Lucifer Leaves Chloe Finale

Lucifer Winter Finale Recap: Where the Hell Did [Spoiler] Go?!

A desperate Lucifer returned to Hell this Monday in the Fox drama’s winter finale — but once there, what obstacle stood in the way of his return topside?

And once he did manage to get back, what surprise did he ultimately spring on the detective?

Having determined that Chloe did get stuck (as I thought I saw happen) with a syringe during her scuffle with Dr. Carlisle — and that the corresponding antidote got destroyed — Lucifer and the detective set out to find Burt, the rich kid who helped the not-so-good doctor with his smuggling, but he proves to be a dead end. When Chloe’s nosebleed is accompanied by the next symptom, fainting, Lucifer checks her into a hospital against her wishes.

Dan then jumps in to help find the antidote, by helping Lucifer confront the middle man, Dave Maddox, who provided the doctor his ingredients. Dan arrives on the scene a bit hot, though, leading to the boys getting tied up, and Dan beaten — until Lucifer realizes that Detective Douche isn’t playing some “elaborate game of bloody possum,” at which point he easily frees himself and kicks all of the ass. Maddox then coughs up the ingredient list, but says that only Carlisle knew the precise formula.

While Ella works with Dan to round up the one extremely rare ingredient — leading to the reveal that she came to L.A. to watch over her hoodlum brother, Ricardo — Lucifer gets the idea from Mum to go to Hell and confront the surely damned Carlisle himself. One epic pow-wow between all the celestial beings and Dr. Linda later, Lucifer recruits Maze to kill him. Dr. Linda, meanwhile, is tasked with dusting off her med school learning from “many, many years ago” to bring him back to life 60 or so seconds later. Amenadiel’s job is to ensure that Chloe isnt moved from her hospital room, since Lucifer, in the room below, needs the proximity to his “weakness” in order to die.

As Amenadiel stands guard, it tees up (as I teased on Twitter) the Trixie scene you never knew you wanted, as the two spoke of bad and good people, and which of the groups Lucifer’s brother — Chloe’s “guardian angel” — falls into. (Later, with Trixie gone, Amenadiel gets to kick some butt of his own, fending off a team of hospital security guards.)

Once in Hell, finding and getting the information he needs from Carlisle is easy enough — though Lucifer leaves the doctor to continue suffering his damnation, re-living his morally questionable car crash decision over and over again. But when Lucifer then runs into Uriel, he himself gets caught in a guilt-triggered torturous loop, killing his brother over and over again. Uriel also taunts Lucifer about blowing off the “clue” he whispered in his ear before dying — that “the peace” (0r piece) “is here.” When Maze senses that Lucifer is trapped, Charlotte volunteers to go to Hell to rescue her son, though for a moment down there she gets keen on the idea of staying there with Uriel — so Lucifer drags her away.

With Lucifer returned, the formula in hand, and Ella and Dan having secured the “Z13” or whatever it was called, the antidote is made and Chloe is cured. One of her first lucid thoughts is shared with Lucifer, about how this brush with death hit “pause” on what was brewing between them. Lucifer puts her off for the moment, then later has words with Mum about Father’s “long con,” putting Miss Decker in his “path” all those years ago. And having gone to such lengths to break free of such helicopter parenting, Lucifer refuses to risk being manipulated as a pawn in his folks’ feud any longer. As a result, when Chloe leaves the hospital and drives over to Lux, she soon enough realizes why Lucifer hasn’t returned any of her calls/messages — because he is gone, from Lux, from L.A…. from her.

Where do you think Lucifer has run off to? And what is your working theory on Uriel’s “The peace/piece is here” clue? (With 24: Legacy and APB taking over Fox Monday for the next while, Lucifer resumes Season 2 on May 1.)

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  1. Butch says:

    Not back until May? Shoot

  2. andy says:

    good to see that fox’s scheduling team still have no clue how to support a show.
    May ????????????????

  3. Rachel says:

    3 months? *welp*

  4. Simon says:

    We get a Lucifer recap but no Gotham!? Nothing against Lucifer just wondering.

  5. Matthew Lawler says:

    Clearly whatever this clue is it has to do with Chloe I can understand Lucifer are not wanting to be caught between his parents games but I thought it was made clear to lose for that Chloe had no idea what was going on and was completely innocent in the whole thing so for him to just go start her after he literally risk being trapped in hell again to save her life makes zero sense

    • Alichat says:

      It’s true Chloe doesn’t know of her origins and Lucifer does. But that’s why he left. He doesn’t believe that what she feels is real. He believes Dad put her in his path, therefore what she feels is being manipulated/driven by his father. And because he loves her, he wants her to have her free will back and find real love. So he removed himself from the equation. His father can’t manipulate the situation if he’s not there. Also, he’s hurt…..his heart was broken. He probably thinks distance will help that too.

      • Jessica says:

        I understand that but we know Choles feelings are real it would make sense if she knew she was a miracle child but she doesn’t therefor I do believe she really cares for him and now when he comes back she’ll probably be upset at him for leaving which sucks oh well they will get together eventually I do believe they love eachother

        • Alichat says:

          Yes we, the audience, know Chloe’s feelings are real, but Lucifer doesn’t. Remember he said to his mother that he can’t trust anyone or anything…..he believes he’s been part of a long con. And yes, there will be conflict when he returns, so they can put the audience through those emotions. I think it was a little too early to put these two together anyway.

  6. Dee says:

    The “piece” is Chloe. There has to be some grand design at play. But a break until May? Good grief.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Nah, I think that’s too easy — “all roads lead to Chloe” etc. I think/hope it’s the seed for a future arc.

    • Alichat says:

      Closed captioning had the dialogue as ‘The peace is here’.

    • KAE says:

      If the piece was Chloe then Uriel would not have been able to harm her even indirectly. My guess is Trixie. Her name says a lot…. well hints a lot. But a nice twist would have been Dan. Still I believe that it’s Trixie. How she came to be from a soul that was not meant to have been born on Earth? Just saying ;)

      • Marie says:

        Trixie is adopted. Chloe says so in the first episode. She said her and Dan we’re not able to have children so they adopted. It was when she was complain about him not being the best dad

  7. Gordon Rick says:

    I think we are going to find Amenadial is no longer fallen due to helping Chloe and Trixe. He got his mojo back. Totally understand Lucifers decision to get away. He does not know what is real and is really tired of being manipulated by mum and dad. Linda and Maze in smocks was comedy gold for me.

  8. DG says:

    I absolutely love, love, this cast! They so click as an ensemble as evidenced by their huddle. But May!? How many episodes when it comes back?

    • Iris says:

      Nine. It got a full season order.

      • Larc says:

        Even if they start on May 1 and have no reruns, 9 episodes would take until June 26. So they wouldn’t have a spring finale, but a summer one.

        • Jim J. says:

          That is one way to bury a good show. Having some of this season’s episodes spill into the summer. :( I understand that this is for scheduling needs. “Bones” had a few of its seasons spill into the summer.

  9. Joey Padron says:

    The winter finale was really good. It will be interesting to see where Lucifer went to leaving LA when the show returns in May. Gonna miss the show so much in next few months.

  10. James D says:

    great episode. This show is really well put together from the cast to the music. unfortunately the same can’t be said for those responsible for scheduling what was the point of this three episode arc if your just going to have a three month hiatus after it, someone ate too many special brownies at the Christmas party me thinks. as for the Uriel clue I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with Chloe that would be trite, maybe it is something from the comics (I’m not super familiar with his solo series I just know the character from sandman comics). It is going to be a long wait. BTW I totally get why Lucifer left it is completely in line with his whole shtick of believing in free will.

  11. tritam says:

    When I saw the trixie and Amenadiel scene I had a creeping suspicion that MAYBE chloe was put on the earth so that trixie could be born. Would be interesting to see Amenadiel get his mojo back due to trixie seeing his goodness.

    I know… wild theories :)

    • DarkDefender says:

      Could be all about Trixie. Dan had some power to stop himself from killing Lucifer in an episode. Maybe he and Chloe were both miracles sent to earth to make her.

    • Quagmire's Urge says:

      I think Trixie is the key here. Just look at the effect her innocent accepting nature has had on both Amenadiel and Maze. And I think Lucifer loves the little tyke, he just won’t admit it.

  12. DarkDefender says:

    I love this show and while the long break will be painful, I doubt it will have any negative effect on the ratings like it did for a lot of ABC shows.
    My thoughts on the “master plan” was that maybe “Dad” put Chloe in Lucifer’s path to prove he is his favorite son by rewarding Jim with true love destined for him. Or Dad knew all along that Lucifer. Would begin to redeem himself and he placed Chloe in his path to help him get there… knowing all Along thtaLucifer would want to take a holiday.
    This 3-Epi arc started slow but this winter finale was a pretty near. Perfect hour of TV.

  13. Kartina Lim says:

    I wonder if Mum or Amenadiel will come clean to Chloe of Lucifer’s true being. And Dr Linda can attest to their claim. Perhaps only then would Chloe change her mind and track down Lucifer before he does anything stupid or things that he would regret… The first two seasons we see Lucifer having Chloe’s back. Maybe this time it is Chloe’s turn to help him. Starting with the “peace”…

    • Don says:

      I was thinking the same thing..maybe have a group reveal would be nice for me,but maybe just Amenadiel with his wings to

  14. Butch says:

    Its getting so that there are not seasons of episodes anymore. They just air a few episodes throughout the year. The time between now and this season resumes will be about the same amount of time as between when this season ends and the next begins assuming it is renewed.

  15. A.B. says:

    Now off to Vegas and bring back Mrs. Lucifer Morningstar.

  16. The first part of the finale was typical of the show, but once they all started scheming on how to cure Chloe, the show got pretty good. The Uriel do-loop was a good touch; I was wondering how they were going to ramp up the drama. I thought the last half of the show was better than the first. Though the ‘cliffhanger’ seemed to be a bit lame to me, but understandable I guess, since you really can’t top going to Hell.

  17. suzanne martini says:

    I love this show, it has everything.

  18. abby says:

    Seriously, MAY?? This is the “new” show that I am head over heels (or hells) in love with and I cannot get another fix until May????? Just as it is posting continuously strong numbers. Seriously Fox!!!

  19. Pam R says:

    Definitely this 3 part Winter finale was a “test”. A test which LUCIFER has passed. Now let FOX gear up for Full seasons. Supernatural shows are Not going out of style.
    The cast & phenomenal writer’s mesh well together. An A+Supernatural-Detective series.

  20. Eva C. says:

    I was so distraught that it ended there… I hope they’ll find each other again!!

  21. Jen says:

    incredible episode. great performance by entire cast. but why till May???? :( that’s WAY too long

  22. G says:

    The peace or piece is here. Hmmmm not sure but I would guess that Uriel is talking about the piece to a puzzle. Uriel is all about the sequencing of time causing a result. Uriel probably means that there is a piece to a puzzle, currently available, that will animate future events.

  23. Gadiel says:

    I don’t enjoy tv because I personally find almost anything boring and unuseful waste of time but this show Lucifer is one of the best show I’ve watched in a long time I am inlove with the cast and I really hope to see a lot more!

  24. Gadiel says:

    But seriously dissapointed I have to wait till May! Although I did get a bit obsessive watch both season 1 and 2 I’m just 2 days lol

  25. Don says:

    I think hes gone to Vegas..Sin city after all…

  26. Don says:

    I’d say Lucifer is of to is Sin City after all……..

  27. J says:

    Hello to anyone that reads this. I am a big fan of the show watch the air date of new episodes and then again the next day on fox online to analyze the episode from the night before. I have come to the conclusion that God is testing Lucifer. Chole is the only thing that makes Lucifer human. He can die in her presence….also his charm and powers do not work on her what so ever. That being said you could come up with an evil plot on Gods part to have Chole kill Lucifer… But that would not be any fun and honestly a terrible way for the show to end. Now lets say God is testing Lucifer in a positive way maybe God wants Lucifer to actually redeem himself. Maybe God wants to allow Lucifer back into heaven and have Chole by his side. Maybe just maybe God wants to hand his throne over to Lucifer but Lucifer has to be deemed worthy….? If you really take a look at the show and the character of Lucifer he really in not that bad honestly he has only killed once and it was to save his mother and Chole….? Uriel left heaven stole Azriels spelling error, Blade and did all this without the permission of God. Uriel also gives the clue “piece” whats that about not to mention he can see the future so he knew he was going to die when it comes down to it he knew his fate. Lucifer has the power of God if you break it down he can create “Demons” Maze for example he created her not God. Lucifers job is to punish evil…? if he was evil himself wouldn’t he commend the ones in hell and form an army to over take God….? also Lucifer is MR.HONEST refuses to lie even on the witness stand in court? So put it this way he is honest, punishes evil, FEELS LOVE? and even feels guilt…..does anyone see where i am going with this turns out he is not that bad after all. Maybe God is ready to retire maybe Lucifer is actually better than God’s other children nad God can see that and really favors the prodigal son after all? Lucifer has spent more time on earth and knows humans better then the Goddess of creation. Lucifer has developed a Love for his fathers creation maybe that was the plan all along? essentially Lucifer was always worthy but had to go through things the way he did according to Gods plan. maybe then end result is he is accepted by his father and actually has a love for humanity there fore he could end up ruling heaven and watching over earth from above and have Chole at his side? Only a theory maybe seems a little insane but just a theory. feel free to comment i dont know the answers only have a theory.

  28. Glenda Bacon says:

    This show is bitter sweet for me.I like it but I also see the wasted potential for Sleepy Hollow!! Why couldn’t Abbie and Crane have this/!

  29. Jim says:

    “Some say God is now a little girl named Elaine Belloc.”

  30. AMK says:

    Gotta say, I’ve been enjoying lucifer so much more now that it’s become more of an ‘ensamble show’ and this episode did a great job highlighting that. Not thrilled about a 3.5 month break though…

  31. Jaime Cruz says:

    I have ONE thought: Dr. Linda volunteered to DIE for Lucifer?? WOAH!! There’s a story in there somewhere that I hope the writers explore in the future.

  32. Jay Amoré says:

    I really love this show, the cast & the premise. Maze is my favorite. But, here’s what I don’t get…Lucifer just came back from a break & we get what, 3 or 4 episodes. I hope I’m not getting off topic, but I noticed all the networks are doing this. I get interested in a show & outta nowhere, here comes these inexplicable breaks. And the breaks are so long that I have to go back on Hulu & watch a few episodes to remember what was going on in the 1st place. I can’t believe these new shows have a chance to gain a following. They pull us in & leave us hanging & i understand the whole cliffhanger situation but they leave us hanging for way too long if you ask me. Just a thought. Glad to see other people talking about this show. One more thing…how come with all the stuff Lucifer does like lifting men twice his size off the ground & disappearing into thin air, Chloe still doesn’t realize something is off? True, he is vulnerable around her but he still does some amazing stuff. Enough to make her really start questioning some stuff.

  33. Michelle says:

    It’s all about redemption. If evil himself can do that we all can.
    We think we are in charge , but at the end of the day something bigger than us is at the director’s chair.

  34. Jean says:

    Love the lucifer series want more great please don’t change the people this always spoils the show keep the same team love it

  35. I like this show a lot. Want it to go on and on. One of Foxs’ best shows!!!!