Real Housewives Worst Year Ever Bravo

The Real Housewives Franchise Had Its Worst Year Ever — Time for a Face-Lift?

First, a confession: I know way too much about these women. Over the past decade, I’ve watched more episodes of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise than I feel comfortable admitting in mixed company. But all that guilty-pleasure viewing gives me the authority to say this: 2016 was the worst year in the franchise’s history… and I fear that it’s all downhill from here.

Don’t get me wrong: Andy Cohen and Bravo have built an impressive empire out of filming a bunch of rich women drinking wine and sniping at each other. A good Real Housewives season is a nice, brainless respite from TV’s super-serious dramas, and can be funnier than most sitcoms. (In an alternate universe, Ramona Singer has won multiple Emmys for best supporting actress in a comedy.) But this year — of all years! — I couldn’t even turn to The Real Housewives for relief, as nearly every show in the franchise seemed to be running on fumes and grasping for storylines.

Currently, we have seven (!) Real Housewives shows airing on Bravo — and that’s not even counting Melbourne and Cheshire, which air first internationally. Let’s go through each one to get a better sense of what’s gone wrong:

Real Housewives of Atlanta Cynthia Porsha* Atlanta has always been the most volatile (and highest-rated) of the bunch. But now, two seasons into the post-NeNe wilderness, RHOA is a bit lost. They’re dragging back old news like “She By” Shereé Whitfield and introducing Kandi’s absentee baby daddy, all in a futile effort to stir the pot. And the less said about last season’s Kim Fields experiment (which extended into early 2016), the better.

* Orange County is the longest-running Housewives edition, with an astounding 11 seasons under its belt. (Vicki Gunvalson has been on TV longer than Ted Danson at this point.) It’s also maybe the most reliably entertaining of the bunch, but this past season, with the addition of foul-mouthed hothead Kelly Dodd, was an ugly misfire.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Dorit Lisa Rinna* Beverly Hills, once a highlight — where have you gone, Camille Grammer? — is now a shell of its former self, fruitlessly shuffling new cast members around Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards and hoping for a spark. Lisa Rinna’s desperation for airtime is painful to watch, and even the addition of the endearingly brash Erika Girardi (Erika Jayne, if you’re nasty) hasn’t made RHOBH watchable again.

* New Jersey: Oof. I have to admit, I tuned out on this one a few seasons ago, so maybe I missed it getting great again, but of all the versions, this one burnt out the most quickly. Teresa Giudice’s imprisonment should’ve been manna from reality-TV heaven, but instead, it just sucked all the fun out of the show. RHONJ introduced three new housewives last season… and then got rid of all of them this season! That’s not a promising sign.

Real Housewives of New York City LuAnn BethennyNow to be fair, there is one (faint) bright spot in the Real Housewives lineup. New York City clearly had the strongest season of any installment this year, with the juicy drama over Countess LuAnn’s whirlwind engagement to “my Tom.” Bethenny Frankel is the gift that keeps on giving to RHONY viewers, and Ramona and Sonja still deliver the laughs. But like the other shows, it’s relying too heavily on longtime cast members and not replenishing with new blood. (Jules “The Asian Jew” Wainstein was a big-time miss this year.)

And it’s not just the quality of these shows that’s dipped; the ratings are sinking, too. Here’s a quick look at the five longest-running Real Housewives shows, comparing their series-high viewership to their highest rating this season:

Orange County — 2.87M (2011) / 2.01M (-30%)
New York City — 2.64M (2010) / 1.96M (-26%)
Atlanta — 4.63M (2014) / 2.74M (-41%)
New Jersey — 3.85M (2010) / 1.94M (-50%)
Beverly Hills — 3.02M (2012) / 1.84M (-39%)

As you can see, all five editions are suffering significant, double-digit viewership losses, with New Jersey pulling just half of what it did in its prime. Based on these numbers, it looks like this franchise peaked somewhere in the 2010-2012 range, with diminishing returns ever since. Of course, all five of these shows have been on the air for at least seven seasons, and run 20-plus episodes each season, so maybe it’s not a mystery why they’re all running out of gas. (Even the ultra-trashy RHOBH offshoot Vanderpump Rules is showing its age in Season 5.)

In an effort to refresh the lineup, Bravo did roll out two all-new Real Housewives shows in 2016: Potomac and Dallas. But neither made much of a dent in the pop-culture conversation. I watched and enjoyed the Potomac ladies; they actually may have had the second-best season of the year, behind RHONY. But I skipped Dallas, and didn’t hear anything online that made me regret that decision. Bottom line: Neither of the two new entries will be the savior that resurrects this franchise.

So what’s the answer? Cut down on the episode count — and the interminable three-part reunions — and tighten up the ship? Ditch the old casts and start fresh? (That can be a perilous road, as we’ve seen.) Find a new city? (They’re tried that.) Or just accept the inevitable decline, and enjoy the Chardonnay-soaked laughs while we can?

Even Andy Cohen seems to recognize that the end may be approaching. In multiple interviews this year, the former Bravo executive who helped launch the franchise has mused about doing a Real Housewives All-Stars season: “When they really start petering out, we’ll just throw eight of them on an island.” Two thoughts on that: One, I would definitely watch a season of Ramona, NeNe, Kim Richards and Teresa stuck on a deserted island somewhere. And two, if what Andy says is true… that season might be a reality sooner than we think.

Real Housewives fans: Do you agree that the franchise is running out of steam? Hit the comments and give us your take.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Patrick says:

    The RHW franchise is garbage, made by garbage people, starring garbage people, and watched by garbage people. Maybe even the garbage people are just tired of the ultra narcissistic and selfish behavior largely perpetrated by people who aren’t that wealthy after all. The whole thing reeks of desperation, and watching that gets old at some point. For people with any measurable intelligence/taste/discernment, that point occurs almost immediately after watching a few minutes of these types of shows, at which point the intelligent person tunes out, never to return. For complete idiots, I guess that point of revulsion comes at a later point. I wouldn’t know.

    • jph_gsg says:

      what did NeNe do to make you so angry?

      • Carla says:

        It’s Stassi’s Ex.

      • Jake says:

        The issue is that these shows have “taken the side” of people who don’t seem to be in the right. I loved Lisa on BH but she seems to stir the pot and then acts holier than thou and the victim everyone is against for no reason. On NJ, the show has bent over backwards to make Theresa appear the saint and in the meantime pushed away Caroline and Kathy/Rosie from the series. I think they are painstakingly trying to keep their “most popular” characters happy that they are creating a bubble around their bad behavior and losing many fans in the process.

    • meleliot says:

      Patrick … Hey now with the name calling. This isn’t the school yard. We are all adults here and calling people complete idiots is rude. If RHW is not for you then fine don’t watch, but some of us may have hardships that only the RHW franchise can help us escape for a just a little while. Not everything has to be PBS (which I also enjoy immensely).

      • Patrick says:

        Look, if someone is a lying racist, they have to be called out for being a lying racist. If a person watches garbage on TV, garbage targeted at the dumbest, most shallow, most gullible, most useless segment of the population, then they must similarly be called out. Freedom to do what one wants has been used as cover, sort of a Freedom from criticism. If you do something stupid, then you better be prepared for the criticism that follows.

        • meleliot says:

          Who made you judge and jury? Why must YOU “call anyone out”? You seem to be a very intolerant person, and I am happy to not know personally. There are so many other things to call someone out on than for watching a housewife show. I find your vehemence quite entertaining. You’d think you would have just whizzed right by this story and not given it a thought, but here you are spending your time with us idiots. That’s just so very sad. Try not to fall off your high horse. And BTW, don’t bother to respond, it will fall on deaf ears, as I am moving on. Good day sir.

        • STFU Patrick says:

          So, since you are making rude, a-holey type remarks, you must be an a-hole, according to your theory.

        • Dayle Hudson says:

          You are a very angry person. These housewife shows for whatever reason helped with depression after my husband’s death. Women in nursing homes get a kick out of them. Please don’t label people.

      • RHLOVER says:

        I agree with the escape and I can say that I am not garbage. Love the escape and silliness. Winds me down after some serious stress at the office. No reason to bash anything. There’s certainly plenty worse to watch. And yes, I love the Kardashian’s as well. It’s all in fun TV. Everyone could use a little lightening up. And if you don’t find it here, there are plenty of other places to do so. No reason to create “hate”. We wonder where the children get it from and ultimately where the violence comes in the world. Let’s all loosen up and be happy. As Ellen says, “be kind to one another”.

        • Dayle Hudson says:

          IM still trying to figure out why Patrick is commenting. We are not stupid garbage people read my comment above and it might give you a little insight. Or maybe you don’t want any. You need to be happy , so go watch something that will match your ego.

    • if you have watched RHW shows, which you must have according to your comment, makes you a garbage person, according to your comment.

      • Patrick says:

        Nope, read and understand the ENTIRE post (if possible). I sampled the RHOC in S1. Five minutes in and I realized it was garbage. I am sure smarter people than I would have had that realization even earlier.

    • Ella says:

      Which begs the question, How did you find yourself on this article and this website, maybe a coincidence I don’t think so.

  2. Tim says:

    I agree the reunions should be cut to two episodes, but otherwise, I think the shows are just as good as they’ve always been. Some years are better than others, it’s been that way since the beginning.

  3. chris says:

    Ny- jules is gone , already going to be better
    Nj- if theresa really owns up to what she did wrong and says sorry then there’s hope otherwise its just another season of its everyone elses fault , rest of the cast is fine
    Beverly hills- can do without new girl dorit ,needs 1 or 2 better new gals
    Orange county- bye bye kelly , make brianne a official housewife , that’s the only way I say to keep vicki, otherwise I say cut her ,she’s like nj’s theresa and its always not her fault
    Atl- needs a major cast shake up , keep kandi and maybe cynitha , but everyone else has stayed to long or just rehash the same stuff over and over

  4. Traditionalist says:

    Face Lift?? How about time to cancel this idiocy!!!!???

  5. Haz says:

    I watch these shows to stupid fun, never taken them seriously. I have to admit the US versions have began to take themselves too seriously. They also have become too nasty. Beverly Hills was the only one that was somewhat watchable, but after bringing Brandi Glanville on then followed by Yolanda Foster and her “illness”, now these soap “stars” it has jumped the shark. I prefer the international versions over the US. Melbourne is a breath of fresh air compared to the US versions. Sadly Bravo thinks the fans like watching nasty drama over light hearted rich people problems like Melbourne. Also New York is the worst the Skinny Girl lady is unbearable.

  6. Seriously? says:

    Maybe people don’t want to watch rich, spoiled women be mean to each other for no reason other than to be on television. There is so much really excellent TV right now, why waste your time on this trash?

    • Carla says:

      Exactly, Bravo peaked when scripted shows on TV sucked! Now that they are good, Andy is scrambling.

    • maybe people don’t want to melt their brains with television….They’re so many excellent books to read, why waste your time on tv- a trashy medium? SEE, I can out-snob you….

      • Patrick says:

        Books, theater, museums, etc. There are much better venues and artforms. But reality TV is the worst.

        • Shannon says:

          Is there a book you should be reading? Or a theater you should be attending.. something more ” cerebral ” than wasting your precious time on calling strangers idiots?

        • Dayle Hudson says:

          IM still trying to figure out why Patrick is commenting. We are not stupid garbage people read my comment above and it might give you a little insight. Or maybe you don’t want any. You need to be happy , so go watch something that will match your ego.

        • Dayle Hudson says:

          Oh look. Patrick has a friend

  7. aaron says:

    RHOC was great this season imo. They are the most consistent. RHOBH is the one that needs the most help, letting Brandi go seriously weakend the show. New Jersey can’t be saved until they do a complete reboot, Theresa adds nothing to the show, hasnt since season 4/5.

    But Bravo does need to cut down the episode order. 15 episodes tops and thats including the reunions.

    • Carla says:

      Disagree, Brandi should stay hidden in that hole of hers.

    • Dayle Hudson says:

      You are a very angry person. These housewife shows for whatever reason helped with depression after my husband’s death. Women in nursing homes get a kick out of them. Please don’t label people.

  8. K-Rom says:

    RHOC really failed this season for me. Vicki is unwatchable, way too narcissistic, unbelievable and lost all credibility. She blames the others but it’s completely her fault. She says this is HER show, HER show, HER show….and it’s HER vs everyone else. It’s annoying and disgusting to watch. The addition of Kelly was a complete and total failure. She was trash to watch, and made me feel dirty for watching this show because she was so awful. If there is no way to rid us of Vicki, bring back Alexis or Gretchen, her new BFF’s according to twitter, and let that play out. Or just get rid of Vicki altogether (Kelly being gone is and should be a complete given) and bring in fresh meat. But quit trying to overcast and bring in ladies that are trying SO hard to be relevant or shocking. It’s obvious and horrible TV.

    RHOBH is ok, and the way to make it amazing is get rid of everyone but Erika. Make it Camille, Erica, maybe Kyle, and two new women. That would be AWESOME.

    RHONY I like. Ramona was actually tolerable this season, but carol is/should be totally done. Boring and no life added with that one. Luann should be gone but she saved her show career with this quickie fiancé, that will lead to the quickie marriage, and the next season will be the divorce so she is clocked in for at least 2 seasons with that gem. Bethany coming back really is the only thing to save this last season.

    RHONJ is trying too hard and needs to be done. It has to be. It’s sad and hard to watch. Jacqueline should never have been added back, and her desperation to be relevant stinks worse than a skunk.

    Atlanta……ugh. I hate to say I think Atlanta is done. Replace it with Potomac, which was AWESOME and let it go down in flames…which it is already it appears. Kenya was a cancer on this series and bringing Sheree back…’s like the D-list since they couldn’t get Nene back or Kim even.

    • Andrew says:

      @ K-Rom – Totally agree with you about Carole (Radziwill). She is one of the most BORING people I’ve ever seen on Housewives. My nickname for her is “Boring Carole.” Why they ever kept her instead of Aviva Drescher is beyond me. I LOVED Aviva. She didn’t take crap from anybody and her dad was HILARIOUS.. I would love it if she returned and Boring Carole left.

      • Dayle Hudson says:

        Carole is part of the Kennedy family is the only reason I can see why they hired her. She is always really late for every thing which is rude. She can’t say kittens. It comes out loans.

        • Dayle Hudson says:

          Essentially talking about sister in law. Got wrong person.I wanted to correct word that was put in wrong. carole pronounces kittens kiuns

    • Micha says:

      Great run down! Well thought-out and written. I totally agree with almost every point you stated. The Skinny Girl being back isn’t working for me. I loved her before, however I have not enjoyed what she has brought to the table. All opinions of course. I enjoyed reading your post very much!

  9. Theresalally says:

    Yes big time!!! I real,r do t watch anylonger used to b my fav shows

  10. Andrew says:

    I totally agree that the reunions should be shorter. I have found myself groaning when it turns out that the reunion (for whatever show) is a 3-parter/

    I also agree with shorter seasons. This past season of NY seemed like it went on FOREVER. There were times I went online to try and find an episode guide just to see how many episodes were left. Reduced episode orders would definitely help.

    The rotation of each show has started to irk me in the last couple of years, too. One season of this show airs, then once you catch your breath from watching a 3-part reunion, you find out that another one is just around the corner, and so on. All these shows are in CONSTANT rotation that it feels like you never get a break from it.

    I watch OC, BH, and NY. The only time I feel like I can really get a break from all of them is when NJ and Atlanta air, because I don’t watch those. Otherwise, I’m constantly trying to keep up. Longer breaks between seasons would be nice, but as we saw when production on Season 6 of NY was stalled because of contract negotiations, it’s not always a good thing.

    You are absolutely correct that NJ crashed hard. What a trainwreck that has become. I stopped watching when Danielle and Caroline left. The drama between Teresa and her brother kept me interested during Season 4, but once it was revealed that she and her husband committed fraud and were going to prison, I stopped watching completely. When I heard that Teresa was re-hired, I lost interest entirely. It seemed to me that Teresa and her husband were being rewarded for committing their crimes by being re-hired. It just sent the wrong message, in my opinion. I have no interest in watching NJ ever again.

    I love the idea of an All-Star season. That’ll be the day…LOL. I bet the ratings would be good.

  11. Sue says:

    I watch OC, ATL, NJ, & BH but I find myself ff thru most of the episodes now. Bored with all of them. Used to be escapism tv but now it’s just annoying. And dragging out the Reunion shows to 3 eps, ridiculous! I can barely watch 2. I guess I should delete all from DVR and move on.

  12. Tyre says:

    Maybe we should all come to the realization that reality TV is not really necessary with the amount of good, story driven TV shows. It has been said many times, we are in peak TV with so many original shows, most better than any producer manipulated hack that we see with these reality shows.

  13. Mary says:

    Orange county was entertaining because of kelly. Atl get rid of Kenya she is too fake and maufactured and put NE NE back in. NY get Jill Zarin back. Potato was entertaining. Dallas us a snooze fest

  14. Carla says:

    A network that is compensating a criminal.

  15. Eloise Minn says:

    I for one, TRULY THANK YOU for this information, especially regarding the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I knew people would in time get sick of their rachetness with (1) Kenya (2) Kandi. I had to stop watching because of Kenya. I literally had nightmares. And it’s painful to watch to watch Kandi’s ghetto, selfish, lying, jealous of Nene, greedy self. I still love the Beverly Hills one and the Wives of Potomac even with Ashley thirsty self. I knew that when Nene left they lost two million viewers, I knew it!!!!!

  16. Mark says:

    Add this report to last week’s post on this site, about the major audience losses the Big 4 Networks have suffered so far this season and it’s clear that the national “real” drama so many were watching this past year – aka – The Hillary & Donald Chronicles – took a lot of the “wind” out programing, in general.

  17. SoMuchHope says:

    The RHWs need FRESH MEAT. These chicks are tired.

  18. Kate says:

    Get rid of Vicky she is a classless woman who needs a reality check she is tired and they should put her out to pasture

    • Dayle Hudson says:

      Essentially talking about sister in law. Got wrong person.I wanted to correct word that was put in wrong. carole pronounces kittens kiuns

  19. R says:

    I actually just started the franchise again last year, and think it is strong! Love the casts!

  20. YestoKylie says:

    Dave you forgot Real Housewives of Auckland…New Zealand based, also from Bravo.

  21. Sally Rowe says:

    As a closeted but avid watcher of the franchise (yes, even D.C. & Miami, and agreed with their jettison), I too have grown beyond weary of the clearly scripted, nasty, predictable ick that has become RHO//. I do think it has aged beyond a retool, and prefer a quick glug of arsenic, as opposed to a slow, agonizing hospital stay for the concept. Bravo or Andy Cohen have, IMO, a flawed notion that throwing foul-mouthed, ill-mannered new blood into a given ‘city’ will reinvigorate our interest. I can say unequivocally, that this practice is lost on me. Perhaps it was just a novelty early on, but I have watched almost none of the entire year’s RHO offerings, and don’t see that changing any time soon.

  22. Episode count and number of reunion episodes don’t need to be cut. Some fresh faces would be nice and a mix of cultures would be nice, I mean all the Dallas ladies were white. Stopped watching the OC cause I can’t watch a woman who was part of a cancer lie, and can’t get over the fact that it’s just a little flaw for some. Vicki G shouldn’t be on Bravo. I’m still loving BH though I’m glad the whole is Yolanda sick or not BS SL, that was draining. Still love New York but stopped watching New Jersey mid way during the season. Atlanta bothers me cause their go to insult is to call one of the husbands gay. The Dallas version seems like a low rent OC. Best of the franchise is Melbourne. It’s just pure fun. Sure they get in fights but over silly stuff not your boyfriend is faking cancer fights. Never got into RHOP, missed the first few and never ended up binging on it. Give me the fabulous Ladies Of London and RHOMelbourne on a loop and I’d be cool, they are the best of those shows. Their is a glitz and glamour that some of the shows don’t have that I want. It’s a look into the lives of fabulous over the top Ladies, something Dallas doesn’t give. That’s like watching your neighbors. Overall keep BH, NY, Atlanta, upgrade Melbourne to full fledge show rather than dumping it on Friday’s. Either recast most of Jersey, and the OC or give them a rest for a bit. And for the love of god give us a Ladies Of London reunion. Just my thoughts.

  23. Ray says:

    It’s time to put these HoWives into retirement. They are all well past their prime.

  24. A fan of TV says:

    Just make them stop. I don’t aspire to live like any of these women whatsoever.

  25. Kay says:

    I really feel like three whole seasons hearing about the one same issue is too much. Ex brooks cancer. Melissa being a stripper etc.

  26. Lori says:

    I do agree, but I’m still watching :) Andy too, on “watch what happens live”, also seems to be bored and tired. All good things come to an end .

  27. Marissa Gonzalez says:

    I personally am turned off by Carol R. of New York. Boring. Would rather watch my plant grow.

  28. Kathleen Jimenez says:

    I don’t know why you’d throw Theresa on that island, it’s most likely her criminal behavior that has turned off a lot of those viewers. She’s an unrepentant thief!

  29. MMD says:

    Dave Nemetz – LOL

    First of all I just roared at your first paragraph, which is all I read. I have never watched a Real Housewives episode in my life (I don’t even know if I get the channel they air on) but give yourself a break. Every single one of us has a guilty pleasure that we would prefer not to talk about. Mine just happens to be DWTS and I don’t have the excuse that it’s my job. So continue to watch, enjoy and feel free to talk about it in mixed company. ;-)

  30. Graphicgypsy says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the addition of Kelly Dodd. Definitely a misfire. Beverly Hills is so boring so far this season. Rina comes off so desperate to me. I haven’t watched RHONY since the second episode of the Bethenny show. Not a fan. I miss Ne Ne on RHoA. There is definitely a void there.

  31. Whatevah says:

    Ugh why the Ramona love? She’s horrible. Bethenny ruined the NY franchise this season. She was nasty to everyone. The face of fibroids needed to dial it down 10 notches, and Carole needs to move on.

  32. Rachelle Gray says:

    I have a few favorites, Orange County, New York & Beverly Hills. I’ve just stated Melbourne and London. I can’t stomach Teresa G since she went to prison. Ne ne not my cup of tea. Atlanta dumb

  33. Vic Osario says:

    RHOC- Kelly Dodd is a hopeless alcoholic who Bravo should release. She needs treatment. Vicki is tired!
    RHOBH So tired of Lisa Rinna- boring- Stopped watching as these women can’t spark an interest- There husbands are more interesting, especially Mauricio
    RHOP- looking forward to season 2
    RHNY I like Bethany, Ramona and Dorinda- Carol and LuAnn are nauseating

  34. Italy says:

    I enjoy the RHW shows when they have fun!! I liked it when it was more like a walk in their shoes and not all the back biting. Chemistry doesn’t equal drama… equals fun. Of course not everyone gets along all the time but why all the extreme fighting!

  35. Jsh8675309 says:

    I’m already looking for another show to replace the RHOC time slot. Vicki two faced, back stabbing, lieing, conniving witch and then add Kelly the foul mouthed, drama stiring, ugly $^$#. Vicki actually blocked me on Twitter because she said I wasn’t being supportative and nice to her. REALLY. I used to enjoy a mindless hour of how well to do women have the same problems “normal” ppl do. Now, all the yelling and actual fighting and lies.. actually makes my chest tight. Vicki needs to go and so does kelly. I believe this will alleviate most of the horrendous behavior.

    • Kristie A Sparagana says:

      Yes, but with both Vicky and Kelly gone. All you have left is Meghan with her absentee husband who was forced into a pregnancy he wanted no parts of….Principal Dubrow who has to have the last word and the most money and Shannon, OMG you never know with her she is all over the place. Finally Tamra, obsessed with youth and more baggage than she cares to share

      • Kristie A Sparagana says:

        Yes, I believe they need a jump start…..RHOC is still my favorite with Vicky being very entertaining.
        RHONJ is a disgrace to us italians, these women are purely trash, who live on plastic. RHOA is so boring right now, I can’t sit through a whole episode.

  36. leo21 says:

    Women like Kelly Dodd and Kenya Moore need to be gone, Kelly because she is unrepentantly nasty and Kenya because she is only relevant when she invents drama – her actual life is uninteresting. Women like Vicki Gunvalson should not be treated as unfireable – any other woman that has the rest of her cast shunning her would be gone already. And the jail storylines are a real drag.

    • Yes, between Kelly & Vicki I stopped watching the OC. Just not fun. Can’t watch a person who lied about cancer. Bravo should have fired her. My favorites on the housewives are Carole R., Bethenny (for the most part), Lisa V, Eileen, Shannon B, and literally the whole cast of Melbourne (okay, not Pettifleur). Fun, nice people. I used to like the family element of NJ but now it’s focusing on the wrong family and everybody seems nasty (with exception of the new additions).

  37. Linda Van Loon says:

    I love all the house wife shows, I look forward to them coming on, and waiting for the new seasons to start. Their lives are so far from what regular people every day lives are, it is never boring.

  38. Linda Soliz says:

    Use to be fun to watch. More light hearted. An Escape from our normal lives,to see how the other half lives. Watched each one from the 1st show. Now only watch OC ,Beverly Hills and Alantic .But now it’s all back stabbing ,rumors ,No real friendships that I can see. And no relief to anyone watching it .Its,just more drama and we already have that. And all the back stabbing. This will be my last sessions with the ladies ..Wish they could see how blessed they were,to be selected. Ive really enjoyed watching them but ,alone with my friends. Its just more stress than enjoyment. It’s been fun.

  39. says:

    Please, NO! It’s my mindless entertainment

  40. Cheryl says:

    Yeah,they are all suffering for anything they can think of RHOA,RHONJ need to kick rocks…im done i only watch RHOA for Porsha and Phaedra and if NeNe makes a appearance,other then that i take bathroom and kitchen breaks,RHONJ-They done,no storyline at all.

  41. Kristie A Sparagana says:

    Yes, I believe they need a jump start…..RHOC is still my favorite with Vicky being very entertaining.
    RHONJ is a disgrace to us italians, these women are purely trash, who live on plastic. RHOA is so boring right now, I can’t sit through

  42. Sunny says:

    I hate them all especially RHONY. Bethenny Frankel should be locked away in crazy 🏠. All of the housewives shows, little women, big people small people, gay people, straight people, house building, real estate shows, etc., should all be canceled.

  43. Wanda says:

    I believe it time to introduce different women from different walks of life this would definitely help the franchise.

  44. Rickey Lee Jones says:

    I like Kelly Dodd. She was the only thing exciting about OC season. But Bethany is so played out. We all loved her as an underdog but as the bitter ex who uses her money and power to get self-esteem, I’ll pass. Bring back Jill Zarin please

  45. Joyce Okal says:

    I quit watching. Same fights on all of these shows for 4 years now. I’m out.

  46. MelodyAZ says:

    These shows are vapid garbage that offer nothing. We should be ashamed for even glorifying these people. History is not going to look kindly on these sort of shows and what they symbolize.

  47. Denise Brown says:

    I have loved RhoA since I began watching in 2008. It’s not as juicy like when NeNe spiced it. Is Kenya ever getting a man she can keep?

  48. Nancy Fields says:

    I can’t stand that Vicki thinks it’s her show. She is F—king stupid.She is nasty and rude and never thinks she is wrong. Make her go away please. I watched all of them in the beginning but lost interest in the others fast. Hated Joe and Teresa, now her brother jos and his wife are so full of them self I had to stop watching all of them!

  49. Craig Summers says:

    Yes by all means they need to end. They are falling on desperate gags . If I have to see fist fights throwing objects and the scraming ing each others face and the worst out talking and talking over someone while another is trying to get their point over. Vicki in OC needs to go. Teresa in Nj with all of her crying she didn’t do anything wrong bitch you are a Penitentiary Woman who should still be in the pen with her husband. The whole cast of Atlanta all they know how to do is assault physically each other. BH has just got boring and so to is London. 2017 should say goodbye to all of these housewives shows they have run their time out on the clock.

  50. Malea Rodziczak says:

    I agree the shows havery gone down hill. For me each one has gotton more vulgar each season to the point I have to stop watching. It started out to see the fun life style of these rich ladies and was fun. Now they all act like trash.