Grey's Anatomy Debate: Did DeLuca Get Shafted as Well as Beaten Up?

Based on the comments that always follow TVLine’s Grey’s Anatomy recaps, I am well aware that pretty much everyone loves Alex. And hey, I like him, too. But — and this is a big “but” — that doesn’t in the slightest make what happened to DeLuca OK. And to be clear, by “what happened to DeLuca,” I don’t mean his getting pummeled by Karev — although obviously that was pretty dreadful, too. I mean his being turned into a Grey Sloan pariah for having had the nerve to put his face in the way of Alex’s fist repeatedly.

Think about it. After the beating in Season 12’s finale, everyone rallied around either the attacker or non-fiancée Jo, whom he’d mistakenly believed Andrew was taking advantage of. DeLuca, on the other hand, was so ostracized at the hospital that, when Arizona got home to Seattle following a visit to New York, her roommate feared she was going to evict him. (She didn’t, but his concern certainly suggested that his return to work hadn’t been greeted with the ticker-tape parade that Karev’s is sure to get.)

greys anatomy season 13 alex deluca commentaryMind you, I’m not saying that I wanted to see Alex behind bars. There were extenuating circumstances to the assault, and countless patients would have suffered if Karev was relegated to making license plates. What I am saying is that, every step of the way, Andrew did the decent thing — from looking out for a drunken Jo that fateful night to ultimately threatening to tank his own case to protect her secret — and how was he rewarded? Every step of the way, he got shafted — by Karev, who threw more punches than he made apologies; by his peers, who circled the wagons not around him but around Alex; and even by Jo, who thanked him for dropping the charges by running straight to… Karev.

Here’s hoping Shonda Rhimes has something amazing in store for DeLuca — like, maybe him getting the girl in the end? — because, after the way he’s been treated, he’s gotta be looking at Grey Sloan as the most hostile of workplaces.

How would you make things right? Can they be made right? Hit the comments.

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  1. Brynn says:

    I totally agree!!!

  2. Jose says:

    completely agree.

    I love alex but I’ve been team Delucca through this entire storyline.
    He was being a good friend as a result he got beaten up and his career stalled…. not fair

    • Ray says:

      The biggest problem is Deluca has feelings for Jo and up until the last episode they wrote it to make it look like he was being petty and wanted Alex punished to eliminate him from Jo’s life. It even looked like he dropped the charges and lied for her so when he tells Alex at the end that all he wanted was an apology it looked like a lie. They may try Deluca and Jo as a couple but it would make him look like a he was not her friend that night but a guy looking out for a crush who already had a boyfriend.

  3. I’m still salty they broke up Maggie & DeLuca to make them both unnecessary third wheels to others’ stories. Meredith/Nathan got Maggie and Jo/Alex got Deluca and it added nothing to either story plus the triangles of sorts made almost everyone except Deluca look bad (and Deluca still ended up getting shafted the most in the end cause almost no one cared that Alex beat the crap out of him nor did Alex feel much, if any, remorse for doing so). WTF was the point of it all?

    I’m so bitter that a cute couple like Maggie & Deluca – Maluca – was shafted for bad, irritating “drama.”

    S12 of Grey’s was really good but S13 has been mostly been a miss. I don’t know what happened behind the scenes that made the showrunners trash almost everything that made S12 entertaining to watch but they need to stop the crap and fix this show. Grey’s Anatomy has been unbearable this season.

    • Grey'sFan says:

      I love Maggie/Deluca as well. I hope they get back together soon, since they’re both single. BUT… I think Deluca will get the ultimate revenge when a new class of interns starts at GSM and one of the young wannabe surgeons falls head over “Pick me, Choose me, Love me” heals for Deluca. The new intern’s name: Amber Karvev. :)

      • I would love to see Maggie & Deluca reunite. Their break-up struck me as forced and then the writers stopped even having them interact. Never made sense to me to split them up then screw them over by making them interlopers in other folks’ stories.

      • I also hop they reunite. Their breakup never made sense and seemed to me to only happen so Maggie and Deluca could be interlopers in others’ stories. They were cute together and it was shafted for nonsensical reasons.

        Do Maluca even interact anymore?

      • A fan of TV says:

        Oh jeez, yeah they should totally bring in intern baby sister. Not sure I would pair her with Deluca before seeing how she would blend into the fabric of the show, but I like this idea!

    • I haven’t watched S13 because of this premise. Why are they throwing so many characters under the bus for a character who very few actually like? All of this to prop Jo? That she’s a doctor living under an assumed name, in a residency program, is beyond weak. Rather than making the rest of the story have some merit to boost the ridiculous premise, they’ve regressed Meredith and Alex and left Maggie to fend for herself. Alex has always had horrible taste in women, and he’s done some pretty horrible stuff because of it, but this time we’re supposed to think it’s romantic?

      • This poorly written Alex beats up Deluca story reminds me so much of ‘Days of Our Lives’ and ‘General Hospital’ taking a long-standing and/ or beloved character and writing them into a corner by having them make a really terrible choice to do something, but instead of writing a strong character redemption story the writers just change the behavior for everyone around that one character who did something wrong in order to give him/her a free pass to do bad things with little to lasting repercussions. Trash!

        It is lazy, trite writing that damages shows when writers do that cause it makes the writers seem like they don’t actually care about anything other than shock value and cheap plot points. It’s not good for longevity. Grey’s has lasted so long because viewers care about the characters. They’re started to pull the crap moves that began to tank ‘Scandal’ in its third season (and made it free-fall in S5 when they doubled down on bad choices, which reflected in the ratings).

        • Scandal is the worst! I can;t even hate-watch it now, it just makes me yell at the television. GA is the one Shonda show where there USED to be sympathetic characters – but now they’re all going the way of Scandal. Meredith is just a cow (no shade on Ellen Pompeo who is fab) but for the love of god, why are all these intelligent women stupid when it comes to men?? And really awful men too!

    • Ann says:

      Thank you, totally in agreement. Both Maggie and Deluca got the shaft in terms of storylines, but Deluca’s situation is particularly egregious. I’ve watched every episode of Grey’s up to this point, but I think this may be the season that gets me to say bye bye.

    • Alichat says:

      THIS!! Thank you! Why break up Maggie & DeLuca and then just relegate him to the background until Alex pummeled him. He had such a great entrance to the show…..why not build that character going forward? Instead he became the insecure dude who couldn’t handle getting lame insults from Cross so he tanked the Maggie relationship and then just became background.

    • Jen says:

      I agree with your whole post; well said! I actually stopped watching season 13 a few episodes back. Season 12 was such a breath of fresh air and season 13 is the exact opposite. Any kind of growth that several characters made completely went away. They are acting very childish which is not fun to watch.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Same. I might have missed something, but I don’t get how they went from having great chemistry to never ever ever revisiting that attraction even incrementally ever again…

    • Justin says:

      Cosign. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in shonda’s darn head.

  4. NC says:

    Alex and Jo’s relationship is so stale. I like Alex a lot, but Deluca is definitely getting the shaft and he doesn’t deserve it. They probably won’t focus much on it now that Alex will be back and on his best behavior.

    • Nat says:

      Stale because they got ignored for 2.5 years so that Alex could play Meredith’s shrink. Two foster kids with such interesting life stories would have so much to tell, and their relationship would be anything but stale if they were actually given some screentime.

      • Nicole says:

        It’s stale because Alex always ruins his relationship at some point in them. He’s so intolerant to other problems and he’s so abrasive that when people react and it’s badly he acts like it’s the other persons fault. He always picks broken people thinking he also a broken person can fix them. He can’t because he won’t fix himself.

        • Jamie says:

          Holy crap, this comment is so off. Have you actually watched the show? Alex and Rebecca ended because she had borderline personality disorder, and her family came to take care of her after her suicide attempt. Alex and Izzie got divorced because Izzie left Alex for being too attentive after her cancer scare – she blamed his making sure that she was eating and drinking enough water after she almost died for her losing her job. Alex and Lexie broke up after the shooting when they were both falling apart – Alex because he almost died and couldn’t handle it, Lexie because of her PTSD/not sleeping/sorta still being in love with Mark. Alex and Lucy broke up because she stole his new job in Malawi. Yes, sometimes he picks broken people, but that’s because he’s broken himself. We haven’t seen him try to fix any of them. He most definitely doesn’t ruin all his relationships or act intolerant to other people’s problems.

  5. Lauren says:

    I would like a scene where Jo thanks DeLuca, but I don’t think she should be faulted for going to Alex at the end (instead of DeLuca). She has loved Alex for years and had been going crazy thinking that he was in jail, so I can understand why her immediate reaction was to go see him.

    I want good things for DeLuca too, but I don’t know if ending up with Jo should/would be that for him. Jo still loves Alex, even if their relationship can’t come back from this, so DeLuca standing on the sidelines and hoping that she might return his feelings one day isn’t going to bring him the happiness he deserves.

  6. Donna says:

    I don’t look at it that way. Everyone within the walls of the hospital had to stay out of it. The easiest way to do that is by avoiding him. It’s not like Alex was having a good time down in the clinic. And DeLuca called out Arizona on her avoidance and she then supported him. And of course he became better friends with Jo. And after all, wasn’t that the point to have DeLuca fall for Jo and “save” Alex for Jo’s sake?
    And lets not forget DeLuca was a jerk to Maggie, wanting her to go public with their relationship then dumping her when she does. He was never going to get Maggie or Mer’s support after that.

    You want him to be rewarded? Let him have Jo. Please.

    • Nat says:

      Oh my, Deluca was nothing but wonderful to Maggie until the writers needed a reason to break them up. It’s amazing how you can be so cruel to some characters for just one mistake but others can mess up all the time and you all won’t care. I don’t think Jo and Deluca will be a thing because it’s not a wise decision to put two residents together who barely get any screentime on their own. This was supposed to be a Jo/Alex/Deluca story but I barely saw any Jo or Deluca in it. If they were to become a couple they would be ignored so badly. Jo is the right one for Alex, whether you all want to see it or not, and Justin Chambers has said that they will work on their issues in the upcoming episodes, so I’m sorry to disappoint you but no Jo/Deluca.

      • Donna says:

        I imagine the writers feel like the viewers are more invested in the original/long running characters. If you are waiting for Grey’s Anatomy not to revolve around Meredith Grey, don’t hold your breath. And I was being serious when I said to give Jo to DeLuca. I can’t stand her whining, so I’d prefer her in the background with Deluca. Jo makes Alex much less watchable for me.

      • A fan of TV says:

        Don’t passive aggressively tell people who want to see something different than you do on the show that you’re “sorry but” they’re out of luck. Unless you’re a show writer you’re just being a pill and a snob.

  7. Temperance says:

    Haven’t watched GA for a long time, but that is one fine looking specimen. Wow.

  8. Lauren says:

    Jo thought Alex was in prison though and when he she heard that he wasn’t she wanted to see him. She called him the love of her life in 12×24, that didn’t just disappear. Deluca has just feelings for the wrong person like Maggie has feelings for the wrong person. But while Riggs is just interested in Meredith, Jo us madly in love with Alex. I think Deluca will get back together with Maggie at some point, maybe sleep with Steph before she leaves so that both can have some sex?

    That being said, I was never Team Alex on this and can’t understand how people could be. Jo/Alex are my favorite couple but that doesn’t mean I have to take their side blindly in whatever they do. Alex was the person who messed up and he should be grateful for the rest of his life that Deluca dropped the charges.

    What personally irks me more, and nobody ever talks about that, is how much both Jo and Deluca were wronged this season. All the writers did was raise sympathy for Alex by punishing him and making him worry about prison, while we got no perspective on how Jo and Deluca were dealing with everything that happened. Grey’s really disappointed me.

    • Martina says:

      Totally agree with you. Though I gotta say, Jo gets wronged since a long time now. The writers turn her into a person almost nobody that watches Grey likes because yes, she has behaved a bit bad at some points in the past. And this is a thing I really can’t understand. Why would you write one of the characters bad on purpose? But this is exactly what happens to Jo (and to Catherine too, but that’s another story :D). I fell like they just don’t know what to do with her, and it’s the same for DeLuca. It fells like this is the reason they put them into a unneccessary love triangle.

  9. Gary says:

    He hasn’t been shafted yet if , and it is a big IF, Jo reciprocates his feelings for her. Honestly after this season I could care less about the character of Jo and would be happy to see her go. In the end I hope she ends up with neither and they become the best of friends which is something this shows desperately needs, a good Shepard/Sloan bromance.

    • Lisa says:

      Well, I love Jo and Jo’s domestic violence storyline is extremely important, she’s not going anywhere so stop hating on her all the time. Plus she never did anything to Alex or Deluca, would you all like her better if she treated them like crap?

    • Olivia says:

      Yeah because that’s exactly what people need to see: the assaulter and the assaultee having some good ol’ bro time like nothing happened, wondering how either of their manly selves managed to fall for the evil domestic abuse victim while she gets the boot.
      Don’t change anything Gary, you’re obviously a winner.

  10. I love & hate this storyline cuz yes Alex is finally getting a storyline but its so one sided and We never see Deluca’s side he got beat up, then his face healed after 2-3 episodes and everyone but Jo pretty much treated him as if he was the one beating up people. I feel like if you’re gonna do a storyline like this at least provide material for both actors cuz it pretty much was Alex & the hospital vs Deluca

    • M says:

      Yeah agree but Jo also needed a perspective in this. As a DV victim she was triggered when she had to watch Alex beat up someone like that, I bet she had nightmares for weeks and couldn’t really sleep in the loft, but nobody ever bothered to tell her side of the story.

  11. tw says:

    Mind you, I AM saying that I wanted to see Alex behind bars. Still do.

  12. Nicole says:

    THANK YOU! Also I hate Alex and am horrified the way DeLucca has gotten shafted. He was a good man and this is what you give him. Alex is a good doctor forgive him! I miss my right hand man and I know you’re my roommate but ALEX! He never gets punished for anything. That is ridiculous!

  13. Jenny says:

    I actually think this storyline is a little dangerous. Imagine if Dr. Deluca was a woman and everyone rallied around her attacker because he was jealous and assumed the victim was taking advantage of someone. But Deluca is a man, so he has to “man up” and protect Alex even though he beat him to an inch of his life. Go ahead and accuse me of being too PC, but this has all been icky to me.

  14. Lucy says:

    I never really enjoyed Jo and Alex’s relationship (maybe it’s because I’m a diehard Izzie fan before Katherine left and all the characters seem to badmouth her now). DeLuca hasn’t had much of an impact, I enjoyed him and Maggie but there relationship is nothing special, we’ve seen dynamics like that before, but it would be nice for DeLuca to get more screen time and more storylines because if he left, I wouldn’t miss him and he would go down as a classic Grey’s Anatomy character – he needs more ties to the hospital, maybe a bromance of an Izzie/George friendship. With Stephanie leaving, they are going to need to increase his role and maybe Ben because even though he’s a resident, he is only really known as Bailey’s husband and even though he interacts with other characters, he doesn’t really have a friendship with them.

  15. Chris says:

    1. I didn’t see DeLuca being ostracized at the hospital at all. He was working as usual and even participated in some surgeries instead of just watching. There was a scene where he was with Jo in the gallery talking about the case he was on where the patient gave him a knitted scarf and cookies. And it was natural for DeLuca to think Arizona might evict him because he knows Arizona mentored Alex and they have a strong friendship.
    2. Alex apologized the night of the fight. After that he was charged with a felony and had a trial pending. Unless he wanted to risk getting into even more legal trouble, Alex COULD NOT approach DeLuca to apologize. That could bite Alex in the butt and be turned into him influencing/threatening the witness. The DA brought that up when DeLuca lied about what happened and asked him if Alex had threatened him. It was like when Meredith talked to DeLuca in the elevator in episode 13×02 and DeLuca took that as her threatening him because she’s Alex’s friend.
    3. DeLuca didn’t drop the charges. The DA did because DeLuca lied.
    4. Alex took a plea deal for two years in jail and that would also mean the end of his career to protect Jo. They were in a relationship for several years and they still love each other. It made sense that when she found out that he wasn’t in jail that she would go see him instead of going to DeLuca who she knew was fine.
    5. Again, where is this hostility towards DeLuca? Yes, he was beat up and certainly didn’t deserve it. He really was only trying to help a drunken Jo and Alex mistook their compromising position on the bed as him trying to rape her. But DeLuca suffered no professional repercussions, no one blamed him for the mess Alex got himself in and Alex took full responsibility for what he did.
    6. The ones who got the shaft were the viewers who were teased for half a season with a trial that never happened and had to sit through a bottle episode, “where is Alex” nonsense in another episode and got the answer in a brief flashback the next episode.

    • Antwon303 says:

      He was ostracized but he was pressured by multiple people some directly and some indirectly. And it is amazing and sad that dude could have lost his eye…remember the beating was that severe. I guess because he didn’t it should be forgotten.

      I don’t care that Alex tried to apologize that night. Andrew was clearly afraid and traumatized. The machines went off and he called for help because his assailant was coming near him.

      Viewers did lose in this because this Karev was long gone and it made zero sense for him to react this way. He wasn’t drunk or high he was sober. The whole story was a waste of time lol

      Alex didn’t even get a slap on the wrist. He’s back to work. I betcha anything Andrew and Alex will end up on a case together.

    • J says:

      The patient was not hospital staff. Everyone but Jo and Arizona ostracized him. Bailey appeared annoyed by the whole situation and disappointed once again one of her “kids” did something stupid (at least she was mad at Mer in season 8). Meredith threatened him and Maggie was frankly lacking in her interest. Alex was like “sorry bro we’re cool right? You won’t put me in trouble right?!”

  16. PJnGA says:

    maybe Delucca and Jo can run off into the unknown never to be seen or heard from again and Alex can move on to a better relationship…

    • PMC5121 says:

      I just said the same thing!! …..cant stand them, I want Alex to be with either Meredith or someone else….anyone other than Jo…..I think they may need some new characters now that Owen is single ….Meredith, Riggs, Maggie…..Everybody is single …I miss the days when the on call room was the spot. Come on Shonda!

    • Jec says:

      Yup, they need to leave. Take Maggie and Amelia with them too.

    • Jamie says:


  17. Dominique says:

    agreed! i love alex, but andrew deserved so much better there. this is victim-shaming and it;s disgusting. i hope we’ll get some more insight in it and and episode decdicated to it, but i won’t hold my breath.

  18. TVFan says:

    I do NOT want to see Jo & DeLuca get together. There is no chemistry between them.

  19. Yoko says:

    Oh boo hoo. He’s not much of a character. He’s the expendable crew member in any action movie. He was used to give Alex a new story line. If he was gone tomorrow he would not be missed. Of course the characters rallied around Alex because he’s NOT the expendable! He’s boring, Jo’s boring, Amelia is boring….geez they’ve made Owen boring. The writers need to sit down an binge watch the early seasons of the show and get back on track.

  20. Lea says:

    Season 13 has been so awful and not exciting at all.. before Thursdays were very exciting.

    The whole Alex’s sl was predictable on how it’s going to end with Deluca dropping the charges so it went too long for nothing. Deluca and Maggie should be together again, they were cute.
    The whole Mimmick SL is annoying. Bailey is a terrible character now. Instead of being a fantastic opportunity that finally there’s a woman chief on the show, it’s the opposite, cause she’s the worst and bitchy to anyone, suspending Meredith and replacing her with April was a bitch move.
    I miss Meredith so much, she’s my favorite and she doesn’t even have a storyline of her own this season.
    There’s no romance, or sex anymore on the show. Or fun scenes. There’s 12 episodes left this season.. maybe it get a bit better, kinda.

    • Yes, my thoughts too. S12 was fun and had good moments of drama/angst. S13 has been a mess from jump… frustrating and poorly written. It seems all haphazard and character’s personalities are shifting week to week depending on the main story.

  21. PMC5121 says:

    Whatever I hope Deluca and Jo run away together and live happily ever after……and by away I mean never to be heard from again….cant stand either on of these characters. Bye.

  22. Nick says:

    I guess I’m just confused as to the point of any of it…we all knew Alex was never going to jail, jo was always going to go back to him, and in fact his actions never really have any actual consequences. Is this the only way they can think to give Alex some screen time?

  23. Ken says:

    Completely agree 100%. But Grey’s has a nasty habit of rewarding nasty people. I know Meredith is the focal point of the show, but she is a monster most of the time. And unrealistically, most characters around her take her nastiness. So I’m not surprised at how they are treating DeLuca. Watching for months how everyone was worried about Karev or Jo, and I don’t remember one scene of anyone siding with DeLuca. I remember scenes with Bailey how she didn’t teach Karev to throw it all away…but not one scene with DeLuca and reassuring him or anything positive. It is actually an irresponsible storyline.

  24. Csr says:

    could care less. done with him and with Jo.

  25. Erin B says:

    I really hope they had a plan for how to end this season well. The Alex/DeLuca/Jo storyline was awful. I’m glad it’s mostly resolved, but it’s all been so ridiculous. I have no idea why they had to go down this path at all. There had to be something else to do with those characters. I am not done with GA yet (like I am with Scandal), but I have hope all will be redeemed.

  26. DBS says:

    I have to say I am disappointed in this whole story line, it’s so beneath Shonda. First the fact that Jo is married and that Jo isn’t her name because she’s hiding from here abusive husband etc, is silly and been done way too many times. Then Alex beats up Deluca? Come on!
    I figured Deluca would drop the charges, but the whole build up was too much and again silly and just not interesting. I’m more interested to see Alex and Jo work things out and I want to see Mer and Riggs and Maggie and I miss Arizona! I want to see something different, not these story lines that are done on shows all the time and which are boring. I wonder how many shows have had couples that are about to get married but discover they can’t because one of them is already married?? Silly!

  27. Fan says:

    I agree that DeLuca has been getting the shaft but I agree with people who say they should have just left him and Maggie together. She liked him, and her seemingly all in love with Nathan makes her seem flighty for an all important heart surgeon. It’s like work at Grey Sloan, become a loser or winner, no inbetween.
    Plus I thought that there was a restraining order at one time so Alex couldn’t really talk to him because of the case. Saying he was sorry would admit guilt and send him to jail right? I dunno. After Law & Order original went off I lost all my legal stuff I learned. LOL

  28. Pat says:

    ITA. Alex is fan favorite but the writing completely erased Andrew’s point of view. He was a victim but the show treated him like he was just the “cause” of Alex’s problems.

  29. Abby says:

    I agree Andrew was largely shafted but regarding him just wanting an apology well I personally think Alex did the right thing NOT repeatedly trying to approach him. I understand the night it happened was not the best time for him to see Alex but Andrew was visibly terrified when Alex approached him, for Alex to come away for that and think I’ll give him a chance to cool down and then force myself in his face again would have been a douche move. Not approaching his victim before the trial was the right move IMO.

  30. Jackie says:

    Katherine and Miranda and whoever’s else is hiding the secret should just come out with it are they really trying to get Richard to retire from GSM

  31. Larc says:

    I’m not sure DeLuca wouldn’t have grounds to sue the hospital. The way he was treated, especially by Bailey, was unforgivable. Alex still needs to get his just deserts rather than getting off free as he did. So far, his biggest punishment has been worry and regret. That’s not even nearly sufficient payback for what he did.

  32. Stacy says:

    Agreed! I hated the handling of this. I especially hate it, because if this were about women & rape vs men & assault, the victim would NEVER get the blame in Shondaland.

  33. Antwon303 says:

    I agree with ALL Of this. I love Alex but the writers made the victim the heavy in the story. I get that Mer and company love Alex and want to rally around him but ANYONE that saw Deluca after that horrible beating should have been appalled and disgusted by Karev’s actions. The only person that springs to mind about chastising him is Dr. Bailey. Getting Alex off the hook this way is a huge cop out and lazy writing. He could have plead it out and gotten 6 months and community service. The show could have time jumped and only had Karev gone two or three episodes. This is a show that jumped a year after Derek’s death and in that time Meredith had a new baby.

    Andrew was the victim and he absolutely got the shaft.

  34. Lerbert says:

    Thank you for this post! I’ve personally never understood the love for Karev but the fact he has devoted fans is due to Justin Chambers and what a likeable actor he is. This character in other hands would have been totally irredeemable so many seasons ago–I don’t care how many more shocking reveals about his youth they throw in to explain/excuse his actions. At the end of last season I was hoping that this season would give Alex a road to redemption with some reflection, and so far I haven’t seen any of that. He can’t even keep his mouth shut when he’s getting his job back…again. Knowing Greys I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Deluca do something dirty in order to tip the scales back to Karev. If Deluca was written closer to reality he’d be out of there. Most people don’t decide to continue working with the person that beat them beyond recognition. Otherwise, don’t they have to make Karev get with the program just a little? For example, maybe step down the judgment on Jo’s lie and not make it ALL about him. Wasn’t his mother a domestic abuse victim? Not my favorite storyline by a long shot.

  35. Ben says:

    This is why I hated the storyline to begin with. Morally I really don’t think Alex should have his job back, yet I love Alex’s character and would hate to have him off the show. It’s not a good thing for me as a fan to watch.

  36. emmy says:

    My biggest issue with all of this is how much I cannot stand Jo as a character. She’s terrible, I love Alex, I think Delucca wasn’t so bad until he got beat up cuz of Jo. I totally thought he was gonna be a gay character when they brought him on. He’s awful pretty, that would have been funner.

  37. Steve Stowell says:

    I completely agree! Deluca was the only one behaving rationally here. Alex should have apologized long ago and I don’t see how Jo could ever be with Karev again after witnessing his brutal attack. I’m hoping Jo falls for Deluca.

  38. Dede Taylor says:

    I wanted to see Alex go to jail. There were not extenuating circumstances. He didn’t even ask a question he took one look and beat a man nearly to death. I think he should have gone to prison. I was totally Team DeLuca the entire time. Alex has never been a favorite of mine. I’ve always said that if my daughter needed surgery, he’d be my pick but I would let her date him. ‘

    • Jamie says:

      There were extenuating circumstances – he saw that Jo was drunk and her clothes were off, so he thought that Andrew was forcing himself on her. Now, you can disagree with his decision to jump to violence (I sure do!!!), but the assault didn’t happen in a vacuum.

  39. Andrew Hass says:

    Now that everything has kind of settled maybe Andrew will get the sympathy from the other characters.Plus in season 10 Owen’s girlfriend applied for a job at the hospital but she decided not to take it because she said she knew that if she and Owen broke up everyone would be on Owen’s side.So maybe a similar thing happened here where everyone supported Alex even though he was the bad guy.

  40. Iris says:

    YES, how does someone look at their friend the same way after he beat someone into the hospital? He committed a serious crime and to their friend/ex/co worker they see what he did every day by looking at his beaten face. i dont get how they can just ignore that

  41. Jessica says:

    You’re right. But…I blame Shonda. I know that may be illogical, but she wrote it! It may have been pretty in character for Alex, but the pariah stuff is everyone else. I totally feel for DeLuca in this scenario, and I do want him to win somehow. But Jo and Alex belong together, and it took Alex long enough to find Jo. They need to bring in someone new for DeLuca, someone great!

  42. Dina Kritz says:

    I completely agree. If a man has been so seriously injured that his attacker is probably going to jail, you don’t shun him. I kind of hate that at this hospital, as long as you’re popular there aren’t really consequences.

  43. Ella says:

    Well said and I totally and completely agree. I love Karev but this was just appallingly bad behaviour on everyone’s part. Seeing how they’re bullying April in tonight’s episode, I feel like these characters are just generally assholes though.

  44. Katie says:

    I completely agree!

  45. Kimberly Carey says:

    Meh. I don’t care. Because I don’t care about DeLuca. I didn’t care about him before. Don’t care about him now.

  46. Shelley says:

    Jo’s not worth it. She needs to be written out of the show she is totally self centred. Alex was wrong but if Jo was honest from the beginning the whole misunderstanding wouldn’t have happened.