HTGAWM Season 3

HTGAWM Recap: Philly Prison Blues

The title of Thursday’s How to Get Away With Murder asserts that, “Not Everything’s About Annalise.”

Except, of course, it absolutely is.

As the hour unfolds, it becomes clear that even if the disgraced professor didn’t kill Wes herself, her very existence played a key role in the grisly crime. (Not to mention, ever since she got to jail, Annalise has unwillingly been the object of her cellmates’ fascination.)

But Thursday’s installment is also very much about Frank, who spends the episode trying to convince investigators that he was responsible for the house fire and Wes’ subsequent death. And, thanks to assists from Laurel (who fibbed to the cops that Frank knew she was pregnant a whole week before Wes died), Oliver (who hacked the DA’s office, only to learn just how deep their investigation into Annalise actually goes) and Bonnie (who… frankly looked miserable the entire time), Frank was ultimately arrested and charged with Wes’ murder by the end of the hour. That, I guess, is the good news.

HTGAWM Season 3The bad news? Despite Bonnie’s best efforts to have Frank take the fall completely, he’s merely charged as Annalise’s co-conspirator in Wes’ death. Professor Keating, it seems, will be known as “inmate” for a long time to come.

But something more concerning is revealed in the episode’s closing minutes (because no one knows how to construct an anxiety-inducing final scene quite like Pete Nowalk): After Bonnie informs Annalise that she’s still being charged for Wes’ murder — prompting Annalise to admit, “I deserve this” — we become privy to a flashback that suggests Bonnie is at least partially responsible for Mr. Gibbins’ death, too.

See, Wes did get into Frank’s car when he exited the police station that night, after leaving the immunity agreement unsigned — but he didn’t stay in the vehicle for long. After exchanging bitter words with Frank about his relationship to Annalise and Laurel, Wes came to the realization that Rebecca was dead. Frank may not have killed her, but she’s dead all the same. “You know what? I’ll walk,” Wes told Frank — and as he wandered off down the street, Frank called Bonnie to tell her they’ve got “a puppy problem,” meaning Wes now knows Rebecca was killed. Bonnie advised Frank to tail Wes wherever he might go… and just like that, the ever-infuriating chalkboard title card appears, and we’re left until next week to wonder how Lurky McChurchmouse — in the words of my colleague Michael Slezak — got involved with Wes’ untimely death.

Other observations from the hour:

* After getting mercilessly intimidated by her cellmates, who insist she killed Wes (and Sam, for that matter), Annalise borrows a razor blade from her Lone Prison Pal and uses it to cut off her own hair. Badass, party of one.

* Michaela reminds her classmates that she is not one to be messed with, first by passionately defending Annalise to President Hargrove, then by calmly informing Oliver that he will not be going to the police with his newfound information about Sam Keating’s death. Badass, party of two.

* The sooner Asher stops calling Bonnie “Bon-Bon,” the better.

With that, I hand it over to you. What did you think of Murder‘s latest outing? Drop a comment below with your reaction to the episode.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kate says:

    Now what’s up with Meggy and is it possible she was involved with The murder? Why did Laurel say she was acting sketchy?

    • herman1959 says:

      It was obvious to Laurel that Meggy was fishing for info, which is correct because (unknown to Laurel) Meggy was asked by the authorities to spy and report back.

  2. padraicjacob says:

    Omg I loved the take charge, Olivia Pope version of Michaela that we got tonight!

  3. filmosofando says:

    There is A LOT of dots to connect this season and a lot of characters to doubt, and it can be all linked or not:

    – Meggy (Laurel find her suspicious, I find her to be at least Atwood to-be-revealed little sister)

    – Atwood (She MUST have her personal vendetta against Annalise other then being a bitch for only being it so. Sinclair was trying to win Annalise only because she was envy. This one is playing DIRTY.

    – The new student who was pissing the K5 all the time (It may be NOT just a coincidence his envolvement with the Murderer posters of Annalise all over the campus and his absence in the last couple of episodes)

    – Nate (For someone who was clearly shown at the crime scene moments before the explosion, he seems to know too little. Now THAT’S suspicious)

    – (I’m ignoring the head ADA because he might be trying to frame AK only for all the SHADE she made him go through all over the series)

    – All the ones who suffered the Wrath of Keating ( Sam’s sister, the Mahoneys, the Hapstalls, and let’s not forget Rebecca’s brother EGGS 911 who has been missing since he was framed – and her name is being quite remembered nowadays)

    – ALL OF THEM TOGETHER (Ok, I’m kidding… Or not)

    It’s too predictable to be Bonnie, Frank or Connor, since they’re the top suspects until now. Also, it should be remembered that both things – Wes’ murder and Annalise witch hunt – can be TWO THINGS TOTALLY SEPARATED. Who said it’s the same case anyway?

    My opinion: Bonnie and Wes argued about Rebecca’s death. She finds out about his statement to the police and Connor shows up at this moment. Connor kills Wes, Bonnie calls Frank, who burns the house, Laurel doesn’t really knows anything and just showed up at AK house and saw Wes’ dead body on the floor before the explosion.
    At the same time, whoever is trying to frame Annalise since season opening suddenly has all it takes to frame her. (Ok, I don’t really know about this part, but I wish it’s two things apart from each other)

    I wish they all framed Wes for everything and got away with it all again.

    • Angela says:

      I LOVED Annalise yelling at Atwood last night when she started taunting her with the photos. Yeah, it didn’t exactly help Annalise’s chances of getting out of jail, but damn, that was a cold, cruel move by Atwood. I definitely agree there is more to that story.
      I’m also amused by your comparing Meggie to Atwood :p. I still like her, but yeah, she was acting kinda weird tonight. Laurel’s got pretty good instincts about people, so… Maybe it’s just the awkward tension of them both having been with the same guy that’s causing the weirdness, though, I dunno.
      But I love your overall analysis of the possible motives and reasons for somebody being Wes’ killer here :D. I would not be surprised if at least some of your assumptions are proven true.
      As for other aspects of this episode, more of Michaela taking charge, show, please and thank you. I LOVED her “no BS” attitude throughout. And I’m continuing to love Bonnie’s attempts to save Annalise. The bond between those two, I swear….

    • codepink1908 says:

      I like the Atwood/Meggie theory. That would be crazy.

  4. Larc says:

    The most fascinating thing I saw tonight was in the preview of next week’s episode when Nate pulled out a body tray in the morgue (Wes or somebody else?) and Laurel expressed surprise. What did she see? Something very unexpected, apparently. Have we been thrown another Shonda Rhimes curveball?

    • Coach Taylor says:

      Not sure why people keep saying Shonda. She doesn’t have anything to do with this shows creative writing and direction

  5. says:

    Didn’t Wes know Rebecca was killed last season? Analise used the info of his death to convince him to shoot her in the mansion. I don’t think he ever found out that Bonnie did it, but still…

  6. laurelnev says:

    Meggie is getting way too stalkerish. And I’m beginning to think Nate forgot all about his involvement in a certain mansion. If we find out Stalker Meggie and Vengeful DA are related and in cahoots, I wouldn’t be surprised. But it’s clear Frank wasn’t really the one who ran out that storm door…could it have been Bonnie once again? But I LOVED the badass Mikalla(sp), especially in the dean’s office. Can’t say I don’t agree w/ Ana that she’s getting what she deserves (finally) though.

    • guessitsme says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Meggie was waiting for (stalking) Wes at Annalise’s and she was the one Laurel saw leaving the basement after the fire started. Maybe it was an accident, maybe it was a crime of passion but Meggie is indeed acting very sketchy, perhaps like she’s trying to see what Laurel will remember once the drugs leave her system??

      • laurelnev says:

        What if Meggie only started seeing Wes to begin with as part of her Aunt/Sister/Cousin’s nefarious plan to dethrone Prof Keating and usurp all that she had, starting with her Hunky BoyToy? ;)

  7. Karry says:

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  8. Bklyn Finesse says:

    Pardon me, if my memory serves me correctly, Wes/Rebecca killed Sam Frank/Sam killed Lila. Wes shot Annalise. Bonnie and Asher killed A.d.a Sinclair. I’m a little confused. Who did Annalise killed again? The Keating 5 is the one’s who did the killing along with Annalise staff. It seems like Connor forgot about that and the fact of it was his idea to burn Sam’s body. They all Traitors. except Makalia/Bonnie/Asher.
    I think Oliver is an undercover informate.I said last week. Wes is Not Dead. He is in the Witness program

    • jj says:

      I was thinking the same. Especially when Connor and sometimes the rest of them talk about how Annalise deserves this blah blah. He seems to forget that the rest of them were responsible for Sam’s murder and cover up and that’s how Annalise got involved. If she had turned them in right away, her life would be fine right now. I thought Wes might not be really dead too. But if he’s in the witness protection program, they wouldn’t be able to charge Annalise with his murder, it would be illegal to do so.

      • Molly says:

        Conner is the WORST now all he does is wine and moan. Remember when he used to be a hot badass??? Yeah no more, he’s quickly climbing the list of least favorite character on the show.

    • Elizabeth Reilly says:

      Didn’t Asher kill Sinclair and Bonnie just helped him cover it up? Also, Bonnie killed Rebecca.

    • Bwine says:

      Isn’t it interesting that Wes killed Sam, and they burned his body, and then someone kills Wes and his body gets burned too. Especially, when you think about how at first, the medical examiner said Wes was dead before the fire started. I know the ME changed her findings, but what if she was right the first time. That means the fire was probably started to destroy any evidence and who likes to use fire to destroy evidence…..the Keating 5!

  9. kn1231 says:

    I actually like when Asher calls Bonnie “bon bon”, I think it’s funny and endearing at the same time.
    If this show gets renewed, Annalise is going to have to get out of jail and someone else will likely go down for all the murders. This makes me wondering where they will go with next season, as it doesn’t seem realistic for them to be involved in yet another murder.

  10. Dean camerer says:

    I love the suspense and drama in how to get away with murder i also liked the very hint of Meg weses ex being sketchy. simply put could she eventually go down for weses murder.

  11. herman1959 says:

    I loved the way Michaela kept things together in her Prof’s absence. But, did any one else notice that the “Philadelphia” bus had an ad on its side that read “LA”?

    • herman1959 says:

      Also, FYI, Annalise didn’t (personally) kill anyone, but she is DEEPLY involved in a number of coverups which could mean a lot of prison time.

  12. Me says:

    My theory is that following some kind of misunderstanding, Laurel killed Wes thinking it was Frank (remember how she said “It should have been you!” to him? – she may have meant it literally). This would be both the most surprising and the most heartbreaking resolution.

  13. TV Gord says:

    My nitpick of the episode: how did Annalise explain her haircut to the guards?

  14. Rod says:

    I’m really hoping that when Annalise’s mother arrives she reminds her of the badass she’s always been. It’s time for Annalise to stop feeling bad and start returning to the lawyer they all feared to go against.

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  16. BKLYN FINESS says:

    @Herman1959,@Jmlipton, @ Laurel. I am definitely not sure about who side Nate is on.. What about Oliver, I feel like there is another surprise story there. Almost like an uncover agent. How is he able to hack into the D.A office undetected so many times. Hinky. Very Hinky.

  17. Lisa says:

    I don’t know what the hell is going on and when I think I’ve figured something out I’m way off! Shonda has a brilliant mind. Bonnie seems to be up to something but I don’t know.