Teen Wolf Finale Spoilers

Teen Wolf Boss Previews Stiles and Lydia's Emotional Finale Reunion

Whereas last week’s Teen Wolf focused on Stiles and Lydia’s romantic past, Tuesday’s midseason finale (MTV, 9/8c) is all about their future.

“We knew this season was going to be our last, so we were like, ‘Let’s go for it,'” executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine of the decision to have Lydia (finally!) confront her feelings for Stiles. “We thought, ‘Let’s finally see what it’s like.'”

Davis notes that, in life, “great relationships sometimes come out of great friendships.” But before you start brainstorming wedding hashtags, you might want to keep reading.

“Maybe they’re stumbling towards romantic love,” Davis says, “or maybe it blows up in their face after the first month and they say, ‘Screw it. Let’s just be friends.'” (In other words, you’ll just have to tune into Tuesday’s finale to see how things turn out.)

Are you hoping that Stiles and Lydia’s reunion leads to a full-on relationship? What else are you excited to see in the finale? Drop a comment with your hopes below.

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  1. Lois says:

    Been waiting for this since I started watching in 2013, it’s about damn time!

    (I might’ve squeaked when I saw this article, I’m way too damn excited.)

  2. D says:


  3. Max says:

    I think Jeff is so used to baiting fans that he doesn’t know when to stop even when the payoff is iminent. I’ve only been waiting for 6 years.

  4. Emily says:

    Jeff is just trying to keep us guessing. Theirs no way they would go through all of this and not end up together.

  5. Lola says:

    Yes. This is long overdue. They better be completely in love and together. This was a long traveled road and there better be some payoff finally at the end.

  6. Nina says:

    I think that w/ Dylan originally not coming back for 6b they had to table stydia as a possibility w/ how they planned on having him leave town for the police academy. But since he’s coming back I’m guessing they will probably kiss in 6×10 followed by them saying that they don’t want to do long distance. Then sometime later in 6b he will probs come back and it will lead into an inevitable reunion of them deciding they want to be together

  7. Jason says:

    It had better be “romantic love” because after all this time, not having them together would be a serious let down. It’s really the only specific desire I have for the way this show ends. And who would build up the possibility of something to this level and then resolve it with a “meh, whatever”? The writers wouldn’t be that nuts.

  8. Karen says:

    I’m so hoping that it just ends in great friendship. I don’t get any romantic vibe at all between them. Sure they love each other but as friends – same as Scott and Stiles.

    • Emily says:

      Somebody’s blind

    • Emily says:

      And canon says otherwise

      • Karen says:

        What canon? Stile’s crush and Lydia’s multitude of boyfriends? You clearly see romance and I see friendship. Opinions are allowed to be different.

        • John036 says:

          “I never said it back” and “It all changed when we kissed” essentially confirm Lydia has feelings for him. So yeah, sorry but you’re blind.

          • Karen says:

            Sure, I can see where the writer’s suddenly want us to be but it’s not earned. Last season Lydia was totally after Jordan and there was nothing but friendship for Stiles. Now we’re just expected to buy this great love without any romantic chemistry being shown. It’s cheating to give the shippers want they want in the final season. Probably why Jeff has come out with some warnings about it.

        • Emily says:

          Lydia was never after Parrish. They had a supernatural connection. that’s it. The way she looks at Stiles… it was always clear that she had feelings for him. Like after the kiss, when he told her “so don’t start doubting yourself now”, when he saved her, i could go on and on. Being in other relationships don’t mean anything if your heart is somewhere else. Their was always amazing romantic chemistry between them. Its not about giving shippers what they want. Its about doing what’s right for this epic love story.

        • t86blog says:

          If you have watched Teen Wolf since the start you see that Stydia was always meant to be the endgame couple. Stiles and Lydia’s realtionship is there since the start, they are the truly endgame material on the show! It was like Dylan said once: “Stiles will always love Lydia, always loved and always will”. their friendship, their connection, their bond. Let’s be frankly here, stydia relationship was always the more important. Stalia had sex and other things, but it never had the same importance as Stydia. We especially can see this now, as the only person able to not forget Stiles was Lydia. It was for Lydia that Stiles said: “Remember that i love you”. As Dylan said once: “Stiles will always love Lydia. Always loved and always will”. Stydia is forever.

  9. MK says:

    I swear, Jeff Davis, after all this time and all the horrible, plot hole-ridden storylines I’ve made it through, you better not screw up this story!

  10. chair4ever says:

    Please don’t “how I met your mother” stydia…it’s been 6 years….they deserve to be endgame!!!!!!

  11. J.D. says:

    Stiles and Lydia has no romantic past of sort. The only reason why this is a thing it’s because Stalia bombed and killed the ratings and the show sinked so hard it made them desperate.
    A little less exploitation and no homo and things would be better.

    • J.D. says:

      *have no romantic past

    • Emily says:

      Of course they have no romantic past, they haven’t gotten together yet. Its a thing bc its been end game from day one. They were always going to end up together. Which is why Jeff said 3-4 years ago, “we’re trying to tell a story about a boy hood crush turning into a possible adult love.” Stalia was never going to be a lasting thing. It was just to give Stiles a relationship before Stydia could happen.

  12. akane171 says:

    Romantic Stydia is everything what I hate about romantic relationships in tv shows :)))

  13. Dominique says:

    i hope that it will make them realize they are better of as friends. i still don’t see any of this “lydia’s been in love with stiles all along” they’re trying to sell me.
    it’s a retcon in order to make things more logical, even though it’s not logical at all.

    • Emily says:

      She has been in love with him all along. It was obvious the way she looks at him. you’re just trying to tell you things to make yourself feel better when tv shows don’t go your way.

  14. ALANA says:


  15. ... says:

    I’ve been waiting a long time for Stiles and Lydia to happen, but the whole story seems very rushed since it is the last season. I do believe that it has been coming I just feel that it needed one more season instead of it being rushed.

  16. Thi says:

    Stydia will forever be the BEST relationship on TW! They were always the endgame material! Stydia forever!

  17. lulu says:

    Wow IT WAS TIME !!

  18. Ayan Yousuf says:

    Dear Jeff Davis

    I maybe young but I understand that you wish to end teen wolf on a high note. But I would rather end it on wave of emotions, conflict and confusion. What I mean is that you should make the character Stiles in to a supernatural creature not werewolf and is somewhat unknown. The northern predator the most strongest, true and powerful creatures to ever live and will ever exist.

    I am a viewer of teen wolf and I know the fans and others would wish to be mind blown by the end or maybe not of teen wolf. Malia Tate and Stiles should get back together and have a stronger relationship and the slight romance between Lydia and him become a kind of brotherly and sisterly relationship, a family bond.

    These are only a few views and ideas I had that might spice the end up. But personally I would love a season 7 of teen wolf.

  19. Ayan Yousuf says:

    I know this is a bad idea Lydia should date Parish and Stiles should get back together with Malia. I saw the spoiler Stiles is totally supernatural he should be called ‘The northern Predator’ I really don’t want this to end with a horrible relationship from HELL!!

  20. Lauren says:

    I hope they end up together they had been there for each other the whole time . And they would do anything for each other. They created a bond so strong and powerful ful of love and they should just end up together . The way they look at each other makes U want want what Lydia and stiles have . We waited for so long. We both know that they r soulmates and they r meant to fall in love and get married and have a great future together . #Sydia