Supergirl Recap

Supergirl Recap: Mars Attacks (Again)

Following last week’s awkward confession, tensions were running understandably high between Kara and Mon-El atop Monday’s Supergirl — but that didn’t stop the “intergalactic bartender” from having her signature non-cocktail ready to go before she even sat down.

In fact, he’s apparently adopted it as his own go-to beverage, which must have made part two of Kara’s rejection even more painful: “It was great that you were honest,” she explained. But here’s the thing: You were right. I’m not so sure we’re a good match.”

Too bad Kara wasn’t fooling anyone when she used her busy work schedule as an excuse not to go all in with Mon-El, including Alex. (Speaking of the other Danvers girl, could her and Maggie’s shared love of the band Barenaked Ladies be any more on-the-nose? Not that I’m complaining. “One Week” is a jam.)

Of course, all of the above relationship drama paled (teehee) in comparison to what M’gann went through this week. Like the weirdest Lifetime movie imaginable, her evil, presumed-dead husband Armek arrived on the scene with intentions of turning her over to Martian authorities as punishment for her treasonous acts.

And M’gann’s problem became everyone’s problem when Armek, cleverly disguised as unassuming tech wiz Winn Schott, wreaked havoc at the D.E.O. Silver lining: The group uniting against him gave everybody a chance to work through their issues. Kara was able to vent to Alex — albeit a White Martian disguised as Alex — about her lingering fear of abandonment, and J’onn pretty much confessed his undying love for M’gann. (Let’s hope J’onn’s phone carrier offers cheap long-distance calls!)

And then came one last bummer: Just when Kara decided she was potentially ready to test the waters with Mon-El… she spotted him on a date with someone else! Blerg!

Your thoughts on this week’s surprisingly romantic episode? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Jason says:

    I don’t understand what the writers are using to justify these feelings kara have for mon-el. Outside a few romantic speeches and meet cute situations this entire thing feels out of left field and forced..and this is not a shipper thing. This is me really wondering where are they justifying kara feeling so strongly for him when they haven’t shown this to us the audience

  2. Jason says:

    I don’t understand what the writers are using to justify these feelings kara have for mon-el. Outside a few romantic speeches and meet cute situations this entire thing feels out of left field

    • Sarah says:

      Not to me. I saw them together their first episode. They have far more in common than James. Whose character the writers have destroyed this year.

      I want M’Gaan to return. And Brian and Joe.

      • Jason says:

        Everyone saw them together the first episode becasue we know how the CW works but they haven’t built anything in the story that gives me a reason to care about Kara and Mon-el as a romantic pairing. Which is why this feels like the writers telling us they want this more than showing us why we should want this.

    • Mary says:

      It does. And also one-sided to just Mon-El being interested in her.

    • Partisan says:

      Devil’s advocate time. Kara has always been a person out of place. An alien among humans and as much as she cares for them they’re still different. Now along comes a guy who is cute and charming (I’m a guy so I’m assuming women find him so) and he has both a shared history, albeit not the warmest one, and he shares her powers. They may be portraying her as seeing another person like herself if he can be made less daxite(?) and that could be very appealing. Maybe that’s where the producers are going with this. I’m not saying I like the relationship but from this perspective I think it does make sense.

    • Thulisa says:

      i just think the problem is that they are not building the love story very well. we see the direction the show is trying to go with the pair but there is not much they are doing to electrify the relationship. and the fact that Kara has been somewhat on the fence is not helping either.
      we need more moments of them together.we need to see the relationship develop into the epic love story those of us who love romance wish it will become.

      superman has Lois, surely they can hook a girl up with some love you know!!!

      • Josh says:

        More moments of the forced romance Together? He’s already with her almost always eating up screen time that should be given to others they don’t need more time together

  3. John says:

    I had a real problem with the heart felt talks occurring when there was minutes to a reactor overload and they were looking for a deadly alien, really two. There is such a thing as time and place.

    • jj says:

      haha good point

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Maybe fake Alex was doing that to buy time to keep Kara from finding real Winn. Fake Alex could read minds and so fake Alex would know which buttons to push to keep Kara occupied. No real excuse for J’onn though.

  4. I never was a fan of the Kara/MonEl pairing because its boring in general. The human /kryptonian pairing is more fulfilling.

    I mean we’ve essentially had 3 major love interests for her in a season and a half. Winn was seemingly buried (but I don’t think completely dealt with). James was built up in Season 1 and dismissed almost immediately. And now this guy who, if he truly has feelings for her, would move on so quickly.

  5. Nicole Recchia says:

    Thank god not much mon el in this ep. It was great. Loved the danver sisters. They are fantastic. Next week’s show looks great with Lena

  6. Sarah says:

    Very good episode. But so sad! For John, for M’Gaan and for Kara and Mon-el

    The best part? No James. I liked him las year but now just want him gone.

  7. Nony says:

    Winn without James was great. I could have done without the Mon-El scenes. He just very meh. Kara can do so much better than him, imo.

    Anyways, looking forward to the return of the Luthors next episode.

  8. Jay says:

    All the scenes with J’onn and M’gann were so good and heartbreaking. Felt so sad for Kara as well! Great scene with her and Alex at the end! It was weird seeing Mon-El sad as well! He’s always funny and brings life to the episode. Really looking forward to finding out more about him and his secret.

  9. Stacey says:

    I love all the characters but honestly Kara has the best chemistry with Lena. Though I am fine with her and Mon-El and Jimmy and Winn too. Sad about M’gann leaving, hope she comes back!

  10. Superwoman says:

    I’m here for more Mon El and Kara…they need to happen

    • Sarah says:

      Agree. They have a lot in common. IMO

      And I want Wynn to be happy with someone as well

    • Jamie says:

      I was starting to think I was the only one! I think part of it is that the actors have lovely chemistry, but there’s something sweet and slightly star-crossed about them, and they bring out interesting sides to each other.

      • Tai says:

        Nope. You’re not alone I think those of that like them together just tend to stay quiet due to the very vocal hatred of him for reasons I remain unclear or concerned about. But rest assured you’re not alone. I love Mon-El. I think they’re cute together and this is coming from someone that was willing to give Jimmy and Kara a try but ultimately was happy that it didn’t happen.

        • GambitGrey says:

          Same here. I love Mon-el en Kara more than James and Kara.

        • Sarah says:

          100% agree.

          I have been told on this site that I am 1) racist for preferring Mon-el to James and that 2) I am homophobic for not shipping Kara / Lena.

          C’est la vie. I love Mon-el. The character and the pairing.

          • Claire says:

            Me too! I think Mon-El and Kara have great chemistry although I don’t mind it if the writers take their time putting the two together. Just not TOO long. ;)

    • Josh says:

      No they need to not happen quit with this forced pairing Kara does not need a Doucheboy in her life or a significant other right now

  11. Diggory says:

    No James! It was pretty awesome

  12. Kirsten says:

    I’m upset that the directors, writers, producers aren’t pushing J’onn J’onzz to his fullest potential. He has all these powers and he could have used it for this episode even his telepathy. I guess they don’t want to take the spotlight off of Kara. Overall, I thought it was an awesome episode. Unfortunately, J’onn and Kara are both lonely again. Smh….

  13. jj says:

    Jeremy Jordan seemed to really enjoy playing Martian Winn.

  14. Kelly says:

    Is it just me, or is Winn being evil kinda hot? Although, if there was an entire episode with “Evil Winn” it would be a little annoying. Good thing it was only for a few minutes.

  15. Mark says:

    No Guardian? Check. Small amounts of Mon-El? Check. That a made this episode great!

    So sick of the forced romance of Kara and Mon-El. Yawn. So disappointed Kara’s main purpose this season is to be Mon-El’s love interest.

    Loved everything else.

  16. tribulationschimeriques says:

    Well an A+ episode for me that ticked all the right boxes:
    Danvers sisters : check
    Sanvers : check
    No James : check
    Less Mon-El/Kara : check
    Fight sequences : check
    Kara/Alex saving the day : check

    As I was trying to decipher which one was the martian in disguise, I couldn’t decide which one I’d like most to be : Alex or Winn … and the writers go and give us both. Thank you!! :)

    A good episode, well balanced between action (the move to the cw did really great on that part) and feelings (poor J’onn)

    You know what I’d like to see? Alex training Winn in close combat (much like she did her sister in season 1) … that’d be awesone, I love to see them interacting as bro/sis :p

  17. Jim says:

    Today I found out that the actress who plays M’Gann (Sharon Leal) is 45. I would have said 24. Those are some good genes.

  18. Rex the Wonder Dog says:

    The irony is everyone risked their lives to keep M’gann from having to go back to Mars. And in the end she plans on going back to Mars anyway.

    Hey, no James in this episode. Is that a first?

  19. Phun says:

    Great action packed episode. Sad to see M’gann leave. :(

  20. Some thoughts–this is a superhero show. I’m not really interested in all these romantic relationships. When doing a show about Supergirl, a hero from another planet, and cousin to Superman, why am I spending so much time watching a romance between her sister and someone else? We get it–she’s gay. This romance would be just as dull if it were straight. Either way, I really don’t care about that. Give me action. Show me Supergirl saving the day.

    As for Supergirl and Mon-El, can two people have less romantic chemistry? It feels so forced.

    I’d like to see them do more of what they do best–creative integration of DC characters into the fold.

    • Kirsten says:

      I have to agree. I like the Romance but you are right, this is definitely an action show so there should be some action. I would also like to see more Martian manhunter using more of his powers. I really thought this show was going to have more action stuff in it but I guess they needed some relief during the hype because this was a really good episode.

  21. Boiler says:

    As a relatively new viewer I miss Calista and Jenna. I do think they have ruined the James Olsen character. I’ll keep watching the show although don’t like CW. How come all their shows get reviewed here when barely anyone watches but very little on Mme Secretary, Elementary, Scorpion. TVLine you have an opportunity to try and help good sagging shows while we watch most CW shows continue to lose viewers.

  22. Thulisa says:

    frankly, i think they are dragging the Kara/Mon-El getting together thing far too much. if it were up to me they would have been together by now. i think we are due for an epic love story for our ever hard working Supergirl. she deserves all the hapiness…so do they make a great pair on with it CW. give us some love already. we’re dying for it. plus, them circling around each other will get old and we might lose interest in the whole affair

  23. Dominique says:

    fantastic episode, jeremy jordan was great as the white martian!
    i like mon-el and kara together, it does not feel out of the blue for me, cause they’ve had a connection ever since he crashed on earth. it may not have been a romantic one at first, but the amount of time they’ve spend together since then, training, talking, having fun… it’s really not all that unexpected for them to develop feelings for each other.
    i feel so bad for j’onn, the man can just never catch a break. i hope we haven’t seen the last of m’gann. it’d be so awesome if she would return in the final episodes of this season with an army of white martians, ready to back up the DEO.

  24. gemini says:

    I just don’t see this pairing at all Kara has given no indication she has had feelings for Mon-El and now we are to believe she does if they gave us an indication then maybe I could believe it but I just don’t see yet

  25. Luis Roman says:

    I wish the writers were a smidgen less obsessed with romantic complications. i felt like Kara started off the season on a strong note, rejecting the possibility of a relationship with James because she needed to establish herself as a person, but now you have her potentially tumbling into a relationship with Mon-El. Then you have the Alex-Maggie relationship and now J’onn and M’gann? I fear the loss of Calista Flockhart has robbed the show of a good deal of its zip.

  26. Marc says:

    All of Kara’s (potential) romantic relationships have been poorly conceived, plus she lacks chemistry with all of them including Winn. Funny enough, the only person who she had any connection with was Lena Luther.