The Walking Dead: Five Ways to 'Fix' What's Broken and Exploit What Isn't

We don’t have to tell you to say what you will about the Negan era of The Walking Dead — you’ve been doing that for the last two months, sometimes quite colorfully, in the comments section that follows TVLine’s recaps. You’ve also said it at times by just plain tuning out. (The Tara-and-Heathcentric “Swear” episode was the AMC drama’s lowest-rated in four years.)

But here’s the thing: Season 7 isn’t that bad. Or at least it certainly isn’t all bad. And it would really take very little to fix what’s broken — or maybe not even broken, just… we’ll go with dinged. It would taken even less to refocus the monster smash on what’s still working (and historically has always worked).

To check out the tweaks that we’d advocate, click on the gallery to the right (or click here for direct access). Then — and we know you will — hit the comments with your suggestions for getting the show back on track.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Diane says:

    After what he has done, I don’t want to see Negan’s layers. I want to see him dead. But I know he doesn’t in the comics. Time for that to be changed.

    • Geo says:

      Yeah, I agree with most of the suggestions, but not the one about fleshing out Negan’s story. Because given this show’s history that’ll mean one or more flashback episodes where we learn some idiotic “irony” like Negan once was a meek schoolteacher or something and the show will focus on that pointless backstory rather than on the core characters.

      The best thing the show could do right now is kill off Negan, and fast. Who cares what Negan’s story is at this point? He may have worked in the comics, but he’s a disaster on the show. The show has deviated from the comics before and this time it’s a deviation that a lot of fans of the tv version would really, really, really love to see.

      • Patrick says:

        I think his origin story would be that of a closeted monster. He always wanted to do bad things, but didn’t because he knew he would be caught and punished. A low grade sociopath (High level sociopaths think they are so smart that they’d never get caught) if you will. The Walker destroyed world merely gave him a forum to act upon his worse impulses.

        • SusieT79 says:

          This is exactly what I want! Not some nice guy turned bad, but a bad guy turned worse! That is what I would love to see because all of the other antagonist either were good, or alluded to, being good guys before the new world turned them bad.

    • Mike M says:

      1. Kill Negan 2. Fire Scott M Gimple 3. Hire Frank Darabont. Since these three things will never all happen I am resigned to the fact that the show itself is now living its own title – it is the walking dead, and I am not going to destroy the great memories of what the show was by enduring any more of what it has become, or worse, watching the final shuddering twitching death throes. This sucker now needs one huge dumpster to crawl under.

  2. Super-Fan says:

    All good ideas. However, the only way to fix things at this point would be a “Bobby Ewing” moment and have Maggie wake up to find Glenn in the shower and make this whole season (especially Negan) a bad dream!!!!

    • Gift says:

      U just spoke my mind, really I still can’t get over the idea that they killed him off. It should be some sort of a dream. I want Negan dead or his two legs nd hands should be chopped off nd left the walkers to finish off. I hate him so much. I really they could bring Glenn back.

  3. Mel says:

    While there have been a few issues this season, the show isn’t nearly as bad as people have made it out to be. I still don’t understand the outrage over the season premiere. Was it brutal? Hell yeah it was, but it needed to be brutal to break Rick. Also, the show has been brutal since episode one and not with just the slaughter of walkers. Human-on-human deaths have also been brutal. Seems people are forgetting Hershel and his heartbreakingly gory death.

    I would like them to focus more on the core characters, but considering they are trying to expand the world, it’s kinda hard to do. Maybe if they didn’t focus on one group per episode it would be better and people would enjoy it more. They also should stay away from episodes focused on just one or two supporting characters that no one really cares about. I understand why that Tara episode was needed, but that could have been worked into another episode as a side plot.

    As for Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is perfect in that role. I’m sure there are many that hate him for killing off beloved characters, but his portrayal of Negan fits the comics. When it comes to bringing a charming, sociopath to life, JDM delivers in spades.

    • Geo says:

      Ugggh, I just disagree. I don’t hate Negan for killing off beloved characters– I hate him for those endless stupid monologues, that forced and moronic “folksy” stuff he says, the increasingly dumb “he’s in love with his baseball bat” thing (the show is trying so hard to make the baseball bat thing happen, it totally fails– it’s campy and silly rather than scary and doesn’t fit at all with the vibe of the tv show). I hate him because Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who I’ve often liked, is almost unbearable in this role– “chewing the scenery” would be an understatement; it’s like he thinks he’s playing a bargain basement Joker in the world’s worst Batman film.

      I don’t mind at all the show killing off major characters. If anything, I think they should shock us more with sudden deaths of some of the people we think are safe, just to keep things interesting. But Negan is a seriously bad concept that just doesn’t work on the show, and they need to get rid of that and move on as soon as possible.

      • SusieT79 says:

        They want you to hate Negan. Not because of just the violence, every part of him. If you hate him, find him obnoxious, and annoying the show has done it’s job. They don’t want a bad guy that people love to hate, they want a bad guy that you hate period.

        • evababy says:

          I think the show wants people to hate Negan sure. You can create a villain that is disliked but not one that is so disliked that people’s hate of him spills over into frustration and dislike of the whole show. And I think that is what happened here. I think they overshot and he isn’t just a hateful villain but he’s cannibalized all the things that made the show interesting.

          But this is also a tv show that at the very least has to still entertain. A villain can’t just be unlikable, he has to be watchable. In my opinion he isn’t that and that is the real problem.

          • Desde says:

            I agree, Evababy.

            Sure you need a good villain that pushes the show further. Even if you have a really messed up villain, they still have to be liked to keep a show likeable.

            The whole character of Negan is just so over the top emersion breaking violent and distracting. He has destroyed the show. Because how he is written is in a way where people have become disgusted and walked away. You have to be a low grade sociopath to enjoy this show anymore.

          • Iris says:

            ICAM. I don’t love to hate Negan, I don’t hate to hate Negan since he isn’t interesting or entertaining enough to deserve my hate. He’s plainly unwatchable and by centering the show around him, his nazi-like regime and his minions, TPTB made the show unwatchable for me.

          • Mike M says:

            Negan has become the show’s Ouroboros – the snake that perpetually eats its own tail. The hate for the characters spills over into hate of the show for making you so hate the character, which makes you hate the character more, and in turn hate the show more…and round and round and round.

    • blah says:

      Rick has been broken since season 1.

  4. Jim says:

    No articles about last night’s pivotal Vikings episode? C’mon, TVLine!

  5. Walkie says:

    The show has been terrible in the first half of the season.
    Negan has been the biggest problem. The writing has been horrendous for JDM. It’s the most predictable and boring character on the show. And because the have so much riding on the success of that character, it has to be concerning to the producers.

    • Patrick says:

      This show covers the end of the world. I think some viewers are holding out hope that there will be a “happy ending.” Not a cure, per se, but something that prevents the creation of more zombies, or that ultimately kills all current zombies, or something. I think a minimum is that viewers are hoping the main characters find some sort of true refuge where they can be relatively safe and live out normal lives.
      But that wouldn’t happen in this situation. Without a government, and the instruments it possesses, lawlessness would reign. No one is really working on any type of scientific cure. There is no infrastructure. The world belongs to those willing to take it, giving rise to the Negans out there. In this type of situation, the reduction of food production, electricity , medical care, and general sanitation would essentially lead to the extermination of the human race. The smartest thing would be to head as far north as possible. The cold winters would prevent walker attacks, and maybe humanity could be rebuilt over several generations. But the walkers in the southern areas would be essentially invincible as they are immortal to anything other than being killed by external means.
      I think the writers understand the inevitability of death in this world, but that fans never realized or accepted this immutable truth. Now that the reality of this world is settling in, some fans are becoming disillusioned. They are waiting for the lives of the characters to improve, and they are looking for hope. Only there is no hope, and the lives of the characters will probably get steadily worse.

      • Lilly says:

        You hit that nail on the head. But if I knew now how it ends (with everyone dying young) I would quit watching. Hope is needed. We want our “good” folks to succeed – in whatever form that takes – and that goes to the core of why we watch. Whether we admit it or not.

      • Brigid says:

        Wow, you seem to be the only other person who watches the show like me. I like this season and really have no complaints. This world is a hopeless situation. People should realize it and either get use to it or move on to some other everything wrapped in pretty bows hour of TV.

        • Chfh says:

          If that happened you wouldnt have the show to watch since you are in the very very small minority in how you view the show.

        • Radha says:

          Oh okay. Apparently that’s what the problem is! I’ll go right out and get my ribbons then.

          Stop with the condescending comments. People are well aware that this is a show about the apocalypse. However I still don’t want to watch a show with such bleakness either and I’m pretty annoyed that this awesome show has been ruined just because some people, including the moronic writers, have this inexplicable hard on for Negan.

      • Eurydice says:

        What you call “hope” I call “story arc”. If a story is inevitable then there’s no need to keep watching it. Or it becomes like one of those long-running soap operas, where lots of things happen but nothing really changes and the viewers tune in only to visit their “tv friends.”

  6. Betsy says:

    So far at least for me, this season is doing terrible. It is like someone came up with the Negan idea and now has know idea where to go with it……….bring back the zombies at least there was meaning behind them. Shape up Walking Dead, get it together !!

  7. Lilly says:

    Good ideas, except I would move the suggestion to stop the character-centric eps to #1. Also, PLEASE don’t try to humanize Negan with endless flashbacks and backstory like they did the governor. Those episodes made me want to turn the channel … or tear my hair out.
    I’m one of those who has maintained this season isn’t as bad as most claim. At least, I argue the storytelling isn’t the problem. Watching the season back-to-back wouldn’t be nearly as bad because we’re just waiting 45 minutes between seeing the characters instead of a whole week. IMO, it all goes back to the fact that we love this show and the story about our beloved characters so much that ANYTHING that takes us away from that annoys us. That means weeks between visits with Carol and Maggie and Daryl. That means too much watching and listening to Negan monologue. And it means don’t waste a whole friggin week on one side story!!

    • SusieT79 says:

      I want them to flesh him out, but show that he was always a terrible person. Either he had to keep it hidden or maybe he was locked up and escaped in the beginning. Don’t show him as a good guy forced to turn bad. Show him as a sociopath finally allowed to be free to do as he wants. I mean someone who personifies a bat has issues.

  8. Stevep says:

    The biggest fix is to bring the group together and keep them together. There are to many Rickless and Michoneless episodes. Secondly yes kill Negan in the most horrible way possible. I don’t give a crap what the comics have this should be for people who have nothing to do with the comics and it has diverted already from them. Pe

    • Mark Green says:

      The series is BASED on a comic series thus like any series that has in the past should and will focus on the source material. They’ve diverted from the comics in the past and it was a NIGHTMARE.

      • Desde says:

        The episodes and seasons they’ve diverted where their highest rated. Their lowest (current ) focuses on the comics.

        I’d say come up with your own stuff. People aren’t going to like to see what’s in the comics on a TV. Unless you are a sociopath.

        • mrmcgee says:

          Choose a different word please. Looking a certain TV show doesn’t mean someone is a sociopath. I watch every week and I’ve not been thrilled with the direction of this season but like the article said, it can get fixed.

      • evababy says:

        Ok, but not everything that works on the page translates well to a moving visual media like tv or movies.

        A lot of adapted works deviate from the printed work for valid reasons and many of them do so to the adapted works advantage. Also approx 15 million people on average watch the show, only a fraction of those who watch the show have even read the source material. So the is not really a valid excuse since many of the people watching aren’t aware of what happened in the comics.

        Finally, they have changed the show up in many ways from the comics that have proven to be very popular. Carol of the show is not the Carol of the comics. Rick and Michonne’s relationship is different and Daryl doesn’t even exist in the comics and he’s one of the most popular characters.

      • Cody Jackson says:

        Apparently you’ve never watched/read Game of Thrones. They have been steadily moving away from the books and are now pretty much doing their own thing. In fact, many, if not most, shows/movies based on books do so, even if it’s just slightly.

        You’re most likely just biased based of your love for the comic books. People who read books/comics and then watch the story converted to screen get upset about every little change (I’ve been there too), but most other people don’t realize or care. At first every little difference between the books and show for Game of Thrones upset me, but then I just started appreciating both as their own story.

  9. Darrin says:

    I just don’t understand ? I think so far this is the best season for twd. Besides the Tara and Carol episodes. I think negan ( especially his corny jokes ) is awesome. Just think back to episode 1 of this season, that had to be the most intense episode of the show so far. The acting of Thomas Dean Morgan and Andrew Lincoln together was outstanding. I still get goose bump’s thinking about it. I agree they shouldn’t drag out his history, but I personally have enjoyed his role as negan. Kind of dread seeing him killed off. Seeing him sitting on Rick’s porch holding his baby and drinking lemonade with Carl, I just cant wait to see Rick’s reaction. I said all of that just to say I really have enjoyed the character of Negan, and couldn’t have picked a better actor to play him.

  10. AngelWasHere says:

    I don’t get the Negan hate. Well we’re suppose to hate him, but not like this. :P Anyway I think the pacing is the biggest problem. Negan would be less annoying to some people if they didn’t drag out every freaking storyline. I also miss when the walkers were more of a threat.

    • Desde says:

      Besides his character strangling the show. Only low level sociopaths watch the show anymore.

    • Cody Jackson says:

      They do the pacing thing purposely. The ratings are just too high on this show and they are letting it become more about profit than making a good show. That’s why they consistently drag unnecessary things out, or leave cheap cliffhangers to keep people coming back. Or why they make random episodes with little significance in the middle of a season longer, more commercials can be added in. If people would stop supporting them, they would realize they can’t get away with it.

      To be honest, I feel like that’s the biggest problem with this show. It’s gotten too popular and the decision makers are getting too greedy. They want to keep dragging things out as long as possible and even came out with a mediocre spin-off. It’s kind of our fault as viewers for pushing for more and more of something, but no good show can go on forever. Especially not one about zombies because the same little storyline keeps happening over and over again. Find new spot to call home, some minor fight/conflict between characters, major new enemy gets introduced, big fight happens and everyone gets split up/has to leave. The show just needs to end soon so they can go out on a good note. Notice how some of the shows considered to be the greatest of all time knew when to call it quits (Breaking Bad/The Wire).

  11. Jerry says:

    Yes, TWD is “that bad”! The pacing is excruciating slow and the dialogue is clunky. Fire Gimple and hire some writers who know how to tell several storylines in each episode (it can be done — look at the Game of Thrones).
    And what might really help is cut the season from 16 to 10-12 episodes. It is obvious the writers don’t have enough material for 16 episodes.

  12. It seems to me that Walking Dead only has 1 problem: the way they do too many episodes that only cover one storyline. If everything was moving at once and being covered in every episode the show would be great. But instead you have an episode over here, an episode over there and all momentum halts. Even if the stuff actually happening IS great, you’re missing so much other stuff and it makes it feel like a slow crawl. It also makes the timeline of the show make NO sense. One episode made it seem like Daryl had been held for weeks, getting tortured every day with Easy Street, being put to work on the fence, being broken down. Then the next episode we find out it’s only been 2 days since the group met Negan. Huh?

    But some things on this list make little sense. Like complaining about needing comic relief. Negan is BY FAR the most hilarious character ever to appear on this show. He’s nothing but one liner after one liner. There’s not a more entertaining and funnier character on TV right now.

    Or complaining about the group not being together enough. Sometimes you just gotta let things play out and earn a moment. If we didn’t have the group broken up and go through all the deaths and sadness of this season then we never would’ve got the moment of Rick and Daryl’s hug and Daryl giving him back his gun and seeing Rick has had enough and is ready to kick ass. One of the GREAT moments of this show. But that moment would’ve meant nothing without the buildup to it. Stop being so impatient and let the show earn it’s moments or wait a few months and just binge watch it.

  13. i think people bore too easily and are just too picky and have it out on the internet when things don’t go their way. the writers can do what they want as far as i’m concerned. it’s their story. i love the season. i love new storylines and having new characters brought in. i think shows get boring if they go too long without change.

    • Chfh says:

      By the same token viewers can tune out. If i was writing the show i would rather know what isnt working so i can fix it. It would be far worse if people stopped caring/commenting and just stopped watching.

  14. R.O.B. says:

    WOAH! Look. At. You. Hating. On. Negan! Man! Did. That. Just. HAPPEN?

  15. Spence says:

    The argument that Negan is supposed to be hated by the audience is really flawed because it neglects to look at why and how the audience hates him. He isn’t loathsome because he’s evil or vile, he’s loathsome because his character is underdeveloped and uninteresting. Look at The Governor as example: he was hated by the audience because he was genuinely terrifying and unsettling- as a proper villain should be. Negan is a basic charicature of a “bad guy” archetype, not a legitimate fleshed out character. I completely agree with TVLine’s entire list- particularly the Negan aspect.
    I would also add the show needs to take more risks. Where is TWD that killed Lori and T-Dog in the third episode of the season? Where is TWD that killed Dale and Shane in back to back episodes, neither episode a finale or premiere! This show is becoming supremely predictable, especially if you follow the comics, since it’s now a carbon copy of the comics. Develop Negan and take more narrative risks and TWD will be back to greatness.

  16. YestoKylie says:

    Fleshing out Negan is not going to help…not at this point. A character that makes viewers simply not tune in is a problematic character. He is not entertaining.

  17. Diana says:

    This was my favorite show because thisgroup of people come together in a horrible, almost destroyed world & instead of only thinking of themselves they become a family, they loved each other, watched out for each other! I hated when beloved characters died but, the stories were so well written you couldn’t stop loving & watching the show! When began come on the scene he and Lucille destroyed all that! It’s not that he beat Glenn and Abraham into a pulp it’s that he is so evil there is no way to redeem him! I mean negan is so bad that he isn’t even descent to his minions! Every time he talks he is being mean & ruthless I mean he constantly rubs Dwight’s face into the fact that his wife is negan’s wife now! Negan cares more about a wood bat than a human being,, I just can’t understand how one man can control so many people it’s not like he likes them why hasn’t one of them shot him in the head! The writers wanted us to hate negan and they got what they wanted evertime Rick comes on screen I’m thinking come-on Rick become your old self and kill negan! There is nothing that the writers can do to redeem negan he deserves to die a slow horrible death and I know Rick will eventually do what he told negan he was going do and that was kill him! I just hope it isn’t two seasons from now I can stand bad things happening to our favorites but, not what negan is doing to them!

  18. Lou Ann McGregor says:

    I agree, they need to bring Glenn back, the show is not the same without Glenn and Maggie’s story in the movie. I have stopped watching it, and I know a lot of other people have stopped watching it also, The walking Dead needed to keep the originals on the show. Neegan can be in the show and not kill off an original actor. Just saying it is not the same show I started watching 7 years ago, and would not miss an episode, no matter what, I watched the fist episode of this season, and not one more after that, I still have nightmares of how Glenn died on the show, it was too much to take. It felt like they killed off a member of my family. I liked Abraham, but he has not been there since day one. This is how I feel and I don’t need any of your smart A.. reply’s

  19. xyz says:

    I hate this idea that everyone who gets killed needs to be someone who “matters” to us. Sounds like one of those points an English teacher tells their students.

    The current problem is pacing and episode content. Make every episode matter so people don’t want to miss good stuff. Filler episode can be skipped.

  20. Real real me says:

    Season 7 seems to be the show’s worst season. It escalated from being my favorite show (and googling it every day), to a show I lost interest about.

  21. Solost says:

    I think the writing overall has declined drastically this season. Not sure if Gimple has farmed out various episodes, but the dialogue, feel and character development has been so muted. So Negan is supposed to be a bad mofo and unloads Lucille on Glen and Abraham because of Darryl’s attempted attk, but talks Carl to death for offing his crew with rifle? After everything that has happened to Rick, we spend half a season trying to believe he has lost his desire to stand up for things? So many inconsistencies, non-sensical and really boring structure.

  22. Fairmont1955 says:

    The repetition of bad guy tries to take over good guy camp is played out; season after season of the same general premise is what’s killing the show. It’s just a matter of inserting whichever bad guy to switch them out.

  23. Maia says:

    This one is easy, just get rid of the spin off and bring the main show back to it’s roots. The spin off is drawing attention away from the original writing process of the main show anyway, just enough with the extras.

    • xyz says:

      I suspect you are correct. Get rid of the other and focus 100% on twd.

      • Alison says:

        Totally. Funny how Kirkman stated that the main show will continue until the mid 2020’s at least. First of all if that statement includes that awful spin off too, he is more deluded than I thought. And secondly that is not his call to make. The viewers and tv head honchos will decide when it’s time to pull the plug since his greedy ass is incapable.

  24. mrmcgee says:

    All of those. One thing that bugs me most about Negan is that all of the pre-season hype, the cast and creators made it sound like we would see things more from his perspective and that he sees himself as the good guy. There’s been none of that.

  25. Jason Wagner says:

    Admit it!,you love to hate Negan,in fact a lot of people love how good he plays his character, I don’t care much about his back story,but it wouldn’t hurt to know a bit more about how he came to where he is now in control of so many. He has certainly put on a solid role,making for the best of bad men to encounter and has a huge network of which Rick should already have had by now. GO Negan, rip their hearts out some more before Rick destroys you like he has promised to many times. If anyone else gets that kill it would be bad for Rick ‘s reputation and his quotations to Megan would be all for nothing. Your the Man! KIRKMAN,keep up the great work,killer suspense and awesome details from Greg nicetero,or however the u spell it ,he rocks the shows zombies in a way no one else could,thx Greg,Robert and you too Scott!, Sincerely,NKY fans from the very start!

  26. Britt says:

    I read the comics too so call me crazy but I still think the Governor is much worse than Negan.
    I mean, he cut off Rick’s hand and raped Michonne right off the bat.

    Negan… he’s reacting to what we did. If they had come to Alexandria to knife us in the head, Rick would have retaliated and with good reason. Mind you, it wouldn’t have been so theatrical but still.

    Maybe Rick is a villain to other people. And I really hate that Glenn and Abraham are dead, but Negan does have layers. Whatever universe I’m in, I’m always with the good guys. But Negan is an amazing character in the comics. He needs to be just like that on the show as well.

  27. Gwen says:

    They took the time to show that Rick didn’t act predictably and beard-up the crazy all over Negan right after those two died. He was broken but not in the way he has been before but genuinely scared of who else he’ll lose. They needed to show him getting fed up. Spending time on making Negan appear as anything but a juggernaut of scary bad ass-ery, a violent force of nature that our survivors must find a way to overcome would detract from his character. For right now. When you see Negan now, tell me you don’t tense up a little, grimace every time he swings his bat or pays a little too much attention to someone. They wanted to set you on edge when he’s on the screen because that’s what Negan wants people to feel. Now it feels like you’re going through it with them.
    Secondly, I liked Swear and I enjoy Tara’s more light-heart-ed nature which was needed after all those intense episodes just like I wish they would focus on Ezekiel and Jerry more.
    Thirdly Maggie, Sasha, and Carol were all recovering. We complain when they spend a slow moment showing that, we complain when they don’t do it. All those characters were doing, at the moment, were sitting in reflection. There were other important plot lines to follow instead.
    As for Negan… Mm. For me, picking on Olivia repeatedly was where he crossed that line between fun and annoying. The first remark gave me a guilty laugh, though. Whenever they veered away from the comic, he began to veer toward obnoxious. I’m not being a purist, that’s just the way it seemed to go. In my opinion.

    • Ninamags says:

      You are spot on in your assessment of Negan. He. Is. UNPREDICTABLE. That makes him very dangerous. Every time he is on screen, I cringe and hold my breath and feel sort of nauseous.

  28. S.S says:

    After watching this entire series from the very first episode day one to present day I would say that the show has become totally redundant. You had the Governor, the people at the hospital, the cannibals at the train station, and so on and the plot is the same; an evil group that must be defeated and an original cast member dies. Why not something new? Like discovering where the virus came from, why or how it was created, How to get rid of it. or something interesting and not the same old thing just repeating its self in a different scenario with different people.

  29. Nomes says:

    I’ve stopped watching walking dead after the first couple of episodes… not because it’s pants but because it’s too upsetting! I had nightmares for days after that episode where Glen and Abraham got killed. It was horrific. I just can’t watch anymore :-(

  30. Cas says:

    I love JDM. And I laugh at some of his bad jokes lol. Plus I heard he is pretty much acting like he is in the comics. Also, Sasha not a favorite. She has a new gig so I am thinking she will die at seasons end.

  31. Mag8695 says:

    I can definitely get behind this list of recommendations, but I agree with others that it feels too late to flesh out negan. I’m at the point where I resent the amount of screentime he gets and how little that screentime does for the story. I would much prefer that the show refocus on the core group. The new characters have become distractions rather than additions, and sidelining characters as fascinating as ones like Carol should never have happened. I’d love it if the show found ways to actually be humorous – there is a place for it even in a story like this

    • Max says:

      I’m just sick of TWD period, it has become a show that thrives on gore and shock value but lacks actual substance which is lame. Kirkman has become all jittery and defensive of it, probably because he knows it is on a downward slope from here. So many better quality shows out there that get overlooked much more. But if those 40 and 50 year old fans want to still clutch their zombie merchandise and love itto forever, let them on, it will not last though.

  32. Drum Tech says:

    we’ve been a fan from the beginning , but you know what 11minutes and 36 seconds of view time for a 30 minute episode , seems youve sold out . . 18 MINUTES of garbage in between for plugs , I dont think anyone needs to be REMINDED of what were watching , every 3 1/2 minutes advertisement FOR the walking dead and more garbage. Im sure others might feel this way as well , as for this household and the fun get togethers to watch . . . see you later

  33. Ray says:

    I would like to see one of the cast use a golf Club to kill those Walking Dead people

  34. Guest says:

    I stopped watching the walking dead when they killed off GLEN. He was there from the beginning. I was traumatized by it. Who cares what the comics say, never read them and never will. No one in my family watches either. Because what mom watches they watch.