Being Mary Jane Recap

Being Mary Jane Season 4 Premiere: Grade MJ's Big Move to New York

New city, new job, same ol’ drama for Being Mary Jane‘s titular boss lady.

The BET hit returned for its fourth season Tuesday, picking up one year after Niecy’s tasing made national headlines. In fact, that very incident is what spurred Mary Jane’s relocation to New York City; her show apparently took a much harder look at police brutality after that, ruffling more than a few feathers at the network and leading to her less-than-amicable departure.

But it wasn’t long before MJ discovered that her new gig as a correspondent for the national morning show Great Day USA came with a few nasty strings of its own — including a sexist boss (Revenge‘s Ashton Holmes) who plotted to pit her against the show’s current co-anchor in an attempt to boost ratings.

As for her extracurricular affairs, MJ attempted to take charge of her love life by hiring an expensive matchmaker, but even that relationship came to a premature end when MJ was told, “You’ve got more work to do on yourself.” (Thanks, lady. Next time, tell us something we don’t know!)

For now, I guess MJ will have to settle for Lee, a charming comedian she met during an impulsive night on the town. What began as a one-night stand — which was supposed to be MJ’s bon voyage to casual sex — is quickly evolving into, at the very least, a flirtationship. (It’s a thing, look it up.)

In the episode’s final moments, with Kara attempting to offer words of encouragement, MJ looked out at the New York City skyline and told herself, “It sounds like I’m going to be in for a crazy ride.” Ladies and gentlemen, behold the understatement of the century.

Your thoughts on Being Mary Jane‘s new direction? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Suso says:

    I’ll follow Gabrielle Union anywhere, and Ashton Holmes is so hot (though the role isn’t exactly attractive)… but not so sure that this is gelling like they want it to. I don’t think they’ll lose a lot of viewers, at least not right away. Here’s hoping it gets better soon.

  2. Patrick says:

    BEING MARY JANE IS FINALLY BACK! Gosh, I love this show and THANK YOU, Andy, for covering it!

  3. Nicole Vaughn says:

    At 39, MJ needs to seek counseling. Too often she comes across as desperate or bipolar. Both her personal and professional relationships are too messy. How will Paulette Patterson handle being so far away from her family? We see how MJ copes with change but Paulette enjoys enabling her family by acting as an ATM and adviser. MJ should explore her ‘issues’ in therapy. The matchmaker said a mouthful and literally stopped MJ in her tracks. No more one night stands because to ask a stranger to tell you that he loves you is a serious cry for help. Also, what is Kara doing? Did she leave her family it ATL, too? Is the theme, ‘Money is more important than family?’ I see many similarities between Kara & MJ and am concerned that if their quest for career/money/power is a desperate attempt to mask their inability to maintain quality personal relationships. MJ has had two friends commit suicide and her words/actions did impact their actions. Words are powerful. Actions speak louder than words. I will continue to watch but am questioning, is the road to success paved with carnage and pain? I love BMJ and watched last weekend’s marathon and really began to question why MJ must have so many men in her bed? If Pauletta wanted a family then why did MJ decided to have an abortion? MJ needs to be challenged like CeCe (Loretta Devine) challenged her on her mess. I am seeing MJ v Pauletta as the protagonist and antagonist. Perhaps NYC is the perfect change of environment where one will prevail.

    • Tim says:

      The first season MJ was a serious career girl with bad luck in men. Her character has morphed in to this bitter desperate woman who’s basically a sex addict. It’s not pretty.

  4. liame says:

    Not digging the what began as a “one night stand” guy. The lack of chemistry is evident.

  5. Tyanna says:

    Its so good to see Gabrielle Union back on my tv. I miss this show. I must admit,I dint like the new york idea first, but it has grown on me. Think a new element- New characters, challenges and men- will be great for MJ and the show

  6. Chanel says:

    I love the show but they made her look like a desperate nut job. In previous seasons she has had certain issues but being desperate wasn’t one of them. Meeting a weird looking man and bringing him back to the hotel is not in my opinion something that MJ would have done. Secret sex with strangers no names THATS DUMB and unrealistic…….MJ and this new dude doesn’t mesh well to me and Niecy better not let her child dad use her for that money, I really hope she catches on and kick him to the curb.

  7. Hera says:

    I am feeling the 1st episode of season 4 of BMJ but can I be honest here? I was almost startled when I saw the dude that she took home with her. When I saw him I was legitimately startled by how unattractive he was! I was wondering,”Who in the hell did the casting for this dude?” I mean, he looks like he has a horse face! Much like most sistas, I love me some dark chocolate but what the hell? There had to be better options! You mean to tell me that casting couldn’t find another Michael Colter laying around somewhere? I almost feel as though they picked this guy as some sort of “Gotcha bytch” revenge to get back at Gabrielle suing them! Like,”Ok so you want a longer season? Well you’ll get it – but it will be in bed with this nightmare!” Lawd! I’m just hoping that he is in and out in more ways than one!

  8. sandra says:

    there are whores everywhere, male and female. she is just one of them.

  9. Tywander Bush says:

    I love the show whether it’s in New York or in Atlanta the negative comments from people who obviously don’t realize that in life everybody that you meet is not going to be Denzel and chemistry has to evolve and that’s true in real life get with the program

  10. Melissa says:

    The new season is a bit boring. The chemistry between the new guy and Mary Jane is not there, I think if she does not want to kiss the guy just do more scenes with hugging and cuddling. I will keep watching to see if the season gets better. Bring Michael Ealy was great move. Maybe he should have a love interest.