Girl Meets World Season 4

Girl Meets World Remains in Limbo: TVLine Debates, Should It Be Saved?

It’s been exactly one week since Girl Meets World aired its (makeshift) series finale, and fans of the former Disney Channel series remain glued to social media, hoping for an 11th hour save from another network or streaming service.

The odds aren’t looking terrific at the moment — Netflix has confirmed it has no intentions of saving it, while a Hulu pick-up also seems unlikely — but much like the show itself, there’s always hope. Below, lifelong Boy Meets World enthusiasts Andy Swift and Ryan Schwartz debate whether the legacy deserves to continue elsewhere.

SWIFT | OK, here’s where we stand: It’s been a full week since the finale, and even though Netflix (and probably Hulu) are out of the running, it’s still technically possible that the show could get another season elsewhere. Personally, I’m hoping for a miracle. How are you feeling?

SCHWARTZ | I’m not holding my breath. The fandom has long believed that Freeform would be the ideal home for any additional seasons, since it’s also part of Disney-ABC’s portfolio of networks. However, were the show to migrate to a sister network, an agreement probably would have been reached already, and a formal cancellation wouldn’t have been announced at all. To be honest, though, I’m not sure I need the show to return. Three seasons isn’t a long run, but I thought “Girl Meets Goodbye” was a wholly satisfying conclusion to both Boy and Girl.

SWIFT | See, I don’t disagree about the finale providing a satisfying end — I just think the end came too soon. Hearing Michael Jacobs talk about his four-year plan for the show convinced me that there’s still gas in the tank. And as melodramatic as GMW could be at times, it stood out to be as one of those rare kids’ shows with substance. (No offense to Dog With a Blog, which is a work of art.)

SCHWARTZ | While I wholeheartedly agree that it had more depth than fellow Disney Channel sitcoms (no comment on the aforementioned canine blogger), the heightened drama just didn’t make up for the fact that Riley and her friends never really grew up. Perhaps Jacobs got one too many network notes, or perhaps Cory’s inability to lay down the law in his class had something to do with it. Whatever the case, I can’t imagine the show evolving much in a hypothetical fourth season, regardless of where it aired.

SWIFT | In my perfect scenario, a revived show would also feature a bit of a tonal shift. Like, balance out all those existential crises with a few fun episodes that remind us why we like these characters in the first place. For being such whimsical little people — not to mention living in, arguably, the most exciting city in the world — they didn’t get into nearly enough shenanigans for my taste. So I update my position: I’m hoping for a return, but not without a few tweaks.

SCHWARTZ | Then the question becomes: How much can you alter the DNA of GMW before it becomes an entirely different show than the one that this generation fell in love with? I don’t expect it to suddenly start catering to BMW fans who have long since realized that this wasn’t a show for them (in other words, GMW isn’t going to suddenly become Fuller House), but I would like to see Riley & Co. begin to mature into adulthood.

If the Disney Channel iteration of this show was about the importance of friendship, any potential revival should show us how Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle use their unbreakable bond to prepare for a world outside the confines of Abigail Adams High. (And if there happens to be time to get to the bottom of whatever the heck went down between Eric and Feeny these last 17 years, that’d be swell.)

SWIFT | You’re throwing a lot of variables my way and I’ve never been good at math, so I’m going to end it here. Let’s just agree that a slightly tweaked revival would be nice — and that, for two men in our twenties, we’re far too invested in this show.

OK, time for you to weigh in: Does Girl Meets World deserve a fourth season, or have you made your peace with the show’s cancellation? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your rationale.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ann says:

    I would have like to have seen the show last at least until they all graduated from high school so that Riley could go out into the world and truly meet it. The series finale was a perfect bookend to GMW and BWM though…but it would have made a whole lot more sense if it had ended after she graduated from high school, at least. Plus, I think Disney Channel was always the wrong place to air it, it always should have been on Freeform.

  2. A. D. says:

    This is a great show that should be on for many years to come!

  3. datdudemurphy says:

    I have to vote for it to come back….and I don’t honestly care if changes are made or not.
    I’d like to think this is a show capable of growing with its audience.
    A little less goofy, a little more Boy Meets World would be nice.

    I think there is a lot of story still left to tell.

  4. Sara says:

    I think it should, only if it was a network that allowed them to be older teens.

  5. Jared says:

    The problem is GMW should have always been on Freeform to allow the “kids” to actually grow up and be able to tell mature storylines like BMW did on ABC. For a newish network like Freeform, which hasn’t been able to launch a new comedy since Young and Hungry, you would think this would have been a natural move. Sounds like there was more BTS issues that just aren’t being reported.

  6. GMW fan says:

    I think it should continue. But, I would like to see it cover more mature topics like “Boy Meets World” did. (It brought up smoking and cults and everything like that.) I would like to know what happened with Lucas in Texas and I know their story isn’t over. I want to see them graduate high school.

  7. Jake L. says:

    I want it back in whatever way the creators see fit, but I agree it’s time to let Riley and the gang grow up beyond the confines of Disney Channel.

  8. Ron says:

    I would love for GMW to continue, but I would really like it to deal with more “adult” problems–and by that I mean some more serious topics teens deal with in the real world. BMW had a really nice balance of that. It had great comedy, but, for example, Shaun’s family drama was almost always generally heartbreaking and dealt with substantial problems–amongst other things. Disney never allowed GMW to do things like that, which is why I believe it never should’ve been on Disney to begin with. And even though GMW on Disney was still 10x better than Fuller House (which I watch because I feel obligated as a 90s kid, not because I truly love it), I really thought it could do well on Netflix. I feel like it could’ve been a good marketing strategy for Netflix to maybe release both GMW and Fuller House on the same days so people could view them simultaneously if they wanted–like a little 90s nostalgia block of streaming. But alas. Hulu will almost certainly not pick it up. I think the last real chance at this point is Freeform, as I don’t see this program really fitting in with any other channels programming direction. So I’m not holding my breath.

  9. Tabitha Rodriguez says:

    I would have whant to see Rilly and luces to get more closer and see if miea will end up with josh rillys uncle

  10. When did the Netflix option get ruled out?

  11. Brian James says:

    I’m really upset with Disney for cancelling GMW, a show that clearly was the single best show on their entire network of channels. If they wanted to cancel a series, they should have started with kc undercover, the single worst show on their network. They should have also cancelled bizardvark, walk the prank, best friends whenever, and b’unked. Without GMW, the only show worth watching is Liv & Maddie, which is on it’s final season. When it ends, there will be very little reason to even turn on Disney. I’m really hoping that Disney will realize the huge mistake they’ve made and bring GMW back, or that another network will be smart enough to pick it up for their network.

  12. Mammers says:

    My daughter and I love watching GMW together. She just started middle school and it was a show we could watch as a family. Sure, now that they’re in high school, some more mature topics could and should be examined. But, we want it back in whatever form it’s offered. We’ve grown to love the characters. We also watch BMW and both shows have given us lots to talk about and explore.

  13. What made Boy Meets World a hit was the relationship between Cory and Topanga (sp?). Now there needs to be a couple to be featured. It seems as if you get started with Riley and Lucas and then stop. Time to bring them back into the spotlight!

    • I loved Boy Meets World, and, Corey and Topanga were great, together. What made BMW, though, was Sean and Corey and their Bromance. They were the stars. Everyone else were the sidekicks. I wish GMW got one more season. I can’t say I am done with DIsney because I like Bunk’d and KC, but, GMW was my favorite, and, I wish it had one more season.

  14. BJ says:

    Girl Meets World is the best kids show on TV. Smart and inspirational! It’s the only show on Disney that I enjoy watching with my 11 year-old daughter! Please someone…SAVE IT!

  15. hj says:

    I think this show was great. The kids can grow up without changing the fabric of the show. They already have grown up. The things that the kids on Freeform shows go through is ridiculous. I don’t want the Boy Meets World cast on the show more though. They should step back and be on the show less. The finale was not good because it was more like a Boy Meets World ending then a Girl Meets World ending. Also, i don’t really think that the writers of this story are the target audience of this show, so i am not sure how much their opinion compares to the actual target audience of this show.

  16. Ram510 says:

    SAVE IT!!!!!! The good thing about it being canceled is that once it comes back they will be older and they can tackle more adult situations like Boy Meets World did when they were older. Those (arguably) were the best episodes of BMW and when the show really hit its stride. They could do the same

  17. Mel Hillman says:

    In order to discuss this we need to know the REAL reason it was cancelled. And we don’t.

    I do not believe that we have seen the last of this and that Disney has something up their sleeve. Keep watching.

  18. Alex Matias says:

    Here is the thing: I love the show. That’s not the question. I want more seasons, that’s not the question either.
    But yeah, Disney was pretty limited with what the show was allowed to tackle, you get glimpses of what Jacobs wanted to get at but for the most part it didn’t develop as much as we all might wanted.
    The triangle was a mess – mostly because Disney Channel programming is a mess and counter intuitive as hell – but when the show was on it was on. And it was like that from the start.
    It just needs more time and a less restrictive network.

  19. Rasha says:

    BMW was a coming-of-age story about a young boy deal with the often harsh of the world: homework sucks, people die, your parents aren’t perfect, etc. Girl Meet World was about a sheltered girl who was never taught anything by her parents or teachers. I was actually thrilled when the show was rebooted but the execution was terrible. Where were the life lessons? Where was the homework? How come Topanga was just as underdeveloped and cliched as Mrs. Matthews? Where was the diversity? Being a teenage girl is HARD. Being a teenage girl these days has to feel impossible. The show never captured any of that. Let it die.

  20. Dre says:

    I grow up watching boy meet world it was one of my favorite TV shows on Friday nights like Family Matters. I love them both… I really enjoyed Girl meets World As well I really missed them all. I want my marriage to be like Cory and ……. I loved how they both worked throw there differents. I would love for the to bring back Girl Meets World at least until they get married or something . But I don’t want it to be on the Disney Channel they should put it on ABC like they did Boy Meet World. On Friday Nights Only thou just like B.M.W I looked forward to Fridays just so I could watch it. Or put it on (ABC Spark) Pls pls bring it back …pls

  21. rol says:

    if no other networks will carry it, why not have an add driven/ monetized a limited 4th season on YouTube. A network independent show and there is enough of a core fan base to support it.

  22. Helen says:

    I’m 54 years old and my great niece is 15 years old. We live 80 miles from each other and every Friday night, we watch GMW and when we see each other, we talk about the show. She’s learning a lot from the characters on the show, because the cast is my great nieces age and she can relate to some of the shows growing up problems. I loved BMW and I hope that Disney or some other station brings back the show. GMW is my great nieces favorite show and we are disappointed in the show being cancelled.

  23. Scott says:

    It was a great show about growing up in this new world however they need to touch on more serious issues and not be afraid of offending people. Kids now deal with much bigger issues then 20 yrs ago and we need that to happen on this show to let it survive.

  24. Alex Gade says:

    This show is the only thing i can tolerate on Disney anymore. It makes sure to touch on some tough subjects that although they may be difficult to talk about are very common in our world today. I don’t think ending the show was the smartest decision, especially considering all the undeveloped plots that had been introduced. An example being the relationship of Josh and Maya. The “eventually” had to be left with something. In my honest opinion the show should continue until they all graduate high school. I think that would be the best source of character development. The Suite of Zack and Cody ended and then almost immediately had the spin off the Suite Life on Deck and it was a hit. Ending it’s final episode with the high school graduation of it’s characters and showing us just how much they’ve changed.

  25. Brynna says:

    A more grown up version on a channel like freeform would be amazing!

  26. RobertW says:

    Given that GMW’s final season averaged under 1.5 million viewers, I’d say the comment that “this generation fell in love with it” is a huge stretch. The show lost a great deal of its audience over its three years, possibly because BMW legacy fans like myself became increasingly frustrated with inconsistencies, plotlines that went nowhere (Shawn and Katy married and then…POOF!…that major life change isn’t even a point of discussion between Maya and Riley or Katy and Topagna?) and dragging out the love triangle concept forEVER without any real sense of romantic attachment between any of them. If the show continues, it needs a major overhaul in terms of the depth and quality of the writing. Saying it’s deeper than other Disney shows isn’t saying much.

  27. myrisa says:

    girl meets world is my favorite show in the wold and it needs to keep going please think about airing it again it’s my life.

  28. Rachel says:

    I would really like this show to last until Riley go off to College . And where she meets the world.

  29. This show was great for the family, teenagers, 18-49 and up viewers. ..
    BMW started with a young boy with young boy problems. ..comics, peer pressure , older brother, parents and school relationships. It was satirical, funny and thought provoking. GMW should be the same way, the twist is, as a female lead these issues are compounded. This should easily produce season upon season of episodes. And because BMW is as relevant as it was 20yrs ago and is the influence of this series it should remain a recurring character in GMW through example and guidance. They were doing a great job with Sean and Maya. And Farkle, the ideas of where his character would go and evolve into are exciting and anticipatory.
    Really, there is no where but up with this show. Just town down the over silliness, it just breaks the flow.

  30. Katie goodwin says:

    I love it

  31. Christina Meyer says:

    I personally think this was Disney’s best show. It wasn’t too goofy and had substance. I never really watched BMW as a kid but love watching GMW with my young daughters. Very sad that it ended. Do we really need another Bizardvark?

  32. Allison says:

    Money. It is all about money. It has to be the reason for the cancellation, at least that is what I think. I don’t think Disney wanted to pay all those actors more money for a 4th season. Disney may have the big bucks, but it doesn’t mean they want to shell out the big bucks. I also think money is the reason that the show will not be picked up by another network. For all the hype the show has received, I don’t think it is worth it for another network to pick it up. Maybe if it had not been so silly and goofy and over the top, then maybe. I mean sure the show has had moments where it shined, but for the most part, it was meh. I know it was a great disappointment for me when I learned that the show was not a continuation of Boy Meets World, but was a show about Riley and her friends. I still gave the show a chance and sincerely wholeheartedly wish I had never done that. I strongly felt that Shawn was forced into being a daddy to Maya and the whole falling in love with and marrying her mother was pulled out of somebody’s rear and some nincompoop thought it was a good idea. It wasn’t. It was a horrible, terrible, absolutely confounded and ridiculous idea. It still irks me to this day and I wish diarrhea upon them for that bit of lunacy. Don’t even get me started on the resolution of the love triangle!! Now that was some bs!! Anyway, yes, the show had plenty of episodes that left me feeling like the what now? What did I just watch? Still, as passionate as the fan base is I think it is done for. The series finale again left me feeling more angry than anything because again Topanga passes on an excellent opportunity for herself and everyone thinks it is a great decision because she considered the whole family. Uh, No. Topanga already gave up Yale for Cory and now she gives up running the London branch of her law firm?! Are you kidding me?!! Why must the woman always sacrifice, why??!! I have already heard the argument of putting her family’s needs before her own and thinking of her children, wah, wah, wah. I am so tired of that. Riley and Auggie would have been fine and Maya, well they rewrote the whole love story of Shawn and Angela and gift wrapped Shawn for her so she can just shed a few tears and get over it. OK, I just went on another rant. Sorry about that. Getting back on topic, to answer the question, no the show should not be picked up. Never, not even if it was in a hand basket.

    • Someone had too much caffeine. 😲
      Sure there were less than stellar plot twists, the love triangle (not a fan ). I also get it sucks about Topanga giving up London, but London and Yale are apples and oranges. Yale was for a boyfriend and they could have given her that. BUT London revolved around the family and that has more moving parts and consequences. So no London, I get it. It happens in real life, moving kids around after a certain age can be very affecting, I would know, it’s not always a good idea.

      • Allison says:

        @recipes for success: I hear what you are saying. I am deeply passionate about the sacrifices some women make for love and/or family. I see so many women with so much drive and ambition only to put it all on hold because oh she met a guy and oh she fell in love and oh it would be too painful to leave him. That really puts a bee in my bonnet. The same thing goes for mothers that sacrifice for their children. I have had to make sacrifices and fortunately for me it paid off in the end because they succeeded and excelled and are very happy in life. I would be lying if I said I never had doubts or reservations that my sacrifice was worth it. I gave up a really great career opportunity and I am doing fine now, but then at that moment, it was a really tough decision. I was a mother so I put my children first, but boy did it hurt. Topanga’s decision resonated with me and I admit that I wanted her to be selfish for once. However, she did what most mothers do and that is put her family’s needs above her own. Some mothers don’t and some families have a hard time adjusting afterwards. Anyway, I didn’t mean to go into my personal beliefs or experiences while talking about a TV show. Thanks for sharing your opinion to my comment/rant and I hope you have a wonderful day.

    • Mel Hillman says:

      GMW outdrew KC Undercover by 200K viewers average per episode. IT was renewed but GMW wasn’t. Network shows earn about $0.10 per minute per viewer. Didn’t seem to matter whether is was the superbowl of the walking dead. It appears to be independent of the show.

      So 2M viewers and eight minutes of ad time means that an episode should earn about $1.6M.

      From the credits we can see that 40 to 50 people are involved in an episode of any Disney show. Seems like the individual salaries of the actors between different shows in not significant and the other expenses are the same for all shows.

      So why do you believe that GMW is too expensive even though it has 15% more viewers than KCU (and Liv and Maddie BTW)

      • Allison says:

        @Mel Hillman: If you are asking me to solve a math equation, then sorry, I will have to pass. You clearly have stats and figures to show that you know more than I do in that area and I tip my hat to you. The world may never know why Disney would cancel its most popular show by far. There could be a number of reasons and varying factors. All I know is that is has been cancelled. I think the issue could be money. Do I have facts to support that? No, I don’t have Disney’s checkbook and I don’t manage their finances so I cannot say how much money it costs them to produce Girl Meets World or what their profits are for the show. All I have is my opinion and that and $1.50 will get me a bag of chips at my local convenience store. Thank you for your question, though, I am sure I have not answered your question to the best of your satisfaction, but sorry, that’s all I got. I hope this finds you well and I wish you a good day.

  33. David Hess says:

    I tried to get Sabrina Carpenter’s CD, EVOlution, but none of the stores had it on the shelf, so I had to buy online.

  34. Dawn Z says:

    This is the one show my 9 year old daughter and i have watched every episode. It actually has depth and gives kids real life examples of things they either have to deal with or may have to deal with in the future. In the society we live in its hard to find things that actually show kids appropriate ways to deal with things.

  35. Xxy belt says:

    4 friends never leave each other. Its time to keep meeting the world. There’s more adventurous thing to go on with Maya and Riley

  36. Robert wagoner says:

    I love the show girl meets world it teaches good family values and good long lasting friendships

  37. Monica Smith says:

    Yes I think it should have more season because it teaches children to be helpful

  38. Dick says:

    I don’t know why you would cancel a good wholesome show that teaches kids the right way I am 55 years old I watch boy meets world the wonder years and girl meets world even for an older person like me these were great shows don’t cancel it bring it back !!,,

  39. Nimrat Sandhu says:

    I think Girl Meets World needs to continue, but preferably on a different channel that would allow for the show to be a bit more serious, rather than one meant for young children. The show definitely deserves atleast a fourth season even if it’s on Disney Channel. It teaches lessons and addresses issues that most other Disney Channel shows don’t. This is a show that kids actually should watch. Personally, I think it’s ridiculous that Disney Channel wouldn’t even give it a fourth season like they initially planned. Also, Disney Channel was the wrong channel to air it on in the first place. That way it could have also appealed to older Boy Meets World fans.

  40. Alyssa says:

    I want it back that is my idol TV show I don’t know how I’m. Going to go through life without it.

  41. Johanna says:

    GMW I’m 57 and I LOVE THIS SHOW , it deals with teen friendships, family, and just being a teenager. I do wish that it would deal with some of the real things teenagers deal with. 3S E 16 I loved it because it brought out how a lot of young people feel the ” entitlement ” to everything I have a 16 year old, it showed a way to handle my daughter who just like Riley has just about everything. I can frustrated and lost for words with confronting issues. So THANK YOU GMW

  42. Emily Barrios says:

    don’t cancel i will cry if i don’t see a season 4 rowan is just like me she goes through the same things i go through like the bully cheer leading episodes they have and her best friend who is blonde.

  43. Casi McLaughlin says:

    I’ve always liked this show. It’s one of the shows that I actually watch that still airs on Disney and I’d be pretty disappointed if it just went away. I want to know what happens in the long-run for Maya and Josh and how Lucas and Rileys relationship end up and more about Zay and Farkle and Smackle. I want to know a all about there many more adventures and discoveries at they move on through high school and to find what college they decide to go to. I need to know what happens. And though I thought it was a pretty good finale for season 3 I still think it can become more and be better. I still feel as of there’s more growing for them to do! I need to know everything that happens to them so I would very much love it if the show were to return!

  44. Wendy says:

    Our entire family watched this show together. Parents, who watched Boy Meets World, a teenager and a tween. There are not many shows that can pull the whole family in any more. It had life stories. So sad it was cut short.

  45. Daliz says:

    I love this show. I grew up with Boy Meets World and learned many lessons from it. I think this modern platform of Girl Meets World is great for our new generation. It is also great for my generation, because we get to see what happened to the BMW characters and also learn about our new generation’s viewpoints and struggles. Please continue this show.

  46. SummerMusic says:

    I have only watched this show on Youtube and I love it! It’s great for teens and pre-teens to relate to and it is seriously addictive. I seriously wish/hope it is reconsidered and they MAKE A FOURTH SEASON!!

    • Savannah says:

      Yeah same here and Im 16! I love this show. Maya, Riley, Lucas, Farkle and Zay’s friendship with each other can teach everyone, not just kids, about the importance of having real friends who are always there for you. This is one of the good ones that should stick around a couple more years. This show has morals that some kids dont learn about and shows how to deal with issues you can face.

      I definitely agree that the gang should be able to grow up and bit more and bring in new issues that teens face today. I havent seen Boy meets World but a lot of people have been saying that since it was such a hit Girl meets World should get a few extra seasons. I would love to see Maya and Josh end up together, but even if they didnt i feel like there is soooo much more the show can be about. Add new friends or something but no matter what Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle, Zay, Corey, Topanga, August and Josh HAVE TO STAY.

      If it such an issue to have more “mature” themes why not change the channel its on? There’s ABC, Netflix, Youtube… Girl meets World is one of the shows that everyone can learn something from.

  47. angel coleman says:

    i love this i’m a 17 year old girl and this show has changed my life. it has helped me when i have struggled in school. i’m a junior in high school and i need this show. i want it to at least watch them grow up and be able to the meet the world more. it doesnt help just me it helps adults to i had family change because of this show. my family was never close but they grew up watching boy meets world, they loved it they loved when they brought out girls meet world it brought my family back together please make it come back.