Chuck Lorre Jullian Assange

Chuck Lorre to Julian Assange: Bring Us Trump's Tax Returns and 'Freaky-Deaky-Golden-Leaky' Videos

If viewers of Thursday’s Mom stuck around long enough to read Chuck Lorre’s latest vanity card, they’ll know exactly where the prolific producer stands on Donald Trump.

Penning an open letter to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Lorre asked the notorious hacker to set his sights on taking down the president-elect.

“Belated congrats on your whole Mr. Robot thing,” Lorre began. “You promised to use the Internet to expose and bring down all the corrupt bastards ruining our world, and boy did you almost follow through. Julie baby! Boychick! The job’s only half-way done!”

What followed was Lorre’s plea for Assange to “step up,” and to show the world that he’s not just “another gun for hire” by leaking incriminating information on Trump.

“You need to show us you’re not just another gun for hire and hose down the other mosh pit. You know what I’m talking about,” Lorre wrote, before detailing some of the many things he believes Assange could gain access to. “The tax returns, the outtakes, maybe even some freaky-deaky-golden-leaky beauty pageant video action. Time to step up, J-man. If you wanna be a cyber Fidel, or a digital Che, or a virtual Ho, you’ve gotta stop stuffing your face with arroz con pollo and get to work. It’s time to go all Talking Heads on this situation.”

In closing, Lorre told Assange he was “one wikiwacky-leak away from being a hero. Or maybe a martyr. Ecuadorean potato soup, Ecuadorian puhtahto soup, they’re usually the same thing.”

Lorre signed off with the cheeky salutation “Hugs to Vlad, Chuck,” before complimenting (?) the hacktivist on his unique style.



What did you think of Chuck Lorre’s open letter to Julian Assange? Is the TV producer in any position to request that the Wikileaks founder pursue Trump?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. JJ says:

    I agree 100%. If AssAnge wants to prove he’s more than a servant of the Putin/Trump regime, he needs to release one of these smoking guns that are known to exist.

    • Haz says:

      Lord you people are delusional.

      • Yes indeed they are. Marxism tends to drive one mad….

        • Angela says:

          …where on earth are you getting Marxism out of this?
          Also, considering Trump supporters are supporting a man who’s got ties to Russian hackers and who throws tantrums on Twitter or acts like a baby at a press conference, and has been known to treat women like crap and insult various groups of people, to name but a few of the many, many things wrong with him, their calling other people “delusional” is kind of hilarious.

          • Eic says:

            You’re right…it’s not Marxism, it’s completely unhinged McCarthyism. We need look no further than your very first comment about Russian boogeymen to illustrate the “delusional” aspect.

          • Angela says:

            @Eric: You….really need to go back and look at a history book again if you honestly think calling Trump out for his Russian ties is in any way comparable to McCarthyism.

          • Angela says:

            *Elc, that should say, sorry.

        • A fan of TV says:

          Because Stalin was a magistrate? He wasn’t. He was certainly mad, though. Castro was never driven mad, not was che, nor was Marx himself. Got something to say to the left with some teeth in it, or are you content simply making the right look petty and uneducated?

      • A fan of TV says:

        You can tell yourself that until the truth comes out. Truth always comes out. Delusional is having no problems at all with the Trump scandals and corruption we are already well aware of, let alone the new scandals that pop up every day, but we’re all entitled to our opinions.

  2. Another freaking multimillionaire has lost his mind…and ruined another television show for me.

    Suddenly free 7pm Thursday nights, what will I do?

    Goodbye, Bang Gang. Thanks for the laughs, thanks for making geeks cool.

    Chuckle-boy…got nothing for you….

    • Dave says:

      Lol. Too funny.

    • peterwdawson says:

      Really? That’s what it took? Not the loss of depth in the writing in favor of weaker jokes that ignored the progression characters have made, the increased constant level of characters being told they’re in the wrong for no clear reason, and flat out insulting conclusions to episodes? But heaven forbid a writer ask a guy who specializes in leaking to leak stuff?

    • Mary says:

      Here is a thought how about read a book. A history book might give you some insight on what this Country is all about.

    • Vegasbabyx says:

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out…So, in summation, don’t turn around upon exit.

  3. James R. says:

    I’m sorry but did he just ask a known felon to hack the president of the United states? Say Hi to the Secret Service, FBI, AND NSA for me Chuck.

  4. Matt says:

    Love it. I mean, it’s only fair.

  5. Its getting harder to find shows to watch. This is America we have a winner, please stick to comedy you suck at giving your political opinions.

    • A fan of TV says:

      You have a giant wealthy loser who won a crooked contest. And you also have a country that prides itself too much on unfettered freedom of speech, so the combination means the divide in America will not be healing under president DJT and his imaginary movement. Just a fact. The right did not give Obama any room for eight years (especially Trump himself, the loudest voice against the president) so I’m not sure what’s so different this time that Trump should be left alone. Nothing is different, actually.

  6. Please let’s get #BoycottCBS trending wait until it comes on Netflix or bootleg the shows.

    • Marco Piazzo says:

      Yeah you should, just so CBS can make mad money like the other targets of Trump supporters’ pathetic boycotts. Just don’t come crying when you realize your precious Oompa Loompa, tiny handed POS has no intention of keeping any promise he’s made you.

      • Chris says:

        He’s already made that ubundelty clear on his biggest promise by asking congress to pay for the wall he said Mexico would pay for. Such a lieing hypocrite pos. Truly praying he breaks Harrison’s record for shortest term.

    • Steven says:

      Now who’s the “Snowflake” that needs a “safe space” against free speech. Hypocrites.

    • Queen of the Run-on Sentence says:

      Sure, start a movement to boycott the number 1 network in the U.S. That’ll be about as successful as the #BoycottHamilton movement (BTW I was hoping that one had been successful, it’s the only way I’m going to get tickets!).

  7. Scott says:

    Hey Lorre you a sad liberal idiot like the the rest of Hollywood now go away and quite crying

    • Marco Piazzo says:

      Go back to school since you don’t know how to write AND you were stupid enough to vote for a dime-store Berlusconi.

  8. Coop says:

    The amount of people on both sides now defending and/or kissing up to Assange when it suits their purposes is absolutely insane. He belongs in a hole. He’s endangered countless American lives. Terrorist.

    • Mary says:

      Seriously, yes Assange is everything you say but I took this as a mockery toward Trump for what he said during the election. Beside he is buddy buddy with Russia to chance it.

      • Chris says:

        Assange exposed the many lies of our government he is a patriot. The constitution gives citizens the right to speak up when there government is spying on them.

        • Mary says:

          Yup sure a rapist who hides in another Country. Who doesn’t have the backbone to stand up for his convictions and runs like a coward. Not my definition of Patriot.

        • Coop says:

          What? Julian Assange isn’t a citizen, so he has no rights in that regard. He’s endangered tons of lives across the globe. Once again, he’s a terrorist.

  9. Loathe Democrats says:

    Why is it that only the Hollywood elites care about Trumps taxes. They just want to see how much he makes. Nobody else in America cares…he won the election!!!

    • DL says:

      More than 60% of America wants to see those returns. That includes his own voters. Don’t you understand, this isn’t about partisanship? If he’s concealing foreign debts and business ties, that’s an issue of national security. For everyone.

    • Chris says:

      I’m not a Hollywood elite and I want to see his tax returns and know many other people who do. People who arent ignorant want to see proof of his many lies.

    • Mary says:

      Your statement proves you have no comprehension on what exactly a tax return tells you. Nobody cares on how much money he made, but just to educate you, tax returns will show his foreign interest and tell if he has been lying about doing business where. You know when his sons say yes we do business in Russia, and then Trump claims no we don’t any sane educated individual would question it. It will also show just how generous he truly is in donating. Just to let you in on a Fact not only Hollywood elites want to see them. You know the way Trump and many of you wanted to see Obama birth certificate. Seriously hypocrisy at its finest.

    • Angela says:

      Uhhhhhhh, I care! He spent years demanding Obama’s birth certificate and his supporters seemed to have no problem with that. Why, when it comes to tax returns, which EVERY other candidate released, is he suddenly exempt from having to show anything?
      Also, the guy had to rely on hackers to help him win the election, and Hillary won the popular vote, sooooo…. But hey, facts, who cares about those, right?

  10. matraupach says:

    Funny what misconceptions exist about Assange.

    1. He is no hacker!
    – He can’t get any specific document or information himself no matter how much he wants to!

    2. Wikileaks is a platform for Whistleblower! They release every single document they get after they checked if it is real. They don’t sit on information, they release everything they have! But the get these documents from outside sources that are usually insiders or credible hackers. (Wikileaks even flags what kind of source they have on each document!)

    3. Assange is not a leader of any kind of revolution. He is not even on any specific side of the political spectrum! He is on the side of the truth! If there is information that is kept secret and the public should know about it: Wikileaks releases it. They don’t care if it is from republicans or democrats… if they do shady stuff and Wikileaks get proof of that: They release it!

    4. Assange is no hero.. but he not a criminal either! He is not convicted of any crime right now!
    There are investigations.. but no ruling from a judge!

    • A fan of TV says:

      A decision from a judge would require him to answer for charges, for one thing, and when you go into hiding under amnesty that makes it more difficult.
      I’m not saying he’s guilty of assault or anything else, either, I’m pointing out he made it impossible for a judge to make a ruling.
      On the rest, I have no quibbles, you’re pretty much correct. However, Wikileaks absolutely has an agenda (likely not a right/left agenda), and absolutely is NOT exempt from influence by power and money. Any presumption to the contrary is a joke.

  11. Darsan54 says:

    Totally agree.

  12. Anh Hue Vo says:

    The moron left can’t accept the fact that Obama has destroyed the democrat party, crooked Hillary not only lost the election but she was humiliated to the point she walked around like a dead fish on the ground, Chuck Lorre needs to grow up so his children can somehow to be proud that at least they have a decent parents like someone else.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Ha! I’d ask your guideline for he determination he destroyed the Democratic party, but I know someone who has never supported them Dems trained you to think this in order to legitimize their preferred alternative – the GOP. So very well-thought of you ;)

  13. Lyle Gentry says:

    Another snowflake that’s still upset because his queen lost. Get over it.

  14. Anh Hue Vo says:

    Chuck Lorre can’t accept the fact that Obama had destroyed the democrat party, and crooked Hillary not only lost the election but also humiliated to the point she walked around like a dead fish on the ground. Chuck Lorre needs to grow up so his children somehow can be proud that
    at least they have a decent parent like someone else.

    • Chris says:

      If I was chick lorres kids I would be very proud of what he said. He’s is a person of power who can influence people with his show. He should speak up. Eclipse he has a platform to do it. It’s not like this is the first time he has gotten political in the vanity cards.

  15. A fan of TV says:

    Chuck lorre seems like an absolute ahole, but I kinda like him anyway ;)

  16. meg says:

    Bravo Lorre!! It’s about time someone challenges Assange! It’s so obvious the scope of his ‘journalism’ and ‘integrity’ is to offer money for hackers to commit crimes by stealing information to help Assange continue his vendetta against Clinton & Obama.

  17. LADY_in_MD says:

    Can the cast of Mom get performers of the week? What a great episode last night !!

  18. David says:

    If the Donald can say and anything he wants, then so should anyone else . The more the sh*t hits the fan the better !

  19. HesterP says:

    This “man” is delusional. He’s gone off the deep end!

  20. Nancy says:

    I thought it was a great joke. Lorre thinks the “evidence” actually exists! What a doofus, MSM has been desperately looking into those allegations for months and found nothing — because there is nothing to find.