Nashville Recap Season 5 Episode 7 Hurricane

Nashville Recap: Storm Chasers

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It’s time for The Exes to be exes again.

Look, it’s OK. Not every Nashville couple is going to be the second coming of Deacon and Rayna. And Scarlett and Gunnar have been trotting around the relationship ring so long, even the rodeo clowns are bored with their on-again, off-again romantic shenanigans. It’s time for those particular ponies to gallop off in different directions, because they’re no good together anymore.

Elsewhere in the episode, Rayna and Deacon have trouble writing their album together, and Maddie and Clay’s love nearly burns down the house. Well, an overbaked cake nearly burns down the house… but Maddie and Clay take the heat.

Read on for the highlights of “Hurricane.”

TOO MUCH, TOO SOON? | Let’s start with those former Bluebird staffers, who can’t seem to connect after their very popular music video hits the Internet. While Gunnar and Scarlett are sitting at a diner, she gets a call from NBC and he gets one from AfterBuzz Nashville; both media outlets want them for big opportunities. (Side note: No way would either of those places call the artists directly. That’s what PR machines are for. But whatevs.)

I’m not going to wonder why the Today show’s fourth hour — that’s the Kathie Lee and Hoda section, for those of you scoring at home — would devote an entire segment to an up-and-coming country band’s first music video. I’m not going to ponder why they’d invite the director of that video in for the interview, as well. I’m going to assume that Damien’s publicist has some dirt on Kathie Lee, and I’m going to leave it at that. Anyway, Damien touches Scarlett’s bare shoulder during the interview, and while she doesn’t pay it much attention, Gunnar certainly does.

So when Damien asks them both out for dinner, Gunny does one of those, “Go if you want to I don’t even care whatever GOD!” things… and she goes. By the time they’re on dessert, it’s clear that Damien isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he’s totally coming on to the pixie-haired singer. Thing is: She’s totally into him, too.

Nashville Recap Season 5 Episode 7GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT | By the time they bump into each other outside Highway 65, where Damien is going to say goodbye to Rayna before he leaves for another gig, Scarlett has forgiven every single ridiculous, hurtful, assumptive thing the director said to her during the “All of Me” shoot. He kisses her. She likes it.

And she tells Gunnar about it soon after, adding that she has feelings for Damien. “That’s not exactly breaking news,” Gunnar says, hurt. “The question is: What are you going to do about it?” When she replies that it doesn’t matter, because Damien is gone, can you blame Gunny for getting all huffy?

“OK, I need you to grow up. I am with you. Does that mean anything to you?” Scar says, and eventually sexes him back into submission, but things are not OK between the two of them. (Based on the series of texts Damien sends to Scarlett while she and Gunnar are between the sheets, everything’s about to get more difficult: Damien is staying in town, and he “need[s] to see you.”)

Perhaps more problematic? When Scarlett is walking with Gunnar, a woman recognizes her from the video and asks her to sign a CD — yet completely ignores the male half of The Exes. Get ready, Gunnar: Scarlett is on her path to Gwen Stefani-dom, while you’re just that dude from No Doubt. (No, the other one.)

BETTER TOGETHER | Rayna and Deacon spend a lot of this week’s episode rehashing the “We should make an album based on our relationship!”/”That is the worst idea ever!” argument, but by the end, they make up and write a beautiful duet called “My Favorite Hurricane.” Really, the most important thing you should take away from the R&D portion of this week’s episode is that they have a stand-up makeout sesh up against the back of a bowling alley and it is [fire emoji]] [tabasco emoji] [cat with heart eyes emoji] [sriracha emoji] [recapper fanning herself emoji].

Meanwhile, Zach wants a filmmaker to document Rayna and Deacon’s songwriting process, with the footage to be used to promote their album. Once more, Rayna and Deacon act like the guy with the camera is somehow there to ruin their lives; at one point, Rayna literally yells at him to get out of the kitchen like he’s a dog with a dead cockroach in its mouth.

Too bad the filmmaker’s not there when Clay comes over, he and Maddie go upstairs and Daphne forgets to take a cake out of the oven: The burned pastry sets off the fire alarms, which causes the alarm system to call Rayna and Deke. They arrive to find fire trucks in their front yard and Maddie all, “What? It’s no big deal.” Clay also uses the awkward interaction to even more awkwardly tell Deacon what a fan he is. And poor little Daphne feels left out of the whole thing. Later, she laments that sometimes her folks don’t seem like they’re in love… while the filmmaker is shooting. When he presses, she clams up.

Now it’s your turn. Do you think Scarlett let Damien off the hook too easily? There’s no way that footage of Daphne isn’t going to bite Rayna in the buns later on, right? Did you miss Juliette, Avery and Will? And wasn’t it fun to see Rayna and Deacon actually singing together again? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Josh says:

    Scarlett can go F herself. Hate her now. The way Damien treated her is not sexy and I’m so sick of stuff like that being sold as sexy. If you like someone you don’t treat them like that and Scarlet must really hate herself

  2. Dave says:

    I might get hated on for saying this but this episode was utter snoozeville from start to finish.

    • The Beach says:

      You won’t get any flack from me. I completely agree. Yet another Deacon/Rayna fight like we’ve been seeing season after season. Basically, nothing happened tonight. A totally wasted episode.

    • ameraleigh says:

      I second that, it was a complete waste of an episode. I was just about falling asleep at one point. Honestly the episode didn’t really work for me without Avery, Juliet, Will and even Bucky and Glen. It was just a sad, depressing mess without them.

  3. Lalala says:

    Scarlett and Gunnar don’t make any sense at this point. After the end of last season, there is no reason she should be interested in someone else already unless she didn’t really love him. Especially after her jealousy with Gunnar earlier this season. Complete garbage.

    • skyebright8 says:

      Agree they should get together and stay together or break up entirely. Every new character they come across is basically a new love interest for one of them these days.

    • KN says:

      Scarlett is so annoying. Why is she suddenly so furious that Gunnar had other girlfriends while they were broken up? She’s the one currently flirting with a creepy guy, and she clearly forgot about her relationship with that boring doctor. Gunnar is always the bad guy in her story and she’s the poor princess. So over it.

    • Gfunk405 says:

      I was excited at the end of last season when they finally got back together but it seems like they haven’t had one “happy” scene since. Time to give up on them

  4. andreapelleschi says:

    After I heard that Avery and Juliette weren’t in this ep, I didn’t watch. If the show wants to exclude certain character, then I can exclude certain eps.

    • Same here. When it got out on twitter, they were not in this episode it was total skip for me. Why should I watch if my favorites are not included? Totally ridiculous the co-lead had hardly any airtime in 502 & 505 and now totally missing from 507. Then we had a 5 time Emmy winner missing from 2 episodes. So not cool. When is Deacon & Rayna going to get the Javery treatment as it is only fair?

    • Eran says:

      What a spectacularly asinine argument. It’s an ensemble cast with intertwined plots. Stick to cartoons. Serialised dramas are wasted on you…

      • andreapelleschi says:

        Wow, that is the rudest comment anyone has ever said to me. I can watch however I want. If I don’t like how something is portrayed in a show, I don’t have to watch it, and you don’t have to be a complete jerk about MY choices either.

      • ameraleigh says:

        A large portion of the fan base is made up of Juliet and Juliet/Avery fans. To exclude them entirely from the episode will annoy a lot of people. Personally I thought the episode was extremely boring. It’s all well and good to have sad and emotional moments but the entire episode was depressing and whiny.

  5. Kaycee says:

    Boring. I fast forwarded through most of the ep. I am so sick of Maddie. Where is everybody else? By the way, Deacon is not Daphne’s father. Nobody mentions Teddy anymore. Do the girls even visit him?

  6. Frances says:

    What an utter bore – we already had 502 dedicated to Deacon & Rayna how often do we need to see them have the same conversations. Sick. to. Death. Of Maddie. And they have completed the job of previous writers and totally destroyed S/G. They need to move on #freeGunnar.

    The episode suffered massively from lack of Juliette , Avery & Will. This show is becoming impossible to get invested in because these characters and their stories stop and start every other episode. Shame the same is not true for Maddie and Scarlett.

  7. abz says:

    I hate the fact that an annoying character like Maddie gets more screen time than Will ever gets. Even Daphne, the 12 year-old’s love life now gets attention and they’ve sidelined Juliette for this episode too. The Stella sisters have beautiful singing voices, but they don’t need so much focus. The show breaks Will and Kevin up as they were just rekindling the relationship and it was the one potential storyline they had set up for Will last season and then now he’s constantly sidelined as usual. It’s just so annoying.
    I’d much rather have Layla back with Aubrey’s beautiful voice. I always thought she was a character with potential but couldn’t catch a break and the writers just couldn’t give her a decent storyline. She’d definitely be better than anything with Maddie.
    This episode was okay but I found myself on my iPad most of the time. It was kind of boring. I’m over the Scarlett/Gunner back and forth, I’ve been over Maddie and Clay from day one. And honestly the music this season has felt a little lacking. The only song I’ve really liked was The Exes song this season and I’d love to hear the full version and see the video.

  8. Jill says:

    I found it strange they didn’t even talk about Hwy 65 acquiring Wheelin’ Dealin’ from Luke Wheeler. Such a weird stand alone episode that doesn’t fit with the rest of the season.

  9. Celina says:

    I haven’t watched yet, but this recap made me disappointed. I mean, they said it wasn’t going to be like before. Less soapy, more music! But, where are the “more music”? I feel like we have less music. And Scarlet cheating on Gunner? Really? Because kissing other people is cheating. Where did that come from? The other episode, she said she was ashamed for taking him back after all he did. He never cheated on her. They broke up and he had other relationships. Looks like same old ridiculous plot from previous seasons.
    Plus, I don’t like when Juliete is not on the episode either.

  10. What’s that line about “Nashville’s Good Again”? I don’t agree. Scarlett still gets on my last nerve. Deacon…..hangin’ around the kitchen or perplexed about whatever80% of the time. Rayna mopes….maybe her hair gets in the way. So…one kiss. One song….the song to which the lyriic can’t really be heard well. Everything is too slow. Yes…needs Will, Luke, Juliette…..some Moxie and stop with all being monotone!!! GET THE MUSIC ON! GET WILL!!! Just MOVE and quit the monotone whispery crap!!!!!

  11. count the commercial minutes. this episode was 1/2 commercials. Total waste. Bring on Some TALENT. Get with Juliette and Gospel! And Avery! Luke! WILL PLEASE!! Used to be good stories and good music on wrong network. Now…just the opposite.

  12. Tee says:

    So infuriating….did we forget Scarlett turned Gunner down, did we forget she was with the Dr, how much more do we need to forget – he didn’t cheat on her ….the band was even called the ‘exes’. Also – enough of Matty and the by-polar guy…seriously!!! Let’s just see her act normal and adult like to start her career….this angsty teenager stuff is too much. If I was Raina I would say – you can be on your own any time sweetheart… can’t leave school and act like a 14 year old who forgets about a cake. Any episode without Juliette and Avery is a waste!

  13. izzie b says:

    While I loved seeing Rayna and Deacon up against the bowling alley wall and talking about getting a hotel room, I am really tired of Rayna reaching back into that bag of old heartache and mistrust of Deacon. Get over it already – he’s proved himself to you time and again and you married him – enjoy it! And then later, yes, they did get on the same track and I loved their new song. I realize they are portraying the couple as learning how to work through things, but honestly, after one hundred episodes of them NOT getting along and LEARNING to get along, just leave it alone, please?!

    Grow Up, Maddie. Clay – you too.

    Scarlet – please put your hair back to the cute blonde pixie look and stop trying to be all sophisticated now that you’ve “discovered” the inner you…..blah blah blah. Damien is a creep, you waited forever for Gunny, and I can’t stand you anymore. I think the last time I liked this character is the very first time she sang with Gunnar back at the Bluebird after it was closed. Clare Bowen is a beautiful and talented actress – too bad her character can’t ever be likeable.

    Keep ’em coming, Nashville writers – I love seeing my old friends every week!

  14. Summer says:

    Well, I LOVED this episode. This Deyna story needed to be told and it needed the time it got in this ep. Deacon and Rayna have been stuck in this cycle of unresolved pain and dysfunctional patterns for so many years and in this episode they both stepped up, broke the cycle and found each other. And what they found is the Deyna we fell in love with from the very beginning. The Deyna we love and adore but we hardly ever got to see – until this season. So, thank you CMT for taking the time to show this side of Rayna and Deacon that’s so heartwarmingly beautiful, so real and relatable. And thank you Connie Britton and Chip Esten for bringing Rayna and Deacon to life so amazingly. They’re phenomenal scene partners and their acting was (and always is) absolute perfection!

  15. Freyalinn says:

    To me this episode was pure heaven, well the Denya part. I could watch a entire season of them cuddling, kissing and hugging. The chemistry between Chip and Connie is amazing.

  16. Traci says:

    It makes no sense that Scarlett would just all of a sudden have feelings for creepy Damien!! I was so happy that they put her and Gunner back together, just to do this to her character, I hope the will keep them together and that this is just a bump in the road!!

  17. april-ann says:

    Why was Rayna so mad at Maddie? Surely Maddie is old enough to have her boyfriend over. And Daphne is old enough to remember to take a cake out of the oven. And she’s old enough to know not to trash talk her Mom’s personal stuff (with lies) in front of a camera. I’m sick of that brat acting out whenever she’s “feeling left out”. Grow up already. Could Daphne just go back to being a useless whiny little brat rather than being a danger to others?

  18. Jess H says:

    The Deyna of it all gave me life. They always wrote together from a place of angsty love. It makes sense that it might take a while to find their new groove… although I thought with them it always started or ended in the bedroom. I guess making out in an ally will have to suffice.

  19. Kate says:

    So my favourite characters on this show (will, avery, juliette, gunnar and layla-yes, sue me…..that character had so much potential) don’t get any proper storylines. It’s basically a soap about a -sorry again- boring family ….no thank you,…

  20. Travis Moon says:

    I would love it if Scarlet gets her throat cut and is run over by a train. Her worthlessness on display every week is causing me to drink and want to kick cats. I love cats btw. Pleas, kill her character off ASAP in the most painful way.