Reader Wish List 2017

TVLine Readers' 2017 Wish List for Arrow, Once, Agent Carter, The 100, Bones, Walking Dead, POI and More

Sex, weddings, resurrections and a haircut — you want it all in 2017, TVLine readers!

We recently asked you to reveal the items atop your TV Wish Lists for the new year, and you flooded our inbox with your small-screen desires.

We heard your renewal and spinoff pleas loud and clear, Eyewitness, Pitch and Person of Interest fans. Meanwhile, the ‘shipper wishes ran the gamut from an Arrow reunion to a Once Upon a Time engagement to a Homeland hookup.

You also got creative with your dream picks, imagining up a reboot starring a Castle favorite and a Smallville reunion on This Is Us.

Scroll through the gallery above (or click here for direct access) to see the TV wishes we’ve highlighted, then hit the comments to add your own!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Matt C. says:

    Absolutely agree that Emily VanCamp should headline a new show! I just love her so much! Also hoping that Dylan and Emma get a happy ending on Bates. They really deserve it after everything they’ve had to deal with…especially poor Dylan.

    • jr. says:

      10. Agree USA networks Eyewitness was good and would like a new season. But who were the two boys in the photograph? They were not the boys who starred in the first season of Eyewitness. And I would only like a second season, if those original two actors returned for the second season.
      Also, I’d like to wish for Glee The Next Generation, as a new series on Fox!

    • Lex says:

      Here’s what I think should happen: Laurel Lance should stay dead, but you take Emily Van Camp and Katie Cassidy and give them a vehicle where’ they’re rival glitterati or something so they can get their HBIC on.

  2. Ws says:

    Ugh.. most of these wishes are about shipping…. shippers have ruined much of television.. they need to stop.

    • Lucia says:

      You beat me to the punch!. I’m soo tired of this shipping thing…

    • Max says:

      Shippers are the greatest source of buzz for most tv shows. If you don’t like a show anymore, maybe stop blaming shippers and start directing your anger towards the writers for not satisfying you as a fan.

      Now that you told them to stop though, I’m sure every shipper out there is gonna stop doing shipper stuff right away, stuff that includes anything but writing for the show.

      • Nicky Aiuto says:

        Not according to the ratings. And the fact is Max, shippers will never get what they want, cause the makers don’t write for them. Get real, Look at the facts.

        • Max says:

          Social media buzz is usually carried by shippers. That’s a fact. If you’re not aware of it, maybe you don’t spend as much time on SM as I do. Also don’t know why you thought I said the writers were obligated to cater to them.

          • Nicky Aiuto says:

            You made it sound like you said the writers were obligated to cater to them, that’s why. And whether or no that the Social media buzz is carried by shippers, they don’t have the power on anything.

        • Lex says:

          Those are the facts. If you look at Nielsen Social data, more often than not it’s shippers who get their hashtags trending. Nielsen Social is a better way to assess buzz than traditional Nielsen ratings, and shippers dominate those numbers.

          • DL says:

            Fallacious argument. You’re ignoring that buzz doesn’t automatically mean higher ratings, and higher ratings translate to renewals, not buzz. Scream Queens, for example, managed to trend on social media in its first season while pulling some of FOX’s worst ratings numbers. You could say the “buzz” contributed to it getting a second season, but the show has only declined further — another metric evincing that ratings > buzz.
            The reality is that it’s mostly young people busying themselves with “social media buzz,” while it’s those who come home from work and turn on the television that generate most of the ratings and ad revenues which keep shows on the air, don’t bother. I’m 31, and I don’t know anyone who “ships” on social media, or spends time talking about their favorite “buzzy” shows beyond an occasional Tweet or Facebook post. You also have to keep in mind that people all over the world download U.S. TV shows and comment on social media about them, and contribute absolutely zero to Nielsen ratings (no clue if they’re tracked by Nielsen Social, but all that would do is skew the data further).
            It’s easy to get the impression that TV is driven now as much by buzz and the social media landscape as it is by ratings and good traditional advertising. But that’s a picture based on widespread exposure — social media is everywhere. And certainly, good buzz can help generate ratings. But the idea that “shippers” somehow drive ratings, a show’s success, or even the TV landscape itself, is valid only insofar as weak-willed showrunners cave to social media pressure because it’s easy to conflate the loudest and most devoted fans with the majority fan opinion, even though that’s rarely true.
            In reality, the majority of fans watch TV shows without engaging on social media about them. And some of the most successful shows in recent years — Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Fargo — have largely been free from “shipping,” at least so far as that actually penetrates the entertainment media’s show coverage. Conversely, any posts about, say, Vampire Diaries or Arrow are riddled with “ships” like “Klaroline,” “Delena,” “Olicity,” and so on. Those latter shows are obviously not at the top of the TV landscape, no matter how much buzz their shippers generate.

    • Jason says:

      I suppose people ship because we tend to be pretty fond of Love and those other more primal urges. It’s sort of a basic human drive to seek connection. Through our shipping we get a vicarious thrill. Whether you’re content or lovelorn, it’s always something we can identify with. Shipping hasn’t ruined television because it’s always been there. We just recently came up with a word for it. Romance is integral to the vast majority of stories throughout time. Our ability to communicate to each other about it is what has changed. Perhaps one can be frustrated with the incessant arguing about who ships who because it certainly dominates the discourse. But the stories themselves remain largely unaffected. The writers are going to tell it the way they want to see it. That’s their prerogative. But they are people to, which means they’re allowed to ship just as hard. If that means, to you, the unassailable evidence of shippings corruption, then maybe you’re right. But unfortunately your disappointment will go unchanged, because our common human impulses will go unabated.

      • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

        Never saw much of any superhero shipping going on in The Adventures of Superman, Batman, The Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman. It doesn’t seem like shipping started until Lois & Clark. And then Smallville doubled down on it. So now every superhero show seems to have to have shipping.

        • Caroline says:

          Different generations though. There wasn’t a whole lotta romance in shows of 50s/60s/70s because it was really taboo to show much of anything besides chaste kisses on screen – married couples often had to sleep in separate beds for example. Lois&Clark was in the 90s & since then restrictions have been lifted as the world changed. That show & Smallville were as much about the relationships/romance as the hero stuff. Also the reason it feels more prominent is because now the technology supporting shows is way more advanced & keeping fans connected.

        • Max says:

          Maybe go back to the source? Every iconic comic book revolves around a love story. It couldn’t have started with Smallville if the comics started it first. Social media is what happened. Not Smallville.

          • Lex says:

            For that matter, every archetypal hero’s journey has a love story at it’s center.

            Homer was an Odysseus/Penelope shipper, and loved the slash pairing Achilles/Patroclus. The Divine Comedy was about Dante making his way to heaven to see his beloved Beatrice. Shakespeare used love stories in most of his plays. The novel as we know it began with Cervantes and Don Quixote, who was searching for his Dulcinea as a callback to chivalric romance.

            Shipping was big in Marie Antoinette’s court, and Louisa May Alcott created the first ship war by having Jo from Little Women end up with Professor Bhaer instead of Laurie.

        • Jason says:

          The show’s you speak of were fundamentally kids shows. And many tv series of the past tried to eschew the sort of serialized storytelling ongoing romantic evolutions would require. If Bruce Banner met some intriguing woman on his journies, it was usually confined to that episode. I would actually say that Greatest American Hero beat Lois and Clark to the punch. He actually got married to Connie Selleca’s character. In any event, most shows had romance. It just tended to be fleeting. In the comics those series were sourced from there was always a love interest. The whole thing is more or less unavoidable when your telling the ongoing stories of people’s lives. It tends to be something most of us think about.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          Lois Lane and Clark Kent have always been in a ship since the beginning. Batman has never been that interested in romance. Banner’s always on the run. But I can name plenty of superheroes where relationships play a big role, for instance, Wolverine, Cyclops, Green Arrow, and Spider-Man. Spider-Man’s love life has been a huge focal point since his inception.

    • Angela says:

      There’s nothing wrong in and of itself with people shipping characters on TV shows. That’s been happening since TV was a thing, you know that, right? They just didn’t have social media outlets to make their feelings on pairings known in the past.
      Now, some shippers can be very obnoxious in HOW they express their feelings about a particular couple-harassing cast and crew and whatnot-and I would agree with you that those people are very annoying. But there are many shippers who aren’t like that (I’m among them) and just liking and rooting for a couple to be together on a show is perfectly fine.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      As long as characters are in relationships, there will be shipping. This isn’t new.

  3. Olivia says:

    Thank you for the Hawaii Five-0 wish list. Very obvious Steve has moved on even Alex O’Loughlin said Steve would be an idiot to take Catherine back. No one wants Catherine back she adds nothing to the show in fact you can see the tensions on screen when she is on the show. Please move on from her it is getting ridiculous time for that actress to find a new job and stop expecting Hawaii Five-0 to keep her employed.

    • spdavid says:

      3 choices,either she comes back full time and is 100% in his corner forever,they break up in a way that is unmistakable and permanent,or they kill her.

      • Olivia says:

        Her coming back full time would be awful the cast would be miserable. Catherine would never put anyone but herself first . Just let it be they are over he is with someone else time for that actress to go job hunting.

  4. A says:

    I certainly wouldn’t mind for Bellamy and Clarke to get it on. The chemistry is obviously there.

    • Oliver says:

      I think they work better as friends. Not every male and female lead needs to hook up and it’s refreshing to see a pair working well without the romantic garbage ruining their storyline.

    • malli says:

      Bellarke = hope,
      plus: they are meant to be

    • Andrea says:

      No way, the Bellarke ship has long sailed since early season 2. It would be ridiculous also to have Clarke jump from lover to lover yet again just after the last one died. She would be better now just independent and on her own. Bellarke would be the final nail in the coffin for this show. I love the 100 and will still watch season 4 but without Lexa, I know it will be lesser than what itI was. So my one New Year’s wish is easy; bring Lexa back in some form. Realistically she was so good, Lexa could have her own franchise. I miss Lexa more than any character in any other show. Bring her back.

  5. liya says:

    yes the June Wedding for Steroline!! they need to have a happy ending!!

  6. marydspain says:

    The #SterolineJuneWedding has to happen

  7. Josianne says:

    Yes, we are waiting for Stefan and Caroline to get married :D we know JP ships them too, so I’m pretty sire we will get our June Wedding ;).

  8. kirads09 says:

    Why just all about the ‘ships? I do wholeheartedly agree with the Agent Carter special movie/episode one.

  9. Collette says:

    Wow! I don’t watch a single one of the shows in the gallery. On the subject of Nathan Fillion as Bret Maverick, absolutely not. I could see Matthew McConaughey or Josh Lucas as Bret or even Matt Bomer. Nathan could never pull off that laid back Texas/Oklahoma charm. Nathan I see as more of a Nick Charles or half of the Mr. & Mrs.North duo.

    • Ellen says:

      Wow! I think he could pull it off no problem. He’s very much got a James Garner vibe. I’d love to see him do a western.

  10. Rey says:

    I wish there was a Root digital spin-off set in 2013-14. Now that she’s dead I don’t see any reason to continue personoinetesr whatsoever.

    • Caroline says:

      Is Root *really* dead though? What dies on a TV show doesn’t necessarily mean it stays dead…

      • Rey says:

        Nolan killed her off. It means she’s permanently 100% dead. He’s not going to revive her for fans, well, because it’s a Nolan.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        It appeared Root did what was done at the end of Second Chance by the brother scientist, when he merged his consciousness into the machine and continued living without his corporal body. It appeared ‘the machine’ now was a person, so to speak.

        • Caroline says:

          Don’t buy it. The Machine was still talking about Root in 3rd person, as if she was a separate being, even though The Machine was using Root’s voice. It seems like TM took on Root’s persona, but didn’t actually “become one.” Yes that’s what Nolan was saying, but that’s not how they portrayed it. I think they left it open ended in case they got picked up by another network, and when it didn’t seem like that’d happen, Nolan gave that answer.

  11. A. D. says:

    Oliver and Laurel belong together…Felicity is the most grating, useless, waste of space since Chloe on Smallville!

    • Emily says:

      Too bad Lauren doesn’t agree with you 😊😊 she want oliver to be with the love of his life Ana FELICITY SMOAK !!

      • Emily says:

        Also lmao at calling felicity useless when you are a Lauren stan! ! The character that bring nothing and was killed off bc of that . Oh and Chloe was the best 😍😍

        • John036 says:

          Laurel was killed off because of the lazy writers. What could’ve been a complete bad @$$ character was wasted.

          • Max says:

            She had nothing substantial as a storyline ever since she put on that mask in season 3. In a way you can put all the blame on the writers. Still, Laurel was always shown to be a badass – by your standard definition – in s1-2 too but people hated her then. Coincidently, when she put on her mask and she had no individual storyline anymore, that’s when people started liking her. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

          • Lex says:

            Laurel was a mess from the moment of adaptation, when she was given the backstory of being Oliver’s ex-girlfriend and having him run away with her sister. Poor writing, poor casting and poor characterization continued to plague the character. She could have been a bad—, but she wasn’t.

    • Max says:

      Hope you also think “belonged together” when he ran away with her sister behind her back and dated her years later while laurel was still alive and very much single, or when he proposed to Felicity after running away with HER for months. Even their comics counterpart don’t belong together since they either end up being strangers, separated or divorced in every canon.

    • Stacey says:

      I love Laurel too, and I would love to see her back in any capacity but I love Felicity too, and Chloe was the best part of Smallville. Oliver and Felicity have great chemistry and I hope they get back together and I hope they Laurel comes back so we can see the Black Canary again. I loved her fierce fighting style in S4 before they killed her off.

    • Lex says:

      I see what you’re doing! You want to incite a fight, don’t you? Well, good job, because it’s gonna be nasty.

    • Jamie says:

      You are literally the only person I’ve ever heard talk smack about Chloe on Smallville. Homegirl was the best character on that show.

      • Johana says:

        I have to assume You were literally not much around social media while Smallville was on right? Chloe was a really polarizing character (especially in Season 9). Mary Sue was one of her fabulous names

  12. ekolint48 says:

    Yes to Agent Carter tv movie special!

  13. Augusta says:

    I am all for a Root & Shaw spinoff! We never got the chance to learn much about those 2 and Amy Acker & Sarah Shahi have the talent and charisma to carry their own show, plus their chemistry is off the charts electric – I’d love to see what they’d be able to bring to a show completely centered around their characters.

    • Olivia says:

      I’m willing to suspend disbelief if this could be a real option. I’m usually very critical and can’t stand being fed stupid plots and twists as if I were an idiot, but in this particular case they could say the whole last season was a dream or some other cheap trope like “it was not Root who died but her twin sister we didn’t know of”… and I would eat it up and throw my money at them in a heartbeat.
      That’s HOW bad I want this to happen and how much I miss these two (individually and together).

  14. Diane says:

    Yes to a Timeless renewal! And I’ll take a real Kensi and Deeks proposal on NCISLA, first.

  15. Camila says:

    I love this list so much! I’ve seriously been waiting for Bellarke for so long, it’s time now!
    And, wow, Pitch needs to be renewed ASAP.

    • Alex says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble but Clarke likes girls now and she would just be settling for Bellamy, she even chose Lexa over him.

      • Chris says:

        You clearly don’t understand how bisexuality works.

      • Mar says:

        Clarke is bi, dude. Plus she didn’t chose Lexa over Bellamy because there was never such a thing. They weren’t pitted against each other, let it go.

        • Ashley says:

          She did choose Lexa over Bellamy. Bellamy asked Clarke to go with him in Lexa’s tower because ‘it’s not safe here’. SHE chose to stay with Lexa. And she did sleep with more woman so would I be surprised if she even got with Lexa’s cousin Luna next, nope!!

  16. Nerdbot says:

    Amen to…
    – The high quality, high-rated show starring Emily VanCamp. I miss her AND Revenge so much.
    – Orphan Black’s final season answers all the mysteries. I do wish a happy ending for all the sestras, but I’m afraid that one or two will have to make the final sacrifice for the happiness of the rest (I’m looking at you, Sarah.)
    – A second season of Fox’s Pitch. I just finished watching the first season and I loved this show. It was consistently good and the acting was superb. Kylie Bunbury, ‎Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Ali Larter nailed it, so, please, Fox, renew it!

  17. Max says:

    My wish list for 2017:
    – Bones getting a proper send off that will honor every pillar character and relationship that people grew to love over a decade of Bones greatness.
    – The Arrow writers finally giving Felicity an individual storyline that won’t be swept under the rug after 10 minutes of screen time without fundamentally transforming her as a character.
    – Iris West doing something more than cheering on her superhero boyfriend. (DCTV brings out all the snark, sorry not sorry.)
    – A much-needed Pitch renewal.

    • Max says:

      Oh yeah… That Prison Break revival needs to have a happy ending. That show hurt me enough.

    • Stacey says:

      I agree about Iris, they really have not been utilizing her very well this season. She is an awesome character and I would love to see her with her own SL outside of Barry, though I love them both as a couple.

    • YestoKylie says:

      Iris West’s character has never been an impressive character to begin with. I do not read comic books so I’m not sure what her character is like in the comics but on TF its like she’s just waiting around to be a LI to Barry. The show doe not know what to do with her.

      • Max says:

        I think most DCTV shows don’t know how to write for female characters anymore unless you’re on Supergirl. But I loved Iris the journalist and right now she’s just Iris the girlfriend starring on her boyfriend’s show.

      • datdudemurphy says:

        Iris West was never really interesting in the comics either.

        I think the problem the DC shows currently have is that their casts are getting too big. There are too many characters to give them all stories and screentime.

  18. PatriciaLee says:

    Hey, what about the husband’s wish that Grimm not be cancelled?

  19. Angie says:

    Klaroline, Delena, Laurel and Bellarke yess 🙌 They’re the only thing that matters in this beautiful list! Thanks Tvline! and Merry Christmas 🎅

  20. Joey Padron says:

    Great TV wishlist from the readers. I hope an Agent Carter special and hope Timeless and Pitch get renewed for another season!

  21. Joey Padron says:

    Merry Christmas everyone and to everyone at TVLine.

  22. kmw says:

    I like the wish for Bones that wish made more sense than Zack coming back but I don’t think it will happen

  23. kia says:

    I hate when people ask for dead characters to come back. Sweets is gone, his story is closed and we have many characters who are alive whose stories need closure.

    • kmw says:

      I get what you are saying and normally I agree but Sweets means more to Bones than some that are coming back( Sully for instance) and it would be nice to see him once more. But like I also said it wont happen because Sweets would have to come back in a dream and they have already done that with Brennan in particular. however maybe we could see his son pop up with Daisy. oh well they are just wishes

  24. kmw says:

    Also one more wish for Bones is that it ends well honors all the characters. and Booth and Brennan are in a good place and happy

  25. Angela says:

    Couple wishes I have for 2017:
    -Vera Farmiga and Freddie HIghmore FINALLY win some freaking Emmys for their work on “Bates Motel”.
    -Reid finally gets some happiness on “Criminal Minds”. The poor guy’s been through so much. He deserves some good news in his life.

  26. guest says:

    I did not think of it prior to seeing it in the gallery but a chlollie reunion would be sooooo awesome!!!! I would love that!!!

  27. malli says:

    I really dig their slow burn enemies-to-allies-to-friends-to….
    and I think that now is the perfect time, pending endofworldandall to get some hot smooching on top..
    I LOVE them so much, hardly any relationships as layered as theirs

    • Alison says:

      No way!! No I agree that my desire would be to see Lexa again hands down. Bellarke will kill The 100 off. Besides, looks like Clarke is more into girls now. She would just be settling for Bellamy and that’s not right.

      • Soffe says:

        Clarke is bisexual. It’s not about “being more into girls” that’s literally not how it works – sure it’s not always evenly split and bi people might like one gender a bit more than the other (Clarke however has given no indication that she’s MORE into girls) but even then it’s still totally normal for them to fall for someone of the opposite gender there’s no limtiation, she’s not supposed to only be available and allowed to like females. As for “settling”? By that logic she was settling for Lexa as well and then Finn would have been the best choice for her I guess? She’s young, she’ll fall in love with whomever she wants and no that won’t be settling, relationships comes and goes but that doesn’t mean your new partner is any less than the previous it’s not a competition. The 100 is an amazing show and Clarke and Bellamy’s build up and dynamic would make them a great couple if they get together, it’s certainly been hinted and suggested throughout the seasons that the show might make them canon eventually and if it happens it’ll be a beautiful natural process that’s very much been slowly developing since s1 (they’ve just had other storylines and relationships to sort out first) I for one am rooting for them, bellarke has so much potential.

        • Ashley says:

          She slept with a guy first and then when she realised the other side to her she slept with two women. What more of an indication do you need? Okay how about the fact Bellamy asked her to go with him and she chose to stay with Lexa and sleep with her instead! Let it go you sad Bellarke shipper.

  28. Devon says:

    I feel bad for all the serious shows trying to tackle important topics- all they get from fans is, “When are these characters gonna get together???” Makes sense since emotional connection is so important, but it’s just funny to imagine their frustration.

  29. Nicole says:

    Praying for a holiday miracle that sees FOX’s The Exorcist renewed!

  30. Klaus says:

    Lol when you see 5 SC june wedding comments in a row you know those are from the same person…Mary please stop with the spam.

    • Stacey says:

      I agree, though I think they are going to monitoring comments more closely now and delete the comments that come from the same ip, at least I hope! And yes, hoping for our Klaroline endgame! Klaus helped Caroline accept her vampire self and Caroline saw and brought out the good in Klaus.

  31. Mery says:

    Klaroline yess! They need to be endgame :)

  32. Cristian says:

    Most are shipping wishes but I blame writers, they make their shows that way

  33. Joey Prue says:

    Yes, definitely we need to see more about Kaus and Caroline relationship, waiting for them in TVD finale and The Originals as the wish says.

  34. Stacey says:

    I agree with 28 out of 29 of these wishes! Thank you for the Klaroline wish, I too hope they are endgame! And yes, Barry deserves happiness and I would love Katie Cassidy to be back full time too!

  35. Some of these are such great ideas! I love the idea of an Agent Carter movie wrap up, a new show for Emily VanCamp and a Maverick series with Nathan Fillion! My wish for 2017 would be to never hear Steroline mentioned ever again! I will always be a Elena and Stefan fan.

  36. Cody says:

    Allison Mack joining This Is Us would be amazing! Oh and where do I sign that petiton for more Agent Carter…

    • Brian says:

      Good list. Agree about an Agent Carter movie that wraps up everything. Also agree about the wish for Dylan & Emma to get their happy ending and AMEN!! to Emmy Rossum finally get a Emmy nomination. Her not ever getting recognized by these awards folks is one of the biggest mysteries to me.

    • Lex says:

      You know Allison Mack somewhere in the DCTV universe would also be cool!

  37. Jecly says:

    Agreed about Emily VanCamp! I hope to see her in a well written, good TV show (I also miss Revenge)

  38. Max says:

    Yes, yes, a 1000 times yes. Get Carl a haircut. There’s got to be a hairstylist or barber who survived the zombie apocalypse.

  39. Imane says:

    Agree with most of them espcially Rumbelle, Emily Vancamp & Bellarke (and GIVE THAT DAMN HAIRCUT TO CARL )

    However a Hook/Emma engagement wouldn’t mean much & would be boring. My wish is to see Regina FINALLY happy!!!

    Also : To have Olivia Pope (Scandal) back with Fitz and stop the stupid non-sense drama! & have Cookie & Lucious more scenes (teasing & stuffs) in Empire ;)

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      There might not be an offical engagement at all for Emma and Hook, especially when it was hinted that Hook is most likely the murderer of Emma’s father’s father (her grandfather), and it was somehow hinted that most likely a regular will be killed and written off.

  40. M says:

    “Shipper blabla shipper blabla“

    Fine get Olicity back together, I won’t start watching again either way

  41. Clexamylove says:

    What about Clexa,Lexa????

  42. Ashley says:

    +1 for Cat Grant returning to Supergirl!

  43. Sorry, I forgot to write my wish to you but there is something that I really want in 2017.
    Her name was Lexa … and she was my home, my candle in the night. She was so strong, so ambitious and witty …so wise and brave. And she was in love. And there is no feeling stronger in the world.
    God, she was young! Now She’s not with us … She passed away … She was taken from me. Not only from me… she was taken from all of us.
    Probably the most difficult thing that can happen in life is to see someone die. I won’t talk about Lexa like about some character of The100, because she is more, much more … You know: it’s hard to watch death, but even harder when you can’t do anything.
    Our hearts were broken. My heart was broken in one minute with millions of other hearts in the world.
    Why Her happiness didn’t last long? Why was my happiness so short? Did the writers intend to get the shock effect? Congratulations, they got what they wanted. Trampled on my feelings…my soul, my hope.
    I cried my eyes out, I will not hide it, because tears are not the sign of weakness. Like love … Love is not a weakness.
    It’s been 9 months since Lexa died. And we are fighting for our faith. This is what we can do. We live in hope for creation of a happy end for this sad love arc.
    I’m not going to beat around the bush. The only thing I want to tell You is that I… loved Lexa. I want to tell You that I still love her very much. And I didn’t stop loving Her. No one – no one – can take her place. So I want Her Back!
    «After all this time?»

    • YestoKylie says:

      Dramatic much…move on!

      • Alex says:

        Mind your own business YestoKylie!! Karl, I am 1000% right with you and support this, I miss Lexa everyday, FTWD was crap, bottom line, it’s my one wish this year for her return. As you say it’s been too long, I miss Lexa all the time and we willwillwant always want our Heda back. Don’t stop fighting for her!!

    • Lex says:

      My heart goes out to you. We’re all here because we’re TV fans, and our hearts break when one of our favorites die. I do think that Lexa’s death made television more aware of the “bury your gays” trope, and TV writers are now going to try and avoid the cliche in the future. Lexa mattered because Lexa started the conversation, and I think nothing would make the character prouder.

  44. July says:

    I wish Lexa came back to the 100. I need Clexa again. It is the most powerful ship that we ever had. I want Lexa to be with Clarke. We need her alive.

  45. Rex the Wonder Dog says:

    My wish is no more Olicity.

  46. parstl says:

    I second the return of Cat to Supergirl and Emmy and other recognition for Emmy Rossum.

  47. N!loofar says:

    💯 to Quarrie, I want them to get together and be a badass couple like Philip and Elizabeth.

  48. Julia says:

    I’m sorry that I didn’t write earlier that’s why I write in to the comments. My wish for 2017 was bring Lexa back to the show. I don’t want Bellarke. There is no chemistry between Clarke and Bellamy. The chemistry only exists between Clarke and Lexa. Only Clexa

    • Josh says:

      I don’t get Clexa Lexa left Clarke and her people to die. That’s not love and I thought it was stupid having Clarke forgive her as easily as she did.

      • Josh says:

        And to add more I’m not a Bellarke shipper either. Lexa and Bellamy were both #####y to her at times. One point Bellamy had though was not leaving Clarke and his crew to die though

        • Starbuck84 says:

          Nah, Bellamy just helped Pike murder 300 (and more) people in their sleep because apparently they looked incredibly threatening while… you know, sleeping peacefully. And before anyone jumps at me, I don’t exactly mind the guy. I’m just way too tired of people acting like he of all people has some sort of moral leverage over literally anyone else on the show. Everyone has blood on their hands, him very much included. People are free to ‘ship’ Clarke with whomever they want, but I just find it somewhat laughable to be honest that one character (Lexa) is singled out by some for doing exactly the same thing everyone else has been doing on this show since it started. They all do whatever they do or tell themselves they do it ‘for their people’ and for what’s best for them.

          • Soffe says:

            They were threatening. That army were the same one that were killing of half of Bellamy’s people in s1 then they tried to be allies only to be betrayed in the end thus his (and the rest of the sky people’s) decision to trust them cost more innocent lives however they still gave them yet another chance at proving that they could be trustworthy (which by logic they shouldn’t have gotten – they’ve always only betrayed their so called “allies” I can’t recall one grounder keeping his/her word except Lincoln but uhm yeah he got a kill order on him for not being willing to betray and leave the sky ppl to die so he’s a bad example) which again turned out to come back to haunt skaikru with MW being blown up (causing Bellamy’s girlfriend to die) – so from Bellamy’s perspective that was not innocent defenseless grounders and yes you’re right his decision to follow Pike came from a need of avoiding another betrayal that’d cause more of his own people to die, it came from wanting to protect his own and rightfully so – he didn’t have any reason to believe that the army wouldn’t turn on them (which it actually would of as soon as Lexa died had it still been there – thus every sky person would of been dead had they not done it, also we have knowledge of arkadia being STARVED out because of the blockade they couldn’t just sit and do nothing).. Again. That being said it was wrong just like every other decision anyone else has made in the name of protecting “their people”, but here’s what I don’t get, Bellamy’s actions have never been justified quite the contrary actually he’s always deemed a terrible murdorus character with nothing else to offer by the same fans who love it when the females kills people cause that’s just them being awesome yet failing to see that all of their actions are so similar(Clarke, Bellamy, Lexa, Octavia, Kane etc) and they SHOULD be held to the same standards so why aim your comment towards him specifically? I’m guessing your response is aimed at the commenter above pointing out how Lexa betrayed Clarke (and thus their relationship isn’t love?) and I fully support and agree with that comment, what Lexa has done definitely isn’t worse than Bellamy (their actions and justification are practically the same) but the difference is that what Lexa did AFFECTED Clarke (deeply looking at the fact that she ran away for 3 months and practically considered killing Lexa in 3×03 – not only did Lexa leave Clarke and her people to die in the s2 finale she indirectly forced Clarke to have to make the choice to kill every MM) so how Clarke forgave her so quickly does not makes sense (if you ask me it might have been able to if given TIME), their relationship was not based on love and trust whereas Bellamy and Clarke despite disagreements here and there have always supported each other in the end(their first priority always beeing THEIR PEOPLE – thus Clarke has nothing to forgive Bellamy for, he did what he though was best in order to protect skaikru which is something she understands more than anyone) they’ve never made a decision that directly left the other feeling quilty with hundreds of life’s on their conscience nor having such an impact where one of them literally held a knife to the others throat, so sure the characters are all equal when it comes to doing awful stuff but their relationship are not.. Though I agree with you they all do what they have to do to survive, like mentioned in the show multiple times “there are no bad guys” nor good.

  49. Gia says:

    I wish Lexa came back to the 100.
    the most powerful ship that l ever had it was Clexa.I want to see Clexa on my TV again.
    The most of part of people need it.
    Please,bring our commander back and let us to see our the most loved ship

  50. YestoKylie says:

    – Yes to Pitch being renewed. I enjoyed this show more than any other this season. Love Kylie B, Mark-Paul G are simply sensational…Love Blip too
    – I’m glad TF wish had nothing t do with Iris, Barry does deserve to be happy and not the kind of happiness that comes from being in a rship
    – Yes to a Delena reunion
    – Timeless is another great show, hope NBC renews it.