Beyoncé Performs Pregnant at 2017 Grammys: Watch and Grade Her Powerful Celebration of Motherhood

Following their small-screen debut on Saturday Night Live, Beyoncé’s twins-in-progress joined her for a next-level performance at Sunday’s Grammys.

Nominated for nine awards this year, Beyoncé began her time in the spotlight by quoting a series of questions from Lemonade: “Do you remember being born? Are you thankful for the hips that cracked? The deep velvet of your mother, and her mother, and her mother?”

Queen B then proceeded to celebrate motherhood through a series of visual treats (featuring Blue Ivy!) and additional quotes from Lemonade, all the while surrounded by a gaggle of elegant ladies:

Of course, this isn’t the first time Beyoncé has performed while pregnant. In fact, her performance of “Love on Top” at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards ended with the now-iconic reveal of her Blue Ivy baby bump.

Grade Queen B’s medley below, then drop a comment with your full review.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ang says:

    I get it, it’s art, but maybe she could have actually, oh, I dunno…sing?

  2. Kris says:

    It seemed like some kind of illuminati ritual or something. Didn’t enjoy it at all!

  3. Wrstlgirl says:

    I don’t get why it’s such a big deal. She’s pregnant, so what. It’s not like she has some sort of debilitating disease.

    • SW says:

      Wow if you don’t have kids then u need to shut up…if you do then shame on you! Those 40 weeks of pregnancy take the same toll on a woman’s body as that of a patient going through chemotherapy. So yes, during these 40 weeks until her babies are born, her being pregnant and being able to perform is a big deal.

      • JosiahBartlet4President says:

        Pregnancy=/= chemo
        Both are hard on the body, but nope.

      • Guy says:

        If you’re equating pregnancy to chemo, then I’m certain you have never known a single person who has endured chemotherapy.

        • SW says:

          I’m a midwife so I do know what I am talking about…thanks to modern medicines, most complications associated with pregnancy are not fatal anymore but yes the toll of pregnancy on a body for those 40 weeks is similar to the toll of chemotherapy on the body (mind you I’m not saying cancer, I’m saying the treatment of cancer). I love Beyonce but she’s not a spring chicken anymore plus the strain of two babies…so yeah I feel it is a big deal she is up there.

          • Eyerollcommencing says:

            Strange, if her condition is so “fragile” why was she performing at all? I doubt her finances are so bad she needs the money. Plus, women who have been pregnant, up to their seventh and eighth months, have for decades, been working full time jobs to support their families. I get your devotion to Beyonce, but, I suggest you realize how silly you are sounding.

          • JaneLane says:

            This is taking fan girling to a new level! I worked up until my 39th week of pregnancy in a building with no elevator, and walked up to the 4th floor every day. I don’t think I did anything spectacular. I don’t think I did anything that millions of other pregnant women don’t do every day.
            I would never dream of comparing my pregnancy and grueling delete very to someone undergoing chemotherapy.

          • SW says:

            Well good for you but not every pregnant woman is lucky enough to have everything smooth sailing. And don’t talk about thousands of women as if you know their individual struggles with their pregnancies. If you don’t think you did anything special…then that’s on you…I believe you did something special and so does my profession, because I’ve seen all manner of struggles…so yes it is a big deal & it should be acknowledged when any woman who is pregnant has to continue working & doing other stressful activities.

      • Mary says:

        She is not the first nor will she be the last. Need to dial it back.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        Seriously?!?! You’re nuts. Woman work right up until the minute they go into labor, pregnancy is natural and a woman’s body knows how to handle it, not saying there can’t be complications but there is no comparison to putting a body through chemo.

  4. Robert45 says:

    All of the above 3 comments summarize my feelings on it. I was bored quite frankly.

  5. hipper says:

    I gave it a B. It’s more performance art than a traditional music performance. While I appreciate it, it’s not my cup of tea. Maybe if I saw it play in an art installation, I’d have a different tone.

  6. Maria says:

    I guess I don’t get the worship for this woman. She can sing, she’s shown that since Destiny’s Child. But good grief the way some people put her on a pedestal…it’s unhealthy.

    • Jenna says:


    • Mary says:

      Bingo. I don’t get the adulation for her. Talent yes but not in my top ten. I can see the bee hives have already started attacking.

  7. Matt says:

    Totally bizarre almost something you would expect from someone’s like Gaga. I would have liked more actual singing. But yeah that was artistic.

  8. Eric says:

    Often I think she’s read too much of her own hype. That said, I liked the look of it and, when she sang, she sounded good. So, self important but well done.

    • Jess says:

      Yes! This is what I thought too. She is very self important isn’t she. Nice visual art – but why people think she is so amazing is beyond me.

  9. Ana says:

    The way people are drooling all over this performance is just beyond ridiculous.

  10. Kate says:

    It came across as self indulgent imo. I just kept thinking is she going to sing?

  11. CK3 says:

    I enjoyed it. I expected it to be more of an artsy showcase given her state of pregnancy and the delivery of Lemonade itself.

  12. She looked amazing, and the dancers swaying along with her was mesmerizing, but it was, understandably, breathy.

    • Carol says:

      I’m from the old school , when some one is pregnant. there body become so delicate ; first one must stop wearing those high heel shoe ;wear soft loosening cloths ; also if career is very active one should take a break ; my concern is why is this young Lady still on stage ; what if she fall ? Who will she blame ;? dose she need money so bad “? i think she should take a break now ; she must remember its 2 human begins lives God as place in her care now ;

  13. Suzan says:

    Wish there were more of her amazing voice and less ego performance with Beyoncé. Adele let’s her voice and the music perform. Less performance art which is more appealing to all fans of music. Beyoncé just performed for her Bee hive. Of which some of us are not

  14. Guy says:

    Sorry, wasn’t a fan of this at all. It was far too self-indulgent. I can’t believe so many people seem to be eating up this performance. Can we stop praising every little thing she does, no matter how ridiculous? Hands-down, she’s become the most overrated person in music.

  15. Patricia says:

    The weirdest preformance ever !!!

  16. Rondre says:

    Black Excellence

  17. Penny says:

    This was just…. well terrible. I so badly wanted more singing, she has such a beautiful voice. Just not my cup of tea i guess.

  18. *H* says:

    She looked beautiful and the whole performance was amazing to watch. Go Queen Bey!

  19. Knowledge says:

    You’ll never understand unless you can see all of the light in the dark

  20. Sarah says:

    I’m all for celebrating pregnancy and she did look beautiful, but it was weirdly self-indulgent rather than celebratory.

  21. Kailani says:

    Could she possibly be any more freakin’ pretentious?

  22. parstl says:

    Interesting…jealousy and racism is alive and well in America. Adele can mess up and it’s ok. The sister puts on a great performance while pregnant and it’s no big deal according to some of those who left comments. Bottom line, Beyonce has been the most influential woman performer in popular music in the 2000s so far.

    • Kailani says:

      Nothing to do with racism for me; I’m married to a man of color. Beyonce was totally pretentious. Don’t care if you can see it or not.

    • Eric H says:

      Seems someone needs to dial down their fandom a bit and stop making people not liking her performance a racial thing or taking it as a personal attack on Beyonce and her fans. Compared to past performances, this one just didn’t do it for many as it seemed heavy on the theatrics/production and light on the actual entertaining. Adele and Bruno Mars were the best acts of the night.

    • Rachel says:

      Someone: *Doesn’t enjoy watching Beyonce stare at the camera for way too long while a recording of her talking about looking like your mother plays*
      Beyonce fans: You’re clearly racist

    • Mary says:

      You couldn’t be more wrong. Nothing to do with jealousy or racism the fact is pure and simple I didn’t enjoy it at all. Many have performed pregnant it isn’t that unusual. I found it long and boring.

  23. Aliana says:

    Beyonce looked like the statue of liberty in trance. The chair?

  24. Eva says:

    Cheesefest. That’s what happens when you overpraise a celebrity…

  25. SeanP says:

    There’s no question that Beyonce Knowles has a fantastic voice, however, her ego has obviously outstripped her talent. The only “artist” I can think of who can come close to this level of self-indulgence and pretension is Kanye West. To give the self-proclaimed “Queen Bey” her due, at least she can actually sing without the aid of Autotune and a digital recording studio unlike West. That still doesn’t excuse tonight’s too-long and too-pretentious performance.

  26. Don May says:

    Big deal.. Beyoncé is pregnant! Do you know how many WOMEN in this country are pregnant right now and don’t have staff waiting on them, doing the laundry, etc. Give me a break! Just more of Hollywood patting themselves on the back. Obnoxious, self-centered!

  27. Jess says:

    Beyonce really does love the wind effect machine. lol. It was visually pretty. With the vail and all – is she suggesting some type of Virgin Mother type thing? She did look like a Earth Goddess.

  28. Pregnant or not… that was a snooze fest. She takes herself way too seriously these days. Remember when Beyonce was fun? I miss fun Beyonce.

  29. MelK says:

    I thought her performance was terrible. Does she think she is the first woman in the world to become pregnant. The world does not revolve around Beyonce. I’m really not a fan, but I don’t usually want to change the channel when she is performing. My daughter asked me what that whole performance was about, and I couldn’t answer because I myself did not know.

  30. J says:

    Did awesome to be pregnant with twins!

  31. Ray says:

    So she’s likening herself to the Virgin Mother now? I’m not Catholic (or even Christian for that matter), but that’s a bit much–even this diva. Her head seems to have grown even larger than her pregnant belly.

  32. Jane says:

    Visually stunning and I get the message, but it felt a little too self-important.

    I agree with Adele that Lemonade should have won best album. And Beyoncé, as always, brought depth and emotion to the performance. But it screamed ‘ART!’ and not in an organic way.

    From the voting I see a polar reaction. I was more ‘just slightly off’ rather that’s Awesome or Fail

  33. Jamie says:

    Lmao this comment section is hilarious – why are y’all so mad that she’s celebrating motherhood while she’s pregnant? How dare she use something that’s going on in her life while performing her music!!
    On another note, that chair bending back made me really nervous – with the Grammys history of screw ups, idk if I would have trusted them not to drop me if I were pregnant…

  34. jj says:

    No one is more overated than her.

  35. Marci says:

    Too long, too over the top, and obnoxiously pretentious. FAIL!

  36. OMG! She was so wonderful!

  37. Kathy says:

    Boring. Turned the channel halfway through. Seemed kind of pretentious and trippy at the same time. Did have an oddity factor for awhile but she is so boring musically.

  38. Dev says:

    I’m a massive fan and she is QUEEN..but, it was a bit too self indulgent for my taste. Still got nothin’ but love for you though, B!

  39. REALLY says:

    So noone is going to mention the fact that shes supposedly preggers and yet puts the lives of her children in danger by sitting in a chair that bends back way too far just to perform some type of sick ritual? !?! WOW