Girl Meets World Recap

Girl Meets World Update: 'No Official Word' on Cancellation... Yet

Don’t give up hope yet, Girl Meets World fans: A Season 4 renewal may still be in the cards.

Rider Strong, who reprised his Boy Meets World role of Shawn Hunter on the Disney Channel spinoff, revealed on a podcast this week that the show would wrap up with Season 3. But the official Twitter feed for the show’s writers’ room clarified on Tuesday that nothing’s been decided yet:

The feed added a note of gratitude for the show’s fans:

And it couldn’t help getting in a good-natured dig at Strong’s Boy Meets World character Shawn Hunter as well:

As the first tweet indicated, Girl Meets World still has three more episodes to air next month, even if Season 3 does turn out to be the end of the road. And the Jan. 20 season finale looks like a great blast from the past, with a slew of Boy Meets World alums returning to the fold, including Strong, Will Friedle (Eric) and Mr. Feeny himself, William Daniels.

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  1. lifeofanoddball says:

    Would be a perfect fit on Freeform

    • Anma says:

      I will be so disappointed if they cancelled this show. First show in a long time that children, young adults and adults enjoy since Sweet Life and Hannah Montanan. I watch it with my niece all the time. Give it more advertisement then it’s been receiving. It deserves better. If it does go off, that’s the end of Disney channel for me.

    • Z says:

      Freeform has their own problem shows to worry about.

  2. They would be crazy to let this show go.

    I think it should move to ABC where they have a number of family comedies doing okay to extremely well. Tackle a little bit older topics too, but still have some of the charm this version has.

  3. Timmy says:

    I love this show ever since boys meet world I started watching when it was on ABC thanks gods it Friday then it endend and I stop watching before it ended because I was drawing inserted in other things but when the started showing reruns on ABC family I use to come from my busy day and watch it like all the time I kept watching it over and over again
    So see there even if people not watching now doesn’t mean they won’t draw interested later

  4. Joey says:

    Ignoring things like ratings and cost to produce the show, I imagine a key thing that’s so far kept Disney from announcing a renewal is the shows subject matter.

    Boy Meets World started off as a fairly lighthearted, shut off your brain and laugh for a half hour kind of show. It wasn’t until Cory and gang went to high school, and they started to experience life that the show’s subject matter changed. We began to see things like sex, substance abuse, troubles at home, etc. It was far heavier material than the stories of Cory working to buy a squirt gun. But because it was on ABC they had the freedom to pursue these heavier stories.

    Girl Meets World was more or less in the same boat. The early seasons are lighthearted material that easily fit in with the other live action shows on Disney Channel. It’s stuff a parent can just leave on for the kid and not have to wonder if they’ll be fielding questions about sex, drugs and alcohol, abusive or absent parents, etc.

    The thing is, Girl Meets World eventually has to grow up. It can’t be goofy gags and fun times forever. If it wants to truly follow in Boy Meets World’s footsteps it needs to begin to mature. It can’t really do that on Disney Channel though. That’s like the ultimate safe space for children’s programming. I mean, they had one show where they reveal a kid had two moms, and they only did that because it was the final episode. They don’t take many risks there, basically.

    In order for Girl Meets World to grow up they’ll probably need to move it to another channel. Moving it to ABC is just a bad idea. Ratings will play a bigger role there than it does on Disney’s cable network. Even if it manages to tick up a million or so viewers, it would still be bad enough to cancel quickly. Freeform is the more obvious choice. I think they can get it to work there.

    I hope the show isn’t canceled, and Disney can make it work somewhere. Kids today need Girl Meets World the same way people my age needed Boy Meets World.

  5. Holly says:

    I’m hoping that Freeform pick it up, or Netflix. I’m not ready to say goodbye to this characters, especially if Josh and Maya don’t get their Someday in Girl Meets Goodbye.

    • rinaex says:

      No one will pick it up. It’s been in trouble for a while now, and it would be known already if any negotiations were being attempted elsewhere.

      • Aubrey says:

        There would be no prior negotiations since the show wasn’t and to my knowledge still isn’t in danger of being axed, then would there be talks to move it.

  6. Jenny Gorman says:

    Dont cancel this show. Just move it to a different Channel and let the show say on.

  7. anonymous says:

    I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the episodes are being leaked on YouTube before they air on tv which hurts the ratings which the network execs usually use to justify the cost of production and to pay the actors too.

    • Jared Munson says:

      The ratings aren’t that bad. They continually place in the top 5 for Fridays. When I interviewed Michael Jacobs last year he thought the show would go 3 or 4 years. He didn’t expect it to go as long as BMW

  8. Trista says:

    I love this show

  9. Don’t cancel the show until after they graduate from college like they did in Boy Meets World. Let the characters grow…. so far I own all the episodes up to date keep putting them out I’ll keep buying them.

  10. Felecity says:

    Don’t cancle girl meets world it’s the best that disney has.

  11. Shotei says:

    It has to get away from Disney. I’m surprised that Comcast has allowed it to go on this long with talk of God and other Conservative topics. I love this show. Best one in a long time.

  12. Steven Schooler says:

    I think Disney is ridicules fuller house was down in the 2nd season and first seasons ratings were up and Netflix ordered a third season they need to move girl meets world too a different network or Netflix where believe it will succeed Disney need to be suied for this get rid of Disney off tv period

  13. Tami Schultz says:

    Don’t cancel girl meets world. I actually learned a lot. I want to be like Topanga and Cory. I’m a single mother and I love that the girls and the hunkie boys grow up. I have watch every episode of boy and girl meets world, please reconsider your choice. Bring them back. Who else is going to teach everyone the real world and how to handle things.

  14. Abigail glass says:

    Please don’t cancel girl meets world it will ruin my life!!!