Harold Perrineau Criminal Minds

Lost's Harold Perrineau Lands Major Criminal Minds Recurring Gig

Criminal Minds continues to beef up its ensemble in the wake of the high profile exits of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Lost vet Harold Perrineau is joining the long-running CBS procedural in a major recurring role. The actor, most recently seen in Amazon’s legal drama Goliath, will play Calvin Shaw, a former FBI agent incarcerated for killing one of his informants. Shaw has a run-in with a BAU agent and the team must determine whether he’s a friend or foe.

Perrineau — whose TV credits also include Constantine and Sons of Anarchy — will first air later this winter.

Perrineau’s casting comes amidst a season that has added Adam Rodriguez and Damon Gupton as series regulars, and promoted Paget Brewster, who was already returning for a short arc as Emily Prenttiss, to series regular status. Lastly, Aisha Tyler was similarly upped to series regular.

Gibson was fired last August in the wake of an on-set altercation. Moore, meanwhile, left the series last March “to see what else I’m capable of.”

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  1. Mary Kelly says:

    This is really too bad..like NCIS…which has to get rid of new female and male actors=too many cooks in the kitchen…Criminal Minds..EXCELLANT show, is going down hill. First we lose Giddion(sp?), THEN Shelmar Moore leaves, then they fire Gibson(wrong thing to do), they add 2 people, which do NOTHING for the show, and here comes another one…sorry, after firing Gibson, I have watched, but SICK of the 2 added actors, and not looking forward to another new one….Criminal Minds WAS such a good show….now looking for something to fill the time slot…

    • christine harris says:

      They need new writers…the plots are terrible…

    • Yeah, no? You still have your feelings hurt over Gideon leaving? Literally the best thing that ever happened to the show. I think of Criminal Minds as BR and AR (before Rossi and after Rossi), because it got so much better. THE cast had never been better. Get over it.

      • Jane R says:

        Ratings are in – CM scores another series low with another 1.3. Down 2 million viewers from this point last year. Sad … but predictable … and it’s just going to get worse. Oh, and SVU finally came back and kicked CM’s butt with a 1.5. Get used to it. Ha, ha, ha.

        • Yet, it is still the second most watched scripted drama on CBS, losing only to NCIS, and makes great L+7 ratings. Just go look up the season averages. Haters are such crybabies!

          • Jane R says:

            Uh no, things aren’t looking too good for CM right now. Get over it.

          • Honey, go look at the season averages at the frenemy site and, if you get rid of all the hate, you might actually enjoy how great the show has been.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            More meaningfully (as much as CBS likes to tout “audience”), it is the network’s #3-rated drama (behind NCIS and Bull). There are numerous others that would get the hook before CM does. http://tvline.com/2016/12/23/ratings-2016-2017-tv-season-winners-losers/

          • Jane R says:

            Wasn’t CM the number two CBS drama a few weeks ago? Too funny – expect it to keep dropping. Also, all-time low ratings and 2 million less viewers is a good thing? Right.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            “All-time low” means very little if it is still ahead of 9 to 10 other CBS dramas. Sure, you can say that CM’s numbers are down relative to itself (as most every broadcast show’s are), but you can’t accurately suggest it’s thus at risk of cancellation.

          • Jane R says:

            Oh, I know they’ll keep milking the show till there’s nothing left … and, whether I like it or not, CM will probably survive for another year. But, this isn’t a good thing for the fans of the show. People don’t like what they’re watching now, so the numbers are just going to get worse. But I guess the brain trust over at CM doesn’t care because it’s all about the money, right?

        • Coleen says:

          Matt, Adage reported that Criminal Minds had to earn a 1.71 rating in order to be profitable for CBS. The ratings are used to determine profitability as well as position in comparison to other series. If a NCIS LA, which is nearly tied with CM is more profitable for CBS and is totally owned by CBS, is competing with CM for renewal, which would CBS choose. Currently averaging around 1.5 and sinking, why wouldn’t CBS cut it’s losses it CM can’t come close to that 1.71 mark?

  2. Marley says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. Why not just add the entire USC Football team? An army will not restore the credibility and value of this series after the unjustified firing of Thomas Gibson and the smear campaign that followed. By the time Erica & Co. are done, CM will be operating with an entirely new cast by the end of the season. It has already become its own spin-off. What a joke.

    • Austin says:

      He has had countless incidents with multiple different people and had the most wooden personality out of anyone and is not a good actor (my opinion) Do not say it was unjustified just because you don’t like it, he should have been fired along time ago

      • Coleen says:

        He had one shove in 2010 after a mishap with a stunt caused safety issues. Then the kick heard round the world after he walked away from an argument over a line with Virgil Williams, then Virgil came at him on the pretense of “looking for the showrunner.” If someone rushes towards you after you had just argued with them, you may think they’re coming at you to do you bodily harm and instinctively react to protect yourself too. The DUI was a matter that happened offset; and had also happened to Shemar Moore and Michael Weatherly. They piled on crap in the media to give the impression there was a lot of incidents, when there were two school yard incidents in 6 years. Your record should be so clean.

  3. So CBS gets publicly slated for lack of diversity and having two many white male leads, few weeks later the lead white guy in an already failing show is fired on the basis of a tale with so many holes in it, its sinking like the ratings. Totally ignore the prior and continued agressive and insulting nature of the other party involved, oft displayed in dealings with fans, i,e. your customers, but given the current climate, best not to bring his past up. In anticipation of this story being questioned, “unnamed sources” start peddling malicious, erroneous and downright ridiculous claims about Thomas Gibson, which can and have been dismissed as the garbage they are, by the comments of named sources, most of who come from Criminal Minds. In case that does not work, throw out rumours and inuendo regarding his family life in an attempt to ensure he just goes away. Summary: Get slated for lack of diversity, ditch expensive white guy, make it so it looks like you were doing the honourable thing, the right thing, take on a mix match of characters that no one cares but they tick the right boxes, and no one will complain because that would be racist…, Fair enough. What a joke.

  4. Coleen says:

    Criminal Minds: The Empire Edition. lol

  5. Roseli Lima says:

    CBS, ABC, Criminal Minds will send someone else away?
    Will it be AJ Cook does she also have kids? They may claim that she needs time with her children.
    Or is it Joe Mantegna? You may claim that he is old!
    Or Matthew?
    It’s the only one that reminds fans of the originality of Criminal Minds.

    • Leanne says:

      any three and the show is doomed. Paget Brewster is a plus..they tried AJ and Paget first time and hired them back. Joe was an asset to the show. Bring back Shemar! Mandy has a history of leaving a good show but Joe is better anyway

  6. Roseli Lima says:

    Criminal Minds will change name!
    The Criminal Minds gang.
    Thomas Gibson is the guy. It is being replaced by 4 !!!!

  7. Andreea Maria Bolea says:


  8. Angela says:

    Everyone here complaining about “adding a new person”…you do realize the article didn’t say this guy was specifically joining the team itself, right? He’s just appearing as somebody they’re investigating. The article says he’s a former FBI agent, not a current one. Maybe wait and see how the storyline plays out before freaking out?
    Anywho, sounds like a potentially intense arc. Since this is a major recurring gig, I wonder how long exactly that means he’ll be here. Will he stick around long enough to tie into whatever storylines the show comes up with leading into the season finale? Or will it end a little before then? Guess we’ll find out.

  9. Susan Jurist says:

    Harold Perrineau is great – I’ve been watching him since the wonderful Oz was on the air. He’s an interesting actor who can bring more depth to a show too full of eithe cookie cutter characters. He’s an addition that might actually get me to watch the show more often.

  10. grys03 says:

    I do miss Shemar more than I expected & Gibson a lot less than I anticipated.
    Still can’t get with Paget as the new director – way too emotional & undecided – blame the writers. But generally am finding the current season a better than I thought would be the case.
    p.s. A little more Gruber focused episodes would be nice.

  11. mattybangbang says:

    Yeah, looks like Perrineau will be in just a few episodes, and not as a team member. While I applaud CM for adding more racial diversity to the show, the sheer NUMBER of people they are adding is what I’m starting to be concerned with. The show has always worked best when the cast was around 6 people in my opinion, and they each got to showcase their specialized contributions.

    I’m concerned that with so many characters, will there be any time left to write good story?

  12. Marie Smith says:

    You think bring some one in new is going help your show, its not, no hotch no show i’am very pist off with your show, i watch your show beginning, i can’t believe what did with it you destroy my family.

  13. Leanne says:

    Don’t need Perrineau. He didn’t do much for lost. They have a good cast with Mantegna which is one of the best additions they made, gGubler, vangsness, A J Cook, Paget Brewster. even Adam Aisha ok. They don’t need anyone else. Don’t ruin a good show with adding B actors.

    • Dysturbed says:

      You (and many others) are making it sound like he’s joining the cast as a series regular or that he’s going to be part of the team.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


        • Leanne says:

          its a recurring role and like many others depending on the character they come back as regulars. ( see NCIS franchise for example). I just hate when they ruin a good show. He certainly isn’t an asset but maybe cheap. Not a good actor so he was probably unemployed

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            It’d be hard to find a stretch of time when HP wasn’t doing one role or another, certainly hasnt lacked for work since Lost. But dont let me stomp on your narrative.

          • Leanne says:

            that’s ok.. You are correct. I am not a follower of HP so I shouldn’t say what I don’t know. I like CM a lot and hate to see it ruined by to many characters as they have a great cast now.

  14. “Perrineau whose TV credits also include Constantine and Sons of Anarchy” – really how about his starring roles in OZ and Lost???

  15. Damon Gupton is ill suited for the BAU, on Criminal Minds. He’s too soft spoken and looks more like a Junior High School math teacher. His mumbling and low key manner make his holding a gun look ridiculous. The cast needs a strong, kick-butt man to replace Morgan- not a nerd.