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The Royals Star Breaks Down 'Hardcore' Finale: Did Cyrus Blow His Brains Out?

A new villain revealed himself in the final moments of The Royals‘ third season finale — only he’s not new. In fact, the little bugger has been hiding in plain sight all season.

Over the course of Sunday’s eye-opening hour, it became increasingly clear that Prince King Robert is to blame for everyone’s misery: He burned Jasper’s love letter, which basically catapulted Eleanor into Sebastian’s arms; he made Willow his top pick for queen after calling Kathryn a “whore”; and he fired Spencer as Lord Chamberlain, eliminating Helena’s only source of (ahem) comfort after Jack’s plane crash. (In other news, no one on this show should ever get on another plane.)

“My mouth was slightly agape the entire time I was reading the script,” Jake Maskall (aka King Cyrus) tells TVLine. “It totally wrapped the whole season up, but it also left so many stones to be unturned in Season 4. It was really hardcore, and I was genuinely scared for Cyrus. There were times when I didn’t want to turn the page.”

Fortunately, Cyrus didn’t get to follow through with that promise to blow his brains out during Robert’s coronation; just as Cyrus was about to pull the trigger, Liam burst into the room, asking for his uncle’s help.

“It’s a working partnership,” Maskall says of Liam and Cyrus’ potential alliance against Robert, adding that he hopes the series “continues to explore Cyrus’ humanity” in Season 4.

But back to Cyrus’ gun-to-head situation for a minute: Maskall admits that even he wasn’t sure how things would end up for his character in the finale.

“We filmed two endings — one with Cyrus the floor, and one not on the floor — and I honestly didn’t know which one they were going to use,” he says with a laugh.

Your thoughts on The Royals‘ season ender? Grade the finale below, then drop a comment with your full review. 

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  1. Heather says:

    That would have sucked as a series finale…. thank god for season 4! I had a feeling that Robert was going to be bad, but not THAT bad. Team Jaspenor forever <3

  2. fernando933 says:

    So happy The Royals will have a season 4. I knew Robert was sneaky and bad. I hope Liam becomes king next season. I can only take another season of Robert and then he has to be gone!

    I love Jasper and Elenor, they are amazing together.

  3. Cyndi says:

    I knew Robert was shady, but who knew how shady. I mean, his dad was going to disband the monarchy because he didn’t think Robert would be a good king. I’ve always been team Liam, but he was getting very annoying during the back half of the season. I would’ve liked if he had been less vocal and in your face while having actual evidence to present to his family. He really did start to seem spoiled and jealous. I hope they fix that in season 4. I did enjoy his talk with Elenor. They need more scenes together. The twins take over everything.

  4. Garbo says:

    I hated Robert from the second I laid eyes on him rehearsing that faux-heartfelt press conference while still on the island. Then his “I’m better than you and I know everything but will pretend in front of everyone that I’m all class and grace even though I’m just an arrogant POS bully” type of big brother side revealed itself and I was DONE with him. Maybe because I had a similar big brother and it hit too close to home, I don’t know, but he just became completely and totally insufferable for me. Plus nobody messes with Jaspenor, bish ! And nobody calls a woman a whore, either. I can not wait to see this character’s inevitable fall from grace next season.

    P.S. On the plus side, kudos to the actor for nailing all these somewhat subtle shades of his character. He did become a big bad in front of our very eyes. THAT is impressive.

  5. Mindy Smith says:

    I knew it in the 9th episode when Liam found something on his brother I knew Robert was the bad seed as his Father basically says in the final. Robert played the game of his life lining all the pieces up just right but sadly has forgotten what his Father taught him about the pawns and I do believe in season 4 all those pawns will bring the King down.

  6. Rach says:

    I watched it this morning and went back a few times at that last scene when Liam is closing Cyrus’s door… Cyrus is definitely pointing the gun at Liam in the background… What’s up with that?

  7. Susan Y says:

    I REALLY Hate that we have to wait soOOO long for the next season. That is ridiculous. Also only 10 episodes is terrible

  8. Wrstlgirl says:

    I haven’t despised a television character this bad in a long while. God Robert is a piece of sheet, lmao!!!! HATE HIM HATE HIM HATE HIM!!! Whew, that felt good.

  9. Wrstlgirl says:

    Also, it’s likely that Robert is responsible for Jack’s plane crash too.

    • Garbo says:

      I think we have to start thinking even bigger. His father, the king, tells him he is ending the monarchy because he is terrified of the kind of king his first born would become. What happened next ? The king was killed. Coincidence ? My guess is Robert orchestrated the whole thing starting by faking his own death (sympathy vote upon miraculous return from the death + perfect alibi for the king’s murder), convinced the already mentally unstable and grief-stricken Ted that King Simon was the one to blame for his wife’s death, then a short while later he returns from the dead to adoring crowds who will make him what his father would never have made him : a king.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        I thought of that too but didn’t want to ruin it in case it happens to be true. Causing Jack’s plane crash is one thing but killing his father is a completely different level of evil. There is also the possibility that Robert turns out to be illegitimate.

  10. Gift says:

    judging by his mother face expression at the coronation she is beginning to understand what Liam was talking about. Cyrus die? no way! His bad mouth made the show fun. plus Jasper and Eleanor, belongs together I hope she realizes that nd not leave with that guy(don’t care about his name). king Robert is pure evil!!! I’m sure he killed his father nd Jack’s crush. I’m also thinking that Royal guy always trying to persuade Eleanor is fake. Liam was actually jealous for a while but it’s normal. If he wants the crown, he has to take it just like his brother said. can’t wait for season 4. Love all the characters. King Robert is so EVIL!

  11. Erick Voshel says:

    I too love “The Royals.” Last night’s finale was vintage Royals. Looking forward to season 4!

  12. Yoko says:

    Good finale. Liam is too good and full of himself. Newp, King Robert is much more fun. If Liam becomes King it’s just a boring show. You need intrigue, back stabbing, humor. Liam has none of them. Kathryn looks like an inflatable doll she so plastic. She kinda deserved it since Liam has a bajillion women wanting him and he goes after his “dead” brothers gfriend. Sorry folks Liam is not such a good guy. For now I’m Team Robert for a fun show!

  13. Jordan says:

    Poor Kathryn!!!!!!! I wasn’t even expecting that… THEN WILLOW?!??? Why!??!!??? Omg I’m dying a little…. So long till the next season

  14. gift says:

    i just cant wait for season4……i Have replayed season 3..severally i need 4 sooner online please So i Can Download it…..

  15. gift says:

    i Need season 4 of royals..please cant wait….Princess eleanor…u gat swagg u gat fire….keep d flames burning

  16. j826 says:

    I’m so glad there will be a S4. There’s no way the writer’s could leave us hanging like that. Newly ‘King Robert’ is going to be worse than they imagined. But wait… Remember when ‘Helena’s’ twins blood test hoax saying they weren’t the King’s, well what if it is Robert who is not of royal Hse of Henstridge blood line (?) And Liam really IS the King’s son. That would make for fantastic scripts. Oh I could help..I’ve got ideas. I’m an excellent writer/speller. Oh the places we could go with this naughty royal family. Please bring it back on before Christmas 2017. Thanks

  17. Kit D says:

    Did anyone notice when Robert was leaving Kathryn’s apartment that last time (after being so horrible to her) that written on the chalkboard paint by her door it said “Get results from doctor”?? Is the poor thing preggo with Robert’s baby?? Or did they just write that to make us wonder? Can’t be random (?)

  18. Barbara says:

    Robert is not disappointing. He fell right in step with the other Royals. I would like to see Ophelia again and know her reaction her father’s killing the King and his subsequent death.