The Good Fight Recap

The Good Fight: Did the Good Wife Spinoff Make a Strong Case?

The Good Fight was indeed good — but was it $5.99 good?

In the months leading up to The Good Wife spinoff, TVLine readers far and wide groused about having to pay CBS All Access’ monthly subscription rate for the privilege of watching the continuing adventures of Diane Lockhart & Co. But all the sound and fury signified nothing in my mind since the protests erupted before anyone had actually seen the offshoot.

Well, on Sunday, CBS offered a free preview of The Good Fight‘s sublime opening hour (with the remaining 9 episodes unspooling on subsequent Sundays via CBS All Access), and I’m curious if those same dissenters now find themselves softening their anti-pay for play stance. And I want to hear from you via the polls and comments section below. But first, let’s quickly recap Round  1 of The Good Fight.

As we knew going in, the spinoff picks up one year after the Good Wife finale and finds Diane — despondent over Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the Oval Office — looking to get her retirement on in the South of France. But just days after triumphantly giving notice to her fellow partners at Lockhart Deckler Gussman Lee Lyman Gilbert Lurie Kagan Tannenbaum & Assoc., she discovers that her entire life savings has been Madoff’d by her accountant and good friend Henry Rindell (Paul Guilfoyle).

F–k,” Diane screams upon learning that she’s basically flat broke (folks watching on CBS network heard a much more family-friendly expletive come out of her mouth).

Further complicating matters, Diane’s goddaughter and protege at Lockhart Deckler Lee etc, Maia (Game of Thrones‘ Rose Leslie), just so happens to be the daughter of her allegedly reckless money man. Oh, and the only place that will hire either of them now is Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad, the largest African-American firm in the Midwest, which counts among its employees Diane’s quasi-nemesis Lucca (Good Wife vet Cush Jumbo).

And with that, The Good Fight is born.

Having already seen some of what comes next, I can tell you that Episode 2 provides a much more accurate glimpse of what the series will look like on a weekly basis. It also welcomes back a few more fan-favorite Good Wife characters, most notably Sarah Steele’s wonderfully sardonic Marissa, who becomes Diane’s assistant and heir apparent to Kalinda’s private eye throne. I should also mention that the second episode is, overall, stronger than the premiere. And I really liked the premiere.

So, with that said, I turn your attention to the following two polls, as well as the subsequent comments section. Have at it! 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Chad says:

    Luckily, we here in Canada don’t have to pay for it.

  2. Lisa Echerd says:

    It was good and I’d like to see more but I won’t subscribe. CBS’s player is bad to hang up and the volume is too low for my laptop without subtitles. There is just too much to watch on Netflix and regular TV to pay for another subscription.

  3. Ian says:

    It was fantastic! I did indeed love it.
    But to pay that for just one show is going to suck.
    *gets out credit card*

  4. Ames says:

    I already pay for CBS because I pay for my cable. It is crazy for a broadcast channel to be charging more money to get their “special”shows. I refuse! If this succeeds then what is to stop all the other channels to do the same thing? I already pay for Netflix and Amazon prime to watch special shows on there.. Where does it all end!?!

  5. knd24 says:

    Damn that was good.

  6. Haz says:

    I didn’t even bother watching it because I know I will not pay for CBS streaming platform. I used it last year and the videos buffered far to often and would skip parts. I am wondering though if this show rates well is there any chance they will air it during the summer once all episodes are on the streaming platform? Better yet maybe Amazon in January of 2018 before the new season airs like how they did with Under the Dome or American Gothic. I just find it absurd CBS is charging to watch their shows on streaming services. Every cable, premium cable, and network channels let you watch their apps at no charge if you pay your cable bill except for CBS. I think it’s very greedy on their part.

    • canadian ninja says:

      It seems to me if the show is successful enough for CBS-access to draw in more subscribers then that’s where it stays.

      And if it’s not then…well, I think CBS would be foolish to have a fully produced show that needs a bigger audience and not use it to fill in some summer programming time.

  7. Vi says:

    I agree, I’d rather it was on CBS instead of all access. But 5.99 isn’t too bad, so I’ll pay for now. But I do agree, the commercials are too loud.

    • Misha says:

      I run an ad blocker while watching and avoid the commercials. I have to allow is the opening commercial or the show won’t play, once the video starts I turn the add blocker back on and never see another one.

  8. Michael says:

    I cut the cable cord years ago and have had CBS All Access for the last year and it’s a great value especially if you watch a lot of CBS shows and let’s face it cable is dead

  9. jml says:

    If you subscribe, do the episodes remain perpetually available? If so, wouldn’t it be cheaper to just wait 9 weeks and then subscribe and binge them, rather than paying month-to-month? I mean, unless it’s something you absolutely feel you have to see right away….

  10. Robert45 says:

    I enjoyed it especially Delroy Lindo’s line to Diane that she’d be his “diversity pick”. As much as I liked the first episode I don’t think it’s worth paying for….I pay enough for cable as it is.

  11. Jorf says:

    I got the no commercials plan for $9.99 cause I knew the $5.99 plan still had limited commercials. If someone could inform me if the $5.99 is still commercial free for the show, I’d be grateful.

  12. Randy Maged says:

    The Good Fight was beyond great! I had forgotten how much I missed watching The Good Wife, and not just because the weekly plots were so good. It’s the costumes, the photography, the sets! I just love seeing the old cast members! There hasn’t been a show on TV, until tonight, to replace The Good Wife. Now, there is. Another 7 years, please. I’m in heaven,

  13. Snow says:

    I liked it but I’m not paying for it, mostly because I have enough bills to pay.

  14. M. Sutton says:

    I loved the show! I won’t pay for CBS tho. They have commercials for that. I’d love to see it on television. And, if one pays maybe there are no commercials, but I’d prefer to fast forward thru commercials with my DVR. So, guess I will miss out.

  15. Karen says:

    So this is what The Good Wife would have been without Will and Alicia? Not really very compelling. The new associate was particularly boring. I will give the second episode a go based on Ausiello’s comment that it is more indicative of the series (plus Marissa) but it’s going to have to get better to be more than just background tv for me.

  16. Leon says:

    I see the CBS AA uncensored airing, is 6 minutes longer than the standard network edition.

  17. Katy says:

    Yuck. Depressing from the start. I know the producers think lesbians in the shower is titallating, but for most people it’s a turn-off – which is exactly what I did after 30 min. of this show. Bring back the “Good Wife” please.

    • Adam Johnson says:

      I’m so sorry “lesbians in the shower” was the turn off for you Katy. “Most people” by a popular or electorial count? ;)

      • Adam Johnson says:

        That being said CBS…..$5.99 with commercials for ONE show? No

      • Brenda says:

        I agree with Katy. Disgusting. We fast forwarded through that. I personally do not like viewing any sex scenes on TV. I believe that is a private act between husband and wife and Is not for public viewing.

        • Ronny says:

          You can absolutely believe that but there are still two options more, a husband and a husband or a wife and a wife.

        • abz says:

          Homophobic prudes like you and Katy make me sick. You say you don’t like any sex scene, yet you only complain about Maia’s scenes with her girlfriend (which wasn’t really even a sex scene and were tamer than anything you’d see on HBO) and not about Lucca and her sexy naked man that came and sat next to her clearly after they just had sex.
          And sex can be a private act between two husbands or two wives as well as a husband/wife. Grow up!

          • Noxvilnana says:

            I’m sorry, I guess I didn’t explain myself. When I said, “I don’t like viewing any sex scenes on TV” I was talking about heterosexual and homosexual scenes. I believe God created sex as a beautiful thing between husband and wife. Pre-marital sex is shown on so many shows today. Hollywood is sending a message that sex with anyone and as many people as you want is O.K. It is not. It hurts relationships. The people I have known who “slept around” before marriage had a lot of baggage and wish they had saved themselves for that one, special person. I enjoy a good drama and these writers are great! It saddens me I am rarely able to watch T.V. or movies anymore because the promiscuity and the language is offensive.

    • TV Gord says:

      Yes, I was outraged by the lesbians in the shower…at least three or four times tonight, and tomorrow, I’ll probably be outraged a few more times.

  18. Brian says:

    I thought it was ok, but not great. Frankly, I’m sick of Diane getting the crap beaten out of her -losing the supreme court judgeship, the way Alicia treated her in the final episodes, and now this. The whole premise is depressing. Lucca was the best thing in the show. The new firm seems really irritating. I don’t know if there’s enough here to keep me interested.

    • Ian says:

      That in itself is interesting though. For someone like me, coming in with fresh eyes because I never watched TGW, it hooked me. It was very good.

  19. D Belmonte says:

    Didn’t bother to pay much attention to the show…why? Because I will NOT pay for a network to add a spin off channel in the name of greed. Where I live the broadband is not high speed ISP so the buffering would not make me happy..and I refuse to pay $40 MORE a month just for faster internet AND $$ for a single TV channel.

  20. Popcultureprof says:

    Fix this site with its bots and ads. My comment with 3 paragraphs lost as the page reloaded. Tired of reading pages and reloading too. Lazy programming ruining user experience

    • Morisot says:

      It seems to me that there used to be more discussion and more comments—I think the things you mention are driving away TVline fans. The jumpy-ness, the delays, the inability to scroll or complete a post. Right now I’m hating the Stub Hub ads the most….

  21. Misha says:

    I signed up for CBS All access yesterday and it was worth every penny.
    Really enjoyed the opening episode and I agree with most of your observations Kayla.
    In my eyes, here are the

    -Diane Lockhart
    -Lucca Quinn
    -The opening sequence
    -No Alicia Florrick
    -The set up and storytelling

    -The Kings inability to write a strong leading female character who is in a happy marriage. As much as they had to address Alicia’s courtroom betrayal of Diane, one of the great things of Diane as a character was the woman in addition to the lawyer. To have another marriage in turmoil at the beginning of the show feels a little to close to The Good Wife.
    -This one is technical and I hope CBS fixes it soon, as you are streaming the show it won’t allow you to rewind or fast forward. This is a big deal if you’ve missed any part of a scene and want a quick re watch.

    Side note
    As I sit here taking in the first two episodes, I see a big flaw in the CBS format; having to wait for weekly installments when you are paying extra.
    I want the option to binge the show (or not), that’s what makes the other subscription services exciting for me and others.
    I hope it works out enough to keep the show going as it is a strong cast.
    I can see why CBS is doing it this way, having checked out their catalogue of shows, I already know I am done as soon as TGF ends as I am not interested in anything else.

  22. K says:

    I liked it a lot, but I’m not paying à la carte pricing when I still have cable. Maybe if I had cut the cord, but as it is? To pay for cable on top of other more reliable streaming services seems a bit nuts. There’s enough to watch that I’m not interested. I’m annoyed they won’t just stream via Hulu.

  23. Miles S says:

    If you’ve never watched Big Brother faithfully, then I guess All Access seems like a foreign thing to you. But I have already subscribed to it for 2 seasons of BB Live Feeds, plus Big Brother Over The Top this past fall. I loved The Good Wife, and I’m a big Trek fan, so I will also be checking out the new Star Trek series later this year. So I’m kind of over the hand-wringing about the price. If enough shows that they offer appeal to you, it becomes worth it. If not, oh well.

  24. Dorjean says:

    I liked it and I’d watch it if it was on Network TV but I won’t pay $5.99 a month to watch it on my laptop. I’ll just wait and see whether there are recaps here or on other sites so I can see what’s happening and if not, so be it. Wanted to enter the poll but couldn’t find the link.

  25. Marcie Martin says:

    I am73 years old and loved the Good Wife. Was so Happy when I saw the The Good Fight was going to be on, because let’s face it, T.V. has no good new shows this year. Same old political crap as last year, or murder, murder, murder. I am not technically savy, so you can count me out! Plus, I would not pay for anymore stuff on TV. CBS is not my favorite and now I know why,

    • TV Gord says:

      No good new shows this year? Have a you watched This Is Life? The Good Place? Speechless? Pitch? Those are just off the top of my head. There are plenty of great shows to watch on network TV!

  26. Steve says:

    The Good Wife was my favorite show and I’m very disappointed that I won’t be able to watch this spin-off. I just can’t afford any more monthly bills. Especially when I already pay $140 for cable & internet. Hopefully CBS changes it’s mind and charges for commercials instead of the middle class.

  27. JHarris says:

    Why can’t it just be on regular TV? Not all of us have access to streaming. Loved the show. Wanted to continue to watch it. So sad.

  28. David Hambly says:

    netflix is 9 bucks for many shows, the crown,love,santa clarita diet,etc. we would have to pay$5.99 for “one” show on CBS access? what’s next?charging us $9.99 for their current shows like man with a plan and bull?oh,wait.those shows are so bad i don’t watch them when their free. BBS had one decent show,the good wife. now,they have one decent show,the good fight and they want to charge for it? i wish the Kings had taken this to showtime and left cbs WITH THEIR csiS’ AND ncis’S AND THEIR mACGYVER REMAKE. mediocrity breeds mediocrity.

  29. Julie Miklos says:

    Not paying a single penny for this. Already pay up the butt for cable that is majority of commercials. Considered going back to basic channels..2,5,7, and 9 but now thats not even free!!!

  30. Ava says:

    It is ridiculous to pay for a CBS show. NOT HAPPENING but I thought the show was excellent and I love Christine.

  31. JScout says:

    I thought it was good. But, I won’t pay extra for it.

  32. rowan77 says:

    I really liked it, but yeah, the second episode was even better. It was smart of them to have BOTH episodes up right away so we can get hooked. I am loving the show so far.

  33. Zayne says:

    I’ll wait until they are all up, drop a quick $10 for no ads and binge it in a couple days. Their airing it weekly, even on a streaming service is a bad idea and reeks of trying to milk people for money.

  34. Nan says:

    Seriously CBS…I loved the show but I’m not gonna pay to watch it. I already pay enough for cable. Change your mind CBS.

  35. Vicky Lowe says:

    The beginning of the show where what’s her name is watching OUR PRESIDENT ….Stay the hell out of Politics..if you don’t like OUR PRESIDENT, MOVE! Go to Canada, South America, show some class! I realize that will be difficult for you but give it a try! NO CLASS!!

    • abz says:

      Have you even watched The Good Wife before this spinoff? It has always been a show that has never stayed away from current events and politics were a very significant part of the show. Your president is a clown. The world can see it and many of your own country men and women see it. Diane Lockhart is a very left-leaning character, so this should come as no surprise if you had watched the original series.
      And lol at you telling Diane Lockhart of all characters to “show some class”.

    • Valerie Tower says:

      That was my favorite part!

  36. Marie says:

    I won’t pay for broadcast TV programming no matter how much I’d like to see the show. That’s what commercials are for, and I was really looking forward to this spinoff. Oh well. Can’t be a hypocrite! CBS must believe they can make more revenue targeting the chord cutters.

  37. nellibly says:

    Sadly, I won’t be paying for the subscription. I enjoyed the show and I hope the rest of the episodes turn up on something I already pay for. Having to pay a subscription and still have to watch commercials is just too much. I pay for Hulu because it allows me to skip commercials on most shows and I only have to watch two short ones on others.

  38. nellibly says:

    Sadly, I won’t be paying for the subscription. I enjoyed the show and I hope the rest of the episodes turn up on something I already pay for. Having to pay a subscription and still have to watch commercials is just too much.

  39. Fan says:

    This first episode was great — anything showcasing Ms Baranski is great in my books. I look forward to watching Diane work her way up the ladder. That is going to be fascinating. Can’t wait for the next episode. Am liking that Diane isn’t taking her anger out on Rose Leslie’s character .. that would have been a very easy thing to do, but Diane is better than that and Rose is still her goddaughter and Diane is watching out for her as she should. Good on ya, Diane.

  40. Jamie says:

    Loved it. Not gonna pay for it.

  41. Billie says:

    To be fair, the subscription price pays for more (much more) than this particular show. It’s worth it if you are a fan of CBS programming. That anyone pays for cable or satellite service is irrelevant (and I hope that most realize that and are just being petty). Probably most have Netflix, HULU, and or other pay services, ad well. Complain all you wish, but understand that you won’t change anything about All Access or its success.

  42. jenndeve says:

    Worth the price. Glad to have this world and characters back. Really well done on all fronts.

  43. Susan says:

    I will watch it on regular CBS, as it should be!!!. Let me know when CBS executives figure out their greed is not is giving CBS a bad name.

  44. Mary I Davin says:

    Really enjoyed The Good Fight! We have come to enjoy and expect to continue to enjoy good intelligent programming included in our basic cable packages to include the major broadcasting channels – which cable fees are NOT FREE. I will NOT pay any more for good programming that I EXPECT to receive! Otherwise, I’ll simply pull the cable plug and get an antennae!

  45. Gerry says:

    Why not leave it in CBS. I pay enough for cable, not patience to watch it. Leave inn CBS

  46. Katie Stone says:

    I like the first episode but I won’t be paying for CBS All Access. If I opted to give up cable, it’d be, in part, to save money. Or at least not to pay for things I’m not watching. Why would I substitute subscribing to multiple channels a month (especially one with commercials to boot) that would eventually add up to costing me the same (or more)? If I dropped, I’d find one streaming service that offered more of what I wanted than not and stick with that. Paying $6 – 10 a month for yet another channel. I’ve got better things to do with my cash.

  47. Valerie Tower says:

    I really liked the show and am a huge Christine B fan. But I won’t post extra $ when I already pay for dish. Boo CBS

  48. David Wessendorf says:

    I am quite willing to pay for it on satellite TV for my 50 inch set, but not for use on a cell phone.

  49. Jamie says:

    So, I HATED the ending of The Good Wife. As much as I love Diane, that is the main reason I won’t watch. That being said, if it were free, I may have watched it. But I won’t be subscribing just to see it.

  50. Peter says:

    TV watching is a social occasion between my wife and I, so while the Good Fight was very good, not enough there to justify watching on our iPhones.