa McBride delivers the most powerful performances on this show.

  9. Bri says:

    I’m just waiting for Caryl to happen so I can stop watching. That will be the last drop. (I’m anti-romance, pro-friendship.)

    This is not the best season, to say the least.

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      I don’t think Caryl is ever going to happen and I’m fine with that. Yes these two love each other but it’s not like that. There have been multiple opportunities for them to get together in a non friendship way and it’s not happening. They’ve never even kissed for crying out loud. There bond runs very deep but not in a romantic sexual kind of way.

      • Bri says:

        I think they’re gonna force it. YNB is always talking about it and the shippers went nuts over a hug. A hug!
        These two people have the best friendship I’ve ever seen on TV and they always ruin good friendship to satisfy shippers.

        • AnnieM says:

          I agree with Wrstgirl – if the romance was going to happen, it would have probably happened by now, especially last night. I would not be opposed to it happening still, but if it never does, that’s okay, too. I just love them together.

          • Tv viewer says:

            I feel you’re taking about consummation. The one scene that establishes 2 characters as a couple. What Carol and Daryl have together establishes itself with every scene, it’s evolving, it challenges them in new ways, which is what makes them so interesting as a dynamic .

  10. Gloria says:

    I have a feeling that Darryl,Shasa,Rosita,and king Ezekiel will be killed off.

  11. Nadine Hampton says:

    And I understand why Daryl to tell Carol when she finds out she’s going to be awfully mad at him and maybe never trust him again meanwhile what is it going to take for it take for the king to join in the fight I think something happened to that young man was just learning how to use the stick if you get his name that’s what it’s going to take

    • AnnieM says:

      Benjamin. And since they are practically hitting us over the head with all of the foreshadowing, if he survives the season, I’d be very surprised. I do think you’re right that him dying by the Saviors’ hands will make Ezeliel finally agree to join the fight.
      Personally, though she might be expensive SFX, I hope we get to keep Shiva around.

  12. Walkie says:

    I just don’t buy into the reasoning why Daryl didn’t tell Carol about Glenn and Abraham. It’s just weak. Carol is not some dying flower.

    Also, the introduction of yet ANOTHER new group is only making the show more convoluted. And this group was just needlessly weird. That doesn’t make them interesting.

    • Tv viewer says:

      Problem with Carol is that the killing is killing her. And Daryl is in a unique position to be the nurturer one and protect her from doing more killing.

    • AnnieM says:

      They are indeed ‘needlessly weird’ – they remind me of Mike Meyer’s ‘Dieter’ character from SNL (“Dis is the time on Schprockets when we dance!”) However, living in a garbage dump with Spikey the Walker *does* make them interesting. To me, anyway. lol.

      • Lilly says:

        I do find elements of this group interesting – at least where they’ve chosen to carve out their cultist survival camp. But I’m trying to envision the series of events that turned a group this big ALL into monosyllabic minions following one woman who waves her fingers to get them to obey? I get the dynamics of leadership, and sometimes those are different, but how do you get THAT many people in one place who are both fierce enough to survive this long (and “capture” Rick & crew), but sheep-like enough to obey waving hands without a word? It’s like the writers are just sitting in a room brainstorming about how to make these new groups weird, but what the heck is their back story? At least the women/kids at the beach had a REASON they were they way they were. Do you have to take a test that you’re a loner and don’t like to talk much before you can join this group? Scratching my head….

      • Nick says:

        Haha, that’s a perfect description of them lol. I guess everyone that didn’t join Negan already are just all cosplayers (who by the way would never make it 3 years in a scenario like the one the show exists in). Next week they will meet the furries, and then the week after that they will discover the Brony’s lmao. Dang this show is dumb sometimes.

  13. MLO says:

    The apocalypse has only been,what, 3 frikkin years? Why are the ‘heapsters’ talking like they just walked off the set of Mad Max. I hate these stupid affectations. Can tolerate it with Ezekiel because of his past as a theater actor, and because he’s admitted he’s basically playing a role, but with this new group it’s just annoying.

  14. MLO says:

    Darryl – good gawd have a shower and wash your hair!

    • Nick says:

      Man for real. Dude looks like he is strung out on heroin or something all the time. Wash your hair and quit squinting 24-7. Get some sun glasses or something.

  15. KLS says:

    Discovering that the one spying on the group (“Boots”) and in the car with Gabriel was one of the new Scavengers (who he threatens with a knife later in the episode) was very anticlimatic and disappointing. One thing I’ve noticed this year is that some of the key details are not explained well enough on the show and it’s not until the reviews or the after show that we learn what certain things were all about. This is annoying me.

  16. Wrstlgirl says:

    My only complaint with this episode is Daryl. Honestly why does he have to be so grimy. I get that it’s the apocalypse and all but every other character on this show manages to keep themselves clean. His clothes and hair are disgusting.

    Other than that I really enjoyed the episode. I completely get why Daryl didn’t tell Carol the truth. Now question is will Tara tell Rick and the rest of the family about the group she met. They have the guns they need.

    • mooshki says:

      Because that’s the way he is in real life – they can’t even get him to shower for the show.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        Hahahaha, this is a joke right?? I’ve met Norman Reedus several times, his hair is long & could use a comb but he’s clean and smells great, lmao!!

    • MrM3000 says:

      You just now noticed? Lol, Daryl is pretty much the same scummy looking dirtbag since he first appeared ((minus the long hair, of course) . Greasy and unkempt appearance didn’t just recently start to happen to our good ole’ favorite redneck.

    • Here I am...... says:

      Agreed that Daryl does need to clean up. Part of me wonders if they do this on just so he can keep his ‘image’ of how he was brought up since he noted he had a rough childhood and was mostly an out-door and hunting type of kid whose parents or brother didn’t provide much guidance in his upbringing. This could also be the reason why he’s socially awkward.

  17. I enjoyed this Negan Free episode, but I’m over the weak, mentally drained Carol, and the pathetic men stumbling over themselves to be in her salty graces. Seriously, get her back in the game with Daryl, or stop wasting screen time on her sniveling in the cabin with the creepy King at her beck and call. Enough already, Carol is better than this. She is a warrior, make her start acting like one.

  18. Cindy says:

    I think TWD has to have its final season. The plot has plateaued. Show feel has changed after Glenn’s death.

    • I am glad to see that I am not the only one to notice the fatigued writing. Some of the original novel devices and subplots now get continuously recycled with variation. Seems every new gang, village, community our heroes encounter is run by a fascist psychopath to be eventually sent packing. Lots of hamburger-helper writing of episodes filled with drawn-out creeping plot development and exposition, exposition, exposition. Should have ended a couple of seasons ago. (The zombies are no longer scary, but comical.)

  19. Cindy says:

    TWD needs to start thinking of its final season. The show has lost its flare and feel. Glenn’s death did not help. Loved the show it has plateaued.

    • MrM3000 says:

      It plateaued since season 5, as far as I’m concerned. Actually, since the death of my two favorite characters (Dale and Shane) it hasn’t really felt like it’s going anywhere.

  20. Donna says:

    Loved the show that this used to be…
    Tired of Carol and her sniveling mental issues and Rosita and her B**** tendencies. No wonder Abraham dumped her for Sasha. Missing Glenn and Abraham badly. Go ahead and get Jesus and Daryl together as lovers because we can all see where this is heading. And by all means go ahead and finish ruining this once wonderful show!!!

  21. mooshki says:

    Apart from Jadis’s hair being really ugly, it seems odd she’d have enough time to maintain that kind of a cut mid-zombie apocalypse.

    • AngelWasHere says:

      lol I can’t see her having time or a decent water supply in the dump to maintain that dye job either.

    • Bri says:

      Come on, none of the girls have hairy legs or armpits.

      I just want to see someone with my hair. A natural brunette who dyes her hair a light blonde so in the apocalypse, she has the most ridiculously abrupt ombre.

  22. Michael C Jones says:

    For those complaining about the lack of zombie bites and the walkers not being as integral to the TV show anymore I say stop. The Walking Dead is not about zombies its about the survivors of the apocacalypse, both good and bad. The survivors ARE the Walking Dead as they all have the virus as revealed by the doc in the CDC when he whispered it to Rick. I find the show interesting to watch because we see the battle to maintain their humanity somehow. Putting a workable society back together thru alliances and conflicts with other survivors and how human beings when faced with incredible obstacles can still try to love and also kill to survive. I think minus the walkers it’s like what our founding fathers had to face in fighting England. Negan and the survivors are like England was and Rick is almost George Washington in getting the Army ready to fight them. It’s deeper than any of the (still awesome) George Romero movies.

    • Brigid says:

      Wow, the only reply that made sense. I always feel that when I come here and read the complainers responses, they don’t seem to have anything insightful to say and I’m not sure if we are watching the same show. I love this show and enjoy every episode and quite honestly, I haven’t seen bad writing ever. See, I love new characters and how they will or won’t mesh with our group or what good or bad things come with meeting them. I don’t want to watch this group try and survive just zombies, what’s the point of that? I need to see people surviving the apocalypse and how they can make a new society with rules and civility.

      • Bri says:

        The point of surviving zombies is that it is exciting and does not happen in real life.

        The Top 3 moments my heart rate was up were all walker-related. First in the pilot, when Rick is on horseback in the city, turns a corner and there’s a herd. Then when they were on the highway and the herd came. (I was shushing myself in front of the computer.) And after Carl shot Shane and the camera panned out to show the walkers coming towards the farm.

        These were exciting. Now it’s a larger world, weirdos everywhere. And so many people. I hated Season 4 when the prison was filled with those redshirts.

        “We need a new plague.”

        • MrM3000 says:

          I think that’s a good point. Sure, the show isn’t “about” zombies, but it was always the latent danger of being overrun by a horde of walkers or being bitten by one that gave the show its edge. Now they just kill zombies so easily and casually makes you wonder why a zombie apocalypse is still going on. The zombies have essentially become part of the landscape and that’s why in so many respects the logic of the show just stops making sense. Take away the zombie threat and all you have is a show about human conflict but without any real reason for that conflict.

  23. MrM3000 says:

    Another episode and another yuuuuge roll of the eyes at the aimlessness of it. Why is Scott Gimple still showrunner? Individual acting performances not withstanding, such meandering writing and direction does nothing to advance the story. I don’t care that they’re “following the comic book”, this is a TV SHOW and it needs to have an END. All these convoluted threads are unnecessary and only contribute to the feeling that everything moves at a snail’s pace in TWD. The best seasons are still the first two – expertly paced, with great timing and a plot that made me want to see more. Now I just tune in out of habit. Or just for the off chance that something good might happen. Alas, very little does these days…

  24. christina says:

    I think its time for tara to let them know about the group with guns. I know she made a promise, but this is her family here and she needs to do whatever she can to help them survive and win. I’m sure rosita and the rest will be mad when she does and I really think she will. Otherwise they’ll be out there looking for something that’s hard to come by and wasting precious time.
    Also can’t wait for Carol to find a way to come to terms with killing without the fear of losing herself, because I don’t think she spend the rest of the apocalypse in that cabin with her head in the sand.
    I have a question: Why does killing affect carol more than rick? I think by now they’ve killed around the same number of people and he hasn’t had any breakdowns as a result.

    • Bri says:

      I think it’s because Carol killed people that the group cared for. She killed Karen and David for the family. People she lived with.
      And I can’t really imagine Rick or Daryl killing Lizzie even after she killed her sister.

      Carol had to make some tough decisions for the group, for the “greater good”. I just don’t see anyone else wise enough to make those calls.

    • Tv viewer says:

      I don’t think killing affects Rick and Carol differently, it’s the way they cope with it what’s different. Rick is a conqueror who owns what he kills, he’s “the one who lives”. Carol, on the other hand, mourns for every life she ever took, she doesn’t enjoy the process, she’s not conquering anything: she’s protecting the family.

    • AnnieM says:

      Well, Rick *was* a cop. I don’t think you can go into that line of work without knowing that someday you may have to shoot, or even kill a person. Carol was a wife and mom; I’d be willing to bet that most of her trauma would go back to having to kill Lizzie.

  25. Nick says:

    I think this show really went off the rails when it started really following the comics closely. There aren’t really any surprises since in every article about the TV show there are like 30 people talking about who should get killed like someone from the comics did and where we are at in the comics on the show and blah blah blah and it just makes the show super boring. All the glenn stuff, not terribly exciting since for like 3 years all I heard was how glenn gets killed the exact same way it happened. I already know what happens when they fight negan, knew who pretty much every group is before they even appear on the show. It makes it super boring and since I know the outcome already taking 16 episodes to get there is tiring. And those trash people were completely dumb. You live in a trash pile for a few years and now you all talk like weirdos? K. How you get a job writing for this show? Cause I got way better ideas than the ones they keep coming up with.