Tamron Hall Leaving NBC News Today Megyn Kelly

Today's Tamron Hall Leaving NBC News

The Megyn Kelly shake-up at NBC has seemingly claimed another casualty: Tamron Hall is leaving NBC News.

The Today co-host’s departure was first revealed in a tweet from CNN’s Brian Stelter:

Hall has appeared on NBC’s morning-show staple since 2014, and anchored Today‘s third hour along with Al Roker. But the network brought over Megyn Kelly from Fox News last month, and reports surfaced last week that Kelly would be given an hour of airtime on Today, taking Hall and Roker’s slot.

In another tweet, Stelter reports that Hall won’t even get an on-air goodbye:

Hall came to Today from MSNBC, where she had served as an anchor and political reporter since 2007. She also currently hosts Deadline: Crime on Investigation Discovery. She did release a statement on Wednesday: “The last ten years have been beyond anything I could have imagined, and I’m grateful. I’m also very excited about the next chapter. To all my great colleagues, I will miss you and I will be rooting for you.”

Will you miss Tamron and Al in the morning? And what should Hall’s next move be? Share your career advice in the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. TW says:

    No more 9 a.m. hour for me. Time to make the switch to Live with Kelly permanent. It was probably a sign the show was on it’s last legs when they let Willie go. I stuck around for Tamron, though. I’m sure she will land on her feet and get picked up somewhere much more deserving of her talents.

  2. Raven04 says:

    Dave, why no on air goodbye? Read in the daily mail there was a rumor Tamron would leave at the end of her contract but never imagined she would depart so abruptly. Megan doesn’t start til later in the year, I thought.

  3. Lynn says:

    I didn’t watch the third hour because of her. Couldn’t stand her when she was here in Chicago and still can’t take her. Still not going to watch Megan Kelly but at least I can watch the other 2 hours now without Tamron.

    • Pat parsons says:

      She got on my nerves with her perkiness…and the to tight clothes….he constant banter on the 9 o’clock hour could grate on your nerves. The only reason I miss her is I wondered where her mouth was….she was to fake for me….won’t miss her..

  4. Sally McLinn says:

    She still has the Deadline crime show; right? She can come back to NBC/Chicago. We loved her here.
    She’ll be OK. Maybe even better.

  5. Cathy Smith says:

    Well another bright, beautiful and classy anchor bites the dust. I’m sure a lot of view jealousy. It’s goodbye NBC news and hello ABC for me.

  6. kathleen Schauer says:

    I am very disappointed to see Al Roker & Tamron Hall leave that Today time slot. I’ve watched Al Roker for years & really like him. However, much of the Today Show time slots have become fluff. I am sick to death of stupid names for days & wine such as Winesday for Wednesday.

    It’s time for real unbiased news shows or at least a blend of news. Entertainment news has taken over the Today Show. If Mega Kelly is biased, I will not watch her.

  7. sheletha banks says:

    I loved tarmon and al and Willie when he was there. I love al and tarmon hour. NBC sucks. I’am gone. You need to start surveys when you decide to let people go. You did Anne,billy and tarmon wrong! Just sorry!

  8. jonshaas says:

    Ms. Hall has been a great voice on NBC and will be missed. I think it is wrong for NBC not giving her a proper ffarewell.

  9. Larry Willis says:

    I’m leaving NBC and MSNBC news. Should have left when Keith and Ed left. They really are all about ratings instead of journalism. Any suggestions for alternates news sources? I want a place with real journalism and a variety of journalists.

  10. Lisa Brown says:

    I think she is a bit too racist for NBC. Hopefully NBC won’t put up with her bias remarks that she spewed on Fox.

  11. AnonTVAddict says:

    Don’t let the door smack your ass on the way out! Bye Felicia!

  12. liame says:

    Dang! What the heck will I watch now? Just go to the gym earlier until Tamron finds a new home.

  13. Patricia Granda says:

    I will be sad to see Tamron leave.Her and All make it fun to watch.Guess I will have to find another channel to watch. I wish her the best.

  14. Paul Greer says:

    Tamron Hall got exactly what she deserved. The cockeyed snake bumped off Marianne Murciano from her spot on “Fox Thing” in Chicago when Marianne was on maternity leave with her and Bob Sirrott’s (Marianne’s husband and co host) lovely daughter. Bob handled it like the professional that he is.
    How’s it feel to be abruptly replaced Tamron? By the way Bob and Marianne are doing just fine here in Chicagoland. Listen to them weekdays from 10:00 a.m. till noon central on WLS am 890 and view and subscribe to them on YouTube at Suso’s Fork.
    We LOVE you Bob and Marianne from Gary, IN!

  15. Robin Toia says:

    Willie, billie, then less front time with matt. Bummer, she kept the show young and fun. ABC he I come!!!!

  16. Scott says:

    One less liberal idiot on tv is a great thing , So long

  17. Jeffrey Rhudy says:

    This has got to be the biggest bonehead move ever. You don’t trade substance for fluff. They hired Kelly for her looks period. Setzer forgot you don’t fix it if it is not broken. I predict the 9 hour tanks.

  18. Lynnette says:

    I loved the Today Show……So Long Good Bye it was Good while it lasted

  19. Darrell Creager says:

    When Natalie and Willie left the show went down fast. I’ll miss Al Roker he’s genuine and needs to continue in a role of the today show. No I won’t miss Tameron, she is all about herself, she was ok when she first came on as a host but when she pushed Natalie away. You could see on the air a tension with her, Al and Willie and of coarse Natalie. Megan Kelley, not understanding that hire, probably switch to ESPN for 9:00 hour. You want to fix it bring Natalie, Al and Willie back together, don’t care what you do with Megan.

    • Tory says:

      I agree 100%. Willie, Al, and Natalie were BY FAR the best choices for the 9 0’clock hour. Loved the program then. I continued to watch only because I love Al. Now there is no reason to watch. NBC should really listen to the actual people that watch and give them the ratings!!!!

  20. Thank goodness someone at NBC had the brains to dump this idiot, TAMORON HALL! (Yes, that SHOULD be the spelling of her first name!) What an idiot ! I’ll never forget on May 20, 2014 when this ditz claimed on the air that she had NEVER before heard Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” until that day ! Seriously? That’s like me saying I’ve never heard of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” or Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”! OMG ! And THIS is what passes for a NEWS journalist? Too bad it took NBC so long to finally GET A CLUE ! At least, Megyn has serious BRAINS upstairs !

    • Chloe says:

      She’s a moron & an idiot because she’s never heard a song? How does that affect her ability as a “NEWS journalist”?

  21. Jason says:

    I knew something was off this morning when they didn’t mention her absence. I feel like they are screwing up the atmosphere that currently makes the Today Show work. Their familial atmosphere is refreshing and this whole mess is having a negative effect.

  22. veronica says:

    NBC is the absolute worst at transitions. THE WORST.

  23. meg says:

    It stinks that she doesn’t get to say goodbye on air. NBC is so afraid of a Ann Curry episode that they won’t let people say goodbye anymore. I’ll admit I wasn’t a huge fan of Tamron but I like her a lot better than Megyn Kelly. I don’t know why NBC spent so much on Megyn. What audience are they trying to court? They are alienating their current viewers to attain a few Fox viewers. Not a good trade off.

  24. Eleanor Cyrus says:

    I am so sorry Tamron Hall has left the 9 am hour. I will not watch NBC at 9.am she was a positive personality for the show with Al Roker, What a horrible mistake NBC made. Tamron is a brilliant woman I am sure she will find something better that will appreciate her talents. The least NBC could have done is to give her an on air goodbye

  25. Raul J says:

    It would be great if Tamron Hall ended up at Fox News.

  26. Deborah Bowman says:

    Will not be watching NBC anymore will switch to channel five. Tried to stay when they let Ann curry go. Nbc has gone to the dogs

  27. Sharon says:

    Boo. Love Tamron.

  28. newsdee says:

    I never watched Ms. Kelly on Fox. I certainly will not watch NBC with Tamron gone. Why is NBC hiring all of those Fox folk? I refuse to watch any of them. I guess Joy Reid will be gone next.

  29. Janice J. says:

    I guess I’ll switch to Gayle on CBS.
    I’ll really miss Al and Dylan.
    I’ve already had to catch Willie on Sundays.
    Al got me started and Tamron sealed the deal with watching Today, now it’s over!
    NBC sucks for that move!

  30. JW says:

    will miss Tamron, The only thing i won’t miss is everyone trying to speak at once, loud and obnoxious, and nobody can get a word in.

  31. Carol says:

    The only reason I kept my cable was to watch the Today program, but I think now I will go to Apple TV. Bad error on NBC.

  32. Susan Jurist says:

    I really like Tamron Hall and will miss her on MSNBC, but the third hour was a waste of time. Hope she shows up soon somewhere else.

  33. Joy Richey says:

    Tamron was one of the reasons I loved to watch the show. She has spunk! Bad decition! The network got rid of a shining star.

  34. Holly McGUIRE says:

    Happy birthday to me! So glad Tameron is off the show. She really brought the 3rd hour down. Not Today Show quality!

    • Ward Wensch says:

      Sorry to see Willie and Tamron leave: don’t care for Megyn. NBC really knows how to screw up what was a good program. Maybe now I’ll turn go to CNN for the third hour.

  35. tom says:

    Good to see her go. She was somewhat intelligent but lacked common sense. Al Roker is NOT a meteorolgist. Why is it producers want to change things up all the time. Let’s have a black Orphan Annie, a white Michael Jackson etc. Got tired of seeing all black on that show and even their comments were black related. Not a racist here but just tired of haveing things jammed down my throat…..Good Luck Megyn!!!

    • August Dreams says:

      Just imagine how sick and tired other might have felt when there was only one point of view rammed down their throats day in and day out. Maybe others got tired of only seeing whites on the show. I guess a bigot would never think of that. P.S. There is a version of Little Orphan Annie played by a young Black actress.

    • Vanessa says:

      If you think Black people being on tv or having jobs in the news/broadcast industry is having something “jammed down” your throat you are absolutely a racist.

      • ravynrobyn says:


      • KT says:

        PREACH! And for the record folks in Chicago and the other haters FYI folks in Tamron’s field do not negotiate their own contracts most of the time they have agents to do this for them. STOP hating on her! She is a beautiful woman of color and extremely intelligent!!! You haters need a life and prayer!

    • Sharyn says:

      Totally agree, too many racist coming from blacks on the today show. I will not miss Tamron, too giddy and acting cutesy, had to turn it off…Miss Willie & Natalie very much. Al is still one of my favorites. Love Savannah, she is the best!

  36. Claudia Boozer says:

    It’s hard to believe she’d leave just for that reason. It’s TV & that stuff happens. Guess she got ticked off. I’m not a big Tamron fan, but I wish her the best. I’m not looking forward to Megan either! I don’t know what I’ll watch at 9:00 a.m. now. I can’t stand Kelly “Diva” Ripa either … ugggh! Oh well, I’ll find something!

  37. Today show has lost this family. NBC seems just too high handed. First Michael streyhand Now Tamron. CBS here I come.

  38. Linda says:

    Yes I will! Tamron will be sadly missed! She has one of the best bubbly personalities that’s ever been on the Today Show! She’s also one of the best News Anchor on MSNBC! I think everyone is going Trump style!!!!

  39. Tami says:

    Oh no my mornings are ruined

  40. Debbi Nagy says:

    I will so miss Tamron Hall and, of course, AL Roker. What a fun class act they were. And boo to Megan Kelly. Not a fan.

  41. Debra Perdue says:

    I am sad. Really enjoyed Tamron Hall. NBC lost a good one. Really disappointed.

  42. Tina says:

    Yes I will miss her ,she so nice ,I’ll find something else to watch.

  43. Michael Glennon says:

    I will not be watching the third hour any more after Al is gone. Al is a national treasure.

  44. Anne Neale says:

    I loved seeing Tamron. Will miss her beautiful smile!!

  45. Steven says:

    You suck NBC playing the Trump card at the exspense of a great person Tamron Hall ….racist ego crap. I will not watch anything but Matt Lauer good thing hes got tenure. Idiots

  46. Elizabeth A Lee says:

    I will definitely miss Tamron and she deserved a on air goodbye after 10 years. I know I will follow her in the future even when it’s not NBC! I’m glad Megyn Kelly is coming over I only hope she will be able to tell the truth after all her time AT FOX!!! A network not known for honesty. But I am disappointed with NBC about how they sacrificed a proven serious anchor on MSNBC and an absolutely commedic relief when with Rocker they were great together and I will miss her self depreciating humor! NBC, you lost a star!

  47. What is happening at NBC and MSNBC?! Megan Kelly and Greta have been given the nod and their own shows during most coveted time-slots. Where am I to go for honest respectable and believable journalism? Greta is OK because she does probe as well or better than most. But Megan Kelly? She’s synonymous with the lie-filled non-news at FOX.

  48. Patricia Young says:

    Hope NBC gave you a great severance package. You are smart, young and vital… Go show them what you can do! What is it someone once said, “The best revenge is a life well lived.”

  49. Sharron Clow says:

    Have you all lost your minds???? You have gotten rid of the best of the best lately, for Megan Kelly???. You are getting more political & ridiculous by the minute. When will these spoiled brats stop throwing tantrums and if they don’t like things, work to make them better. We can’t always get what we want. So grow up and take the high road. If you keep this up you will loose a faithful follower of more than 20 years. Not that you will care.

  50. Robert says:

    Well now you have lost me at 9am.
    I always watched 7am till 10am, now I’ll change at 9.