Samantha Bee Recaps Women's March, Inauguration of 'White Male Mediocrity'

Samantha Bee wasted no time skewering President Donald Trump on Wednesday, mocking the newly minted Commander in Chief for an underwhelming inauguration and the protests that followed.

“Friday, the world watched America swear in as it’s 45th president the concept of white male mediocrity,” Bee said. “Donald Trump laid his little p—y-grabbing paw on top of two more books than he’s ever read in his life and spoke the most solemn vow he’s uttered since his third wedding.

“The whole day was swollen with lugubrious pomp and freighted with menace that left a lot of us feeling like we’d just installed ‘Trump, Emperor of Dune.'” Commenting on the low turnout for the event, Bee argued that “there was so much empty space, it’s amazing no one declared Manifest Destiny on the uncolonized end of the National Mall.”

The Full Frontal host also teased Trump for his inaugural concert, which included performances by the likes of Toby Keith, Lee Greenwood and rock band 3 Doors Down.

“Somehow, I no longer feel bad about cutting all funding for the arts,” she said. “I know our country is horribly divided, but for a moment I felt a kinship with the Trump family and their palpable, heartfelt boredom with 3 Doors Down. … Trump’s concert was like his cabinet: Male, overwhelmingly white and devoid of A-list talent.”

Later, Bee turned her attention to the women’s march that occurred the day after Trump’s inauguration, with millions of people coming out to protest the new administration all over the country.

“Our Executive Branch is in the hands of a septuagenarian size queen and a cornfed fertility cultist who calls his wife ‘mother,’ so forgive us if we’re a little worried about getting zapped back to Pleasantville,” she said. “There were marches in Kanab, Loup City and Zebulon, which sound like Star Trek planets but which I assure you are real American towns where real American people are getting real woke, real fast.”

The episode also featured a performance by Milck featuring the GW Sirens and Capital Blend, an a cappella group comprised of women who live thousands of miles apart who came together during the march to sing a new protest anthem.

Watch select clips from Full Frontal‘s post-inauguration round-up above, then drop a comment below.

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  1. Charles says:

    why do you keep covering her show like it is a rating bonanza. She is getting beaten by twice as much as reruns of BBT on the same network. She had the 22 most watched (cable) show last week ( On wednesday alone)

    • Mary says:

      I remember they cover many shows that the ratings were worst, so I think you are really trying to say something else.

    • Steven says:

      For someone who seems to hate her you sure do like to keep up with her ratings don’t you?

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Meanwhile, it’s news to me that we are to only cover “ratings bonanzas.” Not too many of those left in the #PeakTV era. I need to call a staff meeting ASAP. —Mgmt

        • Mark says:

          The only reason you cover her is because you agree with her political positions. But she’s also hateful, and the way to fight hate is not with more hate. You should actually be ashamed that you continue to push coverage of her as much as you do. Do you really think that her attacks are going to do anything to convince people she is right? She is in an echo chamber. That’s not what the country needs right now.

          • Mary says:

            No what this Country needs right now is for people to wake up and see what it right in front of them. If people believe and goes along with the lies and manipulation then they have no right to complain when it all comes crashing down. Maybe right now the issue doesn’t pertain to you but it will eventually. Will she sway people, maybe not because chances are the ones watching her are against him. I actually find her show adds humor to a rather dark days we are facing.

    • Mercury says:

      Don’t be afraid to sing your love for the queen, Trump, Charles. Hiding behind a thin diatribe about repeats of the Big Bang Theory (which is awesome, but not the issue here) is just “man-without-a-tan-who’s-afraid-of-the-ladies” talk. Sam Bee nailed perfectly as she always does. Freedom of speech is still a thing in this country, you know…for now at least. Be a good boy, Chuck, and go back to watching reruns of the BBT and stop watching Sam speak the truth if it vexes you so much.

  2. Wow! A liberal on TV whining about a conservative in power! What’s next, sand on the beach?

    People like her are why Trump won.

    • Ken says:

      No that Assface won because he colluded with Russia to steal the election, with help from the FBI James Comey. He lost the popular vote by 3 million. If he didn’t cheat, he would have lost the electoral vote as well.

      • Scott says:

        Liberal idiot

      • Unknown says:

        HAHA! Some of you liberals are so ignorantly stupid, it’s just laughable. First off, the popular vote means NOTHING! Get over it. If the election was done by popular vote (which is exceedingly flawed) then New York & California would decide the Presidency all the time as that would be a disaster and a socialist system (which is what you liberals like). The reason why Clinton won the popular vote was merely because she campaigned continuously in California and New York were Trump didn’t campaign in those states at all. Clinton’s campaign was poorly executed even people in her own party stated that. Trump didn’t cheat, & if there was cheating it would be for Clinton since some states have found votes from people that have been dead for years & casted votes for Clinton. The b*tch lost!

        • Katherine215 says:

          You mean, if the election was done by the popular vote, your backwards, bigoted opinions would lose handsomely because they are *unpopular* and are only getting a voice because the Electoral College was set up to support slavery and over value votes in smaller states. I’m not sure why the majority deciding elections is such a bad thing, but please, tell me more about your understanding of math and common sense.

          • Anonymous says:

            LOL! So, I’m automatically a “bigot” because I don’t agree with the short-sighted liberal socialist ideology? You don’t have justification to call me that you self-righteous b*tch. You don’t know me. You far left liberals love to play the race card game if people don’t agree with your socialist agenda. It’s pathetic as that’s all you have to counter act. The popular vote isn’t about the majority you ignorant fool. Are you ready? I’m about to rip into you like fat kid rips into cake.

            While the National Popular Vote (NPV) movement steps up its effort to impose a direct election for president, attempting to enlist states with a sufficient number of electors to constitute a majority (268) and to bind them to the winner of the national popular vote, those states considering the proposal might first reflect on the nightmare aftermath of the 2000 presidential election.

            Because there was a difference of less than 1,000 tabulated votes between George W. Bush and Al Gore in one state, Florida, the nation watched as 6 million votes were recounted by machine, several hundred thousand were recounted by hand in counties with differing recount standards, partisan litigators fought each other in state and federal courts, the secretary of state backed by the majority of state legislators (all Republicans) warred with the state’s majority Democratic judiciary — until 37 days after the election the U.S. Supreme Court, in a bitterly controversial 5-4 decision effectively declared Bush the winner.

            That nightmare may seem like a pleasant dream if NPV has its way. For under its plan, the next time the U.S. has very close national vote, a recount would not be of six million votes in one state but of more than 130 million votes in all states and the District of Columbia, all with their own rules for conducting a recount.

            The horror of a potential national recount is only one of the dangers direct presidential elections poses. Among the others:

            • By its very size and scope, a national direct election will lead to nothing more than a national media campaign, which would propel the parties’ media consultants to inflict upon the entire nation what has been heretofore limited to the so-called battleground states: an ever-escalating, distorted arms race of tit-for-tat unanswerable attack advertising polluting the airwaves, denigrating every candidate and eroding citizen faith in their leaders and the political process as a whole.

            • Because a direct election would be, by definition, national and resource allocation would be overwhelmingly dominated by paid television advertising, there would be little impetus for grass-roots activity. That, in turn, would likely diminish voter turnout.

            • Similarly, because a national campaign mandates a national message, there would also be a smaller incentive for coalition-building or taking into account the characteristics, needs and desires of citizens in differing states and regions.

            • NPV supporters claim, accurately, that a direct election for president would reduce or eliminate the possibility that a fringe candidate (like a Ralph Nader or Ron Paul) winning five percent or less of the vote in a single state could serve to defeat a major party candidate from the same side of the political spectrum. But the much greater danger to American democracy is that direct elections may make it possible for a president to be elected by no more than 30 percent of the vote, regardless of his or her suitability for office, so long as there is sufficient money and a clever media advisor behind the effort.

            The issue raised by the National Popular Vote campaign is fundamental: What kind of a democracy should America be? Their answer is simple: one in which every citizen’s vote is equal to every other citizen’s vote and one in which the winner of the presidential popular vote, no matter how small his or her percentage is of those who voted, would be elected.

            The alternative view of democracy is more complex; it is one that includes but is not limited to the pursuit of equality. That view of democracy recognizes the existence and desirability of organized interests and enshrines that principle under the concept of pluralism. It understands that while the nation is one union, it is also an amalgam of varying experiences and perspectives arrived at via the settings and unique problems surrounding those who live in different places, and that these differences fall within the broad rubric of federalism. E pluribus unum — out of many, one. It is our national motto and is so for a reason.

            It sees a healthy and vibrant democracy needing the underpinnings of civil society that rests on the sustained and active engagement of the citizenry and promotes approaches that seek to maximize that involvement. It seeks to be a bulwark against mass hysteria and the hysteria created by mass media. It knows that a majoritarianism that produces a plurality is not the voice of a majority of the citizenry. The Electoral College system, however imperfect, serves this broader view of democracy.

            Imperfect, because its modern-day blessings — enhancing coalition building, pluralism, federalism and grass-roots participation — are enjoyed only by a minority of states (in any given presidential election 18 or 20), where the battle for electoral votes is competitive for both major parties. The lack of competition and campaigning in a majority of states owes itself not to the existence of the Electoral College’s indirect method of choosing presidents but rather to the winner-take-all method of choosing electors in all but two states. If a party knows either that it can’t win a single elector in a state or has an easy road to winning all of them, it sends its resources to where it has a competitive chance..

            There are alternatives to winner-take-all that do not involve abandoning the positive aspects of the Electoral College. All states could adopt the system that now exists in Maine and Nebraska, where all but two electors are chosen by congressional district, and the other two go to the statewide winner. Or states might explore what was recently proposed in Colorado — that electors be allocated in proportion to each candidate’s share of the popular vote above a certain threshold. Either would provide a reason for both parties to compete in most states because there would be electors to win. Either would likely produce an electoral vote count closer to the popular vote. And unlike direct elections, either would provide an incentive for grass-roots activity, coalition building and enhanced citizen participation.

            National Popular Vote proponents argue that the United States has had four presidential elections in which the plurality winner of the popular vote was not chosen as president. It is also true that no president since 1824 has received the votes of a majority of the eligible voters and 18 presidents, including Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Harry S. Truman, John. F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were elected with less than a majority of the votes cast. In each instance the republic has survived, and democracy has prospered despite the challenges presented. It is not at all clear that it would similarly prosper under the direct election regime being pushed by NPV.

            The appeal of NPV is the simplicity of its message. The danger of NPV is that it will undermine the complex and vital underpinnings of American democracy. NPV is more than a third of the way to its goal. The time to stop its momentum is now.

          • Joey says:

            I find it extremely illuminating that this “Unknown/Anonymous” user used a misogynistic attack on both you and Hillary Clinton when they disagreed with you.

          • Katherine215 says:

            Shorter Anonymous: wah wah wah.
            You lost me when you started with the misogynistic name calling. Even my 2 year old niece can make a point without doing that, and she eats food off the floor.

          • Unknown says:

            LOL! I lost you after the name calling? You called me names before I called you anything. Man, you ignorant. If that’s your excuse, it’s pretty lousy. You’re lost because I just proved you wrong.

          • Katherine215 says:

            Hahaha, you think referring to your opinions as bigoted is name calling? That’s just stating the facts. I also think it’s hilarious that you believe I read that rambling rant of crazy.

          • YTKylie says:

            @ Anonymous …Lol your long rant to explain why popular vote does not count clearly shows you know it counts…and every trump supporter knows that even Trump himself is very sensitive about the fact that majority did not choose him. Simply put, Majority do not want him and never will and the media will never be silent. You are obviously triggered by that fact and are agitated just like your cheeto-in-chief…and you like to revel in your ‘alternative facts’…

        • Mary says:

          It is your TV reality ego that is bruised because he lost the popular vote. He keeps lying and looking more of a joke and his minions keep falling for it. Believe me he didn’t campaign because he knew he didn’t stand a chance in hell of winning. I can see you are still spreading the alternative facts for the trumpter. I remember quite clearing that there were a couple of double votes for him, but I guess you don’t care about that. You seem to be about as ignorant as your lord and master. If Clinton was going to cheat don’t you think it would have been in states that she wasn’t guarantee to win. I can see logic eludes you.

          • Anonymous says:

            I’m not bruised at all. You liberals are bruised. The popular vote means nothing. I should believe you? He didn’t campaign in those places because simple math showed he could win without those two states. Clinton was running a campaign for popularity as she only went to mega metropolises & ignored smaller markets something which Obama didn’t do in his campaigns. No, I’m not ignorant. The ignorance is in the fact you & many far left morons can’t grasp reality of the situation let alone why the popular vote wouldn’t service an election for the greater good. No, logic eludes you.

          • Mary says:

            You do have a reading comprehension problem. I said your lord and master ego was bruised. The popular vote obviously means something to the 5 year old you elected because he has talked about nothing else since Friday. He won the electoral no question about that but the truth is the majority still aren’t behind him. The truth is the majority thinks he has got a mental disorder, nothing will change that. Logic does elude you because you blindly follow like a sheep and believe in his alternative facts.

        • She campaigned in California and New York as much as Trump did, which is to say not at all.

        • Cat says:

          The best way to fix your election and insure that the person the majority of the country wants to be leader is the one actually elected is make it illegal for anyone over the age of eighteen not to vote and to ensure there are enough voting stations to ensure everyone can vote. It also wouldn’t hurt if all states are required to use the same method to vote instead of the hodge lodge system you’ve got now.

    • FtheFreys says:

      Trump is a conservative.

    • a non ny mouse says:

      that actually made me laugh!

  3. Collette says:

    She’s an unfunny poison pill in the same class [or lack thereof] as Lena Dunham, Chelsea Handler and Amy Schumer. Who watches that?

  4. Fan says:

    a liberal whining about the government? wow, what a novel concept for a tv show!

    • Angela says:

      Right, because we all know there isn’t an entire channel devoted to conservatives doing the exact same thing? Fox News, anyone?
      Also, I don’t know if you’ve been paying any attention to the news coming out about the Trump administration these past few days, but I think plenty of people, regardless of their political affiliation, have every right to complain about this particular government. ‘Cause the stuff they’ve been pulling thus far is pretty damn frightening.

      • Tired of this crap already says:

        aw…..did somebody break your participation trophy?

        • Angela says:

          …that’s the best comeback you can think of? Really?
          Thanks for proving why we’re in such a mess right now.

          • Steven says:

            When in doubt they always have the same comebacks for liberals. Snowflakes, “libtards”, and participation trophies.

      • Unknown says:

        I’ve heard plenty of news about Trump’s administration these past few days & what people are complaining about is nothing more then misguided simpletons who don’t understand what Trump is actually doing. If you educated yourself (which liberals don’t do, they just take orders from the media like the sheep they are) nothing Trump has done is frightening at all. What has he done that’s so “frightening”? Stopping our money from going over seas to support abortions for other countries? Yeah, that’s real bad…NOT! It’s not our problem and it saves tax payers money to be used in our own country. What else has he done? End the Pacific Rim Bill? The same bill that was rejected by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Yes, that is so “frightening” (sarcasm). Oh…is it the fact, that Trump wants to repeal Obamacare? A healthcare system that charges people who didn’t ask for it let alone charges people even more for those who have it? Yeah, Obamacare is a FAILED system as the logistics of it, are flawed significantly. Trump wants to make a healthcare system that’s more friendly and effective for people, basically a universal healthcare system which is similar to Canada’s healthcare system and is vastly superior to our current failing healthcare system. I could keep going but your stupidity is too dense to be helped.

        • Katherine215 says:

          Yeeaaahhh, you clearly do not understand what Obamacare (the ACA) is or does. It’s a law, not a healthcare system. And I’m sorry, I’m still laughing over the idea you have that Trump is going to implement a universal healthcare system after Republicans have spent 8 years doing nothing to improve healthcare.

          • Scott says:

            The ACA is crap just like the idiot it named after .

          • Unknown says:


          • Katherine215 says:

            Nope, still pretty clear you don’t understand it. Calling me names doesn’t help convince me, either. Try again.
            Oh, and by the way – you keep calling me a liberal like it should offend me. I’m quite proud to be a liberal, as by definition it means I’m open to new behavior and broader opinions, and that’s the foundation of this country and the world in the 21st century. So please, keep saying it!

          • Unknown says:

            Are your feelings hurt? Because I call you a tool, stupid, & such? It’s not my problem if the shoe fits, you wear it. See that’s what liberal use to mean. Now, it’s a socialist agenda that is really anything but liberal. Today’s liberals are not liberal at all. That’s what you fail to see.

          • Katherine215 says:

            Well, I’m kind of sad you can’t support your opinion without calling me stupid (and littering this page with bad grammar), but meh, I’ll get over it.
            Still hoping you’ll understand the ACA one day, though.

          • Mary says:

            Wow Scott I can see you still have not improve on your vocabulary. Education is a wonderful thing, maybe you should get some then come back to post when you can make an intelligent statement.

        • pAloma says:

          The money wasn’t going overseas for abortions (there is a separate law prohibiting that). The money was going for women’s health care.

          MOST Americans WANT to keep Obamacare, which is why Congressional offices are getting overwhelmed with callers from BOTH parties. And they certainly don’t want their healthcare to disappear without a replacement.

          Trump doesn’t want to create a universal single payer system like Canada (which, ironically is what Republicans have been complaining about the Denocrats wanting for years), which is a GIVERNMENT run program similar to Medicare. It it hard to tell what he really wants because he hasn’t actually put out a plan.

          Forcing us to pay $$$$$ for a wall that even the chief of the border patrol says is horrible is frightening. Saying it is okay to torture people is frightening. Having a president (and his staff) who repeatedly lie about things which as so easy to check, is frightening. Having a president who has bragged about sexually abusing women is frightening. who targets muslims. Who has a Vice President who believes in conversion therapy. Who doesn’t believe in science, or freedom of the press, who has put gag orders on public agencies. All of that is frightening.

          Having a president who is more concerned with what he watches on TV than briefings he receives from the intelligence community, it frightening. The people he has appointed to various cabinet posts, they are frightening. Rick Perry as energy secretary … the man who wanted to abolish the agency, and then when he found out what the department actually does, said ” oh, never mind” … having a man so under-educated and so unqualified in charge of the department of nukes, that is frightening. And I could go in.

          Having an American citizenry so poorly educated in civics, and math and science … that is scary.

          • Angela says:

            Thank you. Ther’s also his freezing the EPA and trying to silence scientific organizations that are sharing facs about climate change and the like, pulling important information about various groups from the White House website, trying to control what the media should and shouldn’t say about him, hiring a press secretary who’s spouting lies left and right, STILL picking fights with people on Twitter .like an immature baby, pushing for his Muslim registry and the BS with the wall….
            But yeah, I guess we should totally just ignore all of that because “wah liberal snowflakes” or something. You Trump supporters will have a LOT to answer for in the coming months/years, and if you have any shred of decency in you, you’ll feel true shame for electing this nutjob.

          • Angela says:

            *There’s, facts. Yay, slow site and typos.

        • Cat says:

          In your stupidity you obviously fail to realise that if America pays for the wall and then taxes imports to reimburse for the wall then you idiots are going to be paying for the wall twice. Also, if one of your first orders is to remove funding to help prevent violence against women then that opens the door for violence against women with no consequences. Also, your leader has stated that if you’re registered to vote in more than one state you must be doing something wrong yet his daughter, son-in law and top adviser are all register in two states. Also he has refused to give up his unsecured phone, you know the one he continues to tweet from at three am in the morning. Alienating the rest of the world will mean less money for America I.e. Forcing those who were choosing to holiday in your country from an allied country to have to go through interviews just to get a visa means watch those tourist dollars dry up.

  5. Kate says:

    Boy lotta mediocre white males already popping up in the comments, what an unexpected surprise!

  6. Mary says:

    Love this show. The fact that she can find the humor in the atrocity our Country has become.

  7. Jason says:

    I just love living in a country where being a white male is something to be hated and criticized for.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Oh, grow a pair.

      • Anonymous says:

        Grow a pair? No, why don’t liberals stop blaming their own failures on the white man & race baiting any chance they get. Today’s liberals are pathetically inept with an inane & race baiting ideology that spews socialism. No, why don’t liberals grow a pair.

        • Katherine215 says:

          Hahahaha, aw, did I hurt your feelings? You don’t like being blamed for something (anything) because of your race? Wow, that’s tragic.

          • Unknown says:


          • Katherine215 says:

            You’ll note, I didn’t play the race card, your buddy Jason did. You’re like 0-for-everything here. I’m sad for you that you’re so bad at this.

          • Unknown says:

            Katherine, yes, you did play the race card by agreeing with the notion indirectly. But hey, you keep playing ignorant. It’s your thing since you proven anything I’ve said wrong yet.

          • Katherine215 says:

            Well, I disagree with you, but here’s a better question – if the race card’s been played, can it be played again? Once it’s down, can it be picked up and replayed? Is the race card game like rummy or Go Fish?

      • Debbie says:

        Not a valid “comeback”. You can’t defend your position or answer his question, so you come back with a lame insult from the 80s.

        • Katherine215 says:

          No, but I can read, as you clearly can’t. There was no question or position to defend, just a bunch of whining from a big man-baby. Try again.

      • Debbie says:

        She is really hateful with all the potshots at white people and men. And frankly, she comes across as a little full of herself with all of these 50 cent words when a nickel will do. Ah well, no one watches her show anyway.

    • Pretty sure, it’s the “mediocrity” that’s got your panties in a twist.

  8. Amy says:

    I see the right-wing trumpeters (aka poorly educated) are out in droves commenting on a show they hate, but apparently watch. LOL!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, all right-wing “trumpeters” are “poorly educated” says the far left media. But yet…most of top run businesses in America are run by Republicans. You are a typical liberal sheep. If you believe that…then you are as stupid as you sound. I’m sure you think former President Obama was a “great” President even though statistically he failed in more facets then he succeeded in but I’m sure you’ll blame the Republicans for your party’s failures. God forbid liberals take responsibility and accountability for their failed actions. He’s already being investigated for shipping $221 million dollars to the Middle East for no apparent reason. He must have to support his muslim brotherhood on America’s tax payers money one last time. People like you Amy, are what’s wrong with the United States as you are just a brainwashed liberal tool taking orders from your liberal superior’s socialist agenda.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Step away from the fake news.

      • I’m sick of being called brain washed from idiots who can’t even follow ideas to a logical conclusion. Pres. Obama–and the rest of the world–have been advocating for a 2-state solution for at least a decade now.

        Two groups vote Republican traditionally: 1) white, rural and traditionally “values” voters and 2) rich, white, wall street voters who are voting for fewer taxes, fewer, regulations, fewer anything that hurts their bottom line of putting the screws to working class people. This year Trump got one more group: angry, poorly educated, white men. Three guesses as to what group you fall into.

    • Mary says:

      Yes but not as many as you might think because obviously one person has decided to post using different names. He obviously wasn’t getting enough attention like his master.
      Dare I hope but maybe many are finally seeing the truth about him.

    • Amy says:

      hahaha! Wow I really got them deplorables riled up….and on a website about a comedy TV show that the right-wingers say is terrible but watch faithfully so they can spew the right-wing b.s. Thanks for the laugh! Thanks Samantha Bee, you’re really screwing with their heads…..they may explode!!!! LOL LOL LOL

  9. neatcheat says:

    Imagine someone calling the previous President ‘a concept of black male medioricy’ and the following outrage

    • Katherine215 says:

      I don’t have to imagine, plenty of people called him worse over the last 8 years. Apparently, your guy winning an election also means your memory of everything your party has said and done for 8 years gets wiped.

      • neatcheat says:

        I’m not from US so I don’t have ‘my guy’ in this race. but I have never called anyone a mediocrity of any color.

  10. Samantha Bee really knows how to make us laugh through our pain… thank you for posting this.

  11. larry says:

    What an ugly vile woman. Has anyone else noticed that liberal woman are a tad ummm, non-attractive? I think all that anger inside the heart combined with their stupidity in the brain, makes for a very ugly human being. Bee is a clown, nothing more, nothing less…….

    • Mary says:

      Has anyone notice that the male specie only comeback against strong women is to insult their looks. I guess that is what attracted you to Trump. Two peas in a pod.

    • Angela says:

      Please do share a photo of what you look like then, oh, supposed Adonis.

      • Olivia says:

        The photo I’d ask for, personnally, would be one of what he can get. If he can get anything remotely human and consenting, that is.

  12. HesterP says:

    If it is so awful for her here, in the Greatest Country in the World, she should feel free to return to her homeland of Canada, where socialism is more to her liking. God help anyone who is white, male, straight, or Christian. And anyone who feels the need to make fun of Lee Greenwood, who has written one of the most patriotic songs I know of, well, she is just a pile of animal crap!

    • Jake says:

      According to your Dark Master of the Urine Shower, this country is in terrible shape, so how could it be the Greatest Country in the World if he says otherwise? Cognitive dissonance much?

  13. Laura says:

    Sorry Samantha Bee…. I wouldn’t watch you if you were the last show on earth…. Donald Trump is our president, whether we like it our not he is our president. Support him and stop with the horrible jokes. Educate yourself on our president. Most libs are not educated. So very sad

    • Jake says:

      Why do you cranks always say the opposite of what the truth is – in other words, tell lies? Liberal voters tend to have higher levels of education, conservatives lower levels. Google it.

  14. Sindey says:

    Remember when Samantha Bee was funny? :)