Ratings: CBS' Hunted Has Solid Kickoff Leading Out of AFC Championship

Leading out of the NFL’s well-watched AFC championship game, CBS’ new reality competition hit the ground running.

The Patriots’ defeat of the Steelers drew 41.3 million total viewers and a 13.4 demo rating from 7 to 10 pm ET, on par with the fast nationals for last year’s primetime NFC championship (which did 40.7 mil/14.3 on Fox). The premiere of Hunted, in which pretty people didn’t do the smartest things to evade capture — like, say, buy the bus tickets but don’t use them! — then retained 11.8 million viewers and a 4.0 rating (per fast finals). That’s up 25 percent in the demo from CBS’ previous post-AFC championship primetime programming (Scorpion circa 2015, which did 12.2 mil with a 3.2 rating).

Hunted continues its run this Wednesday at 8/7c, in its regular time slot.

Sunday night’s only other bit of fresh fare, Fox’s Son of Zorn (2 mil/0.9), dropped 50 percent from its last outing, mired as it was amid a sea of reruns.

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  1. Chris says:

    Not a good sign for son of zorn that fox out it on opposite the afc championship

    • Brian says:

      That’s because they decided to show a new episode of The Mick in its spot last week. Next week on Fox is Miss Universe. Then the Super Bowl. Then the following 2 weeks are the last 2 episodes. Few shows are going to be on Feb 26 against the Oscars. Fox is debuting Making History in Zorn’s slot March 5.

  2. Kevin says:

    What are the chances the New England Patriots should win Super Bowl 51?

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    I thought Hunted was pretty good but once it starts on Wednesday I don’t think I’m going to be able to watch. It’s opposite Lethal Weapon and Arrow I think, both shows I watch. One question though. It seemed that these people clearly knew they were “going on the run” ahem, the calendar, lmao, so why didn’t they have cash on hand and burner phones. Was that against the rules or something because to me that should have been a no brainer. Using ATM’s is beyond stupid.

    • cdntvwatcher says:

      The show said contestants have $500 in a bank yet it clearly shows a couple of teams hitting ATMs and only taking out $100. It would seem it is a show rule that they start with no cash on hand and only their normal cell phones (no burners) that are fully disclosed to the show in advance.

    • Carmen I Ortiz says:

      As far as I’m concerned that is cheating by CBS. Force them to use an ATM so they can be tracked if nothing else works.

  4. dan says:

    I watched the first 20 or 25 minutes of Hunted, then just turned off the tv. I didn’t really care about any of the people (fugitives?) and I thought they spent too much time introducing the investigatory team. Also, each team has $500 in an account that they can access through an ATM taking up to $100 each time, so they can be easily tracked from one location to another. That ruined it for me. Maybe I’ll try again on Wednesday.

    • catlover04 says:

      They just have to learn to be smart about how the do the ATM’s. The first guy was smart. Do it close to home and get out of there in a hurry. The pretty couple…. first off terribly bad wigs weren’t suspicious at ALL…dummies. heh. Second, use the ATM machine at the bus station, buy the tickets and then actually take the bus? They may as well have painted a big target on their head clearly telling ALL where they were at. I liked all the commentary from the investigators and we really only met three of the teams so we still have a lot of introduction to go. I’m sure as time goes on, they won’t feel the need for so much introduction and commentary but I did like them keeping me informed of what they were looking for and doing as far as investigation. I would like to know the rules though.. since this is not a “real” chase but is instead a simulation of a “real” chase what were the contestants told they can and cannot do? For example, those I was watching with wondered why the Red Bearded Defense Attorney didn’t shave his beard when he arrived at his friends house. is there some rule about NOT altering your appearance? Still, I really enjoyed the premiere and look forward to Wednesday’s continuation.

      • If not altering your appearance was a rule, then I assume that other couple wouldn’t have been allowed to put on the wigs.

        • catlover04 says:

          True. But what about BIG alterations like shaving facial hair, cutting hair and/or dying hair. Seems like the Big Bushy beard would have been a no brainer to lose. He was at his friends house for quite a while. Great opportunity to do that. We wondered why he didn’t. :-}}

          • While he might be the smartest fugitive introduced so far, I’m still guessing he ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed. If not that, then maybe he actually is cocky enough to think he can win this without shaving his beard (which would still put him in the ‘not very bright’ category). I just can’t see that being a rule, especially if someone were to go in the opposite direction as far as beards (if you started off without one it would grow out during the course of the game, unless producers are going to mandate that these on-the-run fugitives take time out of their busy schedules to shave every day).

          • Valerie Tower says:

            I thought the same thing. Why didn’t he shave?

          • Carmen I Ortiz says:

            Because he is way dumber than he thinks. Why would he give someone, who has never run from the police, the entire itinerary for the 28 days, in such detail? And taking into account she wrote it all down, he probably dictated the whole think and then wonders how the found out the information. LOL I bet they are no longer dating.

  5. Demented Daisy says:

    Man, I hope Stephen King is getting paid for an idea he came up with 35 years ago….

  6. KLS says:

    Hunted seems too fixed with weird rules. As someone stated before, why not have gobs of cash and burner phones at the ready? Why are they wearing such inappropriate clothes! At least the two friends had the right idea and packed a tent, but using friends, family and familiar places seems like a setup to me. Not sure I’ll watch much more if the “fugitives” are beyond stupid.

    • cdntvwatcher says:

      Agreed it seemed like it was being highly dumb. The friends though with the tent seemed to have a good idea. Now if you could get into a relatively remote area with limited tech coverage and live in the tent for a decent stretch you have a chance of going deep into your time on the run.

      I also wonder if one of the other staged conditions on the ATM cash grabs is one of the team members need to do it directly. Would seem to make sense to get a somewhat trusted person outside the team to be the one to hit the keys on the terminal.

      On the bus side, buying a ticket and then never catching the bus and heading a different direction would have been a perfect diversion…

  7. Blah says:

    Is it bad I hope this flops so The Amazing Race can come back and take its place? It seems like CBS is trying to do a cheap knockoff with a different concept…

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      TAR ain’t coming back early.

      • catlover04 says:

        At least it’s coming back. Still mad at CBS for the far, far too long delay.

        • dan says:

          I’m preparing myself for this being the last season of TAR. Either that or they’ll make it a summer show like it was at the beginning.

          • catlover04 says:

            Yeah…. I’m really hoping it gets some good ratings when it does finally air. It is such an enjoyable show, The Amazing Race. I have really missed it in my TV lineup this year. I suppose I’d be okay with it being a summer show, as long as they don’t cancel it. It is one of the original “great” ones, in my opinion.

        • suzi says:

          TAR is the only “reality show” I have watched regularly–discussing and arguing about it the next day has become a family and friends tradition. This new show did nothing for me.

    • Brian says:

      It is only 8 episodes, so The Amazing Race wouldn’t be taking its spot anyway as there’s no way they could finish that show before Survivor returns in March.

  8. I wanted to enjoy Hunted, but it came off as way too ‘gamey’ to me despite the show trying to present itself as serious and realistic. I know they can’t just let everyone go wild and do what they want, but the rules they introduced (can’t go beyond the confines of a certain area, the whole ATM thing) were just a constant reminder that I was watching a reality competition show on TV and not the fugitive simulation they were going for.

  9. Boiler says:

    I’m sorry but how can anyone like this type of show. Of course I did not watch but from the description this crap has no business being on air.

  10. my question is: they have a camera guy with them. wouldn’t that make them easy to find? and if on the run in the woods, etc how is the camera guy keeping the camera charged?

  11. Carol says:

    I kind of liked the show. I thought it would make sense to stay the entire time with a friend. Like David and his friend were at a friend’s house initially. Why not stay there out of sight the whole time?

  12. Doris S says:

    So you have to go in hiding but take a camera man with you? I would think the hunted could do their own filming,Body cams ,small hand held camera,You have three people hiding instead of two ,just a thought.

  13. cindy says:

    Ok jerk why can’t I see the darn show its been on since 7 and with all the darn interuptions the station is causing I’ve got to see 30 full min otherwise it’s being interfered with oh but the comercials are coming in just hunky dory

  14. Carmen I Ortiz says:

    Like the show, but not like the way CBS put the odds in their favor. Sure there is all that surveillance and the technology, etc. What I think is NOT right is forcing them to use ATMs for cash. Duh! That’s the easiest way to track anyone. You can bet that, as even in my case (and I’m not a fugitive now nor have I ever been), I do keep cash at home, so ATMs would never get me. For example the “expert” escape artist who has “only” been caught 13 times would know not to use a ATM, although taking into account he didn’t teach beauty, never to write anything down on paper… with paper underneath….. Who knows? lol.

  15. Chris J says:

    The show is staged – no way they have “guessed” right this many times – Picked the exact trail the couple from Port Richey was on ? I live in that area – there are hundreds of trails – they “guessed” that one ? They pinged the cell phone in 10 spots for the two kids in South Carolina – but “guessed” the exact location of the drop off ??? Come on man,……

    • bryan says:

      I am going to have to agree that its rigged. Just like when they said oh I believe the guys went back to the lake when they watched them drive off in a truck. or out of all the one couples friends on facebook they pick the correct one? The two guys on the boat was a joke. No way they knew where they were. And how about then getting the mail??