Sleepy Hollow Ratings Season 4

Ratings: Sleepy Hollow Dips, Five-0 Rises, Emerald City Stabilizes

Sleepy Hollow this Friday drew 1.85 million total viewers and a 0.5 demo rating, ticking down on both counts week-to-week to hit and tie series lows.

Opening Fox’s night, Rosewood (2.6 mil/0.6) dipped to its smallest audience ever while flat in the demo.

Over on NBC, Grimm (4.1 mil/0.8) continued to hold rock steady. Emerald City (2.5 mil/0.6) dropped a few eyeballs yet halted its demo decline.

The CW’s Vampire Diaries (1 mil/0.4) rose a tenth, while Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (600K/0.2) was flat with its finale.

ABC’s Shark Tank (5.7 mil/1.3) dipped a tenth yet led the night in the demo. Last Man Standing (6.6 mil/1.2) was steady, while Dr. Ken (4.8 mil/0.9) ticked down.

CBS’ MacGyver (7.5 mil/1.0) returned down a tenth, Hawaii Five-0 (9.7 mil/1.1) rose 15 percent and a tenth and Blue Bloods (10.1 mil/1.2) was steady in the demo while drawing the night’s biggest audience.

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  1. tip says:

    But…but….but…Tom is a star and his hands….and his hair….and his accent…..and his hands again……

    • delorb says:

      LMAO! Somebody is working overtime to make it appear that the show is better than ever, but the ratings don’t lie.

    • Ron says:

      Hahaha. Your sarcasm is noted. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tom–and all those things about Tom–but he wasn’t the one who singlehandedly made the show, which is what TPTB seemed to believe. It was the great chemistry he had with Nicole. They should’ve known letting her go was gonna be the demise of the show. Yeah yeah, blah blah, Nicole chose to go. But maybe had those running the series actually shown her respect and appreciated her significant contribution to the show (e.g., understanding that she was fully a co-LEAD, and not shoving her to the side as a supporting character to make way for Crane family drama hour), then perhaps she’d still be there…

    • Thank you for making me smile! Yes they put all their eggs in Tom’s basket forgetting you still have to have great writers, showrunners, and a show people want to watch. Watching this season with the anorexic silly villain is painful.

    • Bobbie says:

      I know that I am in the minority and I know the show is a dead show walking, but I am liking the reboot. In the first season the chemistry between the leads was amazing, but the character of Abbey became increasingly annoying, she was a wet blanket instead of being a comedy foil.

      Flame away or gleefully enjoy the pending cancellation notice, but for now I will enjoy the characters and enjoy the fact that Jenny is getting more screen time. Hopefully all the actors, yes including TM and NB, get new roles next season.

      Sleepy Hollow has a diverse crew both behind and in front of the camera, if racism was an issue on set it would stand to reason that more people would be coming out and at least leaking about tension on set.

      • Yay says:

        Yes you’re in the minority. About 0.5 to be sure. I’m not sure how Abbie became a wet blanket seeing as she carried the show including Big Star. I’m not seeing a bigger role for Jenny either. She’s still standing behind Tom..Janina..the kid..and the new additions. Nice try though.

      • KLS says:

        I didn’t think SH was a comedy, even in it’s better days (1A).

      • ?!! says:

        No, you are not in the minority. However, most of the fans who continue to watch have given up trying to post anything positive about the show–it’s just not worth the usual rhetoric thrown at you. Case in point, look at the comments below you. I’m enjoying the reboot as well, doubt it will be back, but will continue to watch until it ends. Funny how so many claim to never watch again, but still come in to trash a show “they aren’t watching”. If you aren’t watching–why do you care? Was there an oath signed to snark about a show you “hate”?

      • I don’t know what happened to my post so I’ll repeat myself, because it bears repeating. You stated the problem so eloquently, NB was treated like foil, when she should have been treated like an equal partner. If TM had been treated like foil, he would have quit too. If I had signed onto the show as an equal, and tptb insisted on treating me like foil, I would have told them that I deserve better, and if they refused to treat me like the equal they hired, I would have quit too.

        • Hence, the ratings crisis. Most people don’t like ugly anymore, so they turn the channel, and comment on message boards as a matter of principle. I like TM, but what was done to NB was so wrong, watching SH is the equivalent to going along with disparate treatment in all its many forms. At least, that’s how I feel.

    • Casey says:

      Now you know you dead wrong for that 😂

    • Denny says:

      Hilarious…they tried it! Those monsters (pun intended) are reaping what they sowed. Treat people horribly and it will come back to you.

  2. Kevin says:

    More bad news for Sleepy Hollow as the series’ fate could be in jeopardy.

  3. Billy meacham says:

    They shouldn’t have moved it to fridays. Same with rosewood

  4. Ian says:

    You know what would be hilarious???
    If we found out they were trying to bring Nicole back now. That’s the only way I’d imagine the show could get the boost it needs now. And seeing as how Fox seems willing to throw away money in order to stay in business with lonestar Tom as Ichabod Crane, maybe they’ll pay Nicole what she’s worth now.

  5. Iris says:

    So indeed, MacGyver back = Five-0 rises. The crossover could boost both of them. CBS seems to have found an efficient Friday line-up, even on weeks when ratings are generally on the low side.

  6. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    I don’t care what you naysayers write. I’ll be there til the bitter end of Sleepy Hollow. It still beats all of the drek on The CW.

  7. ragnar51 says:

    Love H50, I hope they change their minds about next season being the last

  8. evababy says:

    Remember when Dana Walden at Fox said “there is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm from fans about the show coming back and about Tom having the ability to be the center of the series…” I want to know what her definition of “tremendous” is? Most of the “tremendous enthusiasm” I heard about was from the fans (myself included) who were enthusiastic about NOT watching Sleepy Hollow any longer.

    • Mike Jones says:

      Only reason why Sleepy Hollow is still on the air is because they had nothing to replace it with and it’s a Fox produced show. Same thing with Rosewood. But in defense to both shows, the network shows no support for them either. Look at CBS and ABC, they know to market and publicize their shows.

  9. Christine says:

    “Emerald City” deserves more love.

    • B says:

      And many more viewers. I’m really enjoying it and wish people would give it a chance – more than just an episode or two.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I’m still watching it but I’m not sold. It feels like it’s trying too hard to be edgy but mostly it’s just meh.

      Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s season finale last night was stellar — funny, smart, shocking, touching. I’m sad that more people don’t watch it, but apparently the CW doesn’t care about its dismal ratings. Thanks for the early renewal!

  10. sarah of old says:

    This episode was the best of the season. Had an edge and the villian was attached to reality (failed computer geek trying to hold on to his ideas, less talented geek getting all the praise), and was tryly villanious. Seems the writers got a little more enthusiastic this episode but the development of why a child was chosen as a witness taking far to long to develop. Maybe the true fans of the show could accept her abscence if they saw the familial connection and the reason for new younger witness. Writers better bring this together before cancellation occurs.

  11. kmw says:

    Amazing that two older shows on Friday night can be so steady( Last Man Standing and Blue Bloods) and just as amazing that FOX thought this Sleepy experiment was going to work. Awful for them and Rosewood. Good that Emerald City stabilized but still too late

  12. GraceM says:

    Maybe now FOX will get the hint and cancel Sleepy Hollow like they should have last season?

  13. dean says:

    I can’t stand the new big bad. It’s like when the characters are just dealing with the motw itself I still find myself entertained by this show, but every time that guy comes on screen I just get so bored.

  14. sweetrupturedlight says:

    The reboot actually isnt bad. I think the show lost its core viewers a long time ago, and unfortunately, there are very few left to watch what is actually pretty decent. The reality is, the show could have been exceptional with Nicole. TPTB were idiots and the reality is, there was no way that this show was going to be successful after they bled viewers after s1, and losing their co-lead. Good luck SH, but your days are numbered.

  15. Jane says:

    So BORED with the same comments from the same people saying the same thing over and over and over again about Sleepy Hollow in every article mentioning Sleepy Hollow. I’m seriously wondering if they are even watching the show or just making comments to continuously show their dislike. At this point the comments are speaking to their own echo chamber of dislike.