greys anatomy season 13 episode 11 recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Eliza?

“The battle’s begun,” Richard declared in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy. But, although he had on his side Maggie, Arizona, April and Jackson, Eliza wasn’t in the slightest concerned. “I know how to deal with a Dr. Webber,” she assured Bailey. So did Richard and his rebel alliance manage to make Minnick wish her first day at Grey Sloan was her last? And did we at last learn whether Alex really did take the plea bargain? Read on and find out…

‘HE’S GONNA DIE IN PRISON’ | As “Jukebox Hero” began, Mer, with Maggie’s help, did her damnedest to figure out where Alex was. When finally she came up with his arraignment number, the half sisters learned online that he’d been sentenced to 30 years behind bars! Luckily, Maggie had mistyped a digit. When they got the correct information, they discovered that his trial had been “indefinitely postponed,” which they took to mean that he had taken the plea. Shortly, Owen showed up, as you’d imagine he would, looking for Amelia. So basically, it was fact-finding missions all around!

Meanwhile, at Grey Sloan, during a clandestine meeting with his coconspirators, Richard said that the time was past for Jackson’s petition against Eliza. Since she intended to sway the attendings one by one in the O.R., Webber suggested that they never let her inside an O.R. It wasn’t a bad plan, really. However, Jackson had reservations. Noting that Bailey was the first African-American woman to be Grey Sloan’s chief, he was “not exactly excited to undermine her like this.” Thing is, Richard replied, this isn’t about Bailey, “this is about correcting a mistake that threatens our hospital.” So there.

‘YOUR PATIENT IS MY STUDENT’S CLASSROOM’ | Just before a taxi carrying a woman named Mindy who was “super-having a baby” was able to arrive at Grey Sloan, the vehicle was hit… by Mindy’s husband, Brian, resulting in the would-be newborn’s head being trapped by a broken pelvis! Mindy was going to need a C-section (and then some), Arizona and Maggie deduced. Since the mom-to-be pleaded, Robbins — feeling guilty about the position she’d told her via FaceTime to get in in the cab — agreed to let Brian be in the O.R. during the delivery. At the same time, the taxi driver told Ben he’d hoped to go home that night and tell his kids he’d been a hero that day.

As the day got underway, Eliza — so determined to be annoying that she announced, “I don’t do caffeine, I don’t need it!” — was chagrined to discover that she’d already missed Nathan’s valve replacement. Strike one. (And Riggs hadn’t even been in on Richard’s secret meeting.) Later, Arizona informed Eliza that she didn’t want her on Mindy’s case, even to champion Leah’s education, to which her flirt interest replied that she hadn’t been asking to be on it. “Stay the hell away from my O.R.,” Arizona finally said. Off that, Jackson refused to let Eliza strong-arm him into letting Ben step in in treating a young hockey player whose face had been… yeesh. Turned into the stuff of nightmares.

greys anatomy season 13 episode 11 recap‘YOU DIDN’T DO THIS, A CAR DID THIS’ | While Arizona tried to save Mindy, in distress after giving birth, Leah was left to treat the baby, who was also in trouble. Before Murphy could throw in the towel, Robbins stepped in. In spite of her best efforts, there was no guarantee that Mindy would ever wake up. The baby’s survival wasn’t a sure thing, either. (Sheesh!) Nearby, Eliza bulldozed her way into Richard and Ben’s surgery on the hockey player’s also-injured pal. Except “I would love to have you,” he insisted passive-aggressively. Afterwards, Minnick reported her difficulties to Bailey, who, in turn, insisted on calling a meeting. (Even Eliza seemed to realize exactly how well that would go!)

In the locker room, Ben told Jo he was sorry about Alex. But she wasn’t in any way, shape or form hearing it. “You didn’t put him in prison — I did,” she noted. Later, Ben reached out to her again, and she shut him right the hell down again. As the episode neared its conclusion, Arizona told Brian that the baby was gonna be OK. She also confessed that she’d put Mindy in the position that had caused so much damage, and they kinda-sorta seemed to agree to forgive themselves. At Bailey’s meeting, only Richard, who wasn’t invited, showed up. “This is mutiny,” she said. “It was a bad call,” he shot back. In the end, she revealed that “it’s not just me” behind this, hinting that Catherine, too, was Team Minnick.

‘I DON’T WANT TO LIE TO YOUR HUSBAND ANYMORE’ | After Owen learned from Stephanie that Amelia was taking a few days leave, Edwards hurried home and delivered scans to her temporary roommate, Mrs. Hunt (who’d had the nerve to eat the last yogurt!). Stephanie didn’t want to keep misleading her boss, but Amelia remained adamant — she didn’t want him to know where she was. “He will try to fix it,” she argued, “and It can’t be fixed.” (Ever the optimist, dear Amelia.) By and by, Owen figured out that Stephanie knew where his wife was and, upon being informed that she was safe and sober, sent Edwards back with the simplest and sweetest of messages: “Tell her to come home.”

Speaking of sweet, Ben made the cabbie a hero after all by telling him that he’d saved the hockey player in the bed next to him. He still made no inroads with Jo, though. When he tried one last time to reach out to her, she told him to stop. “Stuff like this happens, and I am built for it,” she snapped. At Stephanie’s place, she delivered Owen’s message to Amelia. Eliza thanked Arizona for letting Leah take the lead with the baby (which she’d hardly done because she was Team Minnick). At Arizona and Andrew’s, she admitted to her roommate that she missed Alex. “Why?” DeLuca asked. And, when Mer climbed into bed at the end of the day, we found out why: Alex was home! (Clearly, Andrew had dropped the charges, leaving Karev a free man.)

So, what did you think of “Jukebox Hero”? Was it, as ABC’s promos promised, “the episode you’ve been waiting for”? Hit the comments.

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  1. L says:

    Alex looks good in Mer’s bed …

  2. kn1231 says:

    Well I have to say that this episode made me ship Arizona & Leah (and I hate that pairing), because Eliza is terrible. They are going to need a major redemption arc to ever get my support of having Eliza anywhere near Arizona.
    Also, l’m over Amelia. I want to like this character so much but the decisions she makes are ridiculous.

    • Garbo says:

      Are you kidding ? Eliza was trying to do her job, the one that everyone including her opposition, admits she is brilliant at, and yet all these trained health care professionals did what again ? Yes, they LITERALLY treated her like “the enemy” and while doing so, hurt their own residents and interns who are there to learn just like them, these entitled, arrogant, ignorant, horrendously unprofessional attendings once were.

      • Jamie says:

        Nah, Eliza put herself in this position. Did the attendings handle this like children? Kinda. But when you show up to a new job, you don’t start yelling at everyone else about how they suck at their job and that you are so brilliant that you’re going to save the program. It will make everyone immediately hate you and not want to work with you. Try it at your next job and see how quickly everyone shuts you out. Eliza is an idiot if she thinks that’s the way to get people to respect you and want to work with you. Her job is to work *with* these people, not tell them how wrong they are all of the time while tooting her own horn.

        • kn1231 says:

          I absolutely agree! The doctors are protecting their own. Are their methods a bit unrealistic, yes, but that’s the way this show has always been. The core group always has each others back in the long run. Eliza’s attitude sucked, and definitely did not help make her case.

          • bj says:

            There methods are a bit realistic because they spend most of their time in their surgeries talking about their love lives and arguing with each other instead of “teaching” their interns or residents. They definitely need a wake-up call. That being said, I hate Eliza’s superior attitude. She needed to be taken down a peg too.

          • bj says:

            My reply below should say “unrealistic.’ Sorry.

        • lisa says:

          Couldn’t have said it better!!

      • T. says:

        Thank you !

      • Cat says:

        Eliza seemed to also forget that the majority of the attending she was pissing off are also the owners of the hospital. I get that the Avery foundation is majority owner but Catherine and Bailey have done an end run around the board to hire her – not cool.

      • Sorry – if someone’s face is being reconstructed, now is NOT the time for interns to attempt a new procedure. Avery was absolutely correct. if that was you, do you would you want someone who had no clue – NO THANK YOU! While Eliza might make sense on paper, the practical application needs some fine tuning. She is not a better doctor than everyone else and she does not know better.

      • Sharon Ah-Chong says:

        Totally agree! Arizona is my favorite like literally I watch for her and yet she pissed me off big time, They all did, I lost what little respect I had left for Webber. Had anyone pulled this crap when he was chief, well it wouldn’t have actually happened. He’s showing complete disregard and disrespect for Bailey. It’s not like he lost his job as a Surgeon. He and the rest of the attendings are acting like spoiled little children. I know Arizona/Minnick get together in the end so something obviously gives but atm I don’t care for much of them. There is a problem and Catherine recognized it along with Bailey. Webber and the rest of them need to be reminded their is a chain of command.

    • v says:

      ‘Ive been over Amelia since private practice.

    • Ches says:

      I am so sick of this whiny moron always tragic self centered Amelia. Get rid of her. ABSOLUTELY WORST CHARACTER EVER ON

  3. Garbo says:

    That (happy) ending saved this episode, if not for that, I would be still fuming over how horrendously the black men are written on this show. So after Ben was SUCH a major, egotistical, incompetent and yet still arrogant, ignorant douchebag last year, now they are basically turning long-time fave Richard into the same damn thing ? He acts like a spoiled little kid whose toy was taken away or at least no veteran doctor would EVER in a million years would treat a top-notch new doc joining his hospital the way he did, especially not when his vendetta – “common enemy” are you f-ing kidding me ? – is very clearly hurting all the residents and interns for whom he is supposed to have the best interests at heart. And with Avery playing along, he comes off as a douche just the same. This doesn’t send the right message for sure.

    • Cat says:

      Richard has every right to feel the way he does about this woman usurping him and also if you remember back to the last episode before the hiatus, Richard was ready to give up the fight but it was the other doctors who chose to stand with him and encourage him to fight.

      • msemmyjones says:

        Not to mention, what he said to Bailey is right: it’s not so much what she’s trying to do it’s how she’s going about it. Take doctors and hospitals out if it, and this is just bad management. She’s demoting Webber and having him assist in hiring and training his replacement all without telling him. Minnick showed up to her first day with Webber still totally in the dark about his demotion. And the rest of the staff too. Of course that’s going to set off a serious morale issue. It’s shady and underhanded and makes Bailey look like a weak manager that she couldn’t have tough conversations with her staff. She wouldn’t TALK to Webber, just did this out from under him, she didn’t TALK to her staff, and now she’s getting angry and defensive that they aren’t responding well.

  4. Beth says:

    Amelia… wahh wahh. Someone give Hunt a real woman please!

  5. Jamie says:

    There have been some bad arcs on Grey’s before, but this one with Minnick taking over has to be the dumbest. Their teaching program doesn’t work, so it needs to be overhauled? Really? Are the viewers supposed to forget that Mer, Alex, Bailey, Cristina, Callie, Jackson, April, etc. were all trained under their residency program, and all went on to be brilliant attending surgeons? And that Webber was leading the ship through almost all of their residencies?
    This storyline is just insulting our intelligence.

    • RAH says:

      Exactly, even the reasons listed by Catherine, traitorous wife she is, had nothing to do with the residency program but the personal lives of the doctors. Such a stupid storyline and an awful way to introduce a new character..

      • msemmyjones says:

        Also the timing on this is weird. They discover what may be a problem (debatable, but I’ll let it go) and their first order of business is to confirm completely overhauled the entire thing? Not take a step back, find out what’s working and where they’re falling down, do some research into different teaching methods, actually talk to their staff about the problems. They decide there’s a teaching problem and just dump the teaching director without even bringing the issue to him. Maybe work with Webber to come up with some new ideas. No wonder all the attendings are having such trouble with this.

  6. tw says:

    Are you serious??? Alex gets away with beating up DeLuca? Seriously? Wow.

  7. Cheryl says:

    The only thing I liked about this episode was the ending. I am so glad that Deluca dropped the charges. Now Alex can get back to Grey Sloan to take care of the babies.
    There are now three characters on this show I can’t stand. Jo, Amelia, and Eliza. Eliza is grating, Amelia is schizo,and Jo annoying. Owen deserves a break and maybe more than five minutes of happiness. Their story line is really ridiculous. I think Amelia’s fear of motherhood would have been something she was aware of before she married Owen. Jo is her own worse enemy and deserves to be alone. Eliza also has issues, or she wouldn’t be alienating everyone with her approach. Really all three of these characters are extremely unlikable.
    I hate that ABC is trying to force Grey viewers not to change the channel and watch Scandal in order to see previews for the next show. Viewership drops off drastically after Greys.

    • Terry says:

      Nope it doesn’t!

      • kittenit says:

        Yes, it does. Grey’s pulls in 9.6 million viewers; the highest rated show on Thursday, since the NFL is done. Scandal leads in with 7.5 million, a lot of whom are probably waiting for a Grey’s preview. Then HTGAWM with 5.4 million.

    • EM says:

      Agree about ABC delaying the Grey’s promo until into the Scandal hour. But that didn’t stop me from switching the channel. The promo’s are so misleading anyway and it was posted online almost as soon as it aired. The fact that they are doing it means they are not delusional anymore that people that watch Grey’s also watch every other Shondaland show.

  8. Amber says:

    1. I need Owen to dump Amelia, swear off women forever, go adopt him a baby, and live happily ever after.
    2. Jo has a talent for making everything about her.
    3. They’re trying to make Eliza the new Cristina by making her be all uncaring and cocky. Except the writers don’t strike me as the types who could actually pull it off.

    • Larc says:

      3. Cristina wasn’t basically obnoxious. Eliza is, IMO (if you don’t believe she’s utter perfection as God’s gift to surgeons, just ask her).

    • Stacy says:

      2. The writing is just crap. Alex didn’t go to prison and didn’t send a single text to Mer? Didn’t text Jo that everything was going to be okay – for both of them? Crap writing.

      3. Sandra Oh was a far, far better actress. And Cristina still had friends. And we saw Cristina’s insatiable drive to be the best; all we see from Eliza is the belief that she is the best. All the time.

  9. A says:

    While I am glad Alex is free, seems like a let down in a way to have half a season based on this arc for chargers to get dropped. Couldn’t this have been done episodes ago?

    • DS says:

      How do we know the charges got dropped? Maybe Karev told the judge about Jo’s problem and the judge decided it. Did DeLuca say he dropped the charges?

      • Wooster182 says:

        Pretty obvious that DeLuca dropped charges because of his reaction to Arizona. But what doesn’t make sense is that Alex apparently didn’t have a lawyer. All Mer had to was call his lawyer to figure out where he was.

  10. Leon Leon says:

    Emma of Seattle Pres was the best woman for Owen but he dumped her for “selfish” Cristina… why continue to love a woman who don’t want what you love (children)?

  11. Leon Leon says:

    I was just about to quit watching the show if Alex could have gone to prison. Because the next mistake by Shonda could be for Mer to be dead in the show which will make me petition court order to sue Shonda Rhimes..

  12. Margaret says:

    It was great! Happy Karev is cleared!!!

    • pAloma says:

      Is he cleared? We don’t know that. We only know he was home and asleep. (I had a feeling through the hour that they would find him at home.)

      It is time for Owen to adopt a child of his own. I’m thinking a slightly troubled five-year-old boy will work nicely.

  13. T. says:

    Solving problems like experienced professional adults… Grow up !

  14. RK says:

    Interesting, showdown between Bailey and Meredith next week? Meredith owns the hospital, is on the board and is Bailey’s boss. Avery is on the board as is Arizona. Alex was given Christina’s shares…will the board make a decision to axe the incredibly grating Eliza? Had this role been cast by an older actor and actress maybe I’d buy the whole brilliant teaching method but she is just obnoxious and condescending to the very doctors who own the hospital and shows no respect for what they do or that a patient deserves the best care possible. With Meredith no longer distracted by Alex’s troubles, I hope she shuts Bailey down. Bailey has been a terrible chief, does not have the respect of her surgeons and that is why they are standing behind Webber. He guided them to greatness, she leads them to disarray. And Amelia? Ugh. Can’t even. If Amelia, Jo and Eliza all left together or ‘left’ care of one of Shondra’s disaster episodes, I don’t think anyone would shed a tear. I hope Alex has now woken up to how bad Jo is for him and gives her the ‘I almost wrecked my life for someone whose name I don’t know-bye now’

    • Tee says:

      I don’t know how anyone in a professional role takes on a job without having some idea about the staff or work environment they’re getting into. Her insensitive comment about their Peds Chief being “up the river” reveals that she is clueless. I would have spent my first week getting to know everyone and then implementing new processes. We went through a similar situation in October where I work and it was a bit of a shock, but our new department head did take a week or two to get to know us and let us get to know her before changes to the team structure and dynamic were made. All of us were worried about these changes and we doubted her methods, but she allowed us to have a period to transition and process and accept what was happening. Even though it was only 10 days, we were given some time. Now jobs and processes are clearly defined and we work more as a team. She recognized strengths and weaknesses during the transition, and now some of us have promotions or redefined job descriptions.

  15. Dominique says:

    i loved seeing more arizona this episode, she’s always been one of my faves.
    the ending was perfect, i’m so glad deluca dropped the charges and alex got to come home (to meredith).
    it’s amazing how jo managed to make everything about her, mope and miss important details when it came to patients, but then goes around yelling at other people. for once, it’d be great if she could behave like an adult.

  16. Kelly says:

    So the crew are acting like a bunch of babies, but I totally agree with Jackson. I would not want some intern practicing his skills on my face or anyone I loved’s face. That is just riduculous and not at all good teaching. Eliza is a total b@#$% and I really don’t want her with Arizona. Bailey has been a horrible chief, can we go back to Owen or THE Chief please???

    • Kelly says:

      Oh and Amelia is the most selfish person I have ever seen. Of course Owen will try to fix it because that’s what marriage is you twit!!

  17. Jay says:

    This season is getting ridiculous. You can beat a guy up and no one cares about the consequences. A new annoying doctor tries to fix things up, because it’s her job, but nope because being friends is more important than being professional.

    • LMP says:

      Nah the dumbest part of this season *is* the new doc. Why is she even there? What is she fixing? The residency program has always been touted as a phenomenal program while Richard was the chief (didn’t Bailey herself do her residency there?), now all of a sudden it doesn’t work, and now there’s this new lady patronizing all of the doctors and trying to get them to let inexperienced students cut into people’s faces? Seriously? This is probably the most idiotic storyline they’ve had on this show.

      • abz says:

        Not really idiotic. I work in a hospital environment. Yes, constant change and having to get used to a new way of doing things can be annoying, but that’s the nature of working in a hospital/healthcare environment and dealing with patient care. Medicine is an evolving and constantly changing field. Hospitals are constantly looking for new ways to improve efficiency, work flow, patient care/satisfaction, etc. Education is a big part of that too. Obviously this a dramatized hospital, but you can probably see my point. I don’t hate this Eliza character. I actually think she’s needed, but the way she went about things is not right. I agree, I personally wouldn’t want an inexperienced intern fixing up my face so that situation may not been an ideal moment for hands on training, but also from watching this show the past few seasons, the residents are rarely given opportunities to actually learn things hands on, so I can see Eliza’s point about when will they ever learn. The attendings don’t even really educate in the surgeries much. (Meredith certainly doesn’t from what I recall, although we know she’s had a rough few years). They talk about their personal lives mostly or how horny they are. The show isn’t like it was before where education was a huge focus and there were episodes with lectures and M&Ms, etc. and where we had a character like Cristina where the importance of her education was a MAJOR part of her ten season storyline and her constantly questioning and trying to learn and going through obstacle after obstacle. (Side note: I really miss Teddy. She was such a wonderful character and one of the best teachers on the show I think)
        I seem to also remember an episode a few years ago where everyone was upset over the low teaching hospital ranking and Richard was trying to find news way to innovate. The program may be good, but all programs could use some improvements and certainly ones in a changing field such as a hospital setting, Minnick is just going about this wrong way and being a little obnoxious. She needs to work with the staff on finding ways to improve and not completely overhauling the program. And also the hospital doctors need to stop acting so childish and be open to suggestions of change and improvement.

  18. m3rissa says:

    I think the worst part of Minnick tying to come in and take over is she just wants to start handing surgeries to the residents to see what they are capable of and which of the attendings are willing to go along with her methods. She is completely ignoring the fact that these people have been working together several years and the attendings know what the residents have learned and are ready for. Does the residency program need a new leader and a different way of doing things, probably but this is not it.

    Also if you had told me two years ago that I would be enjoying the idea of Meredith and Alex together this much I wouldn’t have thought you were crazy. . but now every time he comes to her rescue or she goes to help him and they give each other these looks I’m just like YESSSSSSS.

  19. WendyILC says:

    I’ve been a loyal Greys fan since season 1 episode 1 & I recently binged the entire series again. Therefore, I’d like to throw in my two cents:
    1. I’ve always loved Meredith & Alex as friends & I hope their relationship stays that way.
    2. I actually really like Jo!!! I’m a bit shocked by everyone’s dislike for her character but hey, to each their own. (please no negative responses,..this is just 1 viewer’s opinion here)
    3. I’ve never been a fan of Owen’s. Something about him has always rubbed me the wrong way. (Again, please don’t hate the messenger here!)
    4. I can’t stand Amelia! Haven’t liked her since her start on Private Practice. I feel the actress “over acts” as her character.
    5. No strong feelings currently about anyone else.
    6. Enough about the actors,..just my thought on the Karev storyline,…I feel he’s been in an emotional prison all these months & has already suffered enough & paid his dues (I mean, this is just a tv show afterall). Since the start of the season I hoped that Deluca would come around & drop the charges. Guess we’ll find out for sure in the near future.
    Ok, off my soapbox,…

    • Tee says:

      I also really like Jo and hope Alex stays in Meredith’s friend zone. They seem like brother and sister to me, so a romantic pairing kind of makes me sick.

  20. Linds says:

    I’m thinking Alex did take the plea but he has 48 hours till he has to report to prison…