The Vampire Diaries Recap

The Vampire Diaries Recap: (Yet) Another One Bites the Dust

The Vampire Diaries has a dicey history when it comes to road trips, and Bonnie and Enzo’s “bucket list” excursion on Friday was no exception.

Sure, there were a few happy moments — Michael Malarkey looked like he had a blast filming that racetrack scene, and that moment where Enzo carried Bonnie over the threshold was cute as hell — but it wasn’t long before everything fell to crap, thanks to Stefan’s arrival at Bonnie’s secret property in Upstate New York. (You know, where she’s been hiding Elena’s casket.)

After ripping out Enzo’s heart (!!!) and entering the house — thanks to a real estate agent he tracked down earlier in the episode — Stefan headed straight for Bonnie. But just when he thought he had the upper hand, our girl pulled out a syringe full of Elena’s blood (aka the Cure) and stuck it into Stefan’s tum tum. BoomHuman.

As heartbreaking as Enzo’s death was, can you honestly say you didn’t see it coming? If it took you by surprise, you’re clearly forgetting about The Vampire Diaries‘ two primary rules: (1) Bonnie isn’t allowed to be happy for too long, and (2) When you start making plans for the future, it means you’re about to be six feet under. (Oh, Enzo, why did you have to talk about growing old and gray with the woman you love?!)

Plus, it looks like Bonnie’s grief triggered the reawakening of her magic, so… call it even?

Earlier that day, back in Mystic Falls…

Cade’s tour of terror continued with a trip to Chez Salvatore, where he released Stefan from captivity and presented Damon with an ultimatum: Get me 100 souls — or just the love of his brother’s life, aka Caroline — by sundown, or face the fires of hell. (In other news, no one claimed the pancakes that Damon made for his brother. Do you think they’re still there?)

What he didn’t tell Damon is that he gave Stefan the same ultimatum, and he chose to hunt down his brother’s girl (aka Elena), rather than murk 100 strangers. (While I can’t say that Stefan made the right choice, I totally respect his work-smart-not-hard attitude. Heck, I’d hire him, though I feel like human resources would have a few questions.)

Your thoughts on this week’s tragic twist? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Remy says:

    How did Enzo not hear Stefan coming? He should have heard the car & Stefan talking on the phone with his super vamp hearing.

    • LizLem says:

      Stop victim blaming! lulz

      Maybe when he got in hearing range, Stefan vamp-speeded on him. Pretty crummy, coming up behind him like that.

    • Julie says:

      Who knows? All I know is that Stefan and Elena are human now and they can finally be happy together like they’ve always wanted. I hope they can.

      • Nelly says:

        Hahahaha yeah right that is going to happen 😊 i won’t lie..i am kinda hoping they will end it with damon/stefan dying..and others moving on with their lifes..but after the pictures i saw about episode 8×16..they are probably ending it with a happy end (caroline in a weeding dress, damon and elena holding hands….)

      • Sarah G says:

        Stefan literally just tried to murder Elena and “they can finally be happy together” was your first reaction?! Geez, TVD fandom remains a trip lol. (Not judging, just found it funny lol.)

        • Gift says:

          Hahaha I can’t help but laugh

        • Becky with the bad hair says:

          Yeah because Damon never abused Elena, banged her mother or tried to kill her brother multiple times or anulything. Delena is this show’s sickest joke, not Stefan and Elena. They had the closest thing to a normal relationship on this show.

          • Sarah G says:

            Thanks for the lecture about a totally different ship that I don’t even like, didn’t even mention and have no interest in defending? I was joking around, but if you wanna do this , fine: Stefan stalked, lied and manipulated his way into a relationship with Elena. He was abusive to Elena during their relationship . And he just tried to murder her. Stelena was unhealthy in countless ways and Delena being a toxic hot mess doesn’t change any of that.

            And I still don’t care what anyone ships and still think it’s amusing someone’s 1st reaction to attempted murder was: yes now they can live HEA! Bc really: lolllllll.

          • Yada says:

            Stefan has killed way more people then Damon!

      • Lauren says:

        It can’t happen anymore. Stefan’s human now. He is going to start aging. And, if Bonnie dies of old age, so will Stefan. He probably might NEVER see Elena again.

        • Jbj says:

          If memory serves me correctly given Catherine’s history, Stefan should be dying of old age in the finale.

          • Francesca says:

            Katherine only started died quickly because Silas drank her blood dry, she was fine before that happened. Stefan should live normally unless the same happens to him.

          • Dawn says:

            It doesn’t work that way. Remember when Damon was going to take the cure to be human with Elena? I too was thinking how since it killed Katherine so I looked it up and the reason Katherine started aging quickly was because the cure was drained from her. She was fine until that happened. The magic in the cure will keep them from aging quickly but if that magic is removed by draining his blood or by a witch siphoning it out than he will suffer the same fate as Katherine.

          • Yada says:

            Thank you, why hasn’t anyone stated the obvious. If I was a vampire that has lived as long as Damon and Stefen I wouldnt take the cure because it’s just a slow death sentence if you look at Katherine.

          • Yada says:

            Wait so if that’s the case will Elena die now that they took the cure from here?!

        • Yada says:

          Did you see the preview for next episode, Elena might be back sooner then you think.

          It’s sad because Bonnie was finally really happy and you know they couldn’t allow the to continue much longer.

      • stefan and Elena? Seriusly? He deserves nothing.

      • vypsy says:

        Move on with Stefan and Elena. Gahd! They’ve always wanted? Where were you? lol

      • Shay says:

        Many people may not agree with us but the hope of a Stefan/Elena reconciliation is what has kept me interested in this show. I know she will wind up with Damon but I was holding out small hope that becoming human would bring up a chance to bring them back together.
        I don’t want to hear that Stefan is a horrible person and doesn’t deserve her. Both brothers have done horrible things but it’s a friggin show. That’s what has gotten it this far.

        • Yada says:

          Elena has to be the dumbest girl in the world, I would mess with either of them. She should be with Matt if you ask me, not messing around with vampires.

    • shehryonline says:

      Its easy guys. Now that Bonnie has her powers she is gng to stand against Cade and probably die by defeating him
      stefan is gnna spend his human life with caroline and elena with damon
      matt has a big chance of getting injured cos his old stuff they found will be helpful against Cade
      enzo wont be cmin but bonnie will soon join enzo in paradise or ‘the fields’

  2. Kay says:

    Ok, first… it hasn’t even been like 5 minutes since the episode finished. You’re fast (well I stood there in shock for like 20 minutes after..) ok true on the Enzo thing.. but what’s gunna happen to Stefan?!?! Is he gunna die from old age like Katherine or what? I like vampire Stefan! Man this is dark.

    • ejdax37 says:

      He only dies if someone takes the cure from him, like someone drinking his blood. The reason Elena wouldn’t die is because she was only a vamp for a year or two, so when the time caught up with her she would still be physically 20 something not 300 like Katherine was. The cure keeps them human, once it is taken the time catches up with them. I have watched this show to much, and it sucks that Enzo died!

      • Ella says:

        Yeah, I kinda think that might be where they’re going with this, tbh. They still need to get rid of Cade and Stefan’s shown some serious martyr tendencies and I’m guessing will feel major guilt. I thjnk Stefan will begin to age rapidly since he’s 150+

        • guessitsme says:

          Although Stefan is now human he won’t age rapidly like Catherine did. Catherine ageing process sped up when Silas drank her blood and drained the cure from her (if memory serves me correctly.) Stefan should age normally unless someone supernaturally drains the cure from him–like Bon Bon now that she has her powers back (the wrath of Bonnie!)

          • Ella says:

            I knew that! I’m saying I think it’s likely that it’ll be neccessary. Their original plan was to use in against Cade and that’s still an option. Or I think he may let Damon have it if Elena were to wake up prematurely especially if the cure leaving her system affects her and maybe leads to *her* aging.

      • Gift says:

        Yea but I still knew he was going to die but why does it have to be Stefan? will Bonnie ever forgive him?

    • Tuqa says:

      Omg Stefan turning human is the worst thing that could happen, now there is no way Damon will take the cure to be with elena and leave his brother die😭😭

      • Neasha says:

        But now Stefan tried to kill elena not sure that Damon will stand by his brother this time. I like Stefan but he went too far

        • Gift says:

          Damon might be mad at his brother but he will never him to die. he will never abandon Stefan.

          • Fanatiikon says:

            Considering he is human, by the time bonnie dies of old age and elena wakes up, stefan will most likely be dead or like 80 years old.Unless bonnie dies fighting caid in which case idk wtf is gonna happen.

    • SG says:

      These recaps are fast because the editors get advanced copies of the shows and watch them at work, while writing the recaps prior to airing. They post immediately following the episodes.

  3. Lucy says:

    Caroline can’t seriously forgive Stefan for what he did and if she did Bonnie should be fuming! Yeah, his humanity was off, but it’s still inexcusable. It just feels like they are forgiving him for everything using the humanity switch as an excuse. He didn’t need to kill Enzo.

    Why, does The Vampire Diaries insist on putting Bonnie through crap. She deserves happiness. She has died and come back so many times been separated from the gang so many times. She’s used magic to protect her friends to the extent of almost killing her. She deserves happiness and she deserved to be selfish for once.

    Stefan and Damon deserve Paul and Ian’s vision of how their characters stories should end. They have lived enough. Stefan’s had multiple love of his lives, Damon has had love and ‘redemption’.

    • jerrired says:

      Caroline forgave Klaus for the stuff he did to her ex-bf, pretty sure, she could forgive Stefan. However, I have a feeling the show is setting up Stefan to die. And I do agree with you, at this point, I think the writers just need to kill off both Stefan and Damon. But will they have the guts to do it?

      • Lucy says:

        True, but he I think what Stefan did is worse because of the history between Bonnie and Caroline, whereas with Klaus you kind of expected it. I admit I’m a fan of KC, but at this point, Caroline just needs to end the show single and independent and possibly on a road trip with Bonnie (and Elena)

        • jerrired says:

          To me, they’re both bad. Both men stole something from people Caroline loved. And killing someone’s bf is bad but killing someone’s mom is worse. But to each their own. And I agree about the ending, the show has always been terrible to the women on it, so I would love to see that ending of all them just going off together single and ready for less toxic men. If only…

          • Ella says:

            Well, Carol Lockwood did have Caroline tortured so I feel like she had no love for the woman personally. Also, there’s the fact that Klaus was retaliating because of Tyler’s plan to put him down (that Caroline was a part of so not exactly an innocent bystander). Stefan was basically on a mission to kill Elena (Caroline’s bf!) and Enzo got in the way so for me they’re not quite equicoval.

          • jerrired says:

            Good points. I forgot all of that but I definitely think now the only satisfying ending of the series would be killing both Salvatore brothers and giving the girls a chance to start over.

          • Ella says:

            I would totally be here for single!Caroline though. She’s been in a long term “epic” relationship since she was like 16! Let the girl have some fun and find herself.

          • Yada says:

            I couldn’t even look at either of them!!!

      • Yada says:

        But Bonnie is Carolines best friend, they grew up together. This is unacceptable, you cannot forgive your finance if he kills your best friends lover!! You just can’t, I’m sure thats an unwritten rule!!

    • Shru says:

      Yeah I agree. I don’t want to see Stefan die without Damon dying too. The end of this show should exactly how Paul and Ian envisioned it. Both of them dying together. It would be very gutsy and I want to see TVD use that

    • Hallie says:

      Of course she is going to forgive him she has forgiven klaus for everything he has done, she forgave damon for killing tyler so why wouldn’t she forgive stefan since he had his humanity off but this episode also means no endgame for SC because even if they end up together it will be a very short endgame caroline is a vampire who will live forever and stefan is human which means they do not have a future longterm (similar to what TO did with elijah/haley/jackson. This way she can have her cake and eat it to this is so predictable. Which also means no delena cure because unless damon sacrifices stefan he will stay a vamp and elena is human so they also don’t have a future

    • Bex says:

      I agree. So inexcusable. Even when an original compelled him to kill Elena he fought it them he does this crap. I know it’s the last season and all but why did they have to kill enzo? I love him

    • Mandy says:

      I feel terrible for Bonnie, she doesn’t deserve this happening to her. Her character is the most powerful one on the show yet the least rewarded no actually punished for being good, loving, kind and a great friend who never asks for anything in return!!! I’m so mad at the writers

    • Yada says:

      When Enzo switch was off he was nearly as evil as stefen. When stefen hits his switch he becomes the reaper! I really dislike Stefan lately, now that he has killed Enzo he’s on my $hit list!!

  4. Sharon says:

    So let’s see…first Tyler deserved better, now Enzo deserved better. Poor Bonnie, just when she almost had it all. I did like Caroline in this episode and hearing how much she loved being a vampire.

    • Stacey says:

      I agree. I liked seeing her glow about being a vampire. She is so much more enjoyable when she interacts with characters other than Stefan. I can’t ever forgive him for this, that was too much, poor Bonnie!

    • Ella says:

      She really did blossom so much. I’m happy to see shades of the old Caroline back. Being with Stefan has been terrible for her self-esteem and has made her question herself WAY too much.

  5. Gina says:

    The last 2 minutes of tonight’s show were better than the last 2 seasons. As much as I didn’t want it to happen, I knew it was inevitable that Enzo was going to die.

    • KLS says:

      Yes! Those last 2 minutes make up for all the crappy storylines we`ve been forced to endure. I can`t believe there are only 5 episodes left!

    • Bex says:

      Season 7 was awful. When I heard 8 was it I wasn’t to upsrt, but this season has actually made the show good again and now I am sad about it. Lol

  6. Jason says:

    Well, that’s the quick way to get your humanity back. I did think Enzo would bite it. There was something very Romeo and Juliet about those two. It’ll be interesting to see whether Stefan chooses to remain human. In the past it would have gone without question, but with Caroline in the picture, he may choose eternity.

    • Lucy says:

      I don’t think he can become a vampire. Otherwise, Katherine would have done it back in S5. If he is able to then they would just be retconning it for Stefan’s benefit.

      • Jason says:

        It’s been a while so if they discussed the issue one way or the other, I don’t remember it. In any event, Stefan may still be immortal. Whatever magic Cade used to keep the Sirens and the Salvatores kicking is likely still in effect. Though whether it’s permanent or not is another question.

        • Lucy says:

          I wouldn’t put it past Julie to find a ‘loophole’ to keep her precious Salvatores alive.
          Sorry, but Damon killed Tyler (and others previously) and Stefan killed Enzo (and others previously) – I just want their Defan suicidal ending that Paul and Ian want.

          • Stacey says:

            Same here!

          • AnnieM says:

            I hate how everyone (except Matt, thank goodness) has been acting all “Laa dee dah…Damon killed Tyler, oh well, what can you do? ::shrug::” about Tyler’s death. It’s kind of ridiculous.

          • Ella says:

            Seriously, they acted like Tyler was just a rando distant high school acquaintance instead of Caroline’s first love and someone Bonnie/Matt/Elena had known their entire lives.

    • Chadwick says:

      He doesn’t have a choice now. The cure means vampire blood won’t work on him anymore.

    • KLS says:

      You can`t go back to being a vampire after taking the cure.

      • Stacey says:

        You’re right, they basically said once you take the cure you stay a human. Damon offered turning Kat but she refused since it wouldn’t work.

        • Michael says:

          Am I the only one thinking the whole Bonnie getting her magic back and Enzo’s body in the promo for the next episode means Bonnie is going to resurrect Enzo and, since that would kill her, have vampire blood in her system so she revives afterwards?

          • LizLem says:

            I hadn’t thought about the last part. But I’ve thought about the resurrection but… this seems viable.

            Bonnie and Enzo not together in the physical world is just too wrong and unfair so I’d take it.

          • Cydnie Forrest says:

            That’s what I thought… that Enzo will come back somehow. I didn’t think about Bonnie becomming a vampire but it makes total sense. There is a reason why she has Enzo’s blood in that necklace. TVD doesn’t make a deal out of something unless is has a future purpose.

          • Stacey says:

            Good point!

          • Yada says:

            I’m just worried about Enzo, because Stefan killed him he’s suffering in cases hell. I wonder if he will even be the same if Bonnie resurrects him. I hope so, but I don’t want bon bon to become a vamp!

  7. Nathan Everett says:

    Those last 2 minute was batsh*the crazy

  8. Ian says:

    Wow, that last scene was seriously good tv.
    I have faith it’ll all work out by the end.
    Now I’m just having visions of Bonnie going witch terminator on Cade or dead set on bringing Enzo back, and I AM LIVING FOR THAT.

    • Morgan says:

      Possible theory: I feel like since Bonnie’s witch powers are most likely back, she’ll try to bring Enzo back and kill Cade, which will kill her and bring Elena back. But since she has Enzo’s blood on her necklace she’ll return as a vampire and her and Enzo can live happily ever after toghter. For Stefan I feel like since he’s tied to Cade’s magic that the cure didn’t rly work on him. Still hoping he ends up with Caroline and Elena with Damon.

  9. jerrired says:

    Pretty sure I begged the writers to kill Enzo ever since he premiered on the series. YET now that I like him, and enjoyed his relationship with Bonnie, they finally have STEFAN kill him. Pretty annoying. I also think thy might have Bonnie *die* to be wth Enzo. Therefore, solving the Elena problem. On a brighter note, I think a certain Gemini former coven leader might pop up at the end of next week’s ep, so we’ll see if maybe he finds a way to bring back Enzo to make amends to Bonnie? Or at least let them have a better goodbye. Stranger things have happened on TVD.

  10. KLS says:

    Oh my God. I`m still in shock. I cannot remember the last time this show made me scream, gasp and actually Stand Up out of my seat. Holy crap! Why couldn`t Season 7 and the beginning of Season 8 have been this awesome? Why are they saving it for the last episodes?!? There were so many emotions in this episode and the acting was so awesome. I`ll admit that I was weirded out Bonenzo at the start of their relationship, but I soon fell in love with the dynamic and shipped them as hard as I do Delena. One thing Iike was the way everyone was over the cure. Did everyone forget that Damon was going to take it before Elena “went under?” That cure does belong to him (Caroline), and the fact that Bonnie was just going to take it for Enzo without so much as mentioning it to anyone burned me up. She thought she could just live a happy life with Enzo, die and then Elena would wake up and want HEA but then, too bad, the cure is already gone? How much of a violation is that? I did not expect Enzo to die. When the said “major character,” he honestly isn`t the first one that comes to mind. Bonnie is screwed over again! No wonder they did all that bucket list stuff. Looking back, I should have guessed, but I was so caught up I wasn`t thinking. At this point, it seems Caroline is the only one that`s happy being a vampire. Stefan is human! I cannot believe it. I cannot wait until next Friday! My head is still spinning. Possible theory: What if they go through with the original plan and get Cade to drink Stefan`s blood? What if he`s the major death? And Matt`s necklace? Do you think it`s a way for them to travel to Hell? Does Caroline work at the bar now? And Bonnie got her magic back? The method was weird but we don`t have a lot of time, so it`s alright. Just a little over a month left guys! The last episode really is going to be epic! Now I`m just waiting to see Kai again! :)

    • Alex says:

      As far as Bonnie knows, Elena isn’t going to wake up until she dies. If Enzo took the cure now, grew old with Bonnie, then Bonnie died and Elena woke up, Damon could then take the cure from Enzo and live his human life with Elena while Enzo passed away to be with Bonnie again. Essentially, Enzo taking the cure doesn’t mean Damon couldn’t take it later on once Bonnie died and Elena woke up. Bonnie wasn’t taking anything away from Damon by giving the cure to Enzo.

  11. Stacey says:

    I want Stefan to suffer a long painful death, poor Bonnie and Enzo, they were the only decent couple left on the show. My best guess is that Stefan is going to make Damon take the cure from him when Elena wakes up so he can be with her. Stefan will rapidly age like Kat then die.

  12. Brandi says:

    Ok. Now I’m just mad. I think killing Enzo just sucks!!! Do these writers hate Bonnie or something?? Lame, lame, LAME!!
    I hope they kill Stefan off. I don’t care about him and Caroline. I cared about Bonnie and they screwed her. Again.

  13. Shawna says:

    And what if Cade has a bloodline? This idea of a curse family Dorian mention during this episode, how bonnie as been curse through out the series and how Cade originally died while being the nicest person of is village, too much to be just random.. I have the strange impression Bonnie just did something really similar to what Cade did when he was burn to the stick, both in anger and in grief!! Perhaps she’s became the devil’s most powerful ennemy…

  14. Dominique says:

    i saw this coming miles away cause no, bonnie isn’t allowed to be happy and neither is enzo. when i read another death would be coming, i knew plec would consider enzo the least important character so naturally, he would die.
    and of course everyone will forgive stefan for what he did.
    i really hope this hell of cade is an actual place where people can get and leave, so enzo will be back by the time the series finale comes around. if not; thank julie plec, for ruining the final season of what was once your great show.

  15. Sara says:

    Don’t they have to take the whole cure for it to work and not just a syringe full?!

    • Stacey says:

      No, they just need a small amount of blood. Remember Silas didn’t bleed Kat dry.

      • Nunyo Bizniss says:

        Yes he did. They specifically told him it had to be more than just a sip – that he had to drink it all. Bleeding her dry removed the cure from her system which caused the rapid aging.

  16. Daniel says:

    Can honestly see the finale ending with Stefan offering Damon the cure, sacrificing himself in the process and making up for turning him in the first place. Especially after last week.

    But who knows.

  17. LizLem says:

    NO, I would not call that EVEN!!!!!

    *weeping silently*

    I’m sort of irrationally hoping he can come back somehow. How can they do this to Bonnie? :( And poor Enzo!

  18. KLS says:

    Can someone explain to me what Elena is going through right now? Like, is she just trapped in her mind, or is she actually asleep? Could they technically have been going in her mind and talking to her this whole time? I`ve never really understood how it works.

    • Ella says:

      I believe that mentally she’s sleeping, not suffering at all, and it is possible for other vampires to communicate with her in dreams. However, physically taking the cure from her is going to cause her to begin to age I believe.

  19. DonnaMama says:

    We knew that Enzo was going to die Bonnie was on rehab a season ago remember the flash forward

  20. DonnaMama says:

    *in rehab *

  21. Daenerys_Targaryen says:

    Kat Graham proved once again that she is the MVP of this show. That guttural scream at the end seared my bones and broke my heart. I hope Bonnie goes full on Dark Willow on Stefan, Damon and finally Cade (the worst TVD villain ever despite the actor being very talented and handsome). My dream ending for the series: Bonnie should be the one to cleanse Mystic Falls of the vampires and return it to it’s citizens. Elena should end up with Matt. Stefan, Damon and Cade die and Bonnie rides off into the sunset with the fans knowing she will be just fine and will find happiness one day. Maybe we see her meet a man who looks just like Enzo and from a distance we see Grams watching and smiling.

    • Ella says:

      I want a Bonnie happy ending so bad. Everyone would have died long ago if not for her. I wonder if she’ll manage to bring Enzo back? They made a big deal out of her having that vial of his blood so maybe she can do something with it now that she’s got her magic back and is super motivated.

      • Daenerys_Targaryen says:

        I hope so. I don’t want Bonnie to become a vampire, though. Maybe she can recreate Enzo with his DNA or something.

        • Ella says:

          I’m wondering if she becomes some kind of Cade-like immortal? His death caused him to create the other dimension and keep on living so maybe Bonnie’s done the same in her grief over Enzo.

      • Yada says:

        If it was t for Elena falling in love with a vampire bone of this would have happened. It’s good she’s sleeping because she makes horrible decisions that gets her family killed and brother turned into a hunter. Where is he by the way??

    • VampireFan says:

      Dark Willow! Loved her on BTVS. Best scene was Xander confessing his love for her and saving her.

  22. Liz says:

    Looks like the show is setting up a single Caroline at the end, thank you!
    I Had a feeling that Enzo was going to die with all this cure talk, but still sad to see him go. But as previous comments state, once again Bonnie gets shafted. Bonnie is always the one who has to take it for the team and that sucks. And no one should forgive Stefan, because he killed Enzo again. I really don’t care for the he had his humanity off response either. Because it sounds just like he was drinking so he isn’t responsible for his actions spiel.. I really can’t wait to see how they are going to turn this around and make Stefan the “good” guy again.

  23. Ayinlar Taiwo says:

    Okay. how about this?
    Bonnie wasn’t sure of the quantity of blood that would contain the effective cure, meaning, Stefan was just stabbed with part of the cure, leaving him unconscious and not enough to make him Human. Of course I don’t think the writers would want the Salvatore Brothers to be separated by a Syringe just almost at the end.
    On Enzo’s death, I think there would be an apocalyptic moment close to the finale where hell is breaking loose. Probably, like at the finale of Season 5. We may see hell being locked up forever by some attempt to put Cade away seeing as he can’t be killed by our customary VD means. To prevent Enzo from being locked away in hell, Bonnie does a spell to bring Enzo back like she does, and in the process she dies and Elena wakes up. That’s my prediction anyway. it could pan out some other way.

    • Ella says:

      I think he’s human but who knows! There’s been a bandage on his hand in all the 8×16 BTS photos and if he was still a vamp he’d have healed.

  24. Maria says:

    If Stefan takes the cure he will die within days just like Katherine.

    • Brienna says:

      Only if someone takes the cure from him in other words drinking his blood. That’s how Katherine got old. Silas drank the cure from katherine’s blood and then she started aging.

  25. kaka says:

    Tvd can be so heartbreaking, this episode was the definition of tragic, cos bonnie and enzo had become my favorite couple

  26. Brienna says:

    I stared at the screen in shock after Enzo died and Bonnie stuck Stefan with the cure for like 20 minutes. That was not at all what I expected.

  27. Carole says:

    I heard Kai is returning and he set all this up so he can undo it. Every spell has a loophole.

  28. ashanean says:

    Dark Willow love that comment. Haha reference to Buffy. Yum Enzo. I know the grief brought back Bonnie’s magic, but dang Enzo!

  29. akshswan says:

    Actually I have got a doubt. Stephen took the cure now, so If someone takes it out, he’s gonna die, otherwise he won’t ryt ? He will live as a human… But how come Katherine died taking the cure ?
    Btwn yeah it was obvs that enzo was gonna die or something bad was gonna happen soon coz they were too happy lately. But y Stephen :(

  30. Hannah says:

    In the preview for the next episode it shows a scene that suggest Enzo’s return. You would have to watch the preview and know American Horror Story to know what I’m talking about but it appears in the preview to be Misty Day bringing Enzo back to life. The background music also suggests this.

    • K says:

      The woman with Bonnie in the promo is actually Abby Bennett. And imdb credits for that episode confirms Persia White’s return. As well as Michael Malarkey’s return in episode 15 and 16.

  31. pallabi mohanty says:

    Why oh why..!!!!!
    why is this show always making Bonnie scarifice her happiness..??even in general,every character has to make scarfice of his or her happiness..why can’t it be roses and rainbows for once.??why they showed us all those passionate & lovely ‘benzo’ jst take Enzo away from us..??
    they better be planning on ‘waking’ Enzo up becoz without him there won’t be a happy ending for Bonnie & its really imp dat Bonnie gets a happy ending..

  32. LJ_NAVY says:

    This just sucks!!!! Excuses the pun, but really why is bonnie never allowed to be happy that episode was heartbreaking!!! And I’m so sick of everyone forgiving Stefan and Damon all the time it gets really old really quick actually over the two of them… They just need to die now!!!

  33. Oncer93 says:

    Now that Stefan is human, he is gonna have to live with the guilt over what he has done, but at this point everyone but Bonnie and Matt will end up in hell.
    But everyone but Bonnie and Matt has done horrible stuff over the course of the years, no one is innocent, not exuing what Stefan has done, but Damon has done horrible stuff as well and most people don’t hold it against him, Caroline has done some quastionable stuff too, heck all of the originals have done horrible stuff but many people seem to want Caroline to end up with Klaus.

    • Stacey says:

      Shipping Caroline and Klaus is no worse than Caroline and Stefan or Elena and Damon. Pretty sure Defan’s death tolls are just as high if not higher than Klaus’s. At least Klaus values Caroline and doesn’t brush her off like Stefan.

      • Tara says:

        But Kluas kills with reckless abandon & with little regard for others feelings all while his humanity is on.

        • Ella says:

          They’re vampires. I know this show has become pretty morally simplistic – aka the Salvatore’s actions are excused because they’re the hot guy heroes – but no one has clean hands lbr. Stefan’s killed plenty of people with his humanity on too. Klaus is also 1000+ years old so it’s pretty logical that he views human life as insignificant and fleeting. Caroline herself has a good 25 bodies under her belt (most with her humanity on) and in only what, 6 years of being a vampire? How many more people will she kill in a couple centuries once all the humans she’s loved are gone and she’s no longer connected to them? She kills for the protection of herself and the people she loves without question and Klaus started out much the same.

        • Yada says:

          Are you kidding me, stefans nickname is the reaper!

          I feel when klaus kills at least there is a method to his madness.

    • Tara says:

      Your right mostly no one is innocent even Enzo he was a complete dick to Stefan for many seasons & he tried to kill stefan numerous times with his humanity on so maybe poor Bonnie but not poor Enzo(& I like Enzo). & I agree Damon has done many horrible things with his humanity on yet the response to his behavior is like well he’s so gorgeous he can do anything he wants to & get away with it but when Stefan does something bad(which is NOT his normal behavior) its seems to be a huge overexeggrated response like Stefan is so horrible I wish he would die & have his face kicked in & then ran over in the middle of the road. He is the WORST ever. For me there’s no comparison because Stefan’s bad behavior is Damon’s normal way of functioning.

  34. Ryan says:

    Yo Bonnie got her juju back! Like one of the sirens mentioned earlier in the season, Cade’s scream created a powerful psychic blast of mystical energy when he was dying, maybe since Bon Bon is alive, she’s like juiced up now, the death of the love of her life has to give her enough power to take on Cade. That’s how I want this series to end, Bonnie obliterates Cade, and magically reawakens Elena without dying would be cool. I don’t understand why the syphon kids of Alaric’s can’t just syphon the spell off Elena? It’s pure magic, so if they syphon it all, the magical consequences shouldn’t apply since there’s no magic to activate the auto kill on her. I agree, it’s complete BS that Bonnie keeps going through hell for everyone and ends up alone and heart broken. The creators need to chill and give Bon Bon a happy ending.They owe it to the actress and the character after 8 years!

  35. Luli says:

    I was a Steroline fan, but please now just leave Caroline single… or not with Stefan. In the end let her be happy with her kids.

  36. Wow, this episode was bittersweet, I hope it does all come to a happy ending. Maybe Bonnie can bring Enzo back since her powers are back. I still hate the fact this show is near the ending. I finally found a show I absolutely loved and it’s only gonna be on DVD here soon. My oppinion I hope there is more happy endings… so glad to see some of the old characters coming back to mystic falls. I’m sure the ratings will go up awesome job to all of you in The Vampire Diaries. ♡

  37. jcole says:

    Is it just me or did that (literal) wave of grief from Bonnie look a lot like the wave that came from Cade when he was burned at the stake? If it was, then maybe she created a dimension that could trap Cade. Just thinking out loud.

  38. Rodney McLean says:

    HOLY COW THAT SCREAM! Seriously, that was a hell of a last scene. Bonnie needs to kick some Salvatore a**. I don’t even care which one. That character has been thru it! No forgiveness, I watch that scene too many times. I couldn’t believe they screwed Bonnie, again!!!!

  39. T Cruz says:

    Honestly I think Bonnie is going to find a way of bringing Enzo back. I watch the originals too many times to know that it only takes a really powerful witch and a magical object, and the armory is full of them. Also she still has the vial with his blood.

  40. brownvirtue says:

    how it could/should end – Bonnie gets her powers back. She uses the twins help to break the curse and Elena wakes up. Human again Stephan is unable to forgive himself. He convinces Caroline to take the cure from him so she can have a normal life with her girls. Stephan begins aging. The gang comes up with a plan to get rid of Cade but Bonnie will probably die. Damon surprises Bonnie and decides to sacrifice himself for her. Tearful goodbyes as Damon and Stephan lay dying. Damon compels the rest of the group to forget the Salvatores and all the bad they’d caused in the past eight years. Then they both turn to ash. The final scene shows Bonnie, Elena and Caroline hanging out together. They’re wearing the jewelry from Enzo, Damon and Stephan. THE END

    • Ayinlar Taiwo says:

      @Brownvirtue Kai placed the curse on Elena. Kai is a siphoner. Don’t you think he knew the Heretics(who were aslo siphoners) were coming? Don’t you think he knew the Heretics could possibly be manipulated somehow by her friends to siphon the curse off of her. So in my opinion, I don’t think the twins could siphon anything off without killing her. I ask them not to risk It. Kai was too smart for that.

      • brownvirtue says:

        what if the girls siphon Cade’s power? I’m just trying to find a way Bonnie and Elena can live at the same time.

    • Ella says:

      I don’t see Caroline becoming human. She spent this ep talking about how empowered becoming a vampire has made her feel. Why would she give that up? Her kids are tied to the supernatural, have already been threatened. As a human she would be powerless to help or defend them. Plus, as siphoners, can’t they become vampires themselves if they choose? Like Kai and the Heretics.

      • brownvirtue says:

        I was thinking she’d become human because Ric doesn’t want the girls around her as a vampire. Remember he took them away after the he got them back after they’d been kidnapped by Sybil’s sister.

        • Ella says:

          Personally I thought that was kinda hypocritical given that Alaric’s work with The Armoury keeps him tied to supernatural stuff. Plus, IIRC Caroline wasn’t a fan of Selene the nanny/siren but he was.

  41. Is anyone else excited that Stefan is human, because he will age and die…leaving Caroline for Klaus??!! Cause im sorry but I ship them!

  42. fluffy unicorn says:

    Is Stefan actually going to KILL elena? why wouldn’t he murk 100 strangers?? ugh, this show is so emotional

  43. wongshupei says:

    can’t they let bonnie be happy and have all the things she wants for a change? she sacrifies everything for everyone yet the writers cant let her be happy?!! come on that poor girl died twice saving everyone else in the show. ugh so angry!!

  44. Melhan says:

    Oh God why they killed Enzo? Bon had to be happy after all those hardships😔

  45. Mandy says:

    First I don’t understand how Enzo didn’t hear Stefan coming, second the show has been incredibly unfair with Bonnie. She never had a real love story, nothing but pain and sacrifice ….Why did he have to die???!!

  46. Gift says:

    some people ‘s comment just surprises me really. They claim to watch the show but have no idea what’s going on. seriously Sarah G u should go watch the show again to knw who stalked, lied, manipulated or even abusive to Elena. Stefan has always respected Elena even when she betrayed nd broke his heart by falling in love with his brother nd tired to pretend nd lie about it. He let her go nd told her she can go to Damon. who would be that kind or understanding, really who? if u don’t know what is going on in the show just don’t add any comments it’s just upsetting. And if u recall Stefan nd Elena’s relationship made us watch Tvd. well until…….

    • Yada says:

      Honestly I never liked Stefan because he seemed sneaky, I liked Damon because at least at the end of the day he was real.

      If you remember Elena started to fall for Damon when Stefan fell off the wagon and started drinking human blood. He left her hanging at that ball and Damon had to step in while Stefan was off trying to get his drink on with another chick. If you ask me it’s Stefans fault for not being there because he knew how Damon felt about her and just handed her over if you ask me.

      At the end of the day however I think Elena is silly for falling for both vampires. She should be with Matt, if it wasn’t for her, her family and friends would still be alive. But nooo, I wanna fall in love with unstable vampires! Wtf

      • Gift says:

        wow Yada re u sure we’ve been watching the same show? I suggest u go nd watch the entire show again to understand what actually happened. Stefan sacrificed his happiness nd love when he left with Klaus to protect his brother. Do remember that? klaus made him switch off his humanity. Elena started falling for Damon when he was away. nd on that dance floor Damon knew she had fallen for him. that is not Stefan’s fault at all. if the person u re dating falls for ur sister would u say it’s ur fault? Both Damon nd Elena cheated nd betrayed Stefan nd he took it like a gentleman. He let things go. There is a saying if u love something let it go if it is urs, it will return. Point of correction, Elena was a double ganger her life was already complicated without Stefan nd Damon in it. Stefan saved her life during the accident her parent died. klaus, Katherine was still going to come for her even if Stefan nd Damon wasn’t in her life. Them being there gave her a chance, she would have been there by now. It was Jeremy ‘s destiny to be an Hunter, Bonnie a witch now in the show we see Matt also has a big part in every thing because of his history. They re all connected one way or another. That is no way Damon or Stefan’s fault! if anything Elena’s double gangers have always dragged the Boys into their mess(Katherine). if Elena was with Matt both would be dead now or worse.

  47. Liz says:

    Saw this all coming a MILLION miles away.

  48. Shayla says:

    don’t ya think Bonnie is going to get Enzo back by using her magic? the previews for 8•12 , it looked like Bonnie was doing a spell over enzo. Bonnie and enzo deserved everything they wanted.😢

  49. guessitsme says:

    What a horrible recap of a heartbreaking yet excellent episode

  50. K says:

    Episode 12 sees the return of Persia White, (Bonnie is seen with Abby Bennett in the promo). IMDB credits also confirms Chris Wood’s (Kai) return in episode 13, as well as Michael Malarkey’s return in episode 15 and 16.