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Supernatural Recap: 'The Guys Who Save the World' – Plus: Cas Did What?!

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“We’re not trapped out here with you. You’re trapped out here with us.”

Those are the words of totally BAMF Dean during Supernatural‘s winter premiere. But before the hunter delivers that warning, the Winchesters find themselves locked up in separate cells.

The anti-terrorism specialist thinks isolating Dean and Sam from each other and the outside world will get them to talk eventually. My first thought: Dude, these guys have been to Hell. Silence doesn’t scare them. But later on, Dean says the six-week experience was worse than Hell.

While Sam passes the hours by exercising — hey, gotta stay in shape! — Dean marks the passage of time on the wall. Then one day, both Winchesters mysteriously drop dead… and then come back to life in the morgue. They make their escape, but the gun-toting agents are on their heels, and the brothers are in the middle of a giant forest with no resources. So they let the authorities catch up before laying out that aforementioned warning and setting actual physical traps. One by one, they take down each of the agents, but leave them alive. (Don’t worry, Mr. Ketch takes care of those loose ends.)

“Who are you?” the main agent asks.

“We’re the guys who save the world,” Sam replies. #micdrop

Supernatural RecapOn the outside, Castiel and Mary have been working cases during the six-week period and searching for Dean and Sam to no avail — until the brothers call for help. Tracking their whereabouts isn’t easy, so Cas brings in the British Men of Letters, who tap into a thermal-imaging satellite to locate the hunters.

Once happily reunited with Cas and Mary, Dean and Sam reveal just how they got out, as well as the deadly cost: To escape imprisonment, they made a deal with Billie the reaper, who killed and resurrected them. Now, she gets to claim a Winchester’s life for good. So who will it be this time? Maybe a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide? No need, because Mary volunteers herself. Just as she’s about to shoot herself, Cas kills Billie and launches into a moving speech: “This sad, doomed little world, it needs you. It needs every last Winchester it can get. I will not let you die. I won’t let any of you die. I won’t let you sacrifice yourselves. You mean too much to me, to everything. You made a stupid deal, and I broke it. You’re welcome.”

The episode’s cliffhanger is of a different nature. Having made inroads with the Winchesters, Mick gives Mary his “imagine a world where no one has to die because of the supernatural” pitch. Even though that would probably spell the end of the show, Mary responds, “I’m listening.”

Supernatural fans, what did you think of “First Blood,” which marks the show’s 250th episode?

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  1. Judi Ward says:

    I loved the episode. The guys were the heroes they always are & Cass was awesome. I assumed that Mary would sacrifice herself what I didn’t really expect was how Cass did away with Billie. Cass is he best & he loves his boys…almost as much as Bobby did. Exciting well done episode.

  2. LOVED the episode. So great to see the boys making use of all their skills and wits. And Mary sure is a Winchester with the self-sacrificing and deal-making.

    I’m worried about Cas. He’s in a VERY dark spot right now. And Cas — THANK YOU (says the entire fandom).

  3. rob horine says:

    These Brits of Letters are going to cause the boys mucho trouble. You don’t kill that many humans and expect nothing to come from it. These limey bastards are going to be more hindrance than help!

    And I could expect a bill for Cas for killing Billie, when Death comes back, he’ll come to collect… With interest.

    • So I’m not the only one who thinks that Death💀 was never actually dead but just rejuvenating because nobody did or said anything about his ring💍 ….& the horsemen are all about their rings right…?💍💀

      • Chris says:

        Nancy death was stabbed by his own sickle. Pretty sure in past episodes when they fist talked about death and his reaper blade it could even kill God. I think it’s a horrible plot he to not talk about deaths death but I’m pretty sure he’s gone for good. Hit by his own blade sealed the deal

  4. They had good potential for a Supernatural/Men-of-Letters spinoff, but going about and killing everyone sort of killed that idea.

  5. ninamags says:

    What a great episode.

    It’s really good to see Sam and Dean being bad ass hunters. Now I understand the episode title.

    Rambo ain’t got nothing on these guys.

  6. Dj says:

    The Brits are crazy and not that fun crazy and only bad things will happen with Mary listening to them. I loved Cas vow. Dude is as close to family with Sam and Dean as you can get without be related by blood.

    • rob horine says:

      Mary is a Hunter. Once she hears of the Brits favor of collateral damage, she might not be on their side. Hunters don’t kill humans.

  7. LOVED!! It’s been too long since we’ve seen badass mofo Dean! Let’s keep it up, Sho! And Dean and Sam, fighting *together* and kicking butt has been sorely missed, too.

  8. I loved this episode. I love watching the show, It gives me a warm feeling and excitement when I watch everyone at their best. Cas was fantastic and I love him so much. Dean and Sam was so smart and exciting as usual. I loved this episod so much. I am worried about the men of letters tho and also about Cas for killing Billie. He will have some fallback for that

  9. jeff says:

    Wow, I was wondering what would happen when Billie was killed cause I thought she was THE grim reaper and didn’t know there were more. Hahaha
    It freaked me out. I thought people were going to stop dying like in charmed.

  10. I loved it, I was on the edge of my seat. Sorry for Billy, I am quite sure there will be a price to pay

  11. Lisa says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! So glad the boys are back!