24 Legacy Recap Premiere

24: Legacy Is Up and Running — Will You Make Time for the Real-Time Revival?

Jack Bauer may be MIA, but another day has to be saved, in Fox’s 24: Legacy. Now that the reboot is up and running, will you go along for the thrill ride?

The real-time thriller’s revival stars Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton) as Eric Carter, the youngest squad leader in the history of the U.S Army Rangers. Six months prior, his team captured terrorist leader Sheik Ibrahim Bin-Khalid — after which, they were all sent home and into Witness Protection to elude a fatwah. But when Eric realizes that his pals are being methodically picked off one by one, it becomes clear that the list of their new identities and locations has been leaked.

Having just barely, literally dodged bullets and beatings inside their own home, Carter whisks away his wife Nicole (Greenleaf‘s Anna Diop), leaving her, somewhat begrudgingly, in the safekeeping of his hoodlum brother Isaac (Ashley Thomas). Thing is, Eric stole Nicole away from Isaac back in the day, so there’s little love left there. (As an added wrinkle, Isaac’s current girlfriend doesn’t take kindly to the idea of his ex hanging around, commanding his attention.)

With Nicole safely tucked away (though wondering if her husband truly left his op behind), Carter makes contact with Ben Grimes (Mad Men‘s Charlie Hofheimer), the only other surviving team member — and a paranoid schizophrenic at that. They discreetly rendezvous to review the contents of a strong box that Grimes pinched from Bin-Khalid’s compound, and inside a secret compartment they find a flash drive containing a list of sleeper terror cells throughout the United States, with activation codes that would set in motion an attack on U.S. soil. Upon making the discovery, Carter and Grimes are descended upon by baddies, and though Carter is able to fend them off, Grimes scampers away with the flash drive. More paranoid than ever, Grimes plans to hold the explosive intel for ransom, and if the USA doesn’t pony up, he’ll turn it over to the terrorists.

Along the way, 24-legacy-recap-premiere-rebeccawe meet Rebecca Ingram (Homeland‘s Mirando Otto), the former National Director of CTU who after Bin-Khalid’s capture stepped down so that she can focus on helping her husband, Senator John Donovan (NYPD Blue‘s Jimmy Smits), with his run for president. But when a frantic Carter comes calling with the bombshell that one of the three intelligence agencies entrusted with the Rangers’ WITSEC identities — the NSA, CIA or CTU — hung them out to dry, she is compelled to bail on a big fundraiser to instead sniff around her old stomping grounds, with the help of computer wonk Andy (Scandal‘s Dan Bucatinsky). Senator Donovan is none too pleased that the would-be First Lady has bugged out on her first commitment after exiting CTU, a grievance egged on by his chief of staff Nilaa (State of Affairs‘ Sheila Vand).

At CTU, Rebecca circumvents her hand-picked successor, Keith Mullins (The Flash‘s Teddy Sears) — not knowing if she can trust him, after all — to sneak into their servers and run point on Carter’s meet-up with Grimes. When Mullins becomes curious and comes close to uncovering what his predecessor is up to, Rebecca pulls a Jack Bauer and tasers George Mason the director into submission.

Eric Carter is in the terrorists’ crosshairs. An on-the-edge Grimes has gone AWOL with the MacGuffin. Rebecca Ingram is surreptitiously staging a CT-coup. Oh, and some Chechen high school girl and her chemistry teacher are among the sleeper cellzzzzzz. Will you tune in for Hour 2 (airing Monday at 8/7c), and beyond?

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  1. Dave says:

    I was definitely entertained. And I’ll continue watching weekly. However, the reviews that said we have seen all of this done on original recipe 24 before (and done better) were very much on point. But still…it gave me that thrilling feeling I used to get. So I’m in. Gave it a B.

  2. Jon says:

    I was a fan of the original show. I’d be much more into this new version if the new Jack Bauer was a Muslim American hero who was taking down Christian terrorists.

  3. Kevin says:

    I give it an A. Hope 24: Legacy should live up to the hype of the original and I’m already hooked to see what happens next. Best moment – Rebecca Ingram tasing Keith Mullins (OMG!!).

  4. Diane says:

    Liked it. Coming back for a second episode.

  5. Dave says:

    Oh and since the high school people weren’t really talked about in the recap, I have to ask this here…is the girl terrorist related to Bin-Khalids people or just a randomly thrown in person? I missed some dialogue when she was speaking to the teacher in the library.

  6. Ange says:

    Great show,. Seemed to sort of hit on something from previous seasons as a suttle nod to the original which I liked. Just dont want the entire season to do so.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed the premiere having been a fan of the series. Didn’t anyone notice the comment made by the new CTU member that she was a relative to Edgar Stiles? To this day that has been one of the saddest deaths on 24.

  8. Stephen S. says:

    I gave it a B. Liked it, didn’t love it. Main story was good. Carter and Rebecca are good protagonists though they are certainly no Jack Bauer. But they are still good. But the show grinds to a halt whenever the focus shifts to the high school story line. The dialog and acting are atrocious. It feels like a bad teen soap.

  9. Jim says:

    Eh. Same old 24 shenanigans. I thought they had something new to say with this reboot, a new spin on the premise, but they pretty much just went for every trope about the original show right out of the box. Not sure I’ll continue to watch as I was let down by the increasing number of plot contrivances and lack of anything approaching realism in later seasons of the original show.

    • Jim says:

      I mean we couldn’t even go the first episode without there being a mole in CTU and people sneaking around the corridors carrying unconscious bodies?

      • cej says:

        As soon as they showed CTU, I said to my husband, “Let’s start guessing who the mole is.” I’ll give it another chance tonight, but so far none of it has grabbed my attention as must see. Would have been nice to have a few recognizable faces from the past.

  10. justsomeguy says:

    Pretty good. Standard 24 flair, so pretty entertaining. Glad 24 is back.

  11. William Kozuch says:

    Missed the last half hour due to the Superbowl running over the first half hour. Is there going to be a repeat of the Premier on KTVU FOX 2 in the San Fransisco By area

    • Marie58 says:

      Check your listings for this coming Saturday, February 11 at 8pm. That’s when it’s being repeated in Los Angeles.

  12. Alf says:

    I will never understand the casting decisions. Corey Hawkins just doesn’t have the looks to pull of a badass character following Kiefer Sutherland/Jack Bauer. And Miranda Otto is just plain terrible. But it is still 24 (somewhat).

    • Zoonta says:

      seriously, Otto is the worst. almost can’t watch her. if this was any other show, I wouldn’t have finished the episode. but I used to love the real 24.

  13. T12 says:

    doesn’t have the same feeling. there’s just no replacing Jack/Kiefer. can’t be.

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      How many times do they have to say it. They are not replacing Jack Bauer. This is just a new chapter. It’s not like in soaps when they bring in a different actor to play the same character.

  14. YTKylie says:

    I enjoyed it…more than I thought I would. The new “Jack Bauer” character really kept me entertained… not too sure about the CTU crew though..but for now I’m sold, thanks to Carter!

  15. :-) says:

    I never watch the original. I really enjoyed this it’s got me hooked for the whole season

  16. Raftrap says:

    You gotta love a 24 homage band, they are already using a taser on the head of CTU, all I need is a surprise mole and a new Naked Mandy and this show will win me over.

  17. spdavid says:

    Not bad,what I expected.24 is what it is which means some of it makes absolutely no sense but you just go with it for the action.

  18. Wrstlgirl says:

    I just finished watching and really enjoyed it. Then again, I knew I would. They can take out Rebecca sooner rather than later though.

  19. Kenbud says:

    Great scene with the rolling barrel! Loved that one.

    I’m gonna guess Jimmy Smits’ character has something to do with it all, in the end. You don’t hire someone of Smits acting caliber to be a side player.

  20. RichieS says:

    Whenever you interview Miranda Otto could you ask her to compare the intensity levels of 24 and Homeland? Would be an interesting ‘inside’ answer.

  21. shadester says:

    there was supposed to be a preview for prison break during the show. What happened?

  22. D. says:

    I set the DVR to record, but it didn’t because of the Super Bowl ceremony. How many people do you think missed the premier?

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      I was honestly surprised that they chose to roll it out this way. Thought for sure the episode tonight would be an encore of the premiere but nope. Guess they figure people will just find it online if they missed it. Don’t know where you are but it is being aired again on Saturday night in my area.

      • bj says:

        So people should wait till the weekend to watch tonight’s episode? That’s rather stupid. Why didn’t they repeat it tonight before the second episode. I set the VCR for Episode 1 and the news right after it to make sure I got it and I got two hours of Superbowl followup. No 24. I live in Canada and watch it on Fox here but we aren’t allowed to watch online at the Fox site. I think that will cause many people here to just give up on it. (Not that Fox cares.)

  23. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    That was a good episode, most def. watching the 2nd half today.

  24. Aeol says:

    It seemed a little overwrought, but I’m a 24 devotee. I’ll be sticking around for a while.

  25. texmike says:

    24’s back. I’m in! I would love a Jack cameo before the end.

  26. BrianR says:

    Good, but I still want Yvonne Strahovski in the series or any series. Come on Chuck 3.0

  27. Merri Ellin Huff says:

    My recording of the First Episode is overtime Super Bowl Awards etc?????where to actually watch the First Episode??

  28. rea502 says:

    I DVR everything and I have no interest in football, but even I know that there is no way that a live game will end at a specific time. And there’s always a post-game show. Therefore, DVRing 24 would guarantee missing part of the episode. I made the decision to watch it live. 24 started 30 min late, but I saw the whole thing.

  29. My friend and I loved the original and couldn’t get enough of it in college. We recently found out a third friend had never seen it. We decided to do a podcast where we break down (hopefully hilariously) each episode minute by minute with the newbie, with no spoilers on the later episodes. It’s amazing to re-watch, especially with someone who has never seen the majesty of Jack Bauer in action.

    If you want to follow along, look for us on iTunes or your podcast app. It’s called “Longest Days of our Lives” and the next episode (Day 1, Hour 4) will be up later this week.