Sleepy Hollow Recap Season 5 Premiere Columbia

Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Premiere Recap: Witness Relocation

Keep calm and Witness on.

That’s the gist of Sleepy Hollow‘s Season 4 premiere, the first time we see Ichabod Crane fight the apocalypse without his biblically foretold partner, Abbie Mills. In the wake of Abbie’s unexpected death at the end of last season, Crane is in a strange place (Washington, D.C.) with a team of strangers (including cast addition Janina Gavankar) and a lethal enemy — although he doesn’t know about that last part yet.

Read on as we explore the highlights of Ichabod’s new life in “Columbia.”

FREE ICHABOD! | The hour opens with Ichabod being interrogated by a shady guy in a dark room; as Crane answers, he gives a succinct recap of the show so far. When the subject of Abbie comes up, it gives Ich pause: He tells the man that he and the “leftenant” joined together to fight evil. ” Demons, horsemen of the apocalypse, the ongoing success of shows about real housewives,” he says when asked to specify. “You know, evil.” (Heh.)

From their conversation, we glean that Ichabod has been held against his will for two weeks, but he has very little idea of his captors’ identity or agenda. That changes when he distracts his questioner long enough to knock him out and run; on the way out, Ichabod stops by a room full of series episodic surveillance photos of him and Abbie, books about evil beasties and drawings of national monuments. “Who are these people?” he wonders aloud, but then continues his escape.

When he finally exits the warren of tunnels, he surfaces into a foggy day. There’s a nice visual callback to the pilot as he runs up to a road but then takes a moment before stepping onto it — once nearly killed by a truck, twice shy, I suppose. But then Ichabod falls to the ground as a plane takes off very close to where he’s standing, which turns out to be an active runway at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C.

HEADS UP! | In a seemingly unconnected café, a woman bemoans a recent date to a man: The woman is Homeland Security agent Diana Thomas, and she’s chatting with her partner/friend, Eric. Key takeaways: Diana doesn’t like change, and she’s got a daughter named Molly. The partners’ coffee break is interrupted by a call, which summons them to the Lincoln Memorial, because someone has made off with old Abe’s head.

While Eric runs off to check out another area, Diana notices a small, glowing, green rift on the side of the statue. But as she stares, it shrinks and disappears. By the time she catches up to Eric, it’s too late: A scary-looking monster with stringy hair and ye olde garb has killed him.

Diana and Ichabod arrive on the scene at nearly the same time. In the confusion over Eric’s death and who the heck Ichabod is, the monster gets away. Crane introduces himself to a freaked-out, gun-wielding Diana as a “historical advisor” who has helped other law-enforcement agencies, but she’s in too much of a WHAT? DEMON WHAT? WHAT? mindset to be much help. While she’s distracted by another glowing green hole, Ichabod takes off.

Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Premiere RecapARCHIVES OF OUR OWN | When Diana eventually gets herself together again, she tracks Ichabod to the place where he was held captive… and finds him there again, having lost the demon’s trail and wondering where all the men who held him against his will have gone. They quickly establish that each is not a threat to the other, they’ve both lost someone important to them and that Diana is a pretty skilled investigator… and then Diana gets a call: The demon has killed again.

At that second crime scene, she mentions that there’s a federal office called Agency 355 that might be able to help; it’s a repository of reports of unexplained phenomenon. (And somewhere, Fox Mulder is tossing sharpened pencils at the ceiling and muttering, “If they say ‘Nobody here but the FBI’s most unwanted, I’m calling my lawyers.”)

The agency is casually known as “The Vault,” and when Ichabod and Diana arrive there, they find that it’s a gorgeous library full of crazy stuff, staffed by two youngun’s: Jake, who handles “news and information” and is jazzed to meet the “Captain Brownbeard” he’s seen in various reports from Sleepy Hollow, and Alex, who’s in charge of “artifacts and machines” and (as she repeatedly reminds us) is more of a skeptic.

JENNY FTW! | With The Vault’s resources at their disposal, and access to (of course!) some sub-D.C. tunnels, Ichabod and Diana quickly realize that the demon is none other than John Wilkes Booth, who summoned the supernatural in order to successfully kill Lincoln in 1865. What’s more, copper is the monster’s weakness, and the American flag is its trigger. (Side note: It’s a stupid little thing, but Tom Mison’s pronunciation of “Superman” during the kryptonite conversation made me laugh out loud.)

So Alex makes a ton of copper bullets, and Ichabod and Diana head for a patriotic festival, where Ichabod lures Booth away from the public by unfurling a flag and singing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” loudly, if not exactly on key. But they lose the monster once they’re in the warehouse where Jake and Alex wait; when it grabs Jake, the only thing that saves them all is that Jenny happens to arrive in the nick of time, and she has zero learning curve when it comes to firing a gun that shoots sharpened old pennies. Booth becomes copper-plated toast.

“Allow me to introduce Miss Jenny Mills: soldier, scholar, gentlewoman and all around badass,” Crane says after things have died down a bit, and Mison and Lyndie Greenwood pack a lot of stuff into a brief hug between the two remaining members of Team WTF. Later, Jenny reports on her trip to the Himalayas (yak cheese: good, info on finding another Witness: bad), then they lament that Abbie is really and truly gone. And when Crane and Diana meet up at the Jefferson Memorial, he gives her an out, saying that she needn’t join the fight to come, because she’s got her daughter’s welfare to think of. But Diana says Eric’s death means she’s all in.

At her home that evening, Diana goes up to say hi to her 10-year-old daughter. Molly seems like a cool kid, but it’s hard to tell, because she doesn’t speak; following a fainting spell at school weeks ago, Molly hasn’t uttered a word. When Diana leaves the room, Molly stops doing her homework and grabs a sketchbook. When she opens it, we see that every page is filled with drawings of Ichabod. Hmm…

A NEW FOE ARISES | But whatever happened to Lincoln’s missing head? Turns out, it was stolen by Malcolm Dreyfuss, a super-rich entrepreneur who’s deeply into the occult. Like, hoods-and-chanting into the occult. Like, has-a-demon-as-a-bodyguard into the occult. Like, is-very-aware-of-Ichabod into the occult. And when Dreyfuss’ bodyguard, Jobe, busts open the statue’s noggin with his eyes, it reveals a circular tablet. “There really is no amount of blood that I won’t spill to get the rest of these,” Dreyfuss purrs. (So, wait… the Lincoln Memorial just won’t have a head in this universe?)

Now it’s your turn. Grade the season premiere via the poll below, then back up your choice in the comments!

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  1. APFW says:

    The premiere sure is missing something… like Abby Mills and the Sleepy Hollow setting. I gave it a C rating.

    • Wanda says:

      Agree with C rating. I’ll try to hang in there to watch for the time being. I enjoy Tom M as an actor and enjoy period piece/history type programs but I agree that the main characters had no chemistry as colleagues. Ichabod/Abbie had chemistry from their first scene together. Diana/Ichabod – nothing

    • Annie Sisk says:

      That’s being generous, I think. It’s not the performers’ faults, at all. The acting’s perfectly adequate and in a few places, quite good even. The script, though … Lord have mercy, the SCRIPT. No bueno.

    • Something? It’s missing everything. No Headless Horseman, no Katrina, no Cho, no Abby, no Frank, no Sleepy Hollow–with the Sleepy Hollow Archive and no Henry.

  2. Ranel Maxwell says:

    I kept waiting for Ichabod to mention that he knows one of John Wilkes Booth’s descendants – one FBI agent Seeley Booth.

    • I don’t think they ever got into Booth’s ancestry on the crossover, so it’s unlikely that Ichabod would know it. That being said it would be nice if they made some sort of Bones reference, even if just by having the characters eat at Founding Fathers.

      • kmw says:

        That’s exactly what Sleepy Hollow doesn’t need. It should be its own show not a reminder of a show that is leaving this season. Bones should be D.C. and Sleepy Hollow should be just that Sleepy Hollow. What a mess this show is

  3. herman1959 says:

    I ‘ll give the first half an A because Tom Minson has never been better. Unfortunately at about the 29 minute mark the bottom dropped out for a few reasons (too numerous to mention). I gave it an overall grade of C. Goodbye Sleepyheads!

  4. Robert says:

    I loved the 1st and 2nd season and got through the 3rd but this made no sense. The Lincoln memorial is vandalized and 2 agents show up? The show is really losing its way.

  5. Morgan says:

    Poor Tom Mison. As good of an actor as he is, he cannot carry this show alone – Nicole Beharie was the yang to his yin. Never have I seen a production be so fortunate to catch lightning in a bottle with the co-leads and curse it all to hell by yanking away the foundation. This show began going downhill when it became the Crane family drama hour….even with the supposed Season 3 “reboot,” putting Ichabbie chemistry on the back burner towards the end of Season 1 and through all of Season 2 killed it. Sad!

  6. Natalie says:

    The premiere was ok but feels like an entirely different show. All of the magic from season one is gone except for Crane and Jenny. Tom is a handsome man and a good actor but not enough to carry the clumsy writing. Also, the chemistry was off. I understood Nicole is gone but there’s a huge void without her.

  7. Side-Eye says:

    As Crane said in the episode, it is time for a fresh start. This episode was a good one to start off with. We had to be introduced to new characters and a new place. It’s a good start to the season. Looking forward to where they will go from here.

    • Erick Voshel says:

      I agree that the show was in need of a fresh start. And this episode felt like a new show, but you know what? I would rather each new Season of Sleepy Hollow be something completely different rather than the same old thing.

      • KevyB says:

        I was thinking that too. New places, new big bads. And, gawd, isn’t it nice seeing Tom Mison and Lyndie Greenwood IN THE SUNLIGHT! Aren’t they attractive?

  8. Katie says:

    Like Agent Diana Thomas, some people are averse to change, it seems. While I liked Abbie Mills, since Season 2 everything about this show got so whiny and boring. I couldn’t even watch the Season 3 premiere without cringing because to me it was so painful to watch. As for the Season 4 premiere-loved it! Tom Mison was pure joy to watch tonight. From his sarcastic comment at the beginning when being interviewed by his captors, the walk onto the runway (Not again! lol!) his meeting with Diana, whom I really like, to his childlike joy at discovering “The Vault, his off-key singing while waving the flag to his exchange with Jenny, he was outstanding. I like Diana. She’s definitely more low-key while at the same time has this really gentle and loving demeanor when it comes to her little girl. Jake and Alex are a scream-Alex blowing up the microwave during an experiment was just funny to me! And I screamed and cheered when I saw Jenny in all her bad-ass glory. Though Mom said “How did she find him to begin with?” I looked at her and said “Who gives a damn, this is fun.” Oh and Dreyfuss is just-ugh. I gagged when he licked at tis wound. He gives me the creeps without trying. Liked the storyline too. John Wilkes Booth an occultist-nice touch. If it keeps being this good, I’ll be happy. All around A. Oh and little Molly being the new witness-yeah, saw that coming but I don’t mind. It’ll be interesting how they play that out.

  9. sarah of old says:

    Somewhat of a weak start; love the dc background, but writting was not up to par. So far the characters and storyline lacks that special cohesiveness seen in Season 1, Not a total turn off but tolerance for mediocre storytelling on a Friday night will not be tolerated.

  10. Lea says:

    Free Tom Mison. Cancel this now.

  11. Virginia says:

    Premiere was excellent. If you can’t get past Nicole’s desire to.leave the show, why are you still watching? That’s what adults do, not troll a fandom because they don’t like a show anymore. Looking forward to much more of what we saw tonight. Definitely an “A” rating for this fan.

    • Katie says:

      Well said Virginia. Well said.

    • Janet says:

      I completely respect your opinion Virginia and typically would agree with you. I apologize for the essay but I have many feelings. This show deserves quite a bit of backlash from what they pulled last season. Nicole is free to leave but it’s how she was killed off that was disrespectful. It’s disgusting in this day and age to see a black female heroine tell her male partner that her existence doesn’t matter. This is after three years of repeatedly telling us that the witnesses bond was indestructible. How few women, especially women of color, do audiences see in genre TV? Sleepy Hollow created a well-rounded, intelligent, resourceful, non-stereotypical black heroine and at the end she was simply erased so Ichabod could move forward. Worst, the showrunners and writers dismissed many of the fans concerns and think that no one should be angry because it’s simply fiction. Well, fiction often mirrors reality and that’s a harmful trope for fans to swallow. As a major fan of the show from day one I was upset by the lack of respect shown to Nicole after her exit. Actors leave shows all of the time and typically TPTB are classy and wish them well. They could have at least wished her well but the showrunners and writers decided to talk bad about her on Twitter. To me, their actions Are more childish and petty than the former fans outrage. I love Tom and all of the actors involved with this show. I would be just as upset if they were given such a disgraceful send off. I wish the actors all well going forward too. Some may see the complaints as fans nagging over spilt milk but the hurt is still there. It will remain there until TPTB take accountability and learn from their mistakes. Unfortunately, that does not seem like it will happen with this show.

      • Annie Sisk says:

        THANK you. Yes. This. It’s the way it was done. And FWIW, I just think it’s gross when people pull this “oh if you were a REAL fan then you’d ____” No. Just – no. Stop. That’s gross.

      • Well said. Make no mistake, the people who continually try to steer the issue to actor’s choice to leave, know the real issues that you so very well articulated.

        They are just trying to erase those very legitimate issues from the perspective and place blame directly on the reaction most would have to being treated horribly.

        I have no illwill towards the players or crew, but producers mangled this beyond any salvable imagining by stubbornly holding to offensively outdated tropes. This is the consequence.

    • Cat says:

      ITA Virginia! Why are ppl who can’t get past Nicole leaving still watching and complaining? Stop your torture if you don’t like it. I give it an A! Well done. Tom was perfectly wonderful per the norm. This epi was a breath of fresh air. It got back to its core… Fighting eeeevil as Crane says.
      I for one can’t wait to see how it goes down with Crane working with a ten year old female witness!! Oh the fun we shall have!

    • Cat says:

      ITA Virginia! Why are ppl who can’t get past Nicole leaving still watching and complaining? Stop your torture if you don’t like it. I give it an A! Well done. Tom was perfectly wonderful per the norm. This epi was a breath of fresh air. It got back to its core… Fighting eeeevil as Crane says.
      I for one can’t wait to see how it goes down with Crane working with a ten year old female witness!! Oh the fun we shall have!

    • I was disappointed with pretty much the whole of Season 3 and hated the way Abbie was killed off that I very nearly didn’t watch last night, but I thought I would give it one last chance. That said, I wasn’t expecting much, no Abbie, no Sleepy Hollow, how good could this be? The answer I found it was very good! Very happily surprised with the fresh start it’s given itself (and of course, Mr. Mison was brilliant as always). It will take a couple more episodes before I really form an opinion on the new regulars and the big bad, but initial impressions were that I quite liked them and I can see them making a good team with Ich and Jenny. I hope it continues to get stronger once again!

    • Lara says:

      You want to be careful about telling too many people to leave a show you like, unless you’re trying to get it cancelled??

  12. Christina says:

    I adore Tom Mison and his charisma but the rest of the actors underwhelmed me. I also love Jenny, but she was barely in it. This show tends to skip huge emotional scenes so I doubt they will let her emote and express how she truly feels with her boyfriend and sister dying in less than 24 hours. I’m highly upset with how sexist and disappointing Abbie’s death was. They had her tell Crane that her existence and role as a witness was to solely move him forward. So disrespectful to women but that’s a whole different story. Janina is gorgeous but her acting was very flat and her chemistry with Tom was stiff at best. I will tune in again next week but this series continues to disappoint me due to it not living to its original potential.

  13. It seems like a few people are desperate to hate this show because Abbie is gone and they chance at a ship is gone. I like this new direction. I am more than willing to give it a chance.

    • Zuzu says:

      Yup. Exactly. And I’m in, too. It was all Sleepy Hollow again, Crane was Crane again, Jenny was Jenny again, it was deliciously absurd in the way only SH can be again.

      • Virginia says:

        Well put! When Jenny said, “Welcome home, Crane,” it felt a bit like a commentary on the episode, too. There’s nothing else like this on TV right now, nor has there been in some time. It’s not going to be for everyone, but for goodness’ sake, if it’s not for you, change the channel and let those who are fans enjoy it.

        • Lara says:

          If enough people who used to be fans change the channel, no one will enjoy it, because it’ll be canned. Do you not understand how television works?

  14. Coco says:

    Where did Fox get these writers from? Where are the season one writers? Where are the people who were involved in making this show must-watch TV during the first season? Are the new writers interns? I’ve never in all my 37 years of watching television seen such a poorly written show. Nothing is believable or makes even an ounce of sense. What is happening here? Is Fox playing some kind of joke on us. This can’t be real. No way this is a real show.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Well, they must be doing something right, since the husband was ooo…ing and ahh…ing through it. I’m stunned, along with you. Computer work time!

    • Michelle says:

      Seriously? THIS is the worst written show you’ve EVER watched. I find that incredibly hard to believe.

  15. We watched the show tonight and loved it. Interesting plot, wonderful new characters and it was great to see “Jenny” back with Ichabod. I loved their welcoming hug.

  16. Laurie says:

    If I had never seen season one I would’ve really liked this premiere. I’m all for giving shows second chances but this one has rebooted several times in three years. Season 1 was one of the best shows and diverse cast I had seen in years. Season 2 and 3 were a train wreck despite the very talented two leads. Why should his season be any different? Also, the setting now being in D.C. is a bit ludicrous. Why not call this “Crane and Friends” because it doesn’t resemble “Sleepy Hollow.”

  17. DarkDefender says:

    Couple more episodes and they can get into a groove. Very (if not too) likeable cast. I’m in for. Now. As long as we have Icky, Jenny and Molly and. Her mom. Molly will be the new witness.
    I’ll bet we find out Molly passed out the moment Abbie went poof from Pandora’s box thingy.

    • Laurel Lane says:

      I definitely agree with you. And a great concept regarding Molly. I love Ichabod and will watch as long as he is with this show. And it certainly was a cheering moment when Jenny showed up in the nick of time. I miss Nicole but she didn’t want to be there anymore. I’m not going to throw Tom Mison under the bus because of her decision. More Sleepy Hollow!

  18. John NYC says:


    Good thing they’re repeating it tomorrow. My idiot TiVo thought it was a rerun. :(

  19. Sharon says:

    This show makes me sad. It never lives up to it’s potential. It’s like two different people write it and leave it to the director to mash it into something coherent. On the one hand humor and an interesting take on Lincoln’s assassination. On the other, leaden exposition by the new team geeks and a plot twist so obvious it’s boring. Sigh.

    • herman1959 says:

      Sharon,you hit the nail on the head! I couldn’t understand why I liked the first half so much more than the second. I also think they tried to do too much; instead of giving the new Big Bad so much screen time, they should have spent more time building the characters of Diana and the Scoobey Gang (of 2) at The Vault. Is there a script doctor in the house?

  20. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband said, “It looks good. They may have something here. I like it. I’m glad they kept Abbie’s sister.” The husband gave it an A. I’m just along for the ride, totally shocked the husband likes it.

  21. drb999 says:

    It was a lot better than I expected. The main problem for me was Jeremy Davies who I like a lot but he was really hamming it up. I hope he tones it down some.

    I still say that Tom Mison should be the next Doctor on Doctor Who.

    • Erick Voshel says:

      Yes, it was pretty good. I do agree about the Big Bad being a little too over the top, but nonetheless, it was an excellent premiere. Can’t wait for what happens next.

  22. Philip says:

    Ok, this was a train wreck. Before anyone starts defending this episode let me say this. Yes I loved Abbie and the chemistry with her and Crane but if done right I am all for a new start especially since season 3 wasn’t so good. Now on to why I found this semi-reboot? tragically bad.

    The start was nice, we saw the feds who took Crane at the end of last season and created a mystery around them so we ll have something to explore during the season. Very nice. Then we meet the homeland agent (cant remember her name right now). A strong character with her personal life struggles…pretty nice. After that the chaos…

    Lincoln memorial vandalised and we see only 2 agents there? That was it? Really?
    At this point I felt the writers were out of ideas so they said “what the heck! Let’s copy paste everything we had and just change the name, no one will notice, they ll love it!”

    The introduction between the 2 main characters comes because of the demise of someone’s partner.
    There had to be a big “library” hq, same setting just a different camera angle (hilarious).
    The tunnels… of course there had to be secret tunnels, that will inevitably connect all the places they ll need to go but might not be allowed to, from their Base of operations…like duh! In a small town like Sleepy Hollow tunnels that connect every part of the city kinda made sense, and they had built on the historical importance of the archives so the existence of the tunnels entrance there made sense. But here…they were just lazy and copy pasted everything.

    The 2 new kids seemed interesting but we didn’t see a lot of them so I can’t judge them for now.
    The bad guy…okey-isH.

    The only good thing I found was that the new witness is the 10 y.o Molly.

    • Chuck says:

      I know I’m in the minority, but I was never a fan of Abbie, who just seemed irritated to still be on the show after it completely fell off the rails in season two, so I went into this with hope that the new setting and new cast could juice up things. Didn’t work at all. I really didn’t like any of the new cast, and I don’t know if it was their acting that was bad or just the terrible writing and direction that made them all seem like they were just reciting their lines. The two nerd were especially grating, the villain needed a mustache to twirl, and the new female lead was bland. They should have kept Crane in Sleepy Hollow with Jenny because they are the only two saving graces at this point.

    • Zuzu says:

      It’s a show with a headless machine gun toting demon on a horse, and you think sending only two agents to a vandalized monument is what’s unbelievable? I will never understand people who criticise this show for being unbelievable. SMH

    • Laurel Lane says:

      In regards to not believing in the tunnel aspect, obviously you’ve not seen enough Dan Brown films or National Treasure movies. According to them, tunnels connect everything everywhere. So, no reason they can’t use them in this instance… Makes as much sense.

  23. Chuck says:

    The premiere was nearly unwatchable. The new cast was terrible all around, or the terrible writing made them terrible, the direction … Jenny shows up out of nowhere?!?! Who was responsible for this mess??? Tom Mison and Lindey Greenwood are the show’s only saving graces at this point. Season one was my favorite show that year. I made it halfway through season two before I gave up, and only three episodes into season three. I doubt I’ll get past episode two this season unless something major happens (and I’m not sure that John Noble’s improbable return will come in time to save the show). I was hoping they would be able to reverse the downward spiral but the new location and cast only made things worse.

    • Zuzu says:

      Crane was clearly leaving her voicemail messages. They established that for a reason. So there’s no reason not to think he was updating her on their actions and movements, in hopes she was making her way to them. Methinks the level of nitpicking in these comments about a show that has always been preposterous and required enormous levels of suspension of disbelief evinces true motives behind commenting at all.

      • delorb says:

        Suspension of disbelief only takes a viewer so far. They can’t be expected to leave their brains at the door for everything.

        • Zuzu says:

          So “John Wilkes Booth was a demon” is perfectly believable, but it’s inconceivable that Crane and Jenny spoke by phone off screen before the mission? COME ON. People are being utterly ridiculous. (BTW, Crane DID NOT look surprised to see her. Clear indication he knew she might show up.)

          • Zuzu, you love it. Great. Enjoy it. But people are gonna have whatever reactions they have because they are not you.

          • delorb says:

            Why should fans fill in the blanks to this magical off-screen conversation? It’s a visual medium. Just show it!

          • Me says:

            Because the show is only 44 minutes long. They DID show it, by establishing their contact by cell phone. Anyone with 12 working brain cells could extrapolate from this information that Crane had told her where they were and what they were doing.

  24. Pat says:

    I must say, that I was impressed by all the new characters. As for the move to Washington, DC, I can see why they did this. The one thing that I am worried about is that Friday night has so many shows that I am watching and I like, so I hope the networks realize that a lot of people, like myself cannot watch all of these live so we DVR them. So please, start considering rating the DVR of your shows, before you make a the decision to cancel a show.

  25. csg says:

    Query: How many times can you reboot this mess? So they replay stuff from the pilot… again. They borrow from Grimm (demon), Scorpion (archives crew & precocious kid) , Timeless (flashback to Lincoln’s assassination), and any other show still on the air. And they still call it Sleepy Hollow even though set in Washington, DC, the mystery of the show’s atmosphere is lost. The pairing of Ichabod & Jenny was perfect from the moment Jenny joined the cast in Season One. As for Abby, there were too many mentions. Diehards for the woman still wince at the memory; the rest of us wish they had killed her off even earlier than they did. The new cast is serviceable, but cannot replace the memory of the original group. I miss Orlando and his family; I miss the original storyline that went off the rails with the Henry/Jeremy arc.
    Tom Mison is a pro who carries on as best he can. But this is just sad.

    • KLS says:

      I liked the original group as well. I bailed on the show with Henry/Jeremy arc too.

    • Zuzu says:

      Seeing as Sleepy Hollow predates Timeless by YEARS with the whole “turning real events in history on their head” thing, you have it completely backward on who is borrowing from who. Come on.

    • mary says:

      It was rebooted once. Where are you getting it was rebooted more than that? Having a different story arc does not mean a show is rebooted either.

  26. dancmh says:

    I was crazy thrilled when Jenny showed up then realized it made no sense how she got there and/or why.

    • Zuzu says:

      Why? They established that Crane was in contact with her. They talked off screen before the mission. He texted her updates on their movements. She used her shady contacts to locate Crane with the GPS on his phone. Take your pick. All plausible as soon as they established their cell phone contact.

  27. CaptMediocre says:

    I didn’t mind anything Crane and the new guys.

    I figured who the new witness was the second Thomas started talking about sudden changes in her daughter.

    I’m already tired of Dreyfuss. His introduction as the big bad was horrible and lackluster. His part in this new iteration of the show is practically annoying already.

  28. LiL T says:

    Love my Tom, but the premier was a disappointment! The storyline was corny asf! The waving the flag scene was utterly ridic, as was Lincoln’s head being stolen! The only good part was when Jenny came back, and the end scene with the kid!

  29. LINDAW says:

    Loved it…I am so happy that its back and the idea of the child is perfect. No comparisons to Abbie. Definitely watching.

  30. sunshine says:

    Terrific new scooby gang, I like all of them. Unlike the wife/witch in the second season all these people can actually act. Setting it in DC is perfection, of course that’s where all the action took place in the good old days as well as now. I think the show has really found it’s way and I bet it regains viewers fast when the word gets around how fun everyone is plus lots of monsters of the week. Good for them, they’ve done it.

    • Zuzu says:

      Have to agree. Didn’t know what to expect after the wildly inconsistent and annoying S3, but this really felt like a return to form.

  31. I think the episode was outstanding. Leaps and bounds better than anything from season 3. I never cared for Abbie, so I don’t miss her. I like Jenny, and watching her handle the Gatling gun was highly entertaining. The new guy Jake is a good addition. The D.C. locale is a smart decision.

  32. delorb says:

    It’s telling the number of people who begin their comment with how much they didn’t like Abbie. Or how the haters shouldn’t comment on the new show and just leave. Why don’t they follow their own advice and just not mention Abbie? Why not talk about the current show and not bring up the past? It would seem they want it both ways. To hate on Abbie and her fans, while telling the Abbie fans to shut up. So typical.

  33. V. V. says:

    The show was ok! Yes I miss the chemistry of Abbie and Crane, as does everyone else. But to be honest I was never really feeling them as a couple, just as really good friends. I’m glad the Jenny will be on the show. It makes sense that Jenny would show up, after all Crane had called her and if she’s a tracker of sorts then finding is plausible. I DO NOT, like the idea of the child witness. I mean what can she do? This is scary stuff (Ok, I still believe in monsters at my age, which I will not reveal)!!! Like monster demons etc. sometimes come on school nights after bedtime, so how will this work? I’m willing to give this a shot though. I was hooked season 1 episode 1. I’ve actually liked all seasons, although I’ve felt that they were on the pulse of something they never really developed. I’ll keep watching for now!

  34. Annie says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the season premiere. Given how many hurdles they have to overcome with this reboot, there were some nice things here. I liked Diana more than I expected to based on what I’d been hearing – and she isn’t just trying to be Abbie 2.0, which would be impossible and insulting. Tom and Lyndie were excellent, as always, and will continue to elevate the show.

    No it’s not like S1 but those days are so long gone…the execrable S3 reboot made sure of that. I might add that a lot of the people who are most adamant in blasting S4 were fine with much of that awful mess – until the finale. Which was also sucked but it wasn’t like Tom Mison was getting anything decent to do that whole season. They really screwed wtih his character. So a silver lining to the show’s return is getting to watch him be Crane again, and do things again, and have story lines again. We shall see how it goes but there were some promising signs. One last comment – I would be amazed if this show got renewed again, so I feel like, if you really want the show to go away, just wait another 12 weeks and you’ll get your wish.

  35. atia says:

    Kimberly, did you just reference AO3? lol! Love it!

  36. Linda Nicpon says:

    I was a little skeptical about the move to DC but was pleasantly surprised how well it flowed. Love the new characters and I think they will blend well with each other and the fight against evil will continue! Looking forward to more episodes and hope it is not cancelled before it reaches some conclusion. Hate to see Ichabod sent back in time but it is inevitable.

  37. Dee says:

    Sleepy Hollow! No more, just call it Crane…. wow! How long will it take for the first kiss or this love affair to happen, the last season > really… A new cast > wow, I’m out… dropping the mic!

  38. DarkDefender says:

    I enjoyed it. I was able to make no comparisons to previous seasons, although the intro brought me back. Like any “new” series, I’ll give it 3-4 Eps before I judge.

  39. Lauri says:

    Loved this reboot. I didn’t enjoy last year much so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really like the new location and characters so far. It will take some getting used to the change but I will be watching this season.

  40. It seems convenient that they happened to have a bunch of 40 year old pennies lying about–at their workplace. Copper hasn’t been used in US pennies since 1982. Modern pennies are only copper plated. At best they would have only been able to make one bullet. If you want copper it would make a lot more sense to go out and pick up a piece of copper plumbing pipe.

    • Zuzu says:

      As they no doubt did. The “get me pennies” line was a joke, a metaphor, if you will, for copper–since it was a penny that set off the copper brainstorming in the first place. Sheesh. How can people who are so darn literal watch this show at all?

  41. Alichat says:

    I was rather underwhelmed with the premiere. I love Ichabod, and thank god they kept Jenny, but the new characters underwhelmed. I don’t feel any chemistry between Diana and Ichabod. They just haven’t gelled to me yet…..although the end conversation on the steps of the Memorial was a start. As for Alex and Jake in The Vault, they seem like your standard sidekick characters……the sarcastic skeptic and the over eager believer. I hope the writers have them fleshed out more or they will just become an annoyance on screen. Alex is already hitting that annoyance point with the ‘I’m just hear to build or destroy things’ mantra being repeated constantly.

  42. washcutt says:

    Find it boring until Miss Jenny showed up. Not sure if I’ll watch again with NO Abbie.

  43. ? says:

    I’ve watched Sleepy Hollow since day one. I was dismayed with seasons 2 and 3, but kept watching. I don’t make snap judgements based on one show and what I saw last night was very encouraging to me. I will continue to watch Sleepy Hollow and nothing anyone can say will stop me from doing so. If you “hate” everything about it and spend countless comments nitpicking the show apart–don’t watch it. Go find something else to obsess over, no one is holding a gun on you to watch it…. SMDH

    • Yay says:

      LOL that’s exactly what many of us chose to do. That explains the 0.6 rating which is hilarious for a season premiere. But I find these message boards vastly entertaining. Be careful about telling folks not to watch though. You get your wish and your beloved show will be cancelled.

  44. um says:

    Painfully boring. Painfully acted. Incoherent, with no fun and no charm to temper the weak writing. With a reboot and a “clean slate” I expect far better and I refuse to grade this on a curve.

    Grade: D-

  45. LiL T says:

    does anyone think that these two are going to be romantically involved??🤔

  46. Imagecrafters says:

    Jenny and Crane were the only two highlights. I was bored the Vault is an interesting concept but didn’t like the 2 people. Juvenile.

  47. Keith K says:

    I was severely bothered, and remain so still, how Crane spoke about Booth and the assassination of Lincoln as if he were there and/or had first hand knowledge about it. Crane would not know anything more than what he read in the book—a book which he has just discovered and is reading for the very first time. I think the writing in this first episode was dismal at best. I pray this season gets better fast, or I fear the end of days for Sleepy Hollow are imminent. Oh, speaking of Sleepy Hollow. The show is called Sleepy Hollow for a reason—or at least it was. I guess now it should be called, Washington DC.

    • Me says:

      He was clearly reading from loge the book. The coded text within the text that was established in an earlier scene. I just watched it today, and you SEE him reading it not speaking like he “had firsthand knowledge.” Reading.

  48. I see other shows taking up the trend Sleepy Hollow unknowingly was at the beginnings of, and unfortunately abandoned with greater success. Hamilton embraced and used the diversity Sleepy Hollow abandoned and became a pop cultural phenomenon.

    …I’m ready for Still Star-Crossed and Star Trek: Discovery.

    Sleepy Hollow may manage middling mediocrity until cancellation, but it will never again be what it could have bee, had it bravely kept faith in it’s original non-white players’ ability to carry stories just as well as it’s white ones.

  49. SharonP says:

    I just saw the season premiere ant I strongly feel this show as improved immensely. Now the people who have turned away from this show really need to come back.

  50. keenen says:

    Why is it if you criticize the show in any way it has to be because of Abbie? I never wanted Abbie and Icabod together and was not “blown away” by their “connection.” I liked the story and all the characters, including the wife, the first season and feel like the writing and direction went down hill after that. They did a good job of being Witnesses and solving problems.

    I am all about a good story, and I didn’t see that in the first episode, not to mention bad special effects. Maybe it will get better, but it should not be assumed that everyone that did not like the new direction doesn’t because of the loss of Nichole Beharie. I was actually more gutted by the loss of Orlando Jones…..and what they turned him into the second season.

    Not a fan of having a child on a show like this.