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Girl Meets World Boss Breaks Down Series Finale Surprises, Reveals a Feeny/Eric Moment You Didn't See

Despite bringing the Disney Channel series to a full-circle conclusion, Friday’s Girl Meets World finale left a few loose ends untied — and you’d better believe that was intentional.

But before we talk about what wasn’t in the episode, let’s quickly recap what actually went down: For starters, Riley’s friends braced themselves for a future without her, including Lucas, who (rather quickly) accepted that they would break up if she moved to London. Maya, on the other hand, knew full well that no amount of distance could ever hurt their friendship. And you knew it was a series finale when Zay got his long-overdue props; Riley assured him that their friend group wasn’t officially complete until he joined it.

The cherry on top of the finale was, of course, the monstrous smattering of original Boy Meets World cast members that returned to help Riley figure out… something. (I know the gang had good intentions, but somewhere between Eric yelling at Feeny and Morgan pretending like she wasn’t clearly two separate people, I feel like things kind of went off the rails.) But it was all worth it to see Shawn tell Maya that he wanted to adopt her, then hearing Mr. Turner admit he always regretted not doing the same for Shawn. (Just stab me directly in the heart, why don’t you?!)

Interestingly enough, even though Mr. Turner regrets not adopting Shawn back in their Boy Meets World days, series creator Michael Jacobs says there’s no way it was ever going to happen.

“To create closure in any circumstance, you have to be certain that it’s what the audience wants and it’s the right thing to do,” Jacobs explains. “If Shawn was adopted by Turner — remember, the Matthews also wanted to adopt him — that would have been a betrayal of his father. Chet Hunter was such an interesting character, and Shawn’s chasing after his father was so remarkable. I wanted to sustain it. There was something instinctive in me that said, ‘Being adopted was not his happiness.’ Just like there was something in me that said, ‘Maya Hart is the beginning of Shawn’s happiness.’ She attracted Shawn to the idea that he could be a father and a husband someday. That’s why we wrote the Turner line. You think your closure is going to come from one place, but no.”

Jacobs adds that he “didn’t want anything to change in the end,” which is why — surprise! — Topanga decided to turn down the job and keep her family in New York. (Fun fact: Corey Fogelmanis tells TVLine, “It would be really dramatic, but I kind of wanted the Matthews to actually move away. But I’m really happy with this ending, too.”)

OK, time to reveal what you didn’t see… If you were caught off guard by Eric and Feeny’s suddenly hostile relationship, don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. Their drama is of a behind-the-scenes nature:

“Will Friedle [as Eric] did a YouTube video where he announced that he’d be running for president, and it got a spectacular amount of views and reaction,” Jacobs explains. “So we were talking about this episode, and he said, ‘I want to do something that tantalizes the audience as far as the relationship between Eric and Feeny. They’re going to expect me to go up to him and do the Feeny call.’ So I said, ‘Let’s go the other way. Let’s have you upset with each other.’ He goes, ‘I love that! Why?’ And I go, ‘That’s up to you.’ So I wrote the script for him and we put in the conflict, and Will Friedle will reveal what happens between Eric and Feeny and why. I think that will be a lovely YouTube video someday.”

So, what did you think of the finale? Do you hope the show finds new life on another network or streaming service? Grade “Girl Meets Goodbye” below, then drop a comment with your full review of the episode/series.

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  1. Jim says:

    No. No no no. This is not happening. I refuse. C’mon, universe. Make this right.

  2. ScottJ says:

    Considering the size of the cast I thought the show did well in giving almost everyone (except Harley and Minkus) at least one big scene. I was fine with the double Morgan approach too. Sure it was a little silly but the show didn’t overdo it.

    Overall it was an excellent way to end a show.

  3. A. D. says:

    Someone please pick up this amazing show!

  4. Joey Padron says:

    The finale episode was good, emotional, and funny. It was good to see most of Boy Meets World cast together again. Glad the Matthews family are staying in New York City. Hope the show will find another home for season 4 soon!

  5. Michael F. says:

    The acting was a little stiff – perhaps to mask all the emotion of the “last” episode’s significance.

    Raised my daughter on Boy Meets World and very much looked forward to each new episode of this more than spinn-off.

    Here’s to hoping the series gets picked up by Amazon, Netflix, Hulu or event a network. If not, it’s been a joy.

  6. Angela Bourque says:

    I love this show I wish you would keep it going the show made me cry like always just hope in back on television some people can’t get anything else. Please please

  7. Shelly says:

    Very mad that it had to end still don’t like that one

  8. Joshua says:

    It was an extremely heart break to see the show canceled. What a heart-wrenching finale! For us 80/90’s kids a very emotional reunion.
    The show brought back core values that were at the center of many 80-90’s shows with a today’s generation spin off.
    I truly hope Girl Meets World will find its way in the hearts of today’s generation to continue on, but if it must end, it inspires more shows with an example to follow…
    Family, friendship, comedy, drama… A tip of the hat to you, Michael Jacobs, for writing a show that helped inspire today’s generational youngsters & giving my generation a blast from the past.

  9. Stacie says:

    Can someone tell me or know. Waal the guy that came Topanga cafe at the end of the episode the original josh? It looked like him, but I guess having two Morgan’s was enough not to have 2 Joshs.

    • Yes it was the same person, Daniel Jacobs (i know he is the son of Michael Jacobs, and that he was on the BMW finale and now this but i don’t know if he is actually an actor)

  10. TV Gord says:

    I was hoping for a bit of an oblique reference with Feeny to St. Elsewhere, since there HAS to be SOME crossover (other than me), but to employ a Me Meets ’90s reference, whateverrr. :-D

  11. Susan says:

    I think another network should pick it up because there are some folks out there that can’t afford both cable and netflix or some other streaming service. And it would be good for those who have been fans of both shows not to have to miss any episodes.

  12. Mark says:

    Everything went down like I expected it would. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t crying for the last act, but I loved it. Great closure, however I hope the show is picked up for more episodes somewhere.

    And I loved the double Morgan thing. I thought that was hysterically brilliant. If it had gone on longer than it did, I would have been annoyed and upset by it, but they made the joke a few times and then moved on.

  13. *H* says:

    I am a fan of Angela. So, I am cool with this show ending.

  14. Bryan says:

    Was the guy at the end original Josh?

  15. Scott Clinco says:

    Gotta get picked up somewhere #SaveGirlMeetsWorld

  16. Matthew Fentress says:

    The Show needs to continue BMW was such a positive influence on me and others in my generation that with the climate of the world we live in now this generation needs something of their own like that and unfortunately there isnt anything now that GMW is canceled its all dumbed down comedy and flashy lights and Disney is doing a tremendous disservice by canceling GMW

  17. Carole Connor says:

    Please bring it back. My favorite Disney show and we are already losing Liv and Maddie. It’s just too cruel. And I’m no teenager, I’m the mother of one and my only complaint with Disney shows is they take them off too sooner without regard for the viewers

  18. K. S. says:

    Even tho I’m a middle aged lady, I enjoyed Boy Meets World, but GMW really kept my interest. I truly hope that some network picks it up and runs it.
    Disney did similar with Good Luck Charlie and I’m getting fed up with bringing a show, then ending it no matter what.

  19. weberfamily says:

    Here’s hope by this show finds a new home. Love watching and having good conversations with my daughter. So few choices on tv today… this was a good one.

  20. Fatou says:

    I liked it alot i hope they go one. Its hard to have my favorite serie away. I live in Holland and i love watching girl meets word with every one from boy meets word i was in love with shawn now with farkle😍. Please go one with the serie😭😭😭

  21. I love you so much in my heart for love you so

  22. Juan Jimenez says:

    I hope somebody picks this show up.
    I’m 21 years old, college student, getting ready to “Take On The World”, and I don’t want this show to end.

    It’s not about me; it’s about life. This show has done a great job INTRODUCING a sense of realness to lives of many viewers but now they are growing up. Time to get a little PG-13 thus, leaving Disney.

    The characters are maturing and I think the viewers want to see characters that can relate to them. They already have been but at a goofy, fun loving, middle school level. Maybe a little more intellectual, a little more edgy, a little more stimulating and controversial. Something that has to do with the world today and what’s going on: LGBT, Civil Rights, Facism & Racism through our political leaders, fears, and etc. This is not Disney, this is ABC Family style, HULU, NetFlix, Amazon, MTV, just not Disney.

    Now, the actors. They’re growing and it would be selfish to NOT allow them to unravel their great acting abilities. This show has been a great start for them but now, I think we can’t leave them in this position. Cory Foggelmanis, he started as a goofy nerdy boy who always had me laughing; he became the mysterious, pensive, at times distracted, less nerdy, dry humor kind of GUY. He has diversified and that’s good for when he wants to do more serious roles. Sabrina Carpenter, I have ALWAYS loved her. She wanted to be a singer, now she has two lead feet! She has incredible timing and has such a way with tugging on the heart strings of her viewers. I believe she can use more help from the writers to give her more scenes that will challenge that but I know “S.C” will do tremendously. She has evolved and so has everyone else including Rowan, “Lucas”, “Zay”, and “Smackle”.

    We owe it to the Actors to give them another opportunity and this time, add some spice! We owe it to the characters to give them some spice in order to appeal to a broader range of viewers while relating to those who grew up with it. We owe it to the viewers so that they grow up with the friends they called family, the family that gave them laughs along with lessons, guidance, and inner strength to go out and TAKE ON THE WORLD.

  23. Toni says:

    I really hope GMW gets picked up somewhere. It’s such a well done show. It’s clean, it’s funny, it makes kids think without bombarding them with politically charged scenarios. It allows kids to think about issues that will no doubt be a part of their lives without scaring them or making them feel “less” if they think differently than those around them. And I love that the parents on the show are shown like real parents. Loving, but not perfect. Supportive, but firm in their convictions of what is right and wrong. We need more shows like this one. I’m sad to see it go…so I really hope it gets picked up somewhere else.

  24. Dan Charp says:

    Please, TV creators, put a season 4 somewhere… please…. 😩

  25. padraicjacob says:

    I know I am in the minority, but I think they tried to do too much with this episode.

    Bringing everyone from BMW back and then not giving them that much to do. They didn’t even get to give everyone a reaction scene to telling them they were staying.

    The two Morgan’s thing was awkward. Roseanne had done it well and played around with the two Becky’s things. They should have tried to do something like that. I did like the one joke one of the Morgan’s made though.

    Also, it weirdly felt like they knew it was going to be the series finale by bringing everyone back like that. EVen Shawn’s wedding didn’t get that many guest stars. So it’s odd to see some of the makers seeming surprised and outraged now.

    GWM was a fun show, but I think the way it got tied up is fitting. Not sure it should continue, imo

  26. Candice Peterson says:

    Oh my gosh! I can’t believe they cancelled it? It’s a great show the whole family can watch? I will sign anything to get someone to pick this up or Disney to keep it!! A lot of life lessons as well!!

  27. I am so disappointed in the cancelation of the GMW show. I loved BMW when it was on. In a time when the shows for kids even on Disney are a little too…….. for younger kids this one was perfect. As a former teacher/ librarian I find Corey’s teaching methods remarkable. What a way to get kids talking and thinking. My two sons a husband also enjoyed the old show as well. I suppose some of the things that happened ( Eric’s political coup) were a little unusual. I also thought Aaaa was deliciously typical of a NY jewish child

    Please someone do something and get this show back for at least a few more seasons.

    By the way. I must have missed the end of BMW as I did not understand who the little boy was in the clip at the end of GMW , “Josh”?

    • Shannon says:

      Yes, that was tiny Josh from the series finale of Boy Meets World. Then the guy that came into Topanga’s at the end of Girl Meets World was the same guy. :)

  28. Sol says:

    It is a wonderful show for the entir family. The best since Good luck Charlie. My son is hitting middle school and it helps us and him to open a dialogue he may find difficult. It is well written and covers many pertinent and fun topics. It reminds them school is important and the extracurricular activities needed on your transcript but to stay close and enjoy your friends. Life changes fast and this show is writing just that. It definitely needs to be picked by another network. We need to see the kids graduate high school and even college if they are up for just like in the original Boy Meets World!

  29. JM says:

    Sad that Disney dropped Girl Meets World. It was the only show that we watched as a family. Most of Disney shows are pointless. I like that this show taught our kids a moral lesson.

  30. Michelle Rummel says:

    The fans deserve to have Freeform pick this up and take the kids to college years. And add as many BMW cast members that want to be on the show. Fans would LOVE Eric, Shawn, Jack, Feeney and the whole Matthews family back in the mix. I mean, think of the ratings network execs, even if you don’t care about the show. It is comforting to know you can count on certain shows to get you through. Look at response to BMW in syndication.

  31. Julia says:

    The ending was very heartwarming, with a wholesome, YET a loose ending. This should be a temptation for people like Netflix and Hulu. If it would be picked uo by freeform. I would want it just like boy meets world. But NOT risque. But if disney can make a show with actual life lessons, then freeform can support a clean series. Thank you.

  32. Chris says:

    As much as I liked the ending, it sort of felt rushed. There could have been more that could have happened with it, more conflict, more resolution, etc. Regardless of my nitpicking, it was a great ending to a great series. However, I have to wonder what more could have been done with the series had the Matthews moved to London. I guess I’ll leave that to the idle daydreams of my mind during Physics class.