Ratings: S.H.I.E.L.D. Drops to New Lows


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this Tuesday mustered barely 2 million total viewers along with a 0.6 demo rating, dropping 26 and 25 percent to new series lows.

Opening ABC’s night, The Middle (6.6 mil/1.7) and American Housewife (5.4mil/1.5) matched last week’s pre-Obama address numbers. Fresh Off the Boat (3.9 mil/1.1) and The Real O’Neals (2.8 mil/0.8) meanwhile returned down 20 percent in the demo.

Elsewhere in the land of ratings….

THE CW | No Tomorrow wrapped its run with 600,000 total viewers (its second-smallest audience ever), a 0.2 demo rating and an average grade of “B” from TVLine readers.

CBS | NCIS (15.4 mil/1.9) ticked up, while Bull (11 mil/1.5) and New Orleans (9.2 mil/1.2) were steady.

FOX | New Girl (2.4mil/1.0) dipped, while The Mick (2.7 mil/1.1) was steady. Bones (2.9 mil/0.8) slipped 12 and 20 percent, drawing its smallest audience ever.

NBC | The newly expanded The Wall (6.6 mil/1.7), a tear-jerking This Is Us (9.5 mil/2.6) and Chicago Fire (7 mil/1.6) were all steady.

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  1. Ian says:

    The Mick is fantastic. Glad to see it doing well.

    • GuessWhat says:

      lol…”fantastic” seems a bit of a stretch
      nothing groundbreaking here…feel like we’ve seen it before
      but it offers some laughs

    • Jim says:

      Kaitlyn Olson is just playing Dee again. Which is fine. Actually, the youngest kid is Charlie, the older boy is Dennis, Alba is Frank, and . . . I guess that makes the daughter Mac, but there’s not so much comparison there in the comedic role each character plays on their respective show. And now that I’ve said this, you won’t be able not to see it. Which, again, is fine, though, because it’s actually funny.

  2. dancmh says:

    That 10pm time slot SHIELD has been condemned to is like the Moon Door in Game of Thrones. There’s just no escape for any show sentenced there.

    • KLS says:

      Tues 10pm on ABC is a death slot. Every show put there is cursed.

      • joe says:

        NYPD blue did well in that time slot for years , and Body of Proof pulled respectively well numbers in its 3 season run

        • ew says:

          The show wasn’t doing we in any time slot. You expect them to give it Thursday night? LOL.

          • Jimpy says:

            I would like to see what Agents of Shield would do if it weren’t up against some flavor of NCIS for once. It did better last week when it was up against an NCIS-NO repeat.

      • AMG says:

        Forever actually did well in the slot. (On January 14, 2015, Forever had a Live+Same-Day audience of 4.648 million viewers and a 1.0 A18-49 demo.) Yet, ABC thought that, to compete with Netflix, they needed to own the rights to the shows on the network. Since Forever’s owned by Warner Bros., it was cancelled.

      • AMG says:

        Forever actually did pretty well in ABC Tuesday 10PM time slot. (To compare, on January 14, 2015, Forever had 4.648 million viewers and a 1.0 demo.) Yet, ABC wanted to own the rights to every show that they broadcasted. Since Forever’s owned by Warner Bros., it was cancelled.

  3. I’m a big fan of SHIELD, but there is no way they can justify keeping it around now – maybe a short wrap up run, but it needs to end – which is a shame!

  4. Jon Willis says:

    Poor shield. Got banished to Tuesday at 10. Abcs death slot

  5. A pity as it actually has become a really good show. It took thtree seasons, which is a lifetime in tv land. YOu could have gotten away with that twenty years ago ( like all the Star trek spin offs) but you cna’t get away with it in this day and age.

    It needs a proper Superhero injection to get peopel back on board. It’s time the Avengers ( or big screen to drop in… Do they even know if he’s alive again?!?

    Cross over witht he he movies and make someone actually appear on the show. Pointless to have a shared universe if Capes don’t pop in. Get Hawkeye, Antman and Doc Strange a call. They’ve all done tv recently.

    • NoName says:

      Superhero fanboys demanded superpowered heroes in season 1. They got superpowered heroes when the showrunners transformed Skye into Jiaying 2.0, when Inhumans took over Agents of SHIELD and became what the show is about. Superhero fanboys got what they demanded, but the ratings are dropping. Seems to me, the superhero injection did not work, therefore I doubt, that another superhero injection will get people back on board.
      But I’m no superhero fan, I watched Agents of SHIELD because it was a show revolving around non-superpowered heroes dealing with various threats and enemies. I dropped the show because everything revolves only around Inhumans since they popped up in season 2.

      I watched season 4 ep.10 and liked that it focused less on superpowered people and a bit more on the Agents. If Agents of SHIELD finally focuses ont the non-superpowered Agents of SHIELD dealing with various threats and enemies, and the superpowered characters are just backup for the heroes every now and then, I will be back on board.

      • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

        Never could understand the point of doing a show based on superheroes that have no superheroes in them. Same with Gotham. It’s like drinking alcohol free beer. Might as well watch NCIS or Chicago PD.

        • NoName says:

          I like alcohol free beer and NCIS. And Warehouse 13.

          And when showrunners sell me a show as “show about the Agents of SHIELD, the heroes without superpowers, dealing with various threats and enemies”, I expect a show revolving around non-superpowered Agents of SHIELD, dealing with various threats and enemies. That’s why I watched and loved Agents of SHIELD.

          When showrunners sell me a show as “show about the Agents of SHIELD, the heroes without superpowers, dealing with various threats and enemies”, I don’t expect a show revolving only around Inhumans and a self-righteous, arrogant main character with “I don’t give a damn about humans, I care only for Inhumans and everyone who fears Inhumans because they are weapons of mass destruction is evil”-attitude. And I don’t expect that the non-superpowered Agents are just scenery set or subworker for superpowered heroes.

          Therefore, as long as Agents of SHIELD is a show about Inhumans revolving around superpowered heroes instead of show about the Agents of SHIELD, the heroes without superpowers, dealing with various threats and enemies, I don’t care much for the show.

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    Loving the Severide story line on Chicago Fire. So glad the Louie stuff wrapped up, I hope that’s the end of it.

  7. Jason says:

    I hope SHIELD’s dvr numbers are helping it. All I can figure is that younger audience members are going to bed before it comes on in this new time slot. Whatever the numbers, I still think we’ll get at least a shorter season next year, in order to wrap things up. Especially with the new Inhumans show coming in the fall.

  8. Daniel K Foss says:

    Maybe all the other conservative sci-fi fans stopped watching line I did after stars and producer decided to get political. Can’t escape into sci-fi if that is all one can think about when watching.

  9. Amy says:

    Ugh, just when AoS is having a strong season. I hope they at least do a wrap up season next year to transition the series onto the Netflix archive properly.

  10. ew says:

    Matt, I’m disapointed… can’t you just say “this is us” why do you have to turn this into a review and add “a tear jerking this is us?” We get it, you like the show, stop using every opportunity to force it down our throats. Or be fair and give every show a little description. I bet you would realize how stupid it looks if you did that.

  11. GuessWhat says:

    Cancel it — it’s toast

  12. LucyWeiss says:

    Putting a kids show on a school night at 10pm is silly. But same day ratings as gospel in 2017 is silly as well. Vod, DVR, Hulu watches will pump up Sheild by the end of the weekend

    • nabocane says:

      So true, Lucy. Can’t fathom that networks still using 1950s tech to measure fate-determining, important measure as ratings in 2017. Roddenberry rolling in his grave.

  13. Joey Padron says:

    Sad Agents of Shield got poor ratings for new episode which was a really good episode, hope DVR numbers will add a bunch to ratings. Glad The Mick is doing well in the ratings.

  14. Kevin says:

    Agents of SHIELD isn’t out of the woods yet depending on the series’ fate and there’s a reason why the 10 pm Tuesday night time slot for ABC is becoming like a graveyard.

  15. nabocane says:

    Crappy/weak storylines (Ghostrider? Seriously? And those rifts in the team, plus the personnel cuts) + 10PM time slot = maybe no 5th season?

  16. kmw says:

    Too bad for Bones. It is unbelievable that last nights episode wasn’t promoted. it was funny and had loads of Booth and Brennan. The vasectomy story was funny and at the end Brennan left the door open to the unexpected something she usually doesn’t do. The case and all the actors were great and a lovely call back to an earlier episode that was meaningful for Brennan and Sweets. Really a shame the ratings are way down the quality is better than ever. no surprise any where else last night

  17. diane says:

    I stopped watching Shield. It bored me after the first two episodes of this season. I will watch the series finale, whenever that is.

  18. marcus starkey says:

    A.O.S is on just to late to stay up and watch ,that’s what killing it

  19. ALM says:

    I have stuck with AOS since the beginning, but I am losing any interest in this show more and more quickly. So much potential in the beginning has been wasted. First was the character of Grant Ward. Making him a villain was a great surprise, but keeping him around after that was terrible. It reminded me of Heroes keeping Sylar around. Very dumb! Also, I never understand why show creators want a team on a show that is constantly being separated. That is not a team. This also never works. Add to that putting this show in a superhero world and ignoring them for so long. The Inhumans have dragged it down as have many of the chosen storylines. The comics are rich with interesting characters and stories for this group. Bobbi Morse was finally brought in, largely wasted and then considered for a spin-off and written out? Dumbest move ever. This is a character that has a great arc in the comics, which was totally wasted. But to begin with, it was probably a mistake to create a series about AOS when you are going to dismantle that group in an upcoming movie (even if the movie was fantastic). I hate to say it, but I don’t think even the Avengers could save this sinking airship.

  20. Serviver says:

    I sadly agree that it may be time for AoS to end. No matter what they do, viewership drops again and again. Short of an appearance by one of the Avengers, I doubt things will improve. However, I hope it gets a proper send off if it is ending

    Do you think there’s a chance Netflix could pick it up should ABC cancel it?

  21. Emmy says:

    They should have never made Ward a bad guy on Shield.

  22. kirads09 says:

    I love Coulson and the core team – always will. But I so strongly feel that they have too much emphasis on Skye/Daisy/Quake. Not near enough on other things surrounding Shields missions and purpose. I was ok with the season of her finding her mom, reconnecting with Dad (how amazing was Kyle!) and I thought – ok – she’s found some answers & closure so the series will move on from DAISY always being the main story, which obviously didn’t happen. They went full blown with the inhumans. And I lost interest after that, despite feeling the series may still have something to offer. I just feel Coulson and the rest have spent far too much time and resources chasing after her, when she has run away to find herself or whatever, time and time again, Shield saving her behind many times over, only to have her abandon them like a spoiled ungrateful child. Sorry this comes across so negative and rant-like. But I do have strong feelings about this.

    • NoName says:

      I agree.
      I like Coulson, May, Fitz and Simmons. I watched Agents of SHIELD because it was a show revolving around heroes without superpowers and dropped the show because of Inhumans.
      I watched season 4 ep. 10 and liked it, because it focused more on the Agents and less on superpowered heroes. If Agents of SHIELD finally focuses on the non-superpowered Agents instead of Inhumans and superpowered heroes, I will watch it.

  23. Ella says:

    Just put SHIELD out of its misery. No Lincoln, no Bobby, no Hunter. Snore.

  24. Zep says:

    Really glad AOS is doing so bad. Started as an amazing show, I fell in love with all the characters. Then it became dark, and toxic and immoral, the characters becoming strangers to me, so twisted they didn’t even seem the same.
    They made die or disappear Trip, Bobbi, Hunter, Lincoln, Ward… slaughtering a dead man! It was frankly horrible to see!
    They transformed everybody in blood cold killers.
    Where is Skye, that sensitive girl of the first series? She killed a kid without changing her heartbeat and being complimented about that. She said to a suicide he should have tried harder to kill himself.
    And where is Simmons, so caring and gentle?
    And Fitz? Have you seen Fitz in the fight? Pathetic!
    Now it is all wrapped in darkness.
    Nobody smiles anymore.
    There isn’t anymore fun, nor affection…
    Where are the guest stars of the calibre of Bill Paxton or Powers Bothe?
    Ghost Rider only lasted 8 episodes.
    How are they supposing that one can get attached to a show where every hope is disappointed and every character is transformed in a dark version of himself?
    Hoping it will be cancelled soon.

  25. Cynthia says:

    So bummed about AoS having such a low viewership. I absolutely have loved watching this show.

  26. MarvelFan says:

    they should show less the president similar to Trump, Patriots and go back to their roots from season 1 and use what they got right.

    • NoName says:

      I like season 1 because no superpowered main characters, no Inhumans and Agents of SHIELD dealing with various threats and enemies. :-)
      I think the showrunners don’t want to go back to the roots from season 1. It seems to me, they prefer Agents of SHIELD as show revolving around Inhumans and superpowered heroes.

  27. MarvelFan says:

    if they would have used Ghost Rider shorter and in time through some seasons mixed with Aida, hope for comback.
    They were very political in season 1, but in the agency, maybe less religious.
    People like to watch series when they can and not very late at night.