The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Vampire Diaries' Michael Malarkey: Will Enzo Really Take the Cure for Bonnie?

Enzo is making a list and checking it twice on Friday’s Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8/7c) as he hits the open road with his best girl by his side. (Oh, did I mention it’s a bucket list?)

“Bonnie still wants Enzo to take the cure, so she basically convinces him that he should take advantage of being immortal and do all of the things her wants to do before he dies,” Michael Malarkey explains to TVLine. “So they go on this little romantic bucket list trip.”

Malarkey’s favorite stop on that trip was — surprise, surprise — the Atlanta Speedway, where we’ll get to see Enzo in full-on daredevil mode.

But because nothing good ever happens on this show without a catch, Bonnie and Enzo are also using their little road trip to transport the Maxwell bell to a safe house, which may account for the “heavy s–t” that “goes down at one point near the end of the episode.”

Malarkey can’t say whether or not Enzo decides to take the cure, but he assures us that he was ready for either outcome going into the series finale, currently being filmed in Atlanta.

“I kind of knew it was coming, how it all wraps up,” he admits. “Julie [Plec] had talked to some of us beforehand, telling us some ideas, so I was prepared for either way it would go.”

And if you’re still getting used to the idea of Bonnie and Enzo being together, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

“We were both kind of shocked by it,” Malarkey says of his on-screen pairing with Kat Graham. “Like, wait, what? … But it really works. We have this natural chemistry, the characters mesh together really well.”

Do you think Enzo will take the cure? Should he? Gather your thoughts, then drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Mare says:

    Anybody else thinking the bucket list thing has Enzo dying at the end? And the stills show that Stefan is terrorizing them. If Caroline still marries him if he kills Enzo…humanity or not, that’s unforgivable.

    • Sarah G says:

      I got the same feeling re: Enzo. Re: Caroline, she slept with Klaus after he murdered Jenna and Carol + got engaged to Ric after he murdered her Dad so it’s not like it’d be out of character for her LOL. These characters don’t tend to care about a little murder tbh.

      • Cas says:

        Um didn’t her dad want to be killed because he was turning into a vamp?

        • Sarah G says:

          @Cas He chose not to complete the transition but that was only an issue in the 1st place bc Ric murdered him and – unknown to Ric – Bill had vamp blood in his system. Basically Ric murdered him but the vamp blood gave him time to say goodbye to Caroline.

      • Lisa Mann says:

        True, but they’ve really been harping on Bonnie and Caroline’s friendship being a big factor in this year, and OOC or not, her fiance killing the love of her best friend’s life after throwing her around for multiple episodes would be awful and I don’t think I could ever like her as a character after that. She kind of has an abused woman personality with Stefan off the rails, “he’s only is bad when his humanity is off” which is the same as “he only hits me when he’s been drinking.” I think Caroline needs to GTFO of MF and go off to find herself.

        • Leah says:

          This is exactly the kind of attitude that I see with her and Stefan and as some one who was in an abusive relationship, the way she’s seemingly forgiving him for everything without consequences really bothers me.

          • Desiree says:

            She forgive him for anything remember what enzo did forget I think she is desperate allways .He is being force on her she cry to much .

        • Jess says:

          A really strong example, but I agree. She keeps making the same excuses for Stefan by talking about the good guy that she thinks that he is and even Sybil told her she was being delusional.

        • Sharon says:

          Great point Lisa. Caroline needs to put herself first and move on.

  2. Ken says:

    If anyone deserves a happy ending, it’s Bonnie and Enzo. I wish well for Caroline, Matt, and Alaric too! I think the only way for Damon and Stefan to find peace is to move on unfortunately

  3. Val M. says:

    Enzo is sooooo going to die, by it will be by Stefan’s hands? if it’s so, then I don’t understand how Caroline can married him or Bonnie can be their MOH

    • Kinz says:

      I think it’s a nightmare/fantasy :). Why else would Paul be filming in a suit last week with Caroline and Elena both in regular clothes? Like the Wizards of Waverly Place theme song, everything is not what it seems :) Why spoil some things blatantly if there isn’t a twist? It’s TVD.

  4. Cas says:

    So I haven’t watched this season and only watched a few episodes last but Enzo and Bonnie? Seems like an odd pairing. How did that happen?

    • fansy says:

      Short version – in a moment of crisis, everyone basically took off in different directions. Bonnie, abandoned, found herself in danger and Enzo stepped in to help her. Over the course of three timejumped years of that (she was hiding out in his place, off the grid) they went from frenemies to lovers.

      It’s actually a great pairing in terms of their personalities and compatible backgrounds of being crapped on by everyone else.

      • Cas says:

        Thanks. I plan on catching up but am waiting until this season is over. I always liked Enzo but then he sort of felt out of place for a while.

  5. Dominique says:

    i’m still a little confused about enzo taking the cure. elena took the cure, so how is enzo going to take it? and for that matter; wasn’t the plan for damon to take the cure from elena so they could spend mortal lives together? is there another cure i’m forgetting?
    if enzo dies, i’m going to be really upset. he, and bonnie, deserves so much better. i wouldn’t put it past caroline to still marry stefan after the fact, though. she’ll find some way to forgive him and make it seem like it wasn’t really him, same way they’re doing it now with damon/tyler.

  6. Brandi says:

    Won’t the cure ultimately kill him though? And I don’t mean he’ll die an 80 year old man. Didn’t Katherine start to deteriorate after she got the cure? And Enzo was sick when he as turned by Lily. So, won’t he just die? Or are we supposed to forget all that past writing?

    • Katherine was fine until Silas sucked the cure out of her system. That’s the reason she started to age quickly.

      The cure renders you human and keeps you that way until it’s removed from your system. It does not revert you to the state you were before turning.

      • Brandi says:

        Oh, ok. I didn’t remember that part. Thanks!

      • Gerald says:

        giantdoseofbs, you seem to know what is going on. I don’t remember where this other cure came from that they are talking about. I thought there was one and Katherine took it. There is only one more? Seems like if there can be two, it can be replicated and it can be taken by everyone. The end.

        • Brienna says:

          The other cure ca me from Nova Scotia when Bonnie was stuck in the prison world. Kai took her magic and she had to get the magic out of Tessa’s ancient rock thing and while she was there she got the cure from the prison world and brought it back for Damon to give to Elena. Then, Elena took it and Damon planned to take it with her but then Kai put her in a sleeping Beauty coma. So the only way for Enzo to get it is to suck it our of Elena.

        • To be honest Gerald, I’m a little lost on this cure too.
          Back in S6 Bonnie brought back the cure from the Prison World and that’s what Elena took. And now they just took a portion of her blood and that’s what Stefan got.

  7. fansy says:

    The bucket list thing sounds a little silly TBQH but I think I’d be entertained by Malarkey reading a dictionary. Love watching him, love watching him and B together.

    I really wanted them to do more justice to Enzo by tying up the loose ends of the St. John backstory and his part in it, but what was once such a driving motivation for E now feels so forgotten! Womp.

    I would be most satisfied with a “happy ending” for Bonnie and Enzo, so if this is leading to an outright death for him/them… I will try to remember this is just a show, because GRRRRR…that would be criminal!

  8. Lizzy says:

    The only cure in existence right now, is the one in Elena’s system. That cure is meant for Damon. They can’t just let Enzo violate her while she is unconcious and drain it from her. Elena has to give her permission when she wakes. And she won’t bc the plan is for her own love of her life to take it. -Damon. So the only other way to look for a cure, is to go to another alternate universe “prison world” which is highly unlikely. But recent bts and spoilers, hinted that Enzo will die and only return in the finale as a ghost to say goodbye to Bonnie. Also, Stefan, Damon and Caroline have been spotted filming without their daylight rings which may mean that Cade somehow made them all human. Stefan also sported a bandage on his hand. Vampires heal, so no need for that?

    • Leah says:

      Damon and Caroline were actually spotted with them on this week actually, and had it on in instagram pics from 16 and 14! Stefan was the only one consistently with it off.

  9. Brienna says:

    No because the only way for him to take the cure is to get it out of Elena and that is supposed to be for Damon when Elena wakes up!!!!

  10. Nina says:

    I don’t think Enzo shouldn’t take the cure I think bonnie should get her powers back and become immortal by her powers or become a vampire herself by drink Enzo’s blood. Either one it will be good.

    • Brandi says:

      I think Bonnie should get her powers back. She’s lost so much on this show, they need to her to be one bad mo fo witch again! I was hoping somehow she’d get them back when we saw Gram’s while in Damon’s mind last week.

    • Sharon says:

      I just want Bonnie happy!

  11. BAIRD says:

    Help? I have a question about the Elena/Bonnie curse. It says Elena can’t/won’t be awakened until Bonnie dies. Correct? So instead of Enzo taking the cure [Which BTW, how do they have it? I thought it was consumed by evil twin. Anyway, what if instead of Enzo taking the cure, Bonnie agreed to become a vamp? She’d she would litterally & officially DIE. Right?! So wouldn’t THAT break the curse?!
    Bonnie would drink the shot of Enzo’s blood pendant & DIE. Then, complete transition, & they’d all “live” on, right? Or have I missed some obscure, fine print that would prevent that from occurring? ?

    • Amy says:

      They explained in a recent episode that Bonnie can’t become a vampire while Elena’s under the curse because that would be a magical loophole and Kai warned that using any loopholes would immediately result in Bonnie and Elena’s deaths. So, according to Kai, if Bonnie became a vampire to break the curse, she and Elena would both die anyway. Now, Kai could’ve been lying but there’s no way for them to know that at this point so Bonnie’s not willing to take that chance.

  12. Amy says:

    For people saying that Enzo shouldn’t take the cure because then Damon can’t…I really don’t think Bonnie’s plan is to have Enzo take the cure from Elena. For starters, I doubt he could even do that when Elena’s still in the sleeping curse. But also, Bonnie wouldn’t do that to Elena or Damon. She clearly has another plan in mind. If she gets her powers back, she can probably either create another prison world and take the cure from there or just make the darn thing herself. Wasn’t her ancestor the one who originally created it? Bonnie can probably do the same thing.
    As to Enzo taking the cure, I’d actually prefer that to Bonnie becoming a vampire. Human Enzo means he and Bonnie could have children and continue the Bennett line which is important since, as of now, Bonnie’s the last of the Bennett witches. However, I’d be happy with any result where these two get a happy ending. Bonnie deserves that more than any other character on this show.
    I hope we see Bonnie get her powers back soon. The writers should’ve given her a whole arc of getting her magic back and exploring her magical background this season, but like so many opportunities when it comes to Bonnie, they dropped the ball on that one. Hopefully, they’ll at least let her get them back with a few episodes to spare. After all, they probably need her to defeat Cade and save the day for the hundredth time.

  13. Patsy says:

    Of course it would be asking to much for them to live happily ever after…smh

  14. Cassandra D. says:

    So Sad that TVD is coming to an end): I so Enjoyed watching each Season, All the Actors & Actress made the Show Exciting to watch!! Very Happy Nina will be there for the Last Season (:

  15. Baiba says:

    When Katherine was fed the cure she started aging as her body was catching up to her real age… Won’t that happen to Enzo too?!

  16. yasmeen says:

    Wouldnt the same thing that happened to Katherine just happen to Enzo? He’d age super quickly and die of old age. So taking the cure seems a silly idea.