Timeless Spoilers Lucy/Wyatt

Timeless Boss Talks Lucy and Wyatt's Sexual Tension, Possible Hookup

After a steamy smooch, it seems only fair to ask: Have Timeless‘ Lucy and Wyatt crossed over into something beyond just friends?

“Short answer: no,” executive producer Eric Kripke tells TVLine. “Long answer is, there’s some kind of sexual tension there. I think that first kiss [in last month’s Bonnie and Clyde episode] kind of awoke something that was subconscious before that in both of them.”

Despite that awakening, Lucy and Wyatt won’t be partaking in more make-outs when the show returns on Monday (NBC, 10/9c). “I don’t think they’re going to be hooking up any time soon,” the EP says. “It’s just another color in their relationship.”

For now, the NBC drama is more interested in a threesome of sorts: the kinship between time-travelers-in-arms Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus.

“The thing we’re most focused on in the short term is this idea that these three characters have really become a family,” Kripke shares, “and that they’ll really fight for each other and protect each other, as much as they might drive each other nuts, and that the bonds between them are growing very strong.”

Should Lucy and Wyatt get romantic, or just stay friends? Give us your take on the time-travelers in the comments.

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  1. I feel there are so many other things for Lucy and Wyatt to deal with first (his dead wife, her fiance situation, her missing sister, etc). I would like them to get together eventually but am OK with things going slowly.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I agree 100%. While they have amazing chemistry and I like the idea of a romantic relationship in the future, they have too much individually to resolve first. I love a good slow burn.

    • Patrick says:

      If the show goes for a long time, they’ll get together, only to come back from a mission and discover that Wyatt’s wife is alive. Then they’ll delve into how that relationship was ultimately flawed. Basically, that because of her death, Wyatt remembers the relationship as better than it truly was. This is the problem with getting invested in ships on a Time travel show. Everything can be done or undone so quickly, that the stakes are very low.

  2. Kevin says:

    Really hope Lucy should dumped Noah (hated the character so much) and move on with Wyatt (still searching for his wife’s killer).

  3. ndixit says:

    Its too soon to start going into hookup scenarios. Wyatt needs to be able to deal with his wife’s death before any such thing happens and Lucy needs to deal with the Noah situation and figure out a way to deal with her sister’s situation.

  4. Lily says:

    It’s too soon to talk about hookup anyway (even tho I ship them). Wyatt is still grieving his wife. And I’m glad the show will focus on the trio because it’s my favorite part of the show.

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  6. Diya says:

    It’s too soon. Lot of things in their personal lives to deal with first. I liked watching the show, but now I’m doubtful IF it will be renewed. So what’s the point, watched LIMITLESS last year and it was cancelled. Don’t wanna repeat. Will wait to see if its renewed and then catch up with rest of the episodes.

  7. Ninamags says:

    It’s too soon to envision any kind of romance between the 2.

    I personally don’t think they have any sort of romantic chemistry. It’s good to see all three coming together like a family.

    Kripke is very good with family dynamics, not so much with romance. Stick to the time-travel, team aspects.

  8. Jason says:

    Clearly something will develop between them eventually, but the show needs to be willing to let that simmer for a while. The writers need to have faith that a long game is better for the show and not jump the gun. Personally, I’m more interested in seeing the team grow a bit. Expanding the scope of things may add some needed depth to the mythology. Timeless is already running the risk of becoming formulaic. It wouldn’t hurt them to have missions cover more than one episode from time to time.

  9. Dominique says:

    i’m glad to read this. there are so many shows immediately jumping to put two characters together even thought there’s still so much story to tell. i like how things are right now. romance can come at a later time.

  10. Andrew says:

    Considering what happened to Moonlighting and Northern Exposure when the characters acted on longstanding serial tension, no Lucy and Wyatt should not get together.

  11. Andrew says:

    Considering what happened to Moonlighting and Northern Exposure when the characters acted on longstanding sexual tension, no Lucy and Wyatt should not get together.

    (Autocorrect edited my first post)

  12. Maria Foss says:

    Of course they should EVENTUALLY become a couple. But not too soon. Television mostly sucks writing for couples, and even when it doesn’t it coupledom can threaten to replace interesting character development for individuals. So yes… but not yet.

  13. Jamie says:

    I continue to enjoy this show week after week, to my surprise. I love the chemistry between the main 3 character but I hope they hold office hold off on lucy and wyatt getting together too soon. I HOPe this show is renewed as it has a lot of potential and is really fun without being too cheesy

  14. Holly says:

    I don’t see them as a couple at all, I know they’re not that far apart in age but Wyatt seems so much younger than her. I always got a brother/sister vibe from them.

  15. Aggiereader says:

    Ack. Ick. I feel more like they are brother and sister. I cringed most of the Bonnie and Clyde episode. Just leave them alone.

    • ndixit says:

      Why???? They are literally nothing like brother and sister right from the beginning. Even if you don’t see romantic chemistry, they are much closer to being platonic friends than being brother and sister

  16. Asia says:

    I think Lucy and Wyatt have a lot of potential. I love their chemistry and I started warming up to the idea of a possible pairing between the two in episode 4. But Wyatt is still mourning Jessica. There’s a part of him that believes he can save her. So until he’s ready to let her go a relationship with Lucy isn’t going to work. I’m on board for a slow burn romance with them. Just get renewed Timeless.

  17. Lisa Levin says:

    I just hope the show is renewed for season 2. It is very entertaining, and I think the actors, even the “villains,” have a lot of charisma. I like shows like this where there’s an umbrella, or main, plot (Like capturing the guy who stole the ship and wants to bring down Rittenhouse) and yet moves along each week with smaller tales (time travel through history). As the audience, we don’t get bored, yet we have a real chance to see character development with the main characters. The only time it’s tough is when they have such interesting minor characters (like on the Ian Flemming episode) that you want to see more of the guest stars!

  18. tvdiva says:

    I think Lucy and Wyatt (as well as Rufus) have too much to deal with to fool add a relationship to the mix. I would think surviving each trip is more than enough to deal with.

  19. Sarah says:

    I appreciate Eric Kripke’s honesty here, as most creators lie and hide the fact that they have no plans to move romantic relationships forward in the near future.This article is interesting, as I think they have already clearly established the relationships between the main three characters. They are solidly a family unit of sorts, and I don’t think they need to rehash that again. I have to say, while I appreciate the concept of the show, relationships are what drive my commitment to a show. So, I may tap out of this show and see if it gets another season, while checking in to see if relationships develop. If you look back at the episodes that ones that really pop had big relationship/character movement. I wouldn’t be against a Lucy and Flynn relationship if he grows as a character. The actors do have spectacular chemistry. However, I think Lucy and Wyatt are terrific together, as well. I hope there is some movement before year end.

  20. Ashley says:

    I vote sooner rather than later!

  21. Yes….. I think that Lucy and Wyatt should get together….. they are very cute and sweet couple! :)

  22. Maggie McGlaughlin says:

    I am a BIG fan of supernatural and I when I saw Erik was helping the show I was excited but I really really ship Wyatt and Lucy like my ship has sailed and is somewhere in the Pacific Ocean just floating around hoping not to run into any icebergs but this post is really freaking out the captain but I am okay with waiting as long as it happens at some point * wink wink