Golden Globes Predictions

Golden Globe 'Spoilers': This Is Us, Winona Ryder Poised to Win Big

NBC will get its money’s worth this Sunday when it airs the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. After years of watching the top TV prizes go to the (cable and streaming) competition, the Peacock net will walk off with several major trophies on Jan. 8, per my trusty kudos-obsessed crystal ball.

Yep, sources close to my gut tell me that the Hollywood Foreign Press Assoc. will name rookie smash This Is Us best drama series, while the drama’s breakout star Chrissy Metz will triumph in the supporting actress category. (Fun fact: The last time NBC took home top drama honors was in 2001 for The West Wing.)

Oh, and because the HFPA loves to toss in a curveball or two, The Crown‘s John Lithgow will pull off a major upset in the supporting actor race, beating People v. O.J. frontrunner Sterling K. Brown. Also: Onetime Globes darling Sarah Jessica Parker (she has four Globe statues for her work on Sex and the City) will return to the winners’ circle with her new HBO comedy Divorce.

But those are only a few of the surprises the HFPA has in store at the 74th annual ceremony.

Scroll through the gallery below — or click here for direct access — to view my complete Globes forecast, as well as my choices for who should win. Then hit the comments with your own Golden predictions. And then make a date with TVLine this Sunday for complete coverage of Hollywood’s biggest, booziest night.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Haz says:

    I hope SJP does not win for Divorce. I tried to watch that show, it was not funny, not even in a black comedy way. The characters came off as awful people . I can say at least with Veep, Selina is an awful person but still manages to have people root for her. Being a huge fan of Catastrophe I wish Horgan would have recognized for that show over Divorce.

  2. It would be great to see This Is Us win a few and to see Donald Glover, Winona Ryder win too. I would be surprised if Sterling K Brown lost!

  3. Brian says:

    I enjoy SJP on Divorce, so I would be ok with her winning. It would also be hilarious seeing the meltdowns that would happen online if it were to happen.

  4. Joey Padron says:

    I want This Is Us to win some, also Donald Glover too.

  5. Katie says:

    That is not Winona Rider, that is Mandy Moore on This is Us! Unless you are talking about something else! The People VS OJ was excellent, hopefully a lot of Golden Globes and Emmy’s will go to the cast! John Travolta as excellent, as was Cuba Gooding, the actress who played Marcia Clark was spot on!

    • Ron says:

      The Winona Rider shout-out has nothing to do with This Is Us; Rider is the female lead on the show Stranger Things. Also, you’re just a tad behind on the Emmys. They happened back in September (maybe August, can’t remember). The show won the Emmy for best TV movie or mini-series, and Vance, Brown, and Paulson all won Emmys for their performance. It was, indeed, an excellent production. And it will certainly win a good number of GG as well.

    • I honestly don’t think People vs OJ was that great. It was OK but I’m so sick of seeing the actors of American Crime and The Night Of being thrown aside at awards shows. This is proof that star power and big budgets will always win over well written, well acted shows that have something meaningful to say. I’d love for Felicity Huffman, John Turturro and the other people involved in both American Crime and The Night Of to finally get some recognition. People vs OJ didn’t have a patch on either of those shows.

      • Ron says:

        I partially agree. I kinda feel like People v OJ and American Crime were about equal in terms of quality. Which is a good thing. I thought they both were really well done. But I’ll agree with The Night Of. I think that mini-series was wholly superior to People vs OJ and American Crime. It was beyond phenomenal. I thought it was better written and that the storytelling was so much better. But I’ve kinda just accepted it’s gonna lose all the major awards it’s up for. Which doesn’t make the (wrongful) snubs any better…

  6. Kel says:

    This is us is overrated. Stranger Things should win

  7. Katie says:

    Mandy Moore is on This is Us, not Winona Rider! I cannot remember the last thing I saw Winona Rider on film or tv!
    Hopeful the cast of People Vs OJ win some awards! John Travolta , Cuba Gooding, and the actress who played Marcia Clark, were excellent!

  8. Hmm says:

    Stranger Things is such an overrated show.

  9. Hmm says:

    sources close to my gut

    So,you are just trolling us and trying to get views as usual,eh?

    Basically,these are your predictions, right?

  10. spindae2 says:

    I’m still not sure how anyone could nominate Tom H with that wooden acting for an award.
    I’m more pissed with all the snubs, including Constance Wu, Connor Jessup, Donna Lynne Champlin and others.

    Your predictions are all fair and very possible to happen. This Is us deserves all the love in the world. TV needs more real shows and not lets shock as many people as possible shows.

  11. schu says:

    As much as I love the thought of This Is Us winning big, I’m fearful you’re being overzealous, but could happen I guess! I’m still rooting for them all!

    And I STILL do NOT understand how critics continue to rave about Winona Ryder in Stranger Things, how, of all the people on the show that give beyond excellent performances, she has gotten the most praise is beyond me. Her acting in my opinion has always been atrocious, honestly I’ve never understood how casting directors ever land on her.

    • Zaph says:

      Finally someone of the same mind as me. I feel she was the weakest link in Stranger Things in terms of acting. I just could not believe her character at all.

  12. Helen says:

    I adore Krissy Metz but how is she the ‘breakout star’ of This Is Us? Sterling K Brown, Justin Hartley, Mandy Moore, and Milo V. Are ALL bringing an A-game to that show.

    • dan says:

      Agree. I think Mandy Moore is more deserving of the win than Chrissy Metz (who I love as Kate). To me, Mandy and Sterling Brown are the standouts on This Is Us.

    • Brian says:

      All of those other people had notable roles before. Chrissy Metz’s only TV or movie work in the last 5 years was a handful of American Horror Story episodes. Brown already had his breakout role with OJ. Milo has been known for years with shows like Gilmore Girls and Heroes. Hartley on Smallville and Revenge. Moore with numerous movies. Nobody knew who Metz was before This is Us.

  13. Hayley Douglas says:

    I’d love to see Hugh Laurie win over John Lithgow for his incredible performance in The Night Manager and I’d love to see Tom Hiddleston win over Vance every time – The People vs. OJ Simpson is way too overrated

  14. jj. says:

    I still wish sterling k brown was nominated for this is us, he is so phenomenal on that show. Hoping he can pull out a win for people vs OJ!

  15. Ninamags says:

    While I loved This Is Us and all the actors in it, hands downs the winners need to be Claire Foy and John Lithgow for their respective categories. The Crown is beautiful, majestic storytelling.

  16. NR says:

    Tough choices this year. I hope “Stranger Things” gets the drama series one. For actor, I agree: Matthew Rhys was awesome. Though I think Keri Russell is fantastic, my hopes for best actress is Evan Rachel Wood. She just owned that role on “Westworld”. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for Thandie Newton (miniseries sup. actress), Courtney B. Vance and Sarah Paulson. Should be a close race because they’ve got some great performers lined up here.

  17. Make your Gold Derby predictions, Michael! Unless you’re afraid the other TV experts will beat you. :-)

  18. Kim Curtis says:

    All the men and children and anybody who has anything to do with This Is Us should win an award. Including the janitorial staff.

    • Reyes M. Wocher says:

      I totally, totally agree with you Kim Curtis. “This Is Us” in a very well told story. I love the way it started and how the writers continue to write and capture the audiences’ attention. When I saw the commercials introducing the 1st episode, I could not wait to see how it turned out. The show is so endearing and interesting that I just cannot wait for the next Tuesday to watch. So YES a big high FIVE for “This Is Us”. I love this show!!!!!!

  19. Guest says:

    I might be a tad “out of my league” here…but I find it very apparent that um hello? GAME OF THRONES should get the globe, especially considering they haven’t gotten the appreciation for any of their past five seasons. Stranger Things/This Us/The Crown all exceptional and unique but it is time for Game of Thrones to get their praise. Yes, its annoying but their a juggernaut they deserve all the awards they get its a crazy, beautiful, awe inspiring show! GIVE IT TO THEM!!!!

  20. Think the Foreign press will choose Foy over Ryder. Hope you’re right about Atlanta and Glover.

  21. Walkie says:

    This is Us is a minipulative soap opera. It’s not great drama or great TV.

    And nothing has been more wildly overrated than People vs OJ. It wasn’t overacted schlock.

  22. Don’t know why the hype for This Is Us. Watch the show on usa marathon. Like Designated Survivor better. OH gets a lot hype also.

  23. David Hambly says:

    the foreign press are a BUNCH OF STARS WHORES. madonna and sharon stone have won best actress awards!*&(^ …SJP 4 awards…come on… the golden globes are a big publicity stunt…they have no credibility and you are wasting your time obsessing over them