Teen Wolf Recap

Teen Wolf Recap: Room With a Clue

We already knew that the Ghost Riders were large, evil and terrifying — but delicious? That’s definitely new information.

With Theo’s reluctant assistance, Scott and his pack successfully captured a Rider on Tuesday’s Teen Wolf, only to have their efforts thwarted by an unlikely new threat: Mr. Douglas! With only Theo standing guard outside the Rider’s cage, it was no sweat for Mr. Douglas — or whatever that handsome bastard’s real name is — to push him aside, murk the Rider and nom on its brains.

And for an after-dinner treat, Mr. Douglas tracked down Corey in the forest, where he cracked the (literal) whip and sent Mason’s boyfriend off to… wherever the heck that train station is. (For Corey’s sake, I hope Mason wasn’t just being cute when he said that his super power is always being able to find him.)

Meanwhile, Lydia made some major progress in getting Sheriff Stilinski to remember his son. Though Claudia was quick to dismiss her husband’s theory about the mysterious room hidden behind the wallpaper, Lydia helped him see the truth. Heck, she even helped him smell the truth when one of Stiles’ old lacrosse jerseys appeared in his bedroom. (That whole scene felt like a dark, gritty commercial for Snuggles fabric softener, and I was here for it.)

And then there’s Peter, who — thanks to the efforts of Malia and Melissa — is now fully healed. And it’s a good thing, too, because this really wasn’t his best look:

Teen Wolf Peter

Your thoughts on this week’s Teen Wolf? Any new theories about Mr. Douglas fits into all of this? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. Danny123 says:

    One of the best episode this season. So far I have only enjoyed episode 1, 5, and this one. Hope the remaining episodes are like this one

  2. Ditzy-D says:

    I just love Peter.

  3. Ian says:

    I wish TvLine was covering Sweet/Vicious on MTV. Amazing show.

  4. luvprue1 says:

    I love the scene between Lydia and sheriff Stilinski. Did anyone feel sorry for Theo when everyone kept saying send him back? Does Claudia know that she’s a ghost?

    • m.s. says:

      me too and definitely!
      i’ve always loved to hate both peter and theo and that bit in the beginning about theo’s hell made his offers to help seem pretty genuine. though that’s always the way with villains at the start i guess.. ;)
      i do think claudia knows her existence is dependent on the sheriff’s continued belief in her. i just wonder how someone not supernatural (like the sheriff) is able to make lots of other people “group hallucinate” a person (like claudia)…
      unless the ghost riders are helping her manifest herself in order to dissuade others from looking for stiles.. what do you think?

  5. Sarah says:

    Great episode! I hate waiting for the next one :-( Well we now know that Dr Douglas knows the Ghost Riders, so there’s history there between them. And that the Dread Doctors, Nazi Werewolf and Wild Hunt tie in together. And we also know the Ghost Riders can be killed and there not ghosts or immortal beings etc. In reading about the Wild Hunt mythology there’s a leader of the Ghost Riders, I wonder who this will be on TW? The leader goes by many names depending the countries myths but particularly Woden or even a woman Holda. I cant wait to see more, this was a great episode! Also I think Peter will end up being the big baddie in final episodes, I love Peter and Ian Bohen, I am just waiting for him to show his dark side again because he has always been bag to the bone! Bring on the next episode!!!!!

    • Sarah says:

      * Mr Douglas
      * Bad to the bone

    • Gerald says:

      Disagree about Peter. He is on a redemptive story along with Theo. There are not enough episodes to have another bad this season. Peter is not so bad any more as he is about self preservation. Although he did tell Malia to run to keep her safe.
      I wonder if Mr. Douglas using the whip has the same memory erasing powers that the Ghost Riders have, or if he just sends them to the train station.
      Good episode.

  6. I enjoyed this episode but it wasn’t my favorite due to the greater focus on the younger teens. While I don’t dislike their characters, I’m not as emotionally invested in them. I particularly liked Malia’s scenes with Peter and Lydia’s scenes with the Sheriff.

  7. Dominique says:

    i very much enjoyed this episode, great balance between all the characters. i like liam the most when he’s off being a werewolf along with scott, instead of always smooching with hayden.
    the scene where stilinski catches stiles’ jersey was beautiful!
    i’m glad to see this part of peter break through. no matter how bad he may be, he’s got a soft spot for his family, even if he hates it himself.
    i hope corey’s going to be okay!

  8. Winter says:

    How many time has Peter been almost burned to death now? 3? I do find it funny that they just keep burning him. He is a fun character too. I enjoyed his little quip to Melissa about their date.

    Really enjoyed Lydia and Sheriff Stilinski’s scene. So glad he is finally starting to remember Stiles. I think the most heartbreaking part of the premiere was when the sheriff didn’t remember his son.

  9. Starlife says:

    How come am not seeing derek in this series again, i cant seem to sit still if he is not in a season, what happened to him