Grey's Anatomy Recap: Wail to the Chief

Any other time, any other way that Grey’s Anatomy’s April could have been made interim chief of general surgery would have been fine. Fine and dandy, even. But, since it happened when she was in the middle of a revolt on Richard’s behalf against Eliza — and the temporary promotion came at the expense of coconspirator Meredith — it was neither fine nor dandy. In fact, it resulted in Kepner spending most of “It Only Gets Much Worse” wishing that it really was lonely at the top, because she was surrounded by colleagues who mostly were hopping mad at her. Did she even make it through her first day in her new position? Read on…

‘IT’S YOUR DEPARTMENT NOW’ | As the episode began, April showed up for work as nervous and ready as a sixth-grader on the first day of school. When she asked Bailey what Meredith would do, Miranda replied, in essence, not come to her with any of her questions. “You do you,” Bailey instructed Grey’s successor. Right off the bat, Eliza — launching Phase 2 of her training, which allowed a resident to be primary surgeon on their own case, start to finish — needed April to find an attending to supervise Ben during a partial colectomy. Unfortunately, that someone was going to be Richard, who was already fighting with Catherine over her decision to go to Bailey, not him, with the “problem” in Grey Sloan’s training program.

When April approached Webber and Arizona, you could feel the chill in the air all the way through the TV — and that was before she informed Richard that she was replacing him on his partial colectomy with Ben. And, while it was hard not to feel for Kepner, awkward as the situation was, it was just as hard and maybe harder not to be ticked on Richard’s behalf when she informed him that he could assist Warren, but “only when requested.” And no, she wouldn’t have Bailey back up her husband in the O.R. instead. April had assigned the task to Richard. “Well, I suggest you un-assign it,” he shot back so angrily that she pleaded with him until he agreed to follow the order. (And that look Arizona gave April… with. er. ing.)

greys anatomy season 13 episode 13 recap‘WE’RE TROLLING’ | Since the patient with whom Stephanie was to enter Phase 2 died, Minnick suggested they go to the E.R. and find her a new case. (I miss Stephanie already, BTW.) In no time, the duo had stolen away Matty, a 9-year-old with gall stones, from Leah, whom Eliza assured would get her turn. Edwards so excited about Phase 2 that she wanted to hug Minnick (and did). Arizona? Considerably less excited. She hit the roof when she learned that Eliza intended to let Stephanie perform a lap chole on the kid! Worse, her concerns appeared to be founded when, mid-surgery, it was discovered that Matty had been bleeding out the whole time! Despite Arizona, Eliza and Stephanie’s best efforts, the patient flatlined. “What did I do?” Edwards asked afterward. “Did I kill that boy?” In response, Minnick just walked away. (Whaaa… ?!?)

Meanwhile, Jackson told Richard that it was time to take the Minnick matter to his mother. Unfortunately, “she’s not with us,” Webber had to inform his stepson. Ben wasn’t thrilled to have Richard on his surgery, either. However, he didn’t want Bailey to talk to Webber on his behalf. Warren was already having enough trouble being his wife’s “First Lady,” he noted. Or, as Murphy called him, “Mr. Bailey.” Making matters worse, Miranda decided to scrub in and watch Ben’s surgery along with Richard, further alienating her mentor. In the O.R., Webber suggested that, somewhere along the line, former student Miranda had “forgotten that he knows how to teach.” Eventually, Richard and Bailey became so distracted by their argument that they altogether stopped observing Ben, who was understandably pissed that they’d ruined his first solo flight.

‘YOU’RE SWITZERLAND’ | Nearby, an esophageal-cancer patient named Lynn (The Sopranos’ Aida Turturro) balked at the idea of April performing her surgery instead of her regular doc — Meredith. While Maggie seized on the opportunity to use Lynn’s loyalty to Mer to jab at April, Pierce also noted that they couldn’t wait for Grey to return. In the O.R., Lynn went into cardiac arrest and became so unstable that her tumor couldn’t be removed after all. Noting Maggie’s glare, April pointed out, “I didn’t give her a heart attack!” She couldn’t convince Lynn, though. She’d been sure she was in trouble from the minute “Dr. Not-Grey” showed up! In the hall afterward, Maggie lit into Kepner for being a traitor, to which April replied that she was doing her job. “Someone here,” she added, “has to act like an adult!” (She had a point there.)

During a lunch hour as fraught as the ones you remember from high school, “turncoat” April sat by herself in Grey Sloan’s cafeteria, while Arizona, Nathan, Maggie and Jackson suggested to Owen that he couldn’t remain neutral. Sure, Kepner was their pal, Robbins said — but their very misguided pal. “It’s like,” she suggested, “when you find out that your friend voted wrong.” (And as they made it clear to Owen, yes! You can vote wrong!) Checking on Lynn later, April was declaring herself much nicer than Mer when the patient’s staples gave way. Before going back into surgery, Kepner, having had it up to here with Maggie’s attitude, dismissed her from the case and allowed Jo to be her extra set of hands.

‘I’M SURPRISED BY YOU’ | Visiting Harriet in the nursery before Jackson took her home, April was taken aback when her ex noted that the new Mer was “really enjoying this, aren’t you?” Hell, yeah, she said. And it would have been wrong of her to ignore her responsibility to the hospital because of “a political pissing match.” Pointing out what everyone was saying about her and suggesting that Catherine had cleverly had Bailey pick Kepner to fill in for Mer — rather than her being up to the task — Jackson said it wasn’t too late for her to change her mind. But “I didn’t make a mistake,” she argued. Later, with Maggie glowering from the doorway, April informed Lynn that not only had she and Jo fixed her staples, they’d also managed to remove her tumor.

After Richard reported to Catherine that he’d been a failure as a teacher that day and accused her of turning his start-to-finish — Bailey — against him, Stephanie approached him to go over her disastrous surgery on Matty. “It’s not your fault, you lost,” he assured her. “Every good surgeon does.” At the same time, Arizona found Eliza crying and yelled at her for not teaching Edwards how to handle losing a patient. Thing was, “I never had a child die,” Minnick admitted. So she didn’t know how to tell Matty’s parents that they’d lost him. Robbins gently advised her and volunteered to go with her to talk to Matty’s folks. By the time they got there, however, Stephanie was already breaking the news — with Richard by her side.

‘HONEY, YOU ARE THE BOSS’ | As the hour drew to a close, Catherine advised April to take her paperwork home. But, since her roommate was a “narrow-minded, insulting piece of… ” Oh dear, Kepner remembered too late. She was talking to Jackson’s mother. After Catherine assured April that choosing her had been Bailey’s idea, Richard’s wife said that Jackson would never understand people like the two of them, because he was raised with money, connections, a name. “He’s never had to worry like us,” she added, at last dragging Kepner away.

At Casa Bailey/Warren, Ben confided in his wife that he was in a bad spot, because Minnick was great for the residents, yet his friends are the attendings. So whose side was he on? “I just wanna go to bed and turn my brain off,” he replied, “and stay out of it.” In Grey Sloan’s parking lot, Eliza broke down in her car — and broke her horn. Passing by, Arizona came to her rescue, pulling out her horn wires. When Minnick sincerely thanked Robbins, less for the horn than for being there for her after losing Matty, they embraced. It wasn’t a Mer/Nathan sitch, though. Arizona just noted that Eliza “could have friends here” if she wanted to. Finally, we cut — ominously? — to April out to dinner with Catherine.

So, what did you think of “It Only Gets Much Worse”? Was April in the right to take Meredith’s position? Did you expect Arizona and Eliza to hook up in the parking lot? Hit the comments.

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  1. Alyson says:

    Who decided that making Catherine a regular character was a good idea? She’s awful.

  2. kn1231 says:

    I felt no sympathy for Minnick or Edwards. I hated that both of them were not held responsible by Webber and Robbins. But I was happy that Minnick finally can see she does not have all the answers, and hopefully this will lead to her character becoming more bearable.
    Speaking of unbearable, April made sick tonight. I just don’t accept her being next in line after Meredith. I wish Maggie would have punched her in the face. And of course that patients ends up being thankful, even though it was April’s carelessness that led to her complications. Remember when April got kicked out of the program for making careless mistakes, yeah, me too. Hope Meredith lays the best down on Bailey next week.

    • Anne says:

      Yep see this is what everyone thinks. Including the characters of the show. That somehow April is inferior or is the same person as she was in season 6. When she’s just as qualified and honestly pretty incredible, went to war zones twice but isn’t good enough to be a chief? This is not about Meredith. But the fact that people just generally look down upon April for no good reason.

      • kn1231 says:

        I respectfully disagree. I don’t think April has what it takes to led, and she showed that perfectly by the way she reacted to that patient and with the rest of the doctors. A leader doesn’t snap at patients like she did, and if you’re getting resistance from staff members you have to handle it maturely and not like a whiny child. I feel that Catherine & Bailey went to April with this role because she is easily manipulated, not because she is a great surgeon who learned a promotion.

        • Gul says:

          Except April was the most mature tonight? Or did you miss every other doctor’s childish tantrums? She was given a job and was trying to do what she’s supposed to do. And Im glad that annoying patient finally shut up because questioning April’s surgical skills is stupidity we were supposed to have left in season 7.

          • kittenit says:

            Oh, yes, because April did pass the boards in Season 8. Oh, wait, she didn’t! But Mer did while sick with the stomach flu.

          • Anne says:

            Failing one oral exam like 5 years ago doesn’t make you a questionable surgeon please. That’s the thing, people’s reaction is like this because it’s April. If someone like Cristina did this (oh and she would have) no one would be as pissed off.

          • Kay says:

            I guess you missed April telling the patient that she was more friendly that Meredith? This entire situation has been handled poorly, especially by Bailey. There was a way to change the teaching program without causing all this conflict, but Bailey just wanted to tell everyone what to do without any input. Hopefully Meredith can make her see that this was not the way and they can make adjustments. Otherwise, why doesn’t the board meet to make a change in the Chief position?

        • Mel says:

          LOL Have we been watching the same show? None of the characters are mature nor professional in their interactions with patients. It’s a soap

    • Grey'sFan says:

      April was awesome and always has been. She didn’t deserve to be kicked out of the program for an insignificant error (which was the patient’s own fault for not listening to the doctor and causing a distraction, plus April wasn’t even on that patient’s case except for a couple brief minutes, she was in surgery with Bailey).
      Loved when April told Maggie off and kicked out of HER OR and then Maggie had to eat crow as she stood there jealous that April is a more confident chief than she is.
      Jackson was such a jerk tonight, and has been forever where April is concerned… It’s like he is so insecure he needs April to be small and dependent on him rather than the strong, confident career woman that she is. Everyone who is mean to April for no reason is just jealous of her success, believe I have personal experience with these kind of jealous losers – best thing to do is ignore them and just do your job. If the boss isn’t a looney tune he/she will take your side and discipline the mass of jealous coworkers.

      • Grey's Fan too says:

        Actually, April did make a quite significant error while triageing a patient who had been in a fire, by not checking her airway, which had soot, thus irritating the walls of her throat, causing inflammation, which caused the patient’s airway to close, which caused her to die. If she had done her job properly, that wouldn’t have happened. Also, why she was hiding in Sheperd’s office and came out, even AFTER he told her not to, putting her life and Sheperd’s at risk. She also screwed up her boards, left a grieving husband to go off to war, and then tried to unring the bell. She divorced him and hid a pregnancy from him, she left a man at the altar, lied about her virginity or lack thereof (which some think it’s not a big deal, but for many people it is), and has generally acted like a whiny baby from the first episode she has been in. She gets no sympathy, she is not mature, she has an annoying voice.

  3. Anne says:

    The Jackson/April scene pretty much summed up the ep. What Jackson said everyone was thinking about April & her replying that it was because she wasn’t considered competent enough.
    I knoww she got the position because grey was suspended but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve it? The fact that she was chosen to don’t seem to be an easy pill for most of the docs to swallow. Being labeled a traitor for it is petty and childish.
    Also Maggie this ep was just super annoying.

  4. Sofie says:

    I haven’t watched yet, but was Mer in this ep at all?

  5. Irina Harrington says:

    Minnik should be sued and sent to jail for life for killing that child.

    • Glenda Bacon says:

      ummmmmmmm the one WHO assigned should have been if anything…But as they said no one could have sent it

      • Cat says:

        Eliza was the one who assigned the case to Stephanie over Arizona, the head of paediatrics’ objections so yeah, she should be sued.

    • Jamie says:

      That’s not a fair statement, even Robbins and Webber said they couldn’t have seen it. Eliza is part of the show, and I am glad that Arizona has Eliza hot on her heels. I remember when fans of the show hated Alex, I was one of them. Now I love him, Here is hoping Eliza is promoted to the main cast in 2018.

      • Kelly says:

        I actually think Webber told her that to make Stephanie feel better, not because it was the truth. I’m pretty sure, as a parent myself, I would definitely sue the hospital.

      • Dee says:

        In medicine, when a laparoscopy is done, as soon as the trocars are put in and the abdomen is insufflated, the doctors assure what they call “the critical view of safety.” They look around with the camera and make sure there were no injuries to anything vital when the trocars were put in to avoid this scenario.

  6. Alyson says:

    Oh, and I miss Alex.

  7. EM says:

    Not a single snippet of Meredith or Alex in the entire episode. Not GA for me.

    • Lauren says:

      C’mon guys, keep up. she and her husband just had a new baby. Remember when Arizona went to Africa? Maternity leave is every woman’s right but it does create some bummer story lines.

      • Gospino says:

        That doesn’t explain Alex’s absence, though. I think it was a real mistake having both characters gone from this episode. They could have included both, actually, if they’d pre-shot a few scenes with Ellen. But at the least, Alex should have been in the episode somewhere, IMO.

      • EM says:

        I know she was on maternity leave when this was filmed. Previously GA has done a much better job incorporating their leave into the show. Even a one minute scene at home was previously managed. Don’t know what to think about Alex being MIA.

        • Cat says:

          Not true, Arizona had maternity leave at the beginning of the season and the storyline made no sense – first, the opening episode is supposed to occur literally seconds after the season 12 finally and Callie was only supposed to go to New York with Sofia for a week then bring her back before Arizona’s custody plan went into effect so she should have been in Seattle and informed of her roommate getting beaten up and admitted to the hospital. Second, then we find out Arizona has been staying in New York to set up Sofia with Callie and Penny without any time passing – where is the continuity and sense for Jessica. The only current maternity leave that has actually been written in well is Amelia’s, who knows what they’ll do for Jo’s maternity leave unless hers falls during hiatus.

  8. lea says:

    I never liked Kepner. Can’t stand her even more now.

    No Meredith and Alex. Wtf? S13 Zzzzz.

    I hope Meredith will listen to Webber and fight for HER job next week. Her suspension was BS.

  9. Sara says:

    No a single scene of Meredith. Not even showing her at home with Alex and her kids. Come on.. how hard would that be to show that UGH!!!

  10. analog says:

    Surprised at the lack of Meredith. Isn’t this the season where she’s actually missed an ep (midseason prem and this one)? I wonder why they’re cutting back on Ellen Pompeo’s appearances? Prepping for her directing debut?

  11. Jill says:

    More frustrating than it’s worth. Meredith & Alex are the show. Maggie is still terrible, better than Mennick, but still whiny. And I just saw this on twitter & totally sums up Kepner’s career:
    April’s CV:
    Fired after killing a patient
    Fired after failing her Boards
    0 leadership skills…
    sure lets make her a chief

    C’mon Shonda we deserve better than this. Fans remember everything and can look things up. Between ignoring that a majority of the surgeons are on the board and that Kepner is not great, this series is on life support. AND wasn’t the cancer patient the same patient that had the super large tumor in like season 2? UGH!!!!

    • Pedro says:

      Pretty sure she hones those skills spending a year as a war surgeon.

      • Cat says:

        April has made only one medical mistake in all her years on her show and yes she had a breakdown at her boards but she is a damn fine surgeon who deserves to be department head just as much as the other doctors, she was also chief resident. I don’t know how anyone thought Maggie is department head material, Riggs would be a better choice for sure.

  12. Sawyer says:

    Man everyone is so hard on Minnick. I like her and so does Arizona. She had a melt down. She lost a child, not her fault or Edwards fault. Man if Arizona could not save the kid than no one could. Have a feeling Weber and Minnick will soon be teaching together. Eliza had a lesson in humility tonight. We saw a a compassionate side to Eliza. I disagree Arizona and Eliza have chemistry, Callie is not coming back. I swear if Arizona ends up with Murphy. I am done with the show. They force blah Penny on us last season with Callie. Never a fan of Callie never knew what she wanted.Let’s give April a little support. I wish Maggie would just shut up. she is the most annoying character, besides Jo. The only drama going on this season is Minnick turning the hospital upside down and hopefully Arizona, and a possible romance with Aex and Mer. When did Arizona become a mechanic.

    • jena says:

      Wrong. By the time Arizona jumped in it was too late. Arizona tried to tell Minnick that working on a child is different but Minnick is too arrogant to listen. Remember she also told Arizona she wasn’t allowed to hover over Edwards and make her nervous. Arizona knows what to look out for. She’s a more experienced surgeon and likely wouldn’t have nicked that artery in the first place. No doctor who has never lost a patient should be teaching new doctors! As Arizona said, learning how to deal with losing a patient IS part of teaching! Also, although they didn’t show it, if the kid was bleeding that much into his belly the machines would have signaled a lost of blood pressure much sooner and his stomach would have been distended. They leave that out for dramatic effect.

      If they put Alex with Mer I will never watch the show again. That would be the biggest cop out ever!

    • Cat says:

      She didn’t show humility tonight and leaving Stephanie (who I can’t wait for to leave) high and dry was wrong on so many levels and shows how wrong her methods are – also who says just push harder when working on a child which is what she did when Stephanie was having trouble placing the camera? It’s time for Minnick to start listening to others who might just know better than her like say, department heads.

  13. Pedro says:

    Mmmbop was NOT popular when Bailey was a resident. She’s just three years ahead of Meredith and Alex.

  14. jena says:

    It’s becoming almost impossible to watch this show I’ve loved for years! The writers for this season, more than any other, seem to want to make viewers HATE everybody in the show. I’ve never liked April and in this episode her ‘I’m so much nicer than Meredith’ rant was an absolute joke. April is one of the most selfish characters on Grey’s! She’s unreasonable and thinks she’s always right and doesn’t give a crap about anyone’s opinion as long she does what she wants and then can’t understand why people don’t agree with her (why Jackson took her back made no sense).

    Minnick is just gross and whomever is writing the story line for Arizona couldn’t be getting it more wrong. Minnick does everything that Arizona hates and we’re supposed to believe that Arizona would really fall for her? Hey writers, just because there are 2 female gay doctors doesn’t mean they would be attracted to each other just like 1 guy and 1 girl doesn’t mean they would fall for each other. Minnick’s character is being forced, just like bringing in that young doctor involved with Derek’s death. That didn’t work out either.

    Wilson’s story is simply absurd! She practically begs Karev to fall in love and marry her but then leaves him in the dark about still being married and an abusive husband!? She puts him through hell and even now has him in limbo. Never a big Karev fan but they made his transition gradual and didn’t expect him to change overnight. Still, this far into his story he would beat another doctor to near death out of jealousy?! SERIOUSLY!

    I even hate Bailey now! What she’s doing makes zero sense as a plot line. Might have made more sense if they had first had Richard thinking about leaving the hospital and had begun putting the program together to implement after he left – but they didn’t do that. Bailey is simply dumping her mentor, who taught her everything, on the curb and doesn’t give a crap what it does to him, the doctors she is supposed to be ‘chief’ of, or, it seems, the owners of the hospital. The Avery Foundation may be majority owners but there are 2 known parts of the Foundation and they don’t agree on what’s happening.

    Shondra is overseeing too many shows and not paying enough attention to any of them. By the end of the season there won’t be a doctor on the show we don’t hate!

    • Zee says:

      Please speak for yourself. Kepner and Avery do have a number of loyal fans. Also I’m one of the few who gets tired of Merediths ‘popular girl in school ‘ antics where if you don’t kiss her boots you’re on the outs with the other gang of popular kids. Kepner is just as qualified as everyone else. Even more so since she was a doctor in a war zone

    • Mara says:

      Preach. I could not have said it better. April is selfish (leaving Jackson to deal with her grief with no consideration of his grief) and I don’t understand what’s mature about ranting about how she is nicer than Meredith. Loyalty is important and she is being manipulated by Catherine.

    • Christine says:

      Alex thought DeLuca was trying to rape Jo and that’s why he beat him up. It wasn’t out of jealousy.
      I agree with just about everything else you said. Minnick, April, Bailey are awful and putting the focus on them and this terrible storyline is making Grey’s unwatchable. I used to really like Bailey but it’s like all the traits she used to have that made her likable are gone. April has always been extremely annoying to me and to see so much of her and her nostril flaring is grating. Minnick… awful. I hate that these new recurring characters come in and get these huge storylines with so much focus and series regulars get sidelined.
      We had a couple of episodes where Alex was missing. We just got him back and he’s not in an episode again? WTF

    • Yoko says:

      Thank you for summing up what’s wrong with the show. Awful writing this season. Just awful. New characters we can love, or at least lust over, need to be brought in STAT. Shondra pay attention to your older child!!!

    • mrsw says:

      THIS!!! Am just finishing up re-watching the entire series. April has always been awful and whinging. And you can really tell Shonda’s focus broke when Scandal and HTGAWM started. I watch all those shows, and whenever Greys has a more boring storyline, Scandal or HTGAWM is better.

  15. dave says:

    LOL. The most psychologically unstable character on staff gets to head general surgery. She couldn’t even pass her exams-unlike the others a couple of years back.

  16. fatalsin says:

    this is the 2nd episode out of 3 since they have been back from break with no meredith.. is the show not called greys anatomy? Shouldnt the Grey be in the episode lol

    • Martina says:

      Not only Caterina Scorsone had a baby. Ellen pompeo had as well (with a surrogate though, but there still is a newborn baby)…. This is her maternity leave.

  17. Pedro says:

    I’m loving this season and this plot. Instead of being doctors dying, it’s an actual workplace drama going on, that involves everybody, puts unexpected people at odds and forges different aliances. It’s really exciting and it reminds me of old Grey’s, when they were all hungry and fighting for surgeries.

  18. millersam19 says:

    I’m honestly annoyed at how evenly the show played those two surgeries. They tried showing both sides equally and they aren’t. I wish the writer’s made Kepner’s patient suffer some serious issue (not death, but life changing) and decide to sue for malpractice (and it would be Kepner’s fault).
    I’ve actually been fine with April the last few episodes, but I agree she did not deserve chief of General. Also, is she even a general surgeon? I thought she was trauma? I know its the same parts, but I feel like if they were gonna put in new person they should have moved Owen over to General (where I imagine there’s more patients) and just gave Kepner Trauma. Owen is vastly more qualified for any position than April. (I don’t have personal knowledge, but in the world of the show it seems like Chief of General Surgery would be a bigger role than Chief of Trauma. The same way that it’s pretty clear Chief of Neuro and Cardio are more important or better looked on than Chief of Plastics)

    Also, I hated that the gave Menick some sympathy and had Robbins feel bad for her. I’m fine with them showing Mennick as emotional. I actually might want her to stick around, but right now she’s the enemy. It would have been vastly inappropriate, but when Edwards asked if she killed the boy, I wish Robbins would have piped in with a “No! You’re a resident. Mennick’s the attending. It’s on her, not you.

    I don’t want a peaceful resolution here, I want the doctor’s to stand up and make a statement against all this.

    P.S. People said Pompeo was on maternity leave, which explains her absence. I don’t get why Alex was missing this episode.

  19. Medstudent says:

    I’m normally an April fan, I am really. I can get behind her war zone dedication and bringing herself back from failing exams etc etc but there was something about her tonight that was unbearable. The snide comment about the woman not being grateful (or maybe thankful) about them saving her life + being nicer than Meredith was just ridiculous. I’m very much in the boat that it seemed more like a power play by Bailey and Catherine because she’s more easily manipulated and pliable. I don’t mean that she doesn’t deserve to move up in the GA career hierarchy but her behaviour and mannerisms screamed that she’s not ready yet. Honestly I loved the bit with Edwards and Richard; I still don’t get why they couldn’t have facilitated this new teaching process to be more of a cohesive programme where you get a bit of Minnick and Richard. Like hey, why not have “theoretical” teaching sessions with Richard on the cases that come in which involve observing and assisting one week and then rotate back to Minnick’s hands on approach the next. But I suppose we need some drama and plot holes while Pompeo’s on maternity leave, right? Also: bring back Alex Grey’s, we all miss him.

  20. Chris says:

    Now that it is clear that Eliza is a sports medicine specialist, I see how her methods are ok for sports medicine, but completely inappropriate for life svaing general surgery. I’m sure the outcome of this whole hullabaloo will be a partnered program with Eliza AND Webber. I still don;t like her, or the idea of unattended practicing on patients with life threatening conditions.

    • Kelly says:

      I think they should move Webber back to resident director and make Minnick the new ortho doctor. Then they could have Boswell come back and be with Arizona because I see no chemistry with Minnick and Arizona!

  21. Louise says:

    I notice that Jo looks a little thick around the middle. Is she pregnant and if so is it Alex?

  22. Lisa Echerd says:

    What I don’t understand is why these residents are still residents at all? They started in 2012 and we fast forwarded a year when Derrick died. So they have been interns/residents for 6 years and still haven’t done solo surgeries?

    Richard is too careful and Minnick is too much of a bulldozer. I don’t see Bailey just turning her residents over to someone she doesn’t even know. She didn’t even stay behind last night to see what happened with the child that died during a resident’s surgery. So ready for this storyline to be wrapped up.

    • Cat says:

      The problem you have here is that you are looking at seasons as actual years, in the Grey’s universe that has never been the case eg. Season one and two were one year. Now in regards to this season it was a direct (like seconds later) follow on from last season like was the case with season eight to nine and then nine to ten so we have no idea how long they have actually been residents.

  23. Meredith fan says:

    Missed my two favourite characters Meredith and Alex this episode. How long since the last wedding in GA time? I’m very confused.
    kepner is an opportunist and Catherein Avery is a master manipulator which kepner seems to have forgotten. Catherein’s dad was Harper Avery, no hardship in Catherein’s life.
    A divided hospital is going to have huge problems. Minnick proved to be venerable in not knowing how to handle loosing a patient or teaching a resident how to deal with it. But it does feel very uncomfortable as a Calazona fan that she is a orthopaedic surgeon dealing with sports injuries. We all know that Callie did that too.
    I thought that Warren etc were 5th year residents, they should have started solo surgeries in their 3rd year. But the GA producers do seem to muddy the timelines. But Zola is at school now so she’s how old? She was a baby when Edwards started as an intern.

  24. Dominique says:

    i thought it was a really good episode, but it showed some of the characters for who they truly are. bailey has become the least likable character here, i can’t believe how snotty and high on her horse she is these days. april and maggie both behave like children it’s beyond pathetic.
    and how is someone who hasn’t experienced all the harships of being surgeon allowed to have minnick’s job?!! how can she teach people if she hasn’t been through everything herself? what a terrible thing, i felt so bad for stephanie.
    but on that note; this episode was an excellent example why stephanie is the best out of the new interns/residents, and why jerrika is the best actress of the bunch. it’s a shame we’re losing her.

  25. A fan of TV says:

    Gah, the subliminal hated that exists for April with me, that I try to pretend isn’t there because she’s not a terrible part of the fabric of the show (just annoying every single day)… My subliminal April hate came out full throttle this episode. Sure, all the docs should be grown ups, but April is no less petty and childish when she’s telling patients she’s nicer than other doctors the patients claim to prefer. She’s always been the most high school of every doc on all of Grey’s.

  26. Bernadette Nakamoto says:

    I like April! Not as much as I like Meridith though! But she was asked to do a job,an important one and who wouldn’t want to step up to the plate as it were in merediths shoes to prove herself! I was glad they didn’t hook up, it would only make Arizona feel sorry for Eliza which she did anyway, being the compassionate person that she is. Nice if they would replace Bailey, don’t like her much anymore

  27. Larc says:

    When did April ever put anybody or anything before herself, whether in success or failure? She may try to rationalize her actions, but it somehow never comes through as 100% genuine.

  28. SKydrome says:

    WHY I am feeling that this season is made for a change? TIme toboost up new characters and let the old people rest.

    I dont get the point of hiring Minnick to teach doctors while Weber trained good doctors like Chief Bailey.

    I want to see more of the action happening in the ER and not the battle between who’s better teacher.

    WHY i am feeling that the writers wants MEredith character to rest? AM i the only one seeing this?

  29. MAS says:

    Watching made me seriously concerned about how our doctors are taught and state of medical care. The notion you can get a different surgeon than you expected for a scheduled surgery is ridiculous. When did Dr. Webber’s patient agree to have a resident be the primary? Maybe they informed him off-screen? And what parent would agree to a resident being the surgeon – someone who have never performed the surgery, ever? The level of patient care shown is just painful to watch.

  30. Kate says:

    Yeah…this episode basically made everyone seem unlikeable. Webber is still hung up on his ego (which led to him NOT teaching Ben) but did a great job teaching Stephanie. Minnick was a little cocky for not even being able to handle loosing a young patient and helping the resident throughout the process. April was right to be pissed (she IS a great surgeon and very nice human being!!!) but shouldn’t have made that stupid Meredith comparison. Jackson was horribly unfair to April. Don’t even get me started on Maggie who behaved completely childish and irresponsible and treated Kepner like sh**. And Bailey who had he audacity to ask her husband (who was really the only one trying to act like a mature person) if he had chosen a side? What is wrong with her??? Stephanie was a little cocky but you can’t really blame her for jumping at an opportunity…and the childs death apparently wasn’t her fault. Catherine is risking all her relationships by trying to manipulate everyone into following her idea of the teaching programme. SO basically everyone except Ben and everyone not featured prominently in that episode was being an idiot…that’s a problem as a viewer…(and NO I’m not an Alex OR Meredith fan at all). I think characters like DeLuca and Ben who haven’t been screwed up yet deserve proper storylines….positive ones I might add…

    • Robert says:

      Weber, sees his mistakes even if it takes a while, proven over the seasons. Example, Everyone thinks he ignored Ben, but really he knows Ben can handle whatever comes his was(Baby delivery 2x) Stephanie had too learn the hard way at the cost of a life. Minnick was brought down from her cloud. Kepner is a yes man and is a self-centered.
      Catherine is the antagonist and Bailey at the end will realize that she was used. Only person that has checked the situation is Jackson because he knows his mother. There is a bigger plan (Catherine) that has not been realized, probably when it’s too late.

  31. Redeye says:

    What is the name of the actress who played the cancer patient, and where is she from?

  32. Kim says:

    Personally and Relastically, I don’t see any points on the story that is going on. Why the hell do they need a NEW way to teach residents? I think Webber’s training led Grey and other ones become a great surgeon without pushing them hard. I can’t understand the reason why the hospital needs to be changed, taking risks of losing or turning friends against friends. It is just a non-sense. I would never go through a change that is unnecessary.

  33. Misty says:

    I don’t much care for the whole Eliza story line. It is really being forced down our throats. And Bailey is not being Bailey and hasn’t for a long time. I want my Bailey back…Meredith is growing up and I have to admit I like that. I wish we were seeing more of her.