greys anatomy season 13 episode 12 recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Meredith Was Warned; Nevertheless, She Persisted

As we’ve known it would since Eliza first showed up at Grey Sloan, push came to shove in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy. But, when Meredith refused to “get in line” and play nice with the hospital’s new residency director, it wasn’t Minnick who laid a metaphorical smackdown on her. Who did? Also, why isn’t Alex in prison? And what was with that drop-in from Maggie’s adoptive mom? Read on and find out.

‘ARE YOU IN HIDING?’ | As “None of Your Business” began, Alex revealed to Meredith and Maggie — and the show revealed to us, via flashback — that he wasn’t behind bars because (off a tip from Ben) Andrew had dropped the charges against his attacker. And when that hadn’t worked, DeLuca had threatened the D.A. that he’d tank the case by lying that he and Karev had had a fight. When Alex later visited Grey Sloan to get his job back (and did so), he asked his victim why he had abandoned his case. In response, Andrew said that Jo had been through enough and didn’t need to live her life afraid. So, if Alex — or, for that matter, we — ever had any doubt about whether Andrew had developed feelings for Wilson, he/we sure didn’t anymore. When at last Jo learned from Leah and Stephanie that her non-fiancé was a free man, she showed up on Mer and Maggie’s doorstep, she and Alex hugged, they gazed at one another, and then… she just walked away. Hmm…

‘WHY IS NO ONE MAKING ANY SENSE?’ | Since Maggie thought that her mother was in Hawaii, you couldn’t blame her for being shocked to learn from Jackson and Arizona that she was, in fact, sitting a few feet away talking to Nathan. Just as quickly as Mrs. Pierce could say, “Call me Diane,” she’d won over everyone, including Maggie’s birth father Richard, and, naturally, embarrassed her daughter to no end. But it turned out, Mom wasn’t at Grey Sloan for a visit, she was there for a plastic-surgery consult with Jackson — though not one of the nip/tuck variety. She was concerned about a suspicious rash, which, she ultimately learned, was inflammatory breast cancer, an especially serious kind that doesn’t present as lumps. Even after receiving her diagnosis and asking Jackson to help her break it to Maggie, Diane, smarting from her daughter’s scolding over their broken home, decided to return to Hawaii without disclosing her condition. (And we all know how Maggie feels about being misled… )

‘WINTER IS COMING’ | As Eliza continued to seek out every last nerve she had yet to work at Grey Sloan, Meredith finally drew a line in the sand and refused to allow Minnick in her O.R. Even when called on the carpet by Bailey, Grey stood her ground. “I do not support this — at all,” she declared. “You’re pushing Richard aside for no reason.” OK, fine, the chief replied. You’re suspended, effective immediately. (And, whether Bailey’s right or wrong, you have to give her some credit — it takes guts to suspend one of the owners of the hospital.) Later, Eliza pleaded with Miranda not to suspend anyone else. “It’ll slow down my progress,” she argued. Toward the end of the hour, she suggested to Arizona — correctly, I suspect — that she’d hate it if she got canned at Grey Sloan, because if she did, there would be nothing stopping Robbins from pursuing a relationship with her. (Annoying as Minnick may be as a colleague, she is pretty great as a flirt.)

greys anatomy season 13 episode 12 recap‘KEEP YOUR MIND ON THESE SCANS AND NOT ON MY MARRIAGE’ | When not treating a patient wrapped in razor wire, poor, abandoned Owen, off a talk with Nathan, went looking for M.I.A. missus Amelia at Stephanie’s apartment. But, though he knocked along with opportunity, his wife wouldn’t open the door. (Oh, Amelia!) A visiting Catherine told Bailey that she was a dragon that could be unleashed on the Minnick/Webber situation as need be, and told April to M.Y.O.B. when she inquired whether Richard’s wife was at Grey Sloan to sort out the mess. At the episode’s close, Miranda called Kepner into her office and told her it was “tough decision time.” The upshot: April was stepping in for Meredith as the interim chief of general surgery! At home with Richard, Catherine tried to avoid admitting that she was on Bailey’s side — never mind the fact that Eliza’s hiring had been her idea in the first place!

So, what did you think of “None of Your Business”? Are you hoping Eliza will learn to play well with others and stick around (at least for Arizona’s sake)? Are you still rooting for Alex/Jo? Hit the comments.

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  1. Jill says:

    This was the most frustrating episode. As board members, can’t Meredith, Alex(he has Christina’s seat), Arizona and Jackson over rule Bailey. And doesn’t Meredith now have Derek’s shares, too? Apparently in Shondaland none of this matters.

    • Lindsay says:

      It seems that they’re only board members when it’s convenient to the storyline. Seriously though, when was the last time they brought anything with the board up? Isn’t that a full time job in itself?

    • cheese says:

      Alex owns the share that Cristina left him but Bailey represents her on the board. Also Catherine and the Avery Foundation have most of the power as they own most of the hospital. Even though Jackson is on the board that is only because of Catherine. So no use going to the board for help. Also the owners aren’t supposed to get involved with running the surgical wing. That’s Bailey’s job. They only get involved with funding, HR, and other major problems regarding more broader subjects.

      • Jill says:

        To me, this is a HUGE HR issue, therefore the board should be involved.

      • Jamie says:

        The Avery Foundation may have the most power, but Jackson sits on the board as the representative of the foundation – that’s the reason why he’s there. And the board has definitely gotten involved with the running of the surgical wing in the past. In earlier seasons, we even saw the board telling Richard how to handle certain situations. But even if they hadn’t, a mutiny of surgical attendings (that is leading to chiefs of surgery being suspended) is definitely a problem that a board of directors would involve themselves in.

      • Alichat says:

        I’d say this is a big HR issue. And overhauling the intern program, which is essentially what she is doing, should be something reviewed with the board. They just didn’t do it because most of the doctors who are boycotting are on the board. Doesn’t make the story as dramatic if they knew it was coming.

        • Vincent Caligione says:

          Cathrine Avery won’t do anything because it was partially her idea to bring Minnick into the hospital… why do you think Richard isn’t sleeping at home with his wife, right now??

    • :-) says:

      Has no one else gotten the impression that Catherine Avery is the force behind this Eliza/ Bailey thing? That would explain so much.

      • AlliDone says:

        I don’t know why anyone would have any confusion over it, she straight up told Bailey to overhaul the program, she pushed for someone new to take over the program in the early episodes of the season when she found out about Alex in jail and Leah succeeding in another program, but she also ‘looked into’ things in the past like Izzie cutting Denny’s LVAT and Meredith screwing with Derek’s trial (was that one mentioned?), that there’s something wrong with the way they’re all teaching.
        Personally I would almost believe that Catherine is pushing for Richard to get pushed out so he could retire from surgery and be able to travel with her.

      • LaDonna says:

        Go back and watch earlier episodes this season. Of course, Catherine is behind it. She told Bailey to do it.

  2. Hannah says:

    I’m confused – the board of directors used to jump in and order the chief to do something all of the time. They would show up and pull rank when they wanted something done. But now that the board is comprised of Mer, Jackson, Arizona, etc., they don’t have that same pull? I know that this is Catherine’s idea in the first place and that she has a lot of power, but they haven’t even mentioned board interference as an option. What’s going on with this writing? It’s so sloppy this season.

    • Mais says:

      THEY can’t remember Richard said it would Be wrongful termination if they fired Eliza.

      • Jamie says:

        They wouldn’t have to fire her, but they could most certainly change her job description or state that they don’t approve of her methods. They could also force her to work with Webber in the position.

        • Andre James says:

          The only way they could fix it is by firing Bailey, and she grew them all basically. Webber groomed Bailey. Everybody like Bailey, everybody respect Bailey. I think she does not really want to do want she is doing but sees that a little improvement is needed based on the fact (as Mrs. Webber) that surgeons are leaving and returning with better work ethics and skills that they learnt there but had to leave in order to grow it. i think the drama is a little weak this season but the writing is okay. Poetry by Dre.

  3. Amber says:

    I’m convinced whoever is on the writing team this season just Wiki’d Grey’s and skimmed the article. Nothing that is happening makes sense to the story or characters. Just gather a random group of fans from twitter and I guarantee they would give us a better show than what we’re getting now.

  4. *** says:

    Since general isn’t technically Kepner’s department, wouldn’t one of the other general surgeons (the ones we don’t really hear about) be interim chief? Even if trauma is related, it is a separate department and someone has to be second-in-command to Meredith. Also, Meredith wasn’t the only or even the first one to resist this whole thing so making an example of her is pretty ridiculous. This whole mess is basically an example of poor hospital management. There are ways that Bailey/Catherine could have brought in Eliza and had a wayyyyy better transition but this show really went out of its way to cause the most drama possible with it.

    • Stacy says:

      Not necessarily. Hunt was a trauma surgeon in the Army and he went on to become Chief of Surgery. It’s not like moving General to Neuro or Plastics.

      • El says:

        Well any specialty can be Chief of Surgery (Derek was neuro and he was Chief of Surgery and when Webber was originally going to step down, almost all of the department heads competed for the spot). Though trauma and general are close, there are most likely other people in the general department who would logically take over in Meredith’s absence.

  5. WendyILC says:

    Did anyone else notice how random it was that they kept calling the wire, “razor wire,” as if it meant something more significant? I know that storyline was a metaphor to the surgeons personal lives but “razor wire” was said an extraordinary number of times. It seemed kind of odd to me.

  6. Sawyer says:

    More Arizona and Eliza please, more screen time. I know a few people hate Minnick. She is doing the job Catherine and Bailey hired her for. Richard methods are out dated. Dr Webber never trained Mer, Derrick did, Burke trained Yang, Arizona trained Alex, Mark trained Jackson and Izzy was trained by Bailey. 13 years of watching the show. Dr. Webber is a good man, he also fired, April, held George, back a year, fired Murphy. Putt Alex on suspension as a first year resident. Ben had to go to another hospital to get trained as a Dr. I am team Arizona and Minnick. Eliza is right Arizona is afraid of having a manful relationship with her. here is hoping Shonda follows through with a love story for Arizona. I swear if Arizona ends up with Murphy, I am completely done with Grey’s.

    • Kennedy says:

      Yes! I love Minnick and Arizona. They have great chemistry and I think the more she is around I think we will start seeing more of her personality. I don’t think she is that one dimensional…

    • Jamie says:

      It doesn’t matter whether or not Webber was their primary teacher. He ran the program. After he left his chiefdom, they created this position for him, but when he was chief, it was still part of his job. Yes Derek directly trained Meredith just like Amelia is directly training Steph now – doesn’t mean that Webber hasn’t been in charge of the residency program. So yes, he was in charge of the education of Mer, Alex, Cristina, Jackson, etc.
      It kinda feels like you weren’t paying much attention in those 13 years tho. Webber fired April because she made a really huge mistake and killed someone. George was held back a year because he failed his intern test – he was given the opportunity to take it again and passed. Ben went to another hospital because he applied to go to another hospital – he was coming from being an anesthesiologist at the hospital, and they don’t just hand intern slots to everyone who wants to switch careers. I could go on. Webber’s methods were never painted as outdated until Minnick came along. That’s just bad writing.
      And I’m sorry, but Minnick isn’t doing the job that she was hired to do. Since day one, she has been insulting attendings and talking about how great she is. That’s not how you get people to respect you or want to work with you. Since she needs people to work with her to do this job, it’s hilarious how bad she is at the first step since she claims to be so wonderful.

    • Stacy says:

      Regardless of the character, I don’t think they have good chemistry. I just don’t think Minnick lady is a great actress.

    • abz says:

      I don’t hate Minnick either. I can see how they failed in transitioning her into the position and she hasn’t been doing a great job of easing into things, but the attendings have all been acting like children too.

      Also, Webber did mentor Meredith quite a bit. I think it was in the sixth season around the time when Derek took over head of surgery. It was when he began drinking again and he started to avoid surgeries, but he told Meredith he wanted to teach her and then we saw him give her lessons and then there was this one scene I remember where Cristina was jealous because Meredith was doing some sort of stitch effortlessly after Webber taught her.

    • Babs says:

      I do not see any chemistry with Arizona and Eliza. Why would Arizona have any desire to be with Eliza. She is not a nice person.

      • Jami says:

        I see loads of chemistry with Arizona and Eliza. Yeah she is cocky, arrogant, and bold about her feelings for Arizona. Arizona is afraid to have a relationship with her. Riggs was the same way in regards to Mer. However the residents are not learning and they are frustrated. How do you think doctors learn.

        • S says:

          Am I the only one who thinks that Eliza/Arizona scene was kinda creepy? Just imagine the same situation if Minnick were a man.

  7. Greg says:

    Same thoughts as everyone else, the structure of power in this hospital makes no sense. Meredith and the others BOUGHT it, it has her name on it, so how can she be suspended from work and replaced?

    • SB says:

      Technically, it has her sister’s name on it. (Though I completely agree with your point). It just frustrated me when Maggie first came on and said the hospital was named after her mother (Ellis Grey), and she’s never been corrected.

  8. Free Merideth says:

    Dear Shonda; I want the Nazi back. Whatever this iteration of Miiranda Bailey is, she is NOT a healer, a leader, or even a viable human being. The Bailey I’ve been cheering on all along had something resembling empathy and compassion, but this one is right up there with killing George and Derek. Are you TRYING to get the show cancelled? I already quit Scandal, a and HTGAWM was a total non-starter, so if you keep turning characters into soulless bullies my Thursday nights are gonna get a lot more free.

    • SB says:

      Meredith changed drastically (in my opinion) after the plane crash. She went from the person who everyone at the hospital liked, to someone tough and cold and angry. But at least there was a reason for the change. Bailey’s actions in this episode and the previous one are NOTHING like the Bailey even 2 seasons ago. And there’s no real reason for the change. No character development/growth. She used to be the voice of reason and the person to depend on. It’s hard to even find anyone on this show to root for anymore. (I mean there are a few, but if I name them Shonda will immediately kill them off).

    • Vincent Caligione says:

      I KIND OF agree with you, but I also disagree with you. I agree that we shoudl get The Nazi back, but I disagree with the fact that she’s trying to get the show cancelled. She only killed off George because he quit the show over the gay slur Issiah Washington said to him and because he felt he wasn’t getting enough camera time. And killing off Derek… well… that was Patrick Dempsey’s fault. He decied to act like a “diva” on set, which resulted in him getting fired. And it was also his wife’s fault too. If Patrick Dempesy signed on for another season, she would divorce him. You really should give HTGAWM and Scandal another chance. I certainly did and I love all the TGIT shows now!

  9. Alichat says:

    So am I the only one who is disappointed in what they’ve done with DeLuca’s character? When he joined, he was an interesting character. I liked that he seemed more knowledgeable than most interns, he seemed more confident. I liked when they paired him with Maggie because he balanced out her neurotic tendencies. Then suddenly they made him out to be this prideful, insecure guy, who couldn’t deal with the teasing from Cross the idiot, about dating an attending. Now, what does he do? Besides being on the bad side of Alex’s fist, there’s not much. And now he’s pining for Jo. Just seems a waste of a character.

    On another note…..I HATE the Owen and Amelia pairing. Amelia is so exhausting. Could they not have given Owen someone else to be with? Seriously.

    • Martina says:

      Totally agree with you. Especially The Owen-Amelia part.
      And having Andrew pining for Jo just adds another unnecessary love triangel… But maybe it’s going to turn out to be the path that reunites Maggie and him since Maggie has a fling for Nathan but he is going to be with Meredith and they both then mend their broken hearts….

    • Vincent Caligione says:

      I totally agree with you about Amelia and Owen!! Shonda always makes Owen rush into relationships/marriages! Look at Owen and Christina! They got married fast and then got divorced because they obvously didn’t know each other well enough! Same with Amelia and Owen!! And it’s funny because both relationships were both destroyed over kids!!

  10. mooshki says:

    This is another one of the many Grey’s recaps that make me glad I stopped watching. (And if you’re wondering why I’m here: I still like to loosely keep up with what’s happening.)

  11. fatalsin says:

    I know alot of people like Arizona and Eliza.. but I about threw up in my mouth in that scene… maybe its becuz i was so calzona… or maybe I just hate people mucking with my peeps who have been there forever…but I hate them as an item.. but I know in my heart of hearts its gonna happen if not out in the open or maybe on the d/l sigh

    • Juliet says:

      After season 12 and the whole Cali and Penny awful love story wanted me to throw up in my mouth. Cali was selfish and lied on the stand at the custody hearing. I love Arizona and so happy to see her get more screen time. The actress that plays Minnick is getting a raw deal. She has to act that way

      • fatalsin says:

        Oh I get that..I know shes an actress she works with the scripts given… still dont like the idea of her with arizona.. is all.. we are all passionate about our shows lol :)

        • Juliet says:

          Why? Arizona needs someone like Minnick. Arizona is such a smart ass and has some of the best lines on Greys. I am a lesbian and totally love Arizona. I was never excited about all e Calzona drama. Damn depressing. LOL

  12. Chris H says:

    I’m starting to really dislike Bailey, and that isn’t right. Bad writing and bad producing.

    • Larc says:

      As much as I’ve liked her in the past, I think Bailey should be fired as Chief of Surgery for the incompetent way she’s handled this. She was grossly inconsiderate and disrespectful of Richard, something he did not deserve.

  13. Mare says:

    NOT ENOUGH MEREDITH!!!! She’s hardly been in the last 3 episodes.

  14. kn1231 says:

    Well I was never a big Kepner fan, but clearly she can’t be trusted. And they will probably make it seem as though she had no choice but to accept the job, but she straight up threw everyone under the bus. And does this now mean Meredith will continue to not really be around, because I have been missing her presence this whole season.
    Minnick went up a small peg for me this episode, but that speech she gave Arizona at the end of the episode was so strange. I love Arizona, and want her to have a love interest, just not sold on that being Minnick at this point.
    Maggie is a child. She is so immature, even Nathan called her “kid”. Yes, your parents getting a divorce will have an effect on you at any age but to act the way she is acting as a grown, educated woman is ridiculous. Now we probably won’t see the mom again until she is on her death bed, and they have their last good moment. My eyes are rolling already.

  15. EM says:

    Has Richard finally wised up that Catherine is behind Minnick and is giving Bailey direction behind his back? That’s going to blow up.

  16. Mara says:

    What they have done to the character of Bailey is horrible. These were her “babies” and she never even thought to bring them into the decision. And how she is treating Richard is just shameful. I hate the whole thing and am so disappointed in the writing. Like others said — what about the board members having some say and control? April stabbing Meredith in the back — always disliked her character and this only makes it worse. It’s just bad all the way around.

  17. Alli says:

    Even ignoring the fact that Meredith has a seat on the board, the fact that Bailey thinks she can do whatever she wants without explaining herself to senior staff (chiefs of departments!) is absurd. I work in a fire department. The Chief of the department wouldn’t dream of making changes like this without at least having a discussion with his Deputy Chiefs. If they disagreed with him, he may still move forward, but they at least feel heard and more willing to give things a try.

  18. Maven says:

    This may be complete wishful thinking but I’m hoping that Bailey is deliberately trying to sabotage the Minnick transition. Last week after no one showed up to her meeting she dropped a hint to Richard that Minnick was not just her idea, which Richard seemed to take note of. Then Bailey doubles down on Meredith knowing full well that would make the situation worse and make everyone even more against Minnick. Minnick told Bailey that her behavior (suspending Meredith) was just making things worse in regards to people accepting her. Bailey seemed to be a bit distressed that she has no idea what is going on in the hospital and is not in the gossip loop at all. (I love the Ben character by the way.) Then Bailey made a pretty big show about bringing Kepner into her office and she was speaking very loudly about cracking down on those not falling in line before shutting the door. Of all people to make the interim replacement for Meredith, Kepner? Bailey should know that would not go over well and would make the opposition just dig in their heels even more; because the only other option is the writers seem to know nothing about who these characters are and what they mean to each other and that Bailey has completely lost her mind. I am glad, however, that Richard is finally suspecting Catherine, can’t wait to see this play out next week.

    SO glad the Alex situation has been resolved, I have watched Grey’s since season 1 and I will always have a soft spot for the original crew (plus Mark, Lexie, Arizona, Callie, Owen, Jackson and yes even Kepner even though she can be incredibly frustrating). I hate that George, Lexie, Mark and Derek died, that still bothers me, I would rather have them back. I also wish Cristina and Callie would come back (even if I hated the way Callie handled the custody situation), hell I even miss Izzie from time to time, her return (HIGHLY UNLIKELY) would certainly stir up the Alex and Jo situation and whatever happened to those embryos? And I want Jackson and April back together, I just have to throw that in here. Owen and Amelia? I just can’t with Amelia. And like others have said, I still don’t get how people can be on the Board and have absolutely no say about what goes on in the hospital.

    Off topic, I love Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) but since the return from winter break, is something off with her face or I’m I just completely going crazy? I could be completely going crazy. LOL

  19. Barbara Foard says:

    I hope Alex can get the opportunity to provide protection for jo when her crazy husband shows up. Merideth was right standingup for what she believes in

  20. Kay says:

    I’m really over Amelia’s tantrum. I get that she’s got a lot of baggage, but this just doesn’t make sense and the storyline has dragged on waaaaay too long.

  21. Meredith fan says:

    Perhaps now Meredith is not working we can actually see some scenes with her two, sorry two children plus the invisible baby. Does Ellis Shepherd really exist? Perhaps Riggs will sneak out to see Meredith because that storyline has gone very cold.
    Never liked kepner, but I really do hope that she crashes and burns very quickly.

  22. Rachelle says:

    I didn’t watch the episode but I absolutely LOVED the article title :)

  23. DZ says:

    I don’t understand what Ben told DeLuca that would make him change his mind and drop the charges. That Alex was going to take a plea? Why would have made DeLuca change his mind? If anything, that would be good for DeLuca because Jo wouldn’t have to testify. What am I missing?

  24. acidartha says:

    Y’know…of all the characters on Grey’s Anatomy – I think I hate Dr. Bailey the most. She is horrible. I recently watched GA from the very start and she has had it in for poor Meredith Grey from the very beginning. It has been non stop with her – she is the worst. I know we keep talking about how whiny Izzy was and how whiny Jo is (anyone notice…they’re like weird personality dopplegangers) but Bailey is a vindictive evil witch who has no trouble brown-nosing when it benefits her and only her.
    If there is a character they need to fade away into the night…it’d be her.

  25. Jmay says:

    I love Grey’s Anatomy and this show is only one of two sows that I watch on TV. But I hate this season. I hope the writes salvage something from these awful storylines. Minnick is a terrible addition to the cast, Bailey is a shadow of her former character. Catherine was never supposed to be involved in the daily operation of this hospital and she is lying by omission to her husband, who deserves better from the Chief and his wife. April Kepner has never shown any leadership ability at all in the hierarchy of the hospital and has been an attending for less time than the other new attending since she failed her boards. The writing has really suffered this season.

  26. pAloma says:

    Bailey was manipulated by Catherine into hiring Eliza and demoting Richard. Bailey was extremely unprofessional in how she handled the transition, failing to discuss it with the board, and failing to discuss it with Richard before Eliza showed up for her new job. And Eliza was the one who ended up telling Richard she had replaced him. Bailey never consulted with the department chiefs before hiring Eliza. It had been my experience when interviewing for major jobs to be interviewed by multiple senior people. Eliza is the because Catherine didn’t like the way the residency program was being run. bailey had no issue with it before Catherine manipulated her into hiring Eliza behind Richard’s back.

    So now we have Eliza, who has very poor people skills, running around the hospital switching surgeries s around without consulting the doctors, who presumably know something about their patient’s requirements. Eliza’s decided that the residents are trained well enough for complicated procedures without having watched them do a single surgery. Surely she take the time to observe all of the residents before insisting they are capable of sewing someone’s face back on (for example). Shouldn’t she have a meeting with the chief of departments to discuss the plan? With the attending s who are working closely with the residents? This all seems unprofessional to me too.

    And then we have Stephanie, who like all residents, thinks she’s ready for everything and who likes Eliza because Eliza is going to get her more surgeries and who seems to be starting some blowback against the attendings. I wonder if this is how they are going to get Jerrika off the show so she can go to her new series?

    I am glad Karev is back. That whole storyline sucked. I liked Jo for a while when she first appeared but she is not a nice/good person. She is all about herself and I wish they would write her out. Now that Karev is back, I’d like to see more storylines where he is working with sick kids from Africa, or refugee kids from the Sudan, or Syria, or something. Usually they don’t give him much to do.

    Owen should go out and find a kid to adopt already. I think he really wants a kid more than a wife in any case, so he should get one in his own. He’d be that much happier. Instead he gets into this (infinite) loops and we have to live through his crap over and over again. It is boring.

    I am just waiting until Richard realizes just how badly Catherine has betrayed him. That’s going to be some blowout. Richard is truly a nice person. Catherine is manipulative and disloyal. And Jackson isn’t going to be very pleased with him either.

    And, finally, can we please just have a board meeting about Eliza? Jackson is chairman of the board, and even though Bailey is on the board, she can easily be out voted by the rest of the board. Catherine might be in charge of the trust that owns most of the hospital, but she isn’t on the board and therefore has no vote, anymore than Karev, who owns Christina’s shares, has a vote. (And I never did like that Bailey won the seat on the board over Alex. They easily could have voted to expand the board and include both Bailey and Alex, my board votes extra people in whenever we want,)

  27. Andre James says:

    Morisset Hospital, Ward 21 would reopen for me if I had a woman like Amelia. What a woman with issues? She is so annoying that not even her friends realised that she went missing. Good Writing on that path.
    Three Counties and four correctional facilities and you forgot to check your own bed. Lovely.
    Catherine wants her man home so she is trying to frustrate him not realising how much it is messing with the other staff members. Wickedly good writing again.
    Who wrote the lines for “The Face” as told by Jackson Avery? That was awesomely done.
    Is it just me or is Jo’s character getting really boring.
    Bailey is the boss. Who the hell could suspend Meredith at this time of the show, and please nobody and try to act like she cares while walking around with her head high in her usual fashion. Tell Catherine to leave the Nazi alone and take her man home if is that she wants and stop stressing the staff with her man problem.

  28. I will start watching Grey’s again when Eliza is gone…too bad she wasn’t involved in the explosion at the end of last night’s episode…too much antagonism from her… she’s just TOO MUCH drama.