Nathan Fillion Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Nathan Fillion Cops Brooklyn Nine-Nine Role, Playing a Fictional TV Detective

Nathan Fillion is getting meta with his next TV gig.

The Castle vet will guest-star on Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Mark Devereaux, the star of a Law & Order-type series titled Serve & Protect, reports.

Mark thinks playing a detective on TV makes him qualified to help Jake (Andy Samberg) and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) investigate a crime that occurred on the set of his crime drama.

Since Castle‘s end last year, Fillion has done guest spots on Modern Family — he reappears on the ABC comedy this Wednesday — and Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet. He also stars in the web-based Con Man, created by Alan Tudyk.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine resumes its fourth season Tuesday, April 11, at 8/7c on Fox; Fillion’s episode will air this spring.

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  1. Bella says:

    This should be great.

  2. Really!? says:

    So, kinda like Castle role. Yea, I don’t know about that.

  3. knd says:

    What’s up with Brooklyn 99 not coming back until April????

    • rarefied says:

      I was also worried, but maybe it has to do with Chelsea’s pregnancy? I just hope it doesn’t mean the show’s on the bubble.

    • Gern Blanston says:

      Fox’s schedule is seems kind of screwy this year. Lucifer doesn’t come back until sometime in May if I’m not mistaken which means unless they air these shows more than one episode a week that they are going to be running into the summer.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      Proper question is why it’s still airing new episodes at all! Casting good actors who have fans (Nathan, for instance) is the only reason anyone would ever watch an episode! Proof? I believe I read someplace (maybe TVLine) it won a People’s Choice Award, & followed that with its lowest ratings to date!

      Face it; Samberg should join Fallon on the “host ‘SNL’, the only thing I’m watchable on” list.

  4. Ellen says:

    Loving all the Fillion buzz this week!! Bring it! I desperately miss him on my TV every week! Anything he’s in, I’m there.

  5. Al says:

    he should play in a new tv show, i’ve never watched mf or this one (i had actually never heard about it ??) so i wouldn’t understand anything

    • Arabella Bishop says:

      I don’t think you need to know much other than it’s a sort of comedic police procedural. I’ve seen a couple of episodes. I don’t like sitcoms much, but it’s reasonably funny. Fillion & Samberg are probably a hoot together.

  6. Chris says:

    Spoiler he’s only in one episode of Santa Clarita diet, but the show is hysterical

  7. Superwoman says:

    Santa Clarita Diet is one of the oddest shows I’ve ever watched…it’s not good or bad

  8. Vanessa says:

    Another show I won’t be able to watch with that show-killer on it. Serious step down for him to go from a starring role to only guest roles. He deserves it.

    • flipper says:

      I’m happy for him that he is doing something else, he has ALWAYS been funny. But for me when I see either one of the two, I ALWAYS see Castle. It’s too bad they fired her. I would think that all the women marching around on 1/21 would be asking why, isn’t that one of the reasons they marched. Maybe even asking ABC why four actress in two years got fired but not one actor? Maybe they would be brave enough to answer.

    • Why believe an 'anonymous source' says:

      why do you think he is a show killer? and this is me being truly curious, not lashing out or anything. last i heard nothing was substantiated and their were rumors going both ways regarding who was at fault (actor wise). And it is also hard to believe an actor bound by contract would have enough pull, on TV, to control the direction of a show that much…. especially when the only truly long lives, successful show under their belt is Castle.

      I guess the question is why believe one anonymous source but discount the people from the set who say Fillion was not like that and Katic is not the type of person to run to her trailer and cry, rather then confront the issue.

      • FormerCastleFan says:

        It wasn’t just anonymous sources that said NF had some serious sway on the set and the direction the show went.
        A female crew member said that minus the fan outpouring of shock, the same thing happened to her (budget cut from the show *cough*)

        And another crew member said “I know that if Nathan doesn’t like you, you’re gone. There are also contract negotiations and actors desires and
        it is true that Nathan only wanted to work with Stana 2 days a week so the writers had to deal with story wise. Count their scenes together”

        I find it spectacularly suspicious that only those NF liked (the actors that he invited around to his house for the live tweeting events for the show) we’re the ones about to keep their jobs had S9 gone ahead.

        • JD says:

          Yeah, I remember reading that comments too. Actions speak louder than words, and I think deep down “Mr. Nice Guy” isn’t that nice :/.

        • Why believe an 'anonymous source' says:

          No i read those as well, what I mean is that they were nameless. I can’t remember whom, but he was named, since he tweeted his response, and he was from the castle crew too; but he said that Nathan never did that and then asked fans if they thought Stana would be the one to go crying to her trailer like that…. which is what these ‘crew members’ were saying too…. I agree that there was no love lost between them, but it would make more sense that the fall of Castle was a culmination of factors: poor story line, producer decisions, etc rather then saying NF (who is not a TV actor with many successful projects) has so much sway as to dictate the reins of a show….. especially when one can argue that Stana gained in importance and reputation as Castle kept going.

    • Arabella Bishop says:

      Vanessa, Fillion never killed anything. It was the writers. It was the producers. There’s no such thing as a permanent job and Castle had a long and mostly satisfying run for everyone involved, including the fans. EVERYONE worked insanely long, hard hours to make that show as wonderful as it was. Fillion made hundreds of public appearances and spoke at least neutrally if not positively about Castle whenever asked. It wasn’t damning with faint praise, either. He was just honest: the hours were long, the job was hard, he loved the people he worked with.

      Maybe you’ve never held a job, or worked 18-hour days 6 days a week, or had any responsibility whatsoever on your graceful yet deceptively strong shoulderblades. IT’S NOT EASY. Now it’s over. Now he’s taking work as it comes, and helping others get work.

      Meanwhile you castigate him for something I guarantee you didn’t witness yourself.

      So why don’t you turn your gimlet eye from the screen, take your literary genius (or whatever wit you may possess) and write something more worthwhile. Maybe start with “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” No cut-and-paste.

  9. lame says:

    The amount of his work on tv shouldn’t be a surprise. He is extremely well connected and that became obvious with the start up fund for Con Man which exceeded all expectations in record time

    • Jerri says:

      Con Man got funded because the fans wanted to see more of Tudyk & Fillion on screen. Not because Fillion “is extremely well connected”. Had he really been “extremely well connected”, Con Man would have aired on TV.

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        Everybody always makes such a big deal about how large the crowds are @ SDCC, but the fact it’s the same people every year at every convention (the same way people make a big deal out of movies’ grosses for an opening weekend, but not later, once those viewers’ mostly-bad reviews have passed around & the grosses are people who liked it going to repeat viewings).

        Not airing on TV had FAR less to do with Nathan or his connections than the subject matter/setting(s).

  10. Anne says:


  11. Regina says:

    Thrilled for all the TV News about Nathan Fillion! Really loved Castle and I miss it. (Had hoped for a S9.) But its great to see him mixing things up a bit with all the comedy projects—which he shines in. TV is always brighter a little Fillion in it.

  12. tjchurch2001 says:

    1] I could’ve sworn I saw him & Alan do an interview on TV (“Carson Daly”) a few years ago, saying they had co-created that show.

    2] My first thought is of Laura Prepon (pre-“Orange Is…”) as “Nikki Heat” on “Castle”. (Not to mention many books by the actual Castle I see in stores have Nathan’s picture on them, to the point I’ve “tweeted” Nathan, asking what the real guy looks like.)

  13. Jane says:

    Great! Anything with Nathan Fillion in itcmakes the show better. I hope to see him on a new series, however, friends who know him state he wishes to take a break from the grind of a weekly show. I hope that is not true!!

  14. Marissa L says:

    His character sounds very similar to Rob Lowe’s character on The Grinder. Not that that’s a bad thing, I miss that show!

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      You & Rob may be the only ones!

      I especially disliked how every episode included scenes from his other show (which never truly existed), which then seemed to match what happened to the firm of the family (played by great actors like Devane & Savage).

      Also, it was just another version of Lowe lying, as I could’ve sworn I read he & Rashida were each/both leaving “Parks” to get away from grind of sitcoms for a while.

  15. KB says:

    I’ll never watch anything he is in again. I don’t care what went down behind the scenes but one thing is for sure, he had enough energy to take the money but not enough to do his job. He is not a great actor and that’s what he is doing now, he is guest actor for one or two episodes in some series. Most of his time he spends on Comic Cons, yes he is a conman and it’s well deserved.

    • Jane says:

      That’s what makes this country great. Freedom to watch or not watch what you wish. Me personally? I’m going to watch it because I love his acting and everything he’s been in from 2 Guys, Firefly, Castle and ALL of his movies. I didn’t watch him in OLTL because I worked during the day. So don’t watch it that’s your choice. But it will NOT influence my choice as my feelings will not influence your choice.

  16. Collette says:

    Since everyone is obsessed with reboots, why don’t they cast Nathan in a redo of the original Burke’s Law? He’s a natural for the Gene Barry character and of the perfect age and degree of savior faire.

  17. Where is it? says:

    I thought he said he wanted his fans to LOUDLY notice how his next projects were fresh and versatile?

    Talk about retreading over old ground *yawn* I’d rather watch classic Castle reruns.

    • georgee says:

      You are right Castle reruns will be better. It is too bad ABC could not get in with the pay equality.

      • Where is it? says:

        I don’t think it was the pay that was the issue. Although ABC said that Stana and Tamala were sacked due to “budget cuts”, from a narrative perspective it would have made FAR more sense to cut the budget by cutting Alexis from the show, or the character of Hayley that had been introduced. Or Castle’s mother or Ryan, or Espo. In fact, it would have made more sense to “budget cut” any of the other actors except Stana & Nathan. Caskett were the heart of the show. It, in fact, makes zero sense. Much like S8 made zero sense. Means there was definitely something going on behind the scenes. Makes you wonder what puppeteer was pulling the stings…

  18. ….. My Fillione watching days are over! Long over …. ” I’m with HER” !!! Is my Motto ……now!