The Good Fight recap

The Good Fight: 15 Moments We Must Discuss Right This Second

I have a few more things to say about Sunday’s premiere of The Good Fight — 15 things, to be exact.

As my rave review last week made abundantly clear, I’m totally on board with Robert and Michelle King’s Good Wife sequel, which debuted Sunday on both CBS network and CBS All Access. And based on the early poll results emerging from the nether regions of my recap, it appears many of you share my enthusiasm. 

In fact, I was so enamored with the spinoff’s opening hour that I watched it not once, not twice, not three times, but… actually, three is right. I watched it three times.

Anyway, it was during that third viewing that I honed in on some of the minutiae of the episode, and that, in turn, led to the accompanying gallery. So, without further adieu, herewith are the 15 moments from The Good Fight premiere that made me go “Hmmm,” “Ha!” or “Oh, hell no.” (Click here for direct gallery access.)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lillian says:

    Why was Diane’s assistant a monster? I think I missed that part. I know I missed that glorious backside scene…darn! I enjoyed this very much, but I will not be able to stream it. My computer’s acting up and I won’t pay that much just to have something start and stop all the time! I wish there was a secondary market, like Netflix. Amazon Prime would just give me the same streaming problems. Blech.

    • Sally McLinn says:

      @Lillian it’s unfair of CBS to charge a $6 monthly fee for ONE show, because their other shows aren’t worth watching IMO.

      • Ws says:

        Well you get to watch the Big Brother live feeds in the summer.. and the new Star Trek show.

      • wakey says:

        You only say that because you have got spoilt by Netflix and their decision that they would rather lose money than make money. At some point the likes of Netflix are going to need to start making money rather than relying on taking on debt to fund their content and the $10 a month is going out of the window. $6 a month is a fair price even if you just watch 1 show as its $1.50 an episode in an average month (or $2.50 if you go add free) which is less than the $2.99 it would cost to purchase episodes

        • Mike M says:

          Now apply your screwed up logic to every TV show you watch and say it is absolutely fair pricing to pay $1.50 per episode of every show. That’s beyond insane. I’d be close to $200 a month.

    • Mike M says:

      Anyway enough on the platform. Some things Michael didn’t mention… The eight partners all being named when the phone was answered was hilarious as it was taking forever – a real shout out to the huge number of variants that the firm went through in The Good Wife.

      The the three different Flower segments with Harold were also absolutely delightful – right down to when Maia got fired and Harold said he was so sad as he felt shed finally got the arrangement right. For him they’d just fired a florist!

      The new opening title sequence didn’t play on CBS and is fantastic – individual legal office items that suddenly start exploding in detailed slow motion. Right up there with the awesome Elementary opening.

    • Mike M says:

      There are a number of differences between the CBS and CBSAA versions of the Pilot. Most notably The CBSAA version is 6 minutes and 5 seconds longer at approx 48.39 vs 42.35. Much of this is stuff that is just trimmed but there are some important exceptions too.

      Trimmed For CBS: David Lee’s introduction to new associates is cut twice. Maia meeting Diane is cut twice. Diane at Lucca’s firm re the case. Lucca and Maia after the meeting. Diane and Maia’s father Henry Rindell at Diane’s retirement party. Maia’s girlfriend Amy on the phone to her. Diane and her financial advisor. The bathroom sequence between Maia and Lucca.

      Totally cut from CBS: Diane calling Zoe to get hold of the investigator. Dianne saying “I just brought Cook County and their 32 million a year to you – let’s see how you feel when you lose them” after the firm refuses to let her stay on. Maia meeting her own lawyer is a longish scene totally removed.

      Totally changed for time on CBS: The entire hearing segment around the officer bodycam where Maia sees the blinking video camera on a car door mirror in the hearing video is removed. It is instead replaced in the CBS version with a much shorter scene where Maia notices the blinking camera on her father’s car outside as they leave Diane’s retirement party.

      Totally re-shot for content on CBS (not just overdubbed): Lucca’s boyfriend wears shorts on CBS and is not wearing anything on CBSAA. When Diane learns what has happened she says What about my retirement money – Son of a B on CBS, it’s What about my… my retirement money – F! on CBSAA. When Maia is chased by an accuser shouting that she’s a thief, the segment where Lucca intervenes was re-shot for CBS to say then do it, but right now… Get Out! For CBSAA she says But right now… F Off. When Adrian visits Diane at her office to ask her to come to his firm, the scenes are identical except at one point on CBS Adrian says “You got scrwd here Diane, and you know the best response? You come with me and you scrw them back. For CBSAA that small segment of the scene is totally re-shot and the s words are replaced with the F variants.

      NOT re-shot but just overdubbed: Diane with Kurt asks how is my life suddenly so f meaningless on CBSAA – the f word is silenced for CBS.

  2. Michael says:

    I loved it, I give it an A. I watched it twice all ready on All Access and I have to say it’s a great continuation to TGW. The language was raw and real and I think for a show like this streaming is the right avenue.

  3. Tracy288 says:

    I still want to know why they shut down The Good Wife and then went ahead without Julianna Margulies. Was there a backstory we don’t know about?

    • FatherOctavian says:

      Julianna Margulies was ready to leave, and the Kings always had a seven season plan for that show. It just ran its natural course.

      While this show shares a lot of DNA with “The Good Wife”, it is definitely its own thing with its own story to tell.

    • g says:

      Follow the money – it’s about two things:
      1 – actor & other staff’s/ crew contracts
      2 – CBS All Access

      as a “new” show it’s resets the clock on the contracts on everyone involved – ie. cheaper
      and it makes the new show it’s own separate thing that is easier to attract new viewers vs S7 of an old show that just lost it’s lead … and just making it about a “new” wife would be a little odd/ silly / redundant

      and then there’s CBS All Access – if it was just TGW Season 7, viewers would definitely complain louder than they already are when it was obviously “free” on CBS
      and it serves as an easy entry for fans of TGW … it’s all just about attracting subscribers so … they’re doing that with both The Good Fight & the new Star Trek show … both of which already have built in fan bases.

      follow the money … every time …

  4. Billy meacham says:

    Do I need to watch the good wife before the good fight??

    • g says:

      not really … and if anything just read about on the wikipedia page – ie. plot summary, characters, etc – it’s like reading cliff notes about any tv show … minus the dialogue, acting and skipping thru any of the filler material for supporting actors

      if anything watch the first two or three episodes of the TGW Season 1
      and then literally jump …. all the way to the last 2 or 3 episodes of the final season 6
      and you’ll basically be all caught up

      The Good Wife was not exactly like LOST or some other serialized show (ie. with tons of major characters or major plot changing every season

      a wife .. politician husband cheats on her … she goes back to work as a lawyer after raising her kids …. six years later …. yada yada … everyone is still lawyers

    • g says:

      oh and two people get SLAPPED in the face big time !! SLAP !!!!

  5. Imagecrafters says:

    Didn’t watch since I’m not purchasing All Access. Just can’t purchase another service.

  6. BoomerCat says:

    Police-bashing and lesbian trysts…um, no thanks.It’s an insult to The Good Wife! Will not be subscribing.

  7. g says:

    watched the first episode …. not one court room scene or even court room exterior
    – it’s definitely a different show – and from the looks of it … a cheaper show – ie. less exterior scenes … the returning characters were the same …. but it just felt distinctly different … the writing, the lighting, the pacing, etc.

    various locations just seemed …. the same … legal offices with glass walls or their various very decorative looking homes. And again no major court scenes … glaring difference from TGW.

    I watched the first 7 – 10 mins …. was getting a little bored (and I was a long fan of TGW) but I fast forward to 30 min mark and watched the last 10 mins … practically didn’t miss anything story wise … as the characters pretty much summed it all up in the dialogue. Ie. the exact details of the middle 20 mins … not really that important.

    basically Diane leaves her old firm and is going to join this other firm and she’s bringing her god-daughter who’s fresh from law school to join her.
    do exactly what I did and skip half the episode & see if you agree

    and do I like Christine Lahti – but it just seemed like she was phoning it in always too prim and “proper” ….. with no sense of emotion or “realness” (at least not to me) … may be it was all in that middle 20 mins I skipped

    the only reason to watch this new show based on the pilot is for Luca who is both more interesting character (as she’s still new to the overall story) and she’s obviously gorgeous

    and Del Roy Lindo’s character … I just didn’t like him, but I do like him as an actor
    guess he’s played some many cops or related characters (ie. bad guys) …

  8. Sally McLinn says:

    I want more but not willing to pay $6 a month to see a “weekly” series”. IF CBS had any sense they would do like AMZ & NF, and just drop all the series at one time so we can binge. And they would offer a “season” pass, not a monthly pass.

    • Ws says:

      Wait till the whole thing is online and then sign up for a free pass and binge it… problem solved.

    • wakey says:

      And then they would lose a tonne of money on it. Even if its relatively cheap to make you will be looking at CBS all access paying about $2mill an episode for it. For the first season that $20mill in total. They would need 3.3million subscribers just to break even then. Even split over 3 months it needs 1.1million subs which is still high but a bit more realistic.

      • Mike M says:

        Only you don’t factor in the fact once they’ve sold the show to 30 countries it’s already paid for before you even started doing your calculation. This is exactly the point the WGA are making right now – that all networks are in profit mode on almost every show before they cry poverty on the contractuals with the creative side. CBS is making a profit on almost every CBSAA subscriber dollar.

  9. Agnes says:

    Enjoyed the show on broadcast TV and even watched the second epi on CBS All Access (roku). I won’t be watching again until it’s available on some other platform. CBS All Access is not worth the money: Way too many ads ruined the viewing experience and the other content is less than exciting – TGF is pretty much the only show I’d watch on it. Love all the characters and it says a lot that a gay girl like me is willing to skip out with such an excellent, fully-drawn character like Maia in the mix.

    CBS! There are people who will pay $1.99/episode on Amazon to watch without ads! Hope you consider opening it up at some point. In the meantime, there are plenty of other shows to watch.

    Anybody else having flashbacks to Damages? They did such a great job with the Madoff story.

    • wakey says:

      Its $2.99 an episode for TV on Amazon when you are talking about HD. You can pay for the ad free version of CBS All access at what works out at $2.50 an episode (4 episodes a month at $9.99 a month)

  10. Eran says:

    Jesus Christ, can you please stop talking about the f’ing platform and actually discuss the episode?!