Arrow Recap: Oliver's Canary Hunt Leads to a Dynamite Name-Drop

This week’s episode of Arrow aimed to accomplish a lot — and damn if it didn’t hit the bull’s-eye on all counts.

First and foremost, Oliver shifted his promise to hand off the Black Canary mantle into high gear, waving off ridiculously impressive resumes (“It’s a feel thing”) to instead zero in on the closest thing to bashert (as Rory puts it) he saw: a female vigilante/”urban legend” who couples elite hand-to-hand combat skills with a sonic cry, obtained years ago via the Central City particle accelerator explosion.

Oliver, with Curtis and Rene, first approaches this woman on a rooftop in Hub City, offering her a “home,” a team, a place to train, but she swiftly declines before slipping away. Curtis uses his computer prowess to identity their prospect as Tina Boland, a former CCPD detective. Green Arrow consults over the phone with CCPD Captain Singh, who, after a quick nudge from The Flash, vouches for Tina, revealing that she went deep undercover until her partner Vinny got killed by drug lord Sean Sonus.

Oliver and the boys confront Tina again, just as she’s torturing one of Sonus’ lieutenants, to his death. Seeing a bit of himself in her, Oliver offers to help Tina “find her way back,” but again — nope. When Tina goes after Sonus by herself, she is waylaid by the crook’s own metahuman power, to dizzy people with sonic waves. Curtis develops tech to dampen Sonus’ power before they, with Tina, confront him in the midst of a deal for the drug he peddles to kids. Tina gets the drop on Sonus and, despite Oliver’s strong suggestion otherwise, puts multiple bullets into her prey.

That would not be the last Oliver sees of Tina, though. Rather, she surprises him by showing up at the mayor’s office, where she shares that she doesn’t feel as “liberated” as she hoped, having vanquished her partner/lover’s killer. “How do you live with all that pain?” she asks Oliver. He says it helps not to be alone, before she signs on to be a part of the team. Oh, and one other thing: “Tina Boland” was her undercover name. Her real name is… Dinah frickin’ Drake!

Meanwhile in flashbacks, Arrow Taliawe got to know no less than the Talia al Ghul, who as Oliver recovered from his beating did her research, then confronted him about his extremely circuitous (and deadly) road back home. After revealing herself to be Yao Fei’s mentor (the whole age thing is a “family secret,” says the daughter of He Who Has a Lazarus Pit), Talia offers to help Oliver cripple Kovar by taking out one of his revenue streams, a Russian who traffics in young girls. Once they are done with that, Talia tasks Oliver with taking on the “real fight” that’s been under his nose all along — his father’s list. And to help him do that while keeping a hold of his true identity, she advises creating a monster — becoming “something else,” in the guise of a hooded vigilante.

Elsewhere in the episode, Felicity’s “dark” storyline finally revealed itself via, well, the Dark Net, where she went rummaging for dirt on General Walker that would free Diggle and instead found a young female hacktivist (Kojo Sledgehammer) who had been inspired by Felicity’s college-era capers (as Ghost Fox Goddess). Kojo is admittedly a bit bummed that “GFG” fell off the radar to become an IT girl/tech exec, but she firmly plants the speed for Felicity’s activist self to rise again, as seen when Miss Smoak cracks open the flash drive from the “Helix” group, which succeeds in getting Diggle freed to go home and hug his wife and daughter, er, son.

What did you think of “Second Chances” and all that it accomplished?

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  1. N says:

    Great there’s y’all’s Dinah Drake. Quit being babies.

  2. equate5 says:

    Keep everyone in their roles and the show gets back to the first half of Season 5. Dinah Drake is fine but it remains to be see if she is a regular and endgame or just a stopgap measure for Oliver.

    The meta Felicity meeting was something and if this is what dark felicity is about…okay

    I am going to point out that if the team could write a black canary like this then they really did Katie Cassidy wrong for the last 4 seasons.

    • Sharon says:

      Exactly. Katie got sidelined to all the other characters Arrow added and all her storylines felt like “Oops, we forgot to write for Laurel.

  3. Marin says:

    The introduction of the new Black Canary was so convoluted. By a miracle someone that has the same powers that Black Siren and that Laurel was using (while not being a meta) shows up and by another miracle she has the same name as Laurel’s mom (before she married Lance), Dinah Drake. And even better she is a top notch fighter.

    So they had a character for 4 seasons that they could have developed into the BC that they wanted, but went ahead and killed her. And now expect people to accept a “just add water and it’s ready to go” BC?

    And where is Thea and Lance? 2nd episode in a row where they are no where to be seen.

    • jj says:

      Considering how many speedsters there are running around, it’s not hard to believe that there is more than one person with a sonic scream. I don’t think at any point on Arrow has Laurel’s mom’s maiden name been revealed to be Drake. People have just assumed that it was.

      • Marin says:

        Considering that her name was Dinah Lance, was married to a cop with the last name Lance and then they both had a daughter and called Dinah Laurel Lance. Too many coincidences.

    • L says:

      Most fanboys will be fine with this new BC because most of them see women as interchangeable. A bit like Arrow does.

      • Alf says:

        I’m guessing the contradiction of accusing others of sexism while being completely sexist yourself escapes you?

        • Liz says:

          Eh you have a point but I’m still right. Fanboys have been complaining about Laurel being killed off and you can’t kill off BC, Laurel is BC! But as soon as another one comes along they’re all totally fine with it. It doesn’t matter who wears the mask as long as someone does.

          • Jim says:

            Could you be more presumptuous or general? This new one will never replace Katie for me. I loved how Katie’s Black Canary earned her name. She worked hard, got her ass handed to her more than a few times, but she persevered. The new Black Canary is a polished gem right from the get go,scream & top level fighting ability all ready to go. They should have done a better job of writing for Katie.

          • Liz says:

            Sorry Jim. You’re an exception to the rule then. And I don’t disagree they should’ve done a better job writing for KC. Nor do I disagree that this new BC is instant ready made to the point it’s ridiculous and pretty boring. But I stand by my original point.

          • kath says:

            I guess all fanboys need is the right name, a hot body, and fighting skills. Everything else is irrelevant.

          • Ben says:

            I am a fanboy who is not complaining about Laurel being killed off because she was dull and, frankly, Katie Cassidy had no chemistry at all with Stephen Amell. I don’t need “Dinah Drake” either. I wish they’d stick with the strong women they’ve got – Felicity, Evelyn, Thea… and stop sidelining them.

      • Lex says:

        Props for the burn! I’m liking Dinah Drake, but in the end I’m with Ben–stop sidelining the women you have. At least we’re gearing up for a major Felicity arc (hopefully another group of rabid fanboys won’t turn on her for this) but where the hell is Thea?!

  4. JoannePistonFan says:

    I truly thought Ragman said, “Batshirt,” and was making a The Good Place reference. That’s batshirt crazy!

  5. Agent 86 says:

    So … who at Arrow hates Katie Cassidy? They’ve essentially take her role as Dinah Laurel Lance aka Black Canary and simply recast it with a new actor. Any story-telling potential that Dinah Drake aka Black Canary has could have easily been utilised for continuing to tell Laurel’s story. So, it really seems to boil down to Arrow’s TPTB wanting to get rid of Kate Cassidy for some reason. Sad!

    • Dave says:

      I hardly think they hate her, but the character was stuck and Katie Cassidy is just a bad actress. blank face, no emotion in her voice – especially compared to Emily Bett Rickards who works so great with her facial expressions, it was hard to watch. but probably they just wanted a big death and room for new team members.

      • @Dave says:

        oh my god, thank you! she sucks so bad, I don’t know why anyone misses her or why so many people pretend Cassidy is any good.
        also 100% agree on EBR, now that is a good actress.

        • Scribe says:

          I think she was miscast from day one and she doesn’t have the gravitas to play BC. Cathy Loitz does but as BC, Cassidy was painful. Especially when BC’s badassery is match a for Batman and more times than not, she saves GA’s butt.

          • Lex says:

            I second poor casting. KC is best in adversarial roles, not as the heroine. Black Siren was a blast because it reminded me of why I loved her stone cold bitch Ruby on Supernatural so much. As Laurel Lance? Well, it’s good to see they have a do-over with the BC.

        • Gina says:

          Dave, I know this opinion is extremely unpopular in the Arrowverse, but I agree whole heartedly. I have never been able to get behind Katie as a believable superhero. She’s extremely dull as an actress and honestly, just not that good.

          • GU712 says:

            agreed to all except original poster, who is apparently Donald Trump (Sad!) or at least about as smart as him.

      • Leonie1988 says:

        I also think she was just miscast. Nothing against Katie! But she had zero chemistry with Stephen. They didn’t do a screen test with them together.

    • Jim says:

      She was just never going to work as the Black Canary. It was impossible to believe her as a tough brawler. She just doesn’t have that quality. It was always going to hold the show back. And she had no romantic chemistry with Stephen either, which might have compensated enough for the lack of believability as a vigilante. Her character was an anchor around the neck of the show because she was miscast. And then the role was terribly written, probably partly because she was so terribly miscast (though I won’t let the writers off the hook entirely for the unbelievable hatchet job they made of Laurel). So there was just no saving it. She had to go. Simple as that. Katie will get another job in a role more suited for her soon. Probably also on the CW, ha.

      • Mate says:

        are you refering to specific role/show? also: I think she’s still under contract for Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow (probably as Black Siren or for flashbacks)

        • Leonie1988 says:

          Yes she is under contract but she’s only been in two or three episodes. That’s hardly a full time job for Katie. I wish her all the best for the future!

      • Lex says:

        Working for the CW is why she got the role in the first place– the CW takes care of its own, which is why she was offered the role of Laurel before Oliver was even cast. I guess any chance for a screen test to check out her chemistry with SA was too late.

    • Lex says:

      The basic framework for the Laurel character has been off since we were first introduced to her, so I can’t blame the writers for starting from scratch. The two Black Canaries are not interchangeable; Dinah Drake opens up a whole new world of storytelling possibilities, while Laurel needed to be shoehorned into the show to make her seem relevant to Oliver’s story.

  6. aaron says:

    They have officially jumped the shark…AGAIN. They just reek of desperation.

  7. A. D. says:

    STUPID….Loved the Talia part, but this Black Canary Crap sucks! Laurel is Black Canary!

  8. Leonie1988 says:

    Thank you for the review Matt!
    I’m hoping they won’t force a Oliver/Dinah romance… A friendship would be great, but please! And Dinah/Felicity friendship too! I need that! Maybe we can get some taste of that old Sara/Felicity dynamic back :)

  9. Wrstlgirl says:

    This episode completely lost me. I found myself cleaning my kitchen with the show as background noise. Sad.

    • Dave says:

      is that you, Donald?

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        Um, what does that mean? Because I was bored with the episode I’m like Donald. I’m allowed to be bored with a show because it’s not the quality series it used to be, aren’t I?? There’s no need to insult me for it.

        • Steiger says:

          I don’t think that was meant to be an insult, just a joke based on the fact that Trump often ends his tweets with “sad”.

          • Wrstlgirl says:

            Oh I see, that’s good. I didn’t quite understand why I was being compared to a narcissistic ahole just because I didn’t like the episode, lol. I try to ignore as much of him as possible, especially his twitter nonsense.

        • Lex says:

          I think we’re all now inclined to see any one-word sentence with the word “sad” as relating to a Trump tweet. Sad!

  10. ndixit says:

    It takes a special level of arrogance and disdain for these creators to do what they did. For years, fans were telling these guys that they should give Laurel her metahuman Canary powers but they just refused to because they wanted to keep team Arrow metahuman powerless. So poor KC got saddled with that canary cry that everyone made fun of. It seems like every decisions these guys have made has been to belittle KC and Laurel and to emphasize that she was pointless. Its gotten to the point where they are just now randomly name throwing another unrelated metahuman who just happens to have the same first name as Laurel and the exact same powers of her doppelganger from E-2. Its quite sickening really because this is clearly being done because Guggenheim and co… were shocked by the backlash caused when they got rid of KC and Laurel so casually and arrogantly that they have just inserted this character out of nowhere just to assuage them so he can eventually say that Laurel was never the “real” Black Canary.

    • 134sc says:

      As far as i understand it, this new canary was asked for by greg betlanti so cant blame the writers for this one

      • kath says:

        Two days after the episodes aired, a new video game was announced with Dinah Drake, the Black Canary so it sounds like a DC decree.

    • Lex says:

      Technically there was more of a backlash when Sara died, hence their resurrecting her. Further, I personally feel that a metahuman power wouldn’t have saved Laurel Lance; the structural skeleton of the character was already too flawed as far back as development. I don’t see it as arrogance and disdain; that would be far too personal. It’s creating a new character and opening up a wealth of new storytelling opportunities, not some act of vindictive spite towards KC/Laurel/her fans.

  11. Shannon says:

    My theory believes that Black Canary got killed twice by the WB rats for their so-called Extended Universe but that strategy backfired after SS and BvS both failed, causing a hostilely takeover in the DC division.

  12. S says:

    Absolute fail. The writers are dead set on s******* on Laurel/Black Canary and Katie every second they can.

    • Taylor B. says:

      by constantly keep bringing her up despite the fact that she was useless and terrible?

      • S says:

        You do realise that it is the job of the writers to write an engaging story line for their characters, correct? If you found the character useless then you should be blaming the writers for failing to write a cohesive story.

  13. Linda says:

    I like the new Black Canary/Tina/Dinah.

  14. datdudemurphy says:

    I was a big fan… I am curious to see how she works in with the rest of the season.

    I liked the name reveal, and the fact that she has origins tied to Flash and Central City is a nice nod to Black Canary’s first appearance in Flash Comics.

  15. Jennifer says:

    It was a great episode to see the new Canary back storyline to see how she became what she is today. Can’t wait to see what she is going to being to the show but I hope Felicity and the new girl can be friends plus I am loving this new storyline about Felicity going darker but I have to wonder how long is it going to take Oliver to catch on what is going on with Felicity. And will he be by her side like she is for him to pull him out of the darkness like she does for him.

  16. L says:

    I thought this was pretty bad. I was bored for most of it. I don’t like Tina or Dinah whatever her name is. The way they discovered her & she just happened to be called Dinah with amazing fighting skills who was also a meta was so convoluted and contrived I rolled my eyes. I have no interest in another BC. I wish they’d leave that alone.

    Felicity’s plot was kinda interesting but I don’t like the idea that she’s being removed from the team. Would’ve been nice to see Diggle/Felicity scene after she saved his ass from jail but this show doesn’t give me what I want anymore.

    Not for me. Sorry.

  17. Lisa says:

    Damn! It’s not too often you see showrunners be so blatantly obvious in their hatred for an actress. Because, I can see no other reason to replace one Black Canary for another unless they just didn’t like Katie Cassidy.

    I mean, fine. Bosses can fire people for whatever reason and if they just didn’t like her, what can you do? But to put up a huge sign post that pretty says “WE HATE THIS B*TCH SO MUCH!!!!” is just overly jerky.

    • Peter F. says:

      you’re seeing things that aren’t there. KC is not a good actress, Laurel as a character was pointless, they wanted a big death and they’re still milking that story. that’s all it is.

    • Lex says:

      Yes, they absolutely hate her. That’s why they made her a series regular across all four shows. The nerve of them!

  18. Rachel says:

    Rene and the hamburgers, so hilarious!

  19. Alichat says:

    Ok…..this makes no sense. If her name was Tina Boland when she was undercover, why did her police file…which Curtis found…have her name as Tina Boland? And why would Capt Singh refer to her as Tina Boland if that was her undercover name? Why wouldn’t he correct the Green Arrow and refer to her by her real name or as Detective Drake?

    • S says:

      Because the writers are idiots and are trying so damn hard to gloss over how pissed people were/are at them killing off Laurel. They’re stupid enough to believe that if they give us another “Dinah” as BC, fans will be cool with it.

      • Peter F. says:

        some people maybe. Arrow doesn’t need Laurel.

        • S says:

          A show about Green Arrow doesn’t need BC (aka Laurel or her mother)? That may be the dumbest thing said on the internet today, and I’m including Trump’s tweets.

          • Mate says:

            a) still doesn’t need BC necessarily b) as you said yourself Laurel =/= BC. the whole episode was about finding a new BC who is not Laurel.
            I’ve read Trump’s tweets too, but you take the price here. save the arrogance until you can afford it, kid.

          • GMX says:

            are you stupid? you just said it yourself, Black Canary hasn’t always been Laurel. Dinah Drake is the original BC. only difference is that on Arrow she’s not Laurel’s mother. Laurel is indeed not needed.

          • kath says:

            If they made a show with Black Canary in a Birds of Prey format, she wouldn’t need an Oliver Queen in it.
            This show, with Diggle, Thea, Moira and Felicity, all of whom do not exist in the comic books in this form, doesn’t need a Black Canary to work.

          • Azerty says:

            It’s like saying every Batman movies needs a Robin. Is that true? Cause I remember the Nolan’s Batman not having one and being great. Same as BvS. Now Batman and Robin with Clooney? not that much… Arrow had no Canary in the first season and it is still considered as one of the best season of the show.

        • Liz says:

          I agree. Arrow doesn’t need Laurel. It doesn’t need any BC. And the more they try to force that character into the show, the worse it gets.

    • Malachi says:

      Still under cover

      • Alichat says:

        Curtis said she’s off the grid, and Capt Singh said she disappeared after the explosion, so she’s not still undercover for the police. But even if she was, you don’t create an employee profile page on a Police Dept website for a cop who has gone undercover. You remove that page so the drug dealers don’t know she’s a cop. And her employee profile should not have her undercover name. It would contain her real name.

    • Luis Roman says:

      Using her undercover name to protect her identity because, as we know, in the Arrowverse, no information, anywhere, is ever truly safe.

  20. Lysh says:

    I thought it was a great episode. Loved the Big Belly Burger scenes. I liked all the Felicity stuff and I’m interested if Helix is what I think it is. I loved Talia igniting the Arrow persona for Oliver. I liked the big fight with Arrow swinging on the helicopter. The Dinah Drake thing was ugh though. I thought Alex Kingston was Dinah Drake? It feels like some sort of retcon so that they can get back to the comics, which is GOOD but not in this way.

  21. ChrisGa says:

    While I’m not sure what the reasoning was behind removing KC from the Black Canary role, pretty sure it has zilch to do with them “hating” KC–she nabbed the same type of across-all-shows contract that John Barrowman and Wentworth Miller got.

  22. kath says:

    The flahsbacks with Talia were great and the actress did a terrific job. I wish we could keep her in the present.

    What was all that talks about Felicity going darker coming from? At least twice she said how happy she was that she was hacking again now. And considering that Wendy Mericle has been teasing Diggle feeling responsible for Feliity going dark, they couldn’t put in a scene with the two of them?

    I’ll wiat and see how the Tina/Dinah thing develops but right now I’m giving it a ‘C’. I would have gone with a ‘B’ if there hadn’t been that stupid anvil about her being his second chance.

  23. Luis Roman says:

    So, wait, Quentin’s ex-wife has another daughter nobody knew about? As much as I feel Katie Cassidy’s Laurel was kind of a fifth wheel on “Arrow ,” this almost feels like she’s getting a swift kick in the ass on the way out the door.

  24. abz says:

    I’m not a comic book reader, so can anyone tell who this Dinah Drake character is? How important is she in the comics? Is she also a black canary or is she a different character in the comics that the show is switching up and trying to make into the new black canary?

    • Marin says:

      In the comics Dinah Drake was the 1st BC, she married a cop called Lance, becoming Dinah Drake Lance, they had a daughter called Dinah Laurel Lance who became Black Canary after her mother.

      Dinah Laurel Lance exists in Arrow, Laurel.
      Laurel’s mother is called Dinah Lance and was married to a cop called Lance (Detective Lance).

    • Alf says:

      Dinah Drake Lance was the original Black Canary and later the mother of Dinah Laurel Lance. so much for all the people claiming Laurel was the only/real BC …

    • Jim says:

      Dinah Drake was the Black Canary as part of the Justice Society of America during WWII. She ran a flower shop in her civilian identity and her love interest was Detective Kurt Lance. As time went on and WWII got further and further in the past (meaning the characters tied to that era got older), DC came up with the idea that the present day Black Canary was actually Dinah Laurel Lance, daughter of Dinah Drake Lance, the original Black Canary. However, in 2011 DC basically restarted their whole universe, and the Black Canary since then has had the civilian name of Dinah Drake. She married Kurt Lance, but he died, and now she’s been calling herself Dinah Lance. She just recently met Green Arrow for the first time (again) and they’re in a relationship now. So, in other words, Dinah Drake and Dinah Laurel Lance are the same character, except they’re not when DC decides they aren’t, except for all intents and purposes they are. It depends on the era of DC publishing whether there have been two different ,mother-daughter canaries, and currently, all that history has been thrown out and she’s a one and only. Okay?

      • JC1 says:

        Minor detail, but I think it was originally Larry Lance, not Kurt. Kurt came after the reboot, probably because Larry sounded too old-fashioned.

  25. Alf says:

    Enough with the canaries already. no one is ever gonna be as good as Sara anyway.

  26. J says:

    103 episodes was enough, I am out. This show is terrible with all these random new people, put it out of its misery. Blows

  27. Isaiah says:

    Ok, so I’m a big Laurel fan and at first I wasn’t Gonna give Tina a chance but I did it anyway. I guess I like her but it is hard for me to actively root for her. The mantle should go to Laurel and no one else!! I don’t mind if Tina hangs on to it for awhile though. This was meant to be a resurrection(metaphor) season for Laurel bit I guess that’s held off… I just hope they don’t try to make Tina/Oliver a thing.

    • GU712 says:

      the reporter is still around, isn’t she? and by the end of the season it’s probably gonna be Oliver/Felicity again.

  28. JDH says:

    Did they just Smallville Jimmy Olsen us??? Not cool..

  29. bluji says:

    Growing tired of people complaining how much the show sucks from a Black Canary mythology point-of-view, Olicity and/or other shipping point-of-view, comics background point-of-view etc. As a person who has never read the comics, I thoroughly enjoy watching Arrow for the sake of the show itself. Season 5 has been better than two previous seasons, and it’s fun and engaging to watch. Sad that the fandom itself is so poisonous regarding it.

  30. tvloverSA says:

    Was the best 2nd half episode of the season since some of the second half of season 2….that’s how bad things have been in the second half or arrow since than……hope it grows on this momentum.

  31. Dan says:

    Sean Sonus/Discord was one of the coolest BC/GA villains. He was a musician/composer who went deaf as a bystander from a Canary cry, and developed sound disrupting tech which made all of Star City temporarily deaf. Andrew Kreisberg created him, so it makes sense to bring him in… It’s just too bad they made him a drug lord, and worse they killed him off…A recurring nemesis for BC would make some cool stories in the future.

  32. Oncer93 says:

    So basicly they knew all along how to write the Black Canary good, but Laurel never got to reach her full potential, they said there was no more story to tell for, and there was too many mask, but then season 5 comes and her job as the D.A is replaced by a man and suddenly there is 4 more mask and a new Black Canary who already has fighting skills and a meta human cry who is called Dinah Drake, yearh so much for no more story to tell for her, but they aparently have stories to tell for, they even weaken’d Black Siren last week who could go on to Legends and recive a redemption arc. There was so much they could have done for Laurel, they could have given her the sonic scream and have her have problems controling it, we could have seen her go away with Nyessa for a few months in between season 3 and 4 and in between season 4 and 5 she could have gone away and recived more training, they could have brought back Helena and have her team up with Laurel for a case, they could have brought back Wildcat, let her struggle between her job as a D.A and her being the Black Canary, this new canary just feels like a middle finger to Laurel fans, she has been handed everything that Laurel should have gotten, the showrunners must really dislike Laurel and Katie.
    If not for anything else then the Flashbacks will keep me staying, because they are actually better this season than they were in season 3 and 4, but then again season 3 and 4 just weren’t very good in terms of quality and writing and that is because the good writers and showrunners left after season 2 to go write for the Flash and Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle were left in charge.

  33. Markus says:

    best Arrow of the season? no, most certainly not. most pointless maybe, don’t need another freaking BC. how many is that now? 4?

  34. Luis Roman says:

    I think Felicity should start a hacker collective to assist Team Arrow. She could call it . . . F Society.

  35. Luis Roman says:

    “Plants the speed(?)”

  36. Dj says:

    This all boils down to the writers who just didnt know how to write towards KC strengths. She was uninteresting as the Black Canary and that falls on them. I dont want to say it was miss casting because as Black Siren she is fun to watch. But I always say that the worst thing to happen to KC was Caity time spent on the show. Nothing KC could do would live up to CL time as the Canary. Which isnt a knock against KC. It just made it hard working in the shadow of a character similar to yours and one in my opinion that went on to be the best character in the CW Dc universe.

    • Lex says:

      They should have kept her as the DA, where KC’s strengths as an antagonist were used in the courtroom. She dealt out the sassy legal-ease like she was in a Law & Order episode.

      • Luis Roman says:

        I think she would have been perfect as the Star City DA, working hand-in-glove with Team Arrow, the way it worked on “The Green Hornet.” As it stands, TA”s relationship with Adrian Chase is likely to get strained when he gets outed as the Vigilante.

  37. Dominique says:

    sorry but i’m not a fan of this dinah drake so far. they have shown me nothing that makes me like her. also; i have never been a fan of laurel but this whole “lol there’s a new dinah who is also the new black canary and probably oliver’s new love interest” thing is just disrespecful. i don’t know what the writers/producers are doing, but it ain’t good.

  38. Lorenzo DE Magnificent says:

    The writers must really not like Katie for them to keep coming up with storyline to keep her off the show. Their like “we know you like seeing her but only in small doses”

  39. Jared says:

    Although I’d rather see Katie Cassidy as Black Canary, I’m really not mad at Black Siren and was ready to hate the new character..but I don’

  40. Gerald says:

    Love Curtis in the van, where he is safe and uses his best skills.
    Rene shooting guns. “Don’t worry I got this”… is ridiculous. These guys are probably WAY more trained than he is. Keep it up and maybe we’ll get another “Significant” death this season.
    New Canary is alright. Is she going to be a love interest? Because I am still hoping for Felicity and Oliver to get back together. Even though it is not canon.

    • kath says:

      I am hoping that because the comics fanboys got their canon Black Canary now, the showrunners will go against canon and have Oliver and Felicity together.
      Bring on Larry Lance!

    • Liz says:

      I’d love to see Olicity back together (the way they’ve dropped that relationship and act like it never happened is so weird) but I’m not so sure now.

  41. Flashrow says:

    This week has some very cool nodes. First Cisco traveling to Supergirl’s Earth and now Oliver calling to the Captain of Central City.

    • Azerty says:

      I thought the same thing I loved the post it ‘he is legit’! And the episode of Legends finally explained how Reverse Flash is still alive despite Eddy killing himself in season 1 (better explanation than what Flash gave in season 2) and what happened to Zoom. Anyway I loved the connections between the Flarrowverse this week.

  42. Riana says:

    I can’t help but wonder where Thea has been these past two episodes. Has Willa been filming a movie?

    • Lambsilencer says:

      From the press releases regarding the next two episodes, she won’t be in those, either. With this and Madison McLaughlin (Evelyn) being removed from the team, one can get the impression that the writers got some notes to tone down the “kickass girls” amount.
      To me, the show has lost a lot of appeal in those two episodes, with the regular players (Thea, Dig, Lance) being put aside to make more room for the new (and to me, much less appealing) team.

    • Azerty says:

      Agree, I miss Thea… I seriously don’t understand why they invest so much in new characters when they have Thea that is so underused. She was barely in the mid-season finale and now she is gone awol for 2 episodes, maybe more. I don’t know if it a personal reason of the actress, if she asked to not be in the suit and so the writers don’t know what to do, but if there is no such things then I would trade Rene, Curtis and even the new Black Canary for Thea. Same for Roy but I know that’s a choice of the actor in that case. Same for Quentin…they should write for the characters that we love instead of adding more newbies.

  43. Akiva Cohen says:

    Great episode, but … Rory repeatedly mispronouncing “bashert” (it’s Bah-SHARE-t, not BASH-ert) was really grating

  44. Lex says:

    I went in thinking another Black Canary was pointless. Yeah, they failed with Laurel, and no one can ever top Caity. I expected to be somewhere on a scale from “meh” to “DO NOT WANT” with “Tina Boland,” but she surprised me.

    Dinah Drake (nice bait-and-switch with the name BTW) came across as a very distinct character from Sara, and yet just as worthy in the Canary line of succession. Her tragic backstory is her own, and her decision to kill the bad guy against Oliver’s motivational speech gave her a desperation that made her pathos very immediate and present.

    She didn’t bring any Oliver baggage (as the Lance sisters did), and I loved how her abrasiveness is something we haven’t seen in a female character (except unintentionally with Laurel). She isn’t a cupcake, like Felicity and Kara; she isn’t a ray of sunshine, like Iris; she isn’t the secret brains of the operation, like Caitlin, and she doesn’t have candy-colored shell, like Sara. There are distinct lines to her characterization but she is enough of a blank slate that the storytelling possibilities are endless.

    Here’s a thought: I could totally see her leading a Birds-of-Prey spin-off somewhere down the road, when Arrow bows out. You could even keep EBR working after the show ends and have her be their Oracle!

    She’s her own person, and I can’t wait to see more of her.

    Dinah Drake, welcome to the team.

    • Luis Roman says:

      It was a solid introduction, though any visit to Hub City that doesn’t include The Question will always be a fail in my eyes. She made a strong first impression. Kudos to Guggenheim, Mericle et al, for including Steve Bacic in what is apparently the season of Andromeda on the CW.

  45. Luis Roman says:

    Not too heavy a symbolism, naming those hacked files “Pandora,” eh?

    • kath says:

      I still don’t trust them to do a decent Felicity arc. In this episode she was the reason Diggle got out of prison but we still didn’t get a single scene with the two of them together. It was always Oliver and Chase talking to Diggle.
      Felicity has been too much “tell, don’t show” this season. Both she and Diggle have been majorly sidelined. Unlike Roy’s introduction to Team Arrow, when Oliver said “These are the only two who count” Dinah is now a full member without ever having met Diggle or Felicity and OT scenes at Big Belly Burger have been replaced with Oliver/Rene/Curtis.

      • Lex says:

        Felicity not being there to tell Diggle *her* work exonerated him burned. It’s time to dig into the character (pun not intended) and deliver on those promises that she’ll be more than comic-relief-and-exposition girl. At least I’m enjoying her interactions with Rory, who will probably reluctantly follow her down the rabbit hole. He’s a good Jewish boy, after all.

        • kath says:

          Rory is by far my favorite of the new characters but I’m worried that he’s going to be the first one dropped (after Evelyn) and we’ll be left with the new Team Arrow 2.0 with Oliver, DTinah, Wild Dog and occasionally Spartan with Mr. Terrific providing the tech in the field and Felicity stuck in the bunker again.

          Maybe if Felicity had teamed up with Vigilante or even The Calculator this might have been a decent arc for her but how much time are they really going to spend on Felicity hacking with a bunch of unknowns who don’t wear masks and don’t do stunt fights?

  46. Celina says:

    My humble opinion:
    The real Canary of Arrow was Sara Lance. Unfortunately, they didn’t put Dinah as her name. Her story was consistent and compelling. The character, strong. BUT, they decided to kill her to give Laurel a reason to become BC. Laurel started to train with that guy (Black Panter?) and it seemed interesting, but all of a sudden he was gone. So they had to put Nyssa training her. After a little training she started to fight with the team. A team with a lot of people knowing how to fight. She was less than a sidekick. So they killed her. They became Canaryless. So, first they pretend they will put Katie back as BC with Black Siren taking her place. It was only a decoy. Then, they showed us a randon chick and shows how badass she is and, hey, her name is Dinah Drake! Really? They should’ve let Sara stay as Canary. If the only problem was her name, they could’ve pretend her name was Dinah Sara Lance all along (horrible, but better than everything done)

  47. T.W.S.S. says:

    Any scoop on of Paul Blackthorne and Willa Holland are returning for season six?

  48. JC1 says:

    I wasn’t quite as impressed by the episode, I have to admit. I think I need a few more episodes to decide what I think about Dinah as a character. As a replacement for Laurel, she’s a huge improvement, but that’s a low bar to cross. I guess I was expecting to be wowed, and I really wasn’t. She’s fine. *shrug* But I wasn’t as impressed as I was when Sara came on the scene, and I suppose I was expecting something on that level.
    Someone on another site commented that Oliver’s comment about Dinah being his “second chance” could be seen as a meta statement from the writers about the Black Canary character. I hadn’t thought of that, and I thought it was a weird thing for him to say, but yes, this is their second chance to get the character right (although I would say third – I will always count Sara). The problem is that it’s coming so late in the show’s run. I have never understood the decisions that have been made with this character, starting with a) casting Katie Cassidy, b) writing her as a Rachel Dawes wannabe instead of using her comics background, and c) not taking the do-over that they had in their hands with Sara. Af this stage, while I understand the recast/redo, it feels like too little too late. But I guess we’ll see.
    Felicity’s storyline is intriguing. I hope they actually follow through this time. They set up a lot of interesting things for her last season that got short-circuited or dropped or juat plain badly handled, and that was frustrating.
    What is going on with Thea? I’m seriously starting to wonder if Willa Holland is getting ready to leave the show. There’s another character that’s never been used to their potential. I was so disappointed with what they did with Thea last season, and this season it sounds like they’re not even trying.

    • pnr says:

      Dinah Drake is honestly so generic. I wasn’t wowed either. She’s just the stereotypical badass that we’ve seen a million times over. Tough, tragic past and wants to do good, has convenient powers, snarky… I’m just over it. I ended the episode wondering… Why do we NEED a new BC? It’s all so annoying.

      I’m tired of the revolving door of new characters. Can we focus on the characters that we already have? There’s still so much to delve into. Thea/Felicity’s relationship, Diggle/Thea, Felicity/Lance, Diggle/Lance, Diggle/Felicity… IT’s just criminal they refuse to dig into these wonderful characters.