Corden Gets Political, Lodges Simple, Understated Protest of Muslim Ban

James Corden made a rare political statement on Monday in response to Donald Trump’s executive order barring refugees, visa and green card holders from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

In a cold open filmed at LAX, the British native goes through his normal pre-boarding motions, after which the screen fades to black and the purpose of this Late Late Show segment becomes clear.

“Today, James Corden flew out of Los Angeles. So all of our shows this week have been pre-taped,” it begins. “Freedom of movement should be this easy for all legal immigrants. Not just the white and Christian ones.”

Corden’s statement follows one of the most divisive presidential election cycles in U.S. history, during which he left the political humor to fellow CBS funnyman Stephen Colbert.

Meanwhile, over on NBC, Jimmy Fallon also addressed the president’s executive order on Monday without, you know, actually taking a stance on it.

Watch Corden and Fallon’s responses to the ban above, then tell us which approach you preferred.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. peterwdawson says:

    Not a shocker. Immigration is a rough thing, even for people coming from countries with no real animosity to speak of. While Corden, as an entertainer from the UK, no doubt had an easier time than many, it can still resonate. Any kind of travel/immigration restriction would probably be the big thing I’d expect him to comment on.

    Immigration woes are so historically common it’s the inspiration for the worst song by Genesis.

    • Snart says:

      This is interesting to me. If any American tried moving to Canada or Australia or Sweden or the UK, they would be told NOPE, and the process would take years. Why is it suddenly crazy for the US to do the same? Why stop at those countries Obama identified? Just make a blanket NO to everyone, except Mexico. I think the US needs an agreement with Mexico, because Mexico is amazing as are its citizens. <3

      • peterwdawson says:

        The UK already makes it super hard for someone to immigrate. Even Canadians can find it rough. The only thing that’s fairly easy about moving to the US is owning property, which is pretty common in other nations as well.

      • ComeOn says:

        There are too many issues being lump together for logical discussion. The current 120 days ban is to close border completely based on citizenship on those selected few countries, just traveling, not migrating. There’s no evidences or legal justification to blanket banning entries all the sudden just because someone doesn’t like it. There are lots of legitimate reasons for travelling to US beside entering the country and never leave.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Please understand this is not a ‘muslim ban’ that the MSM seems to want to perpetuate. This is a ban from 7 nations, the list for which Pres Obama determined years ago. The largest Muslim nation in the world, Indonesia has not been banned. And this is a temporary change in order to better vet those wanting to travel into the US. UGH. And James Corden is not the person I would go to for ‘news.’

    • Nadia says:

      Ehm… you are wrong. Both President Trump and Rudolph Giuliani said that this is a piece of a Muslim Ban

      • Pamela says:

        If it was a Muslim ban then every country with Muslims would be banned, and they aren’t.

        • Chris says:

          He has business ties with the ones not listed

        • Mary says:

          Seriously, you cannot be that blind. He has business in the ones he didn’t ban. We all know that money is the most important to him so of course. If he was truly worried about
          safety then Saudia Arabia would be on that list. 16 of the 19 were from there. Do any of you actually do research and comprehend that it takes up to 2 years for the vetting process. You know if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it is a DUCK.

        • Mary says:

          If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duke, guess what it is a duck. If you do research these refugees are vetted for up to 2 years. If he truly was concern then it would include all Countries, but no the ones he does business with gets a free pass. I think that is called conflict of interest.

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      he cited 9/11 as one of the reasons for this ban yet the countries that those horrible men came from are not on the list why is that? Oh yea cause Trump does business in those countries.

    • Tired of the ignorance says:

      Trump has HUGE business dealings in Indonesia. Of course they wouldn’t be on the list.
      And that list of 7 countries was a list the Obama administration advocated NOT VISITING because of internal strife there–NOTHING about banning people from there coming to the United States. There has never been one terrorist event in the United States perpetrated by anyone from any of those 7 countries. Meanwhile, the countries of the 9/11 terrorists (remember them?)–Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Lebanon–are not on the list. And oh, what do you know? Trump has extensive business dealings with all of those countries. Educate yourself, for god’s sake. Don’t fall for the lies.

    • Cat says:

      And yet he didn’t ban the countries that have actually produced those who have carried out terrorist attacks on your country. Six of these countries have no perpetrators, only Iran and that was back in the seventies. Obama banned internet visa applications.

      • JaneLane says:

        You can’t possibly think that the attacks that have actually happened are the only threats our country has had. There have been many planned attacks that have been, thankfully, stopped before they could happen. We have no idea the extend to which our country and its citizens are constantly in danger.

        • Jamie says:

          Of course we don’t know those things. But we do know that the Muslim-majority countries that were left out are economies where Trump has money invested despite the fact that the perpetrators of the most significant terrorist attack in the US (9/11) come from some of those countries. If this was actually about “national security”, then why wouldn’t those countries be included in this ban?

    • Chris says:

      Refugees go through a 1-2 year vetting process. What new information do you think they’ll find in 90 days? If Trump actually had new procedures, he would implement them, not issue a broad ban.

      Obama never banned citizens of those countries. He signed a law that changed the visa waiver program so that citizens of countries (primarily European) who don’t usually need visas to come to the US and had traveled to any of the 7 countries would now have to get visas.

      Trump himself called it a Muslim ban during the campaign. Giuliani is on record as saying that they were trying to find a legal way to institute a Muslim ban. He can’t get upset that people are now calling it a Muslim ban. I’m sure if he could have figured out a way to ban all Muslims, he would. And I’d bet my life you’d defend that too.

    • Angela says:

      Riiiiiiight, because Trump totally has our country’s interests at heart with this ban.
      Wake up. This is a blatant example of the right capitalizing on xenophobic attitudes and treating certain groups of people as suspicious simply because of where they come from. It’s not going to do a damn thing to help keep us safe, and it’s only going to further stoke anti-American sentiment in other parts of the world and lead to more danger.

    • poodleshark says:

      Well said and speaking as someone who had worked in countries outside the USA. Some countries have tougher restrictions and language laws, etc. It is not easy but, these rules are necessary.

    • Ron says:

      They (and you) can spin it however you want, but it is a Muslim ban. When Trump has referred to it as a Muslim ban and just the other day his little surrogate pal Rudy Guiliani referred to it as a Muslim ban (all on tape), then let’s just call it as it is. Furthermore, when Trump openly says Christians are given priority acceptance into the country at the expense of their Muslim brethren from the very same region (again, video evidence), you can no longer claim this isn’t about religion. That makes it quite clear this is a religion ban. And regarding your Obama point: I don’t think it was right of him to put out a list like that. But let’s get one thing clear, he never actually had people banned from our country. Obama’s actions were never illegal. Trump and his team are trying to find a legal loophole for a clearly illegal action. That’s more evident than ever since Trump and his minions fired the acting AG after she said she does not see where this EO is legal.

    • Mary says:

      Please you need to get all the facts. Fact check is easy and you can see why Obama ban is not at all like this. I can see that you have fallen for the alternative facts but these refugee have been through more vetting than any one of Trump’s cabinet picks. Those you don’t understand history are doom to repeat it. Seriously people you are beyond hope. Not one terrorist have been from those Countries.

    • Mark D. Moss says:

      Setting aside, for the moment, that this exec order does less than nothing to make any American safer (and by that I mean that it likely makes us *less* safe) … the Muslim ban that Trump called for (and wants) is clearly, totally illegal and a violation of our constitution … so he targeted the 7 countries Obama issued *travel warnings* about (that’s travel *to* not *from*, btw) as a blatant attempt at an end run around the law, all while winking and nudging in supplemental comments (by surrogates and Trump himself) that admit what this really is. Just more demagoguery from a demagogue aimed at dimwitted fools like @jennifer.

    • YTKylie says:

      Of course it is a Muslim ban…it cannot be classified as a terror ban because there’s been zero terrorists on american soil from citizens of these 7 countries, so what possible reason is there to ban them? And why are citizens of the other middle eastern countries that have actually carried out massive attacks on US soil not banned?

  3. Gabs says:

    “Meanwhile, over on NBC, Jimmy Fallon also addressed the president’s executive order on Monday without, you know, actually taking a stance on it.”

    Which is why he’s crushing everyone in the ratings.

    • Kelly says:

      Exactly. Also, when I watch Late Night TV I want escape all the political nonsense. If I want to watch someone’s stance on political issues, I’ll watch the news channels or go online. Why does Fallon need to get political, or take a stance? He’s a late night entertainment host, not some talking head on Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC. It’s not his job. His job is to entertain me and make me laugh, which, by the way, he does more often than not.

  4. cuius says:

    When will they learn? The liberal media, by providing constant publicity, elected this guy, and now they’re realise, too late, the error of their ways and don’t like it. Wait till he imposes a 30% import tax on TV/films made on the cheap in Canada – then they’ll really have something to moan about.

    • Chris says:

      No idiots elected this man because they don’t understand facts and the difference between a lie and the truth.

      • Keith says:

        So 60,000,000+ people in this country are idiots based upon the fact that they have a different opinion than you on how to run the country. I don’t see you, Chris, as an idiot. Just a smart, passionate American who happens to have a different opinion than mine. Different opinions are going to happen in a country of millions of people. But, in your mind I shouldn’t have an opinion if it different than yours. Last time I checked that was called oppression.

        • Cat says:

          Oppression is when the person who got less votes still gets to be president and before yo start babbling about the electoral college, I don’t care. I’m not from America and like many outside your country think it’s a stupid system especially as it only ever seems to reward one party – five times in your history the president has received less votes yet been elected by the electoral college and each of those time it has benefitted republicans.

        • Angela says:

          Anyone who believed in things like Pizzagate, or the “Obama wasn’t born in the U.S./is a secret Muslim” BS, or believes Trump didn’t say certain things despite the fact that the horrible things he said are on record in video clips and his own Twitter account, or believes the “illegals voted for Hillary” spheel, or things of that sort? Yeah, they are idiots. Because they’re willfully believing things that are not true despite all evidence to the contrary.
          There is a vast difference between having a difference of opinion and ignoring blatant facts. The former is fine. The latter makes a person an idiot. Trump is lying to his supporters and they’re eating it up, and it’s having a negative impact on the country at large.

          • Chris says:

            Thank you that’s exactly what I meant maybe I didn’t phrase it as well.

          • Steven says:

            Well said Angela!

          • JaneLane says:

            These are the arrogant comments that got him elected. Most of the people I know that voted for him probably have more education than you, and make more money than you. Please, keep calling them clueless idiots though.

          • Angela says:

            @JaneLane: How much money one makes has absolutely squat to do with their intelligence level. And I thought the argument from Trump supporters was that it wasn’t the “educated elite” who voted for Trump, that it was the supposed working class individuals who are struggling financially who were all in on him. So which is it?
            And it is NOT arrogant to call people out for supporting blatantly untrue things. We cannot allow ignorance to run rampant. We can’t let lies become reality. That leads to very dangerous situations.
            Trump supporters cannot have it both ways. They can’t sit here and talk about how great Trump is because he ushers in an era of true honesty and lack of ‘PC/try and avoid offending people” mindsets, and then turn around and complain and act offended when somebody calls them out on their ignorance. You guys wanted honesty? You got it.

  5. Walkie says:

    Corden is the best.

  6. MMD says:

    Corden, in the very British, unstated manner of less is more, was the best of anyone, not just Fallon.

  7. sunshine says:

    The numbers are in and about 60% like the ban on visitors whereas about 30% do not. You’d thing it was the opposite by watching the news media focus on protesters who are in the minority on this issue.

    • Ron says:

      Um, I want sources on those statistics now. Please and thank you. Because that’s a little hard for me to believe when his disapproval rating is already over 50%…just a little over a week into his new gig.

    • poodleshark says:

      Exactly, the sheer arrogance and narcissism of the East and West exemplify how out of touch they are with Middle America, the South and the average American… not celebrities in 10k+ evening wear..

      • Steven says:

        I’m a middle class citizen on Long Island, which is very conservative even though it’s in New York, and I voted for Hillary. You do not speak on behalf of all of the middle class and not everyone in New York and California can afford the things you mention. Maybe we’re just more tolerant of other people and can tell when someone is lying to us.

      • LADY_in_MD says:

        Liike Melanie eating a bowl of jewels or Kellyanne who was wearing a $6000 coat

      • Jakay says:

        Last time I looked Trump was a very smug, arrogant East Coaster who has no interest in and no knowledge of anything outside NYC while very-much-middle-America Illinois rejected Trump bigly.

      • Angela says:

        But middle Americans can totally relate to a president who lives in mansions and has his name on fancy towers and has business dealings overseas and gold-plated items, right?
        I am middle American. I am working class. Trump would not last a week living the kind of life I live. I don’t relate to him one bit. Quit acting like you speak for all middle Americans. You most assuredly do not.

    • YTKylie says:


  8. Jason says:

    I look forward to California becoming a sanctuary state and then losing ALL federal funding. I hope they vote to secede. Disgusting state filled with liberals living in their own version of reality. Please,go! Harbor your illegals and do the rest of the country a favor and leave.

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      Well than I hope you dont eat any of these items that are produced in California and shipped to your local grocery store…. grapes, almonds, strawberries, oranges and walnuts. California produces almost all of the country’s almonds, apricots, dates, figs, kiwi fruit, nectarines, olives, pistachios, prunes, and walnuts. It leads in the production of avocados, grapes, lemons, melons, peaches, plums, and strawberries

    • Mary says:

      Illegal but then again I guess that doesn’t stop him. Remember if Trump has it his way everything will be going back to the States. So all of those Red poor middle class states will have to fend for themselves. That might be interesting because you rely more on Federal money than the blue states.

    • Lady Saluzzo says:

      I’m so sorry that James Corden and I have caused you to question your fragile world view. In the future, I will be more considerate of the views of my fellow citizens as they live off of my stinking liberal money. Or did you not know that as the world’s sixth largest economy, California is the largest net contributor to the federal government? If you live in the US and are not in California, Californians pay for your infrastructure and services. So perhaps you could be more tolerant of our views, which after all have so greatly contributed to our success. And to your clean water and roads.

  9. Jake says:

    Celebrities, liberal activists and the mainstream media are doing disservice to their cause but calling this a Muslim ban when it’s not. You just enable Trump to call you fake news. Lots of legitimate ways to criticize this without exaggeration or Trump style alternative facts. If it were a real Muslim ban, more than 7 countries would be on the list, including those countries of 911 hijackers & those Trump has financial ties

  10. wakeup says:

    51-7= 44….. There are 51 Muslim countries he ban 7 that leaves 44 with out a ban So how is this a muslim ban.

  11. carolyn says:

    I really liked this show. watched every episode from the beginning. but the antitrump rhetoric has gotten very tiring and insulting. He is now OUR president. I quit watching. Corden, go home.

    • Steven says:

      James has always been vocal about his feelings towards Trump. Maybe you just need thicker skin if THIS was the final straw.

  12. Bob A Booey says:

    He was up front about what he would do and you people voted for him, so shut up already.

  13. DavidG says:

    Yet another worthless, know-nothing, entertainment industry asshat. Cordon can go f-himself.

  14. Brock Hard says:

    Except the ban is for people traveling INTO the US, not OUT.

  15. Terrier says:

    Sorry to say that as a german citizen who loves america passionately – but.. alternative facts? Muslim bans? Denial of global warming? KKK calling trump’ our man in the white house’?
    your country’s gone completely bonkers.

    • Ron says:

      And as an American citizen, even though I was with Her and didn’t vote for this ignorant buffoon, I’m so embarrassed and ashamed of my country right now. I apologize to the world for America’s ridiculous election process. If it weren’t for antiquated election processes, then the person with 3 million more votes would’ve been president, saving us and the world from this abomination.

    • Angela says:

      We really have. I am so sorry on behalf of my country. I honestly cannot believe we let things get to this point.

  16. Both of them are pretty impactful in their own ways. I love both Corden and Jimmy, but I think Corden’s statement resonated more with me.

  17. Mar says:

    OMG….where do you think the list came from!!! Obama. You are not even a citizen here so shut up.