Does The Flash's New Promo Solve the Mystery of Barry/Iris Sexytimes?

A new promo for the return of The CW’s The Flash‘s (on Tuesday, Jan. 24) seems to answer the question — and mind you, it is a question — about Barry and Iris’ sex life.

After all, leading into the Christmastime break, Barry gifted Iris with no less than an apartment for them to share. While that was unarguably an incredibly romantic gesture, to some viewers it seemed a bit sudden for a couple that only recently managed to lick the whole “dating” thing.

In fact, I recently asked Flash co-showrunner Aaron Helbing if Barry’s huge swing of a Christmas gift was meant to indicate that the longtime friends indeed had already consummated their nascent romance, off-screen. “That’s open to anybody’s interpretation,” Helbing hedged. “They’re two consenting adults who love each other, so….”

For the record, Google will help you find a deleted Season 2 scene of a post-coital Barry and Patty. Anywho….

The primary thrust of the new promo revolves around Barry having witnessed Iris’ death in a five-months-from-now future, at Savitar’s steely hand, and Team Flash’s plan to tinker with the timeline in a way to avert that cruel kill. Press play above for many warm “WestAllen” moments, Wally’s heroic journey, frosty teases from Caitlin and more.

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  1. Lula says:

    C’mon, I want to eventually see a WestAllen sex scene. I deserve it for having to wait 2 + years for Barry and Iris to get together. They owe us that! Ha.

  2. Trish says:

    Lmao it’s a legitimate question though and confirmation is nice famdom appreciates it

  3. myrcellasear says:

    “The primary thrust.” I see you, Matt! And I think we deserve a Westallen ~love scene, even if it’s not their first time.

  4. Jason says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always felt like Barry and Iris have more of a brother/sister chemistry. They certainly look cute together but the whole thing has always felt a little off. I’m struggling to get enthused by their relationship.

    • herman1959 says:

      Jason, it’s happening now, deal with it. You’ve had 2+ years to get ready.

      • Jason says:

        Maybe that’s part of the problem. They’ve spent two years saying exactly how the show was supposed to turn out, regardless of whether they fit well together. I tend to bristle at forced expectations. It doesn’t allow the writers to find other avenues for their show to explore. I always felt like they pushed Patty off the show last year because she had too much chemistry with Barry. It started to overshadow Iris. It’s also why, in subsequent seasons, they’ve tried to avoid the romantic tension with Caitlin and Barry that started popping up during the first season. Fans of Barry and Iris need never worry. The Flash will be locked on that romantic trajectory come Hell or high water.

        • Lululma says:

          He and Patty’s chemistry was dead on arrival. Grant Gustin looked like he’d rather be anywhere else. It was painful to watch.

          • Jason says:

            I have to disagree. They had a wonderful interplay. That dinner date scene where Cisco played Cyrano to a wounded Barry was highly adorable. It feels like your projecting desires for a WestAllen relationship on to Patty. If it conflicts with what you want, then it must be faulty. No need to worry though because they have no intention of having Barry wind up with anyone else. So it was written, so it shall be.

          • JJ says:

            i don’t agree. grant has chemistry with everyone.

          • Serena says:

            I agree. He looked checked out in most of their scenes. And notice how they kept him away from Iris to try to push that rebound relationship. Too bad it flopped…

          • Brigid says:

            I’m a huge Barry/Iris fan but he and Patty had good chemistry and I thought she was adorable. Grant Gustin has chemistry with every woman he came in contact with, even Caitlin which I have no desire to see that develop into anything other than friendship. LOL

        • JCPrime1 says:

          IA. Grant had loads of chemistry with Shantal and he has loads of chemistry with Danielle. But we’re stuck with icky Barry/Iris. I’ve always been uncomfortable with the relationship since they grew up as siblings. It doesn’t help that Candice and Grant have zero chemistry.

          • Tell it like it is says:

            Delusional much! The bloke has ZEOR 0 chemistry with Caitlin & Patty. He hardly takes notice of Caitlin and has more chemistry with Cisco than he does with Caitlin. Also his body language and facial expressions were like, ‘ Bye Felica.’ When he was forced with Patty rebound.

          • Jim says:

            Grant did have loads of chemistry with Shantel (who btw was almost a decade older than him and I could never tell) and has more chemistry with Danielle than Candice, but it’s not like it’s bad with Candice or anything. It’s not zero chemistry like Stephen Amell with Katie Cassidy. It’s not a distraction and it doesn’t feel off when they share romantic scenes, it just isn’t terribly exciting or fun to watch.

          • Jim says:

            I also think they wrote Patty out because she and Barry were working too well, by the way. Otherwise she’d still be on the show as Joe’s partner even if not still with Barry.

          • Ray says:

            Grant has zero sexual chemistry with any of the female cast members of the show. That being said, I don’t think he has any sexual chemistry with any of the male cast members either.

        • Serena says:

          It’s the other way around. They wrote Patty off the show because she didn’t have enough chemistry with Barry to justify a permanent change of direction. Same with Barry and Caitlin. They teased it and it didn’t work. No chemistry. No believable attraction. No nothing. Showrunners are not stupid and only care about money. They’ve proved before that they’re more than willing to throw away comic canon if they stumble upon something better. They didn’t. Neither Patty nor Caitlin are better LIs than Iris, who has scores of chemistry with Barry. You can scream “They’re like siblings!” as much as you want but his eyes and body language don’t lie ;) And before you tell others that they’re projecting, maybe it’s better if you ask yourself if you’re the one who’s projecting here.

          • Jess says:

            Mmm I have to agree with everyone else here. There’s some slight cuteness between Barry and Iris but he seems to have more chemistry with the other women on the show. I mean, the character of Iris serves no other purpose than to be a love interest to Barry. She is literally only there to talk to him whenever he needs. She provides zero purpose on Team Flash other than to bring out everybody’s feelings. Which only goes to show that the writers are pushing Westallen onto the viewers. Barry and Patty had so much chemistry last season, that the writers had to come up with a very stupid, very last minute reason for her to skip town. And Barry had so much chemistry with Caitlyn in season 1 that their scenes were overshadowing anything Westallen. It’s not even that “they’re like siblings”, but the fact that even Iris didn’t have chemistry with anyone she’s dated. Poor Eddie had more chemistry with Joe and Barry than he did with Iris. Again, Barry and Iris do have some chemistry but it has mostly to do with Barry than Iris, which is why I wish the writers would give up on this ship. Short of recasting Iris, (which I wouldn’t like) the only way for Barry and Iris to seem to have the most chemistry is to downplay Barry’s relationship with everyone else, which is impossible.

    • lordofluck says:

      I’m the same I just never felt the chemistry between the 2 of them.

    • Gabe says:

      It’s not just you, I’m having the same feeling. I’m not anti-WA or anything, just meh about it.

    • Leona says:

      It’s not just you. I don’t see romantic chemistry with those two.

    • Muieo says:

      LOL! Barry & Iris have a brother & sister chemistry? Are you kidding? No way is that possible when they are not from the same race! Barry & Patty & Caitlin look like his mum and sister. Now were talking!

    • saad says:

      man i thought it was only me.i agree a 100 percent that barry and iris just dont click

  5. Nathan Everett says:

    I’m gonna cry so much. I feel it. I saw it 5 months from now.

  6. herman1959 says:

    Un-huh. Anyway, Matt, when do we get one of your polls asking who will die? I think it will be the DA, and I will go big and speculate that Joe will take in the dead DA’s son – there’s an empty bedroom now that Barry’s gone -just like he did with Barry. Let’s name him Bartholomew, so that he becomes Bart Allen. Of course, the problem will be how he will get is powers, but I’m not going to worry about it. Let’s discuss!

    • herman1959 says:

      *how he will get his powers*

    • Elf says:

      In the real world, Joe would finally appreciate being an empty nester and enjoy the single/dating life. He can have his girlfriend come over any time without fear of being interrupted by Barry or Iris.

    • Nathan Everett says:

      The DA isn’t important. Why does she matier.

      • Summer says:

        Tragedy for Joe. They’ve really been playing her up this season as opposed to other seasons, setting us up to like her, to enjoy this new relationship. I can see them ruining it all to give Joe some tragedy and stick another female character in the proverbial refrigerator.

    • JJ says:

      hopefully no one dies. someone doesn’t have to die every damn season. it’s depressing.

  7. grabetsi says:

    Thank you Matt for asking all the right questions, we appreciate you. I hope to see WestAllen sexy time soon even if it’s not their first time😊

  8. Jess says:

    Westallen the main couple of the show. They deserve a sex scene. If we can see Barry’s parents getting stabbed through the chest. We can get a tasteful sex scene between the main characters.

  9. I hope we get Bart Allen

  10. clintbrew says:

    they gonna go back to the future part 2 to save future iris like clark did in smallville s10

  11. Luis Roman says:

    I am glad Barry is up front with iris about what he saw in the future. That openness is one thing that separates Barry from Oliver – Barry’s first instinct is to trust (which is, of course, how he got in trouble in Seasons 1 and 2!) but he feels stronger when he trusts the people around him

  12. Diana says:

    Barry and Iris! Iris getting to react to the news! This promo! Looks like they’re going to try to prevent other things as well (look at the news report and the writing on the board).

  13. Katie says:

    If they are consenting adults show them CONSENTING. It’s 2016 Aaron Helbing. They should’ve shown their sexy time, especially when their sister show – Arrow, has shown Oliver with every single one of his girlfriends, and Laurel and Felicity with their boyfriends.

    Regardless, Barry and Iris are awesome! Looking forward to the show returning. Hopefully they’ll give them a sex scene sometime soon.

  14. Lily says:

    I’m with you on this one Matt! And that answer was a total copout. Any other show (on the CW especially) would have written at least one significant moment for their MAIN couple’s first time! I find it odd, given that fairly long scene that was written/filmed and released for Barry and Patty (although after Season 1 there were lots of people questioning whether Barry was actually a virgin, so maybe that scene was written more to put a definite kibosh on THAT question more than anything else). Still…I am really stunned that they didn’t make a big deal out of the consummation of these lifelong friends, at least in a similar way to say, Agents of Shield did for Fitz and Simmons. Even THAT show knew that had to be a big moment for them. I’d hate to think this had something to do with race, but the CW has been known to have discomfort with diversity occasionally (see the recent news about Top Model). Could it be they wanted this couple watered down for that reason? Again, I hate to think that, but it’s very odd to me, given what a big moment this really should have been.

    • herman1959 says:

      OK, somebody finally said what I’ve been thinking; thank you.

    • parstl says:

      Agree. Just see how Kara and James were squashed shortly after the debut on CW of Supergirl.

    • Tamara says:

      I had the same thought. Greg Berlanti mentioned in an interview he has to fight issues like this all the time behind the scenes. We obviously still have problems with race in the world. Regardless, I’m glad Barry and Iris are together. Hope they follow through with a wedding in this series and no contrived love triangles or relationship drama.

  15. Nicole says:

    ‘Primary thrust…’ Heh.

    I see what you did there, Mr. Mitovich. Or I just have the mind of a dirty teen.

    In any case, kinda hope if we didn’t get WestAllen’s first time we get maybe a post engagement celebratory WestAllen sexy time down the road. I get Flash is PG to Arrow’s hard PG-13 but c’mon. Give the WestAllen fans something!

  16. Kim says:

    This trailer is so good yet so heartbreaking. I feel for my baby Iris. Barry better screw the timeline as many times as necessary to save Iris. By the way Westallen looks so good

  17. Best Chemistry ever says:

    Barry & Iris have sooo much chemistry their acting is sublime like real life. Only bigots deny it. The acting is so good and best on CW.

  18. jouuy says:

    For you pro-Snowbarry shippers & black diversity haters out there who hate seeing cultural diversity on the TV screens, I suggest you give Spiderman Homecoming a miss! Coz it’s got bag loads of diversity it it.

  19. Garry says:

    Wow! Great trailer. This season is gonna be great. Better than season 2. When they put the leading man and his lady together like in Earth 2, the show looks even better. This is what makes The Flash!

  20. Lisa says:

    Mr. Mitovich, you are a word meister and true WestAllen fan and MVP. Thank you for asking the EP’s a question other fans (didn’t have the opportunity, gumption or access to ask and) want to know the answer too. In My Opinion, we didn’t get a satisfactory answer. I presumed Barry and Iris’ first time was after that coat drop at the end of the mid-season finale. Hopefully, we’ll know for sure when the show comes back.

  21. Loved the trailer. Barry tells Iris the truth about what he saw in the future, and he takes her to meet Gideon (lol). WestAllen sexy times (oh yeah…).
    Kid Flash and Flash working together, Cait rocking the Killer Frost eyes, HR looking like he’s actually being useful, Cisco in a suit! Bring it!
    Best show on the CW this season (SPN’s in the doghouse). Praying for Joe. I swear if they go Smallville on us… :'(

  22. DAMN says:

    Savitar said ‘I am the future Flash.’
    I think thats a hint to the identity of Savitar.

  23. Alexis says:

    So excited for the back half of the season. I love that Barry told Iris upfront. So much character development compared to S1 Barry. It also gives me hope that Iris will be actively involved in changing her future. Also how cute are westallen. They have the best romantic chemistry on the show

  24. Joey Padron says:

    Good preview for new episode airing next month. Can’t wait for the show to be back in January!

  25. abbidon says:

    They are HOT together. Their scenes are the best part of the show. It really seems realistic, almost like you’re prying into a couples private moments, down to the way he grabs her hips or looks at her. I love them together. I usually don’t like sex scenes on family type shows but we NEED one for this sexy couple. And Grant is just gorgeous so is Candice.

  26. Mo says:

    Welp that makes my Tuesday nights a whole lot freer.

  27. parstl says:

    I’m a big Candice Patton fan and think she helped carry the series first season. I like that she has a prominent role again this year. That said, I frankly thought Patty was a good addition excepexcept for her last show when she came off whiny. I even liked Linda Parks chemistry with Barry. Jury is out on the Barry Iris thing. Whatever keeps Candice front and center.

  28. I think this one is an epic love story and they do have tons of chemistry together. Thrilled to see more of them together as a couple, a sweet and sexy couple.

  29. Snow says:

    I bet there won’t be an actual sex scene until the fans make a lot of noise for it.
    For now the WestAllen fans have to be content with the small kissing parts. Because I haven’t seen a make out session yet.

  30. Christina says:

    How is that the first time I’ve seen that deleted Barry/Patty scene?! So nice! (I do love Barry/Iris, but Patty was awesome and I can’t knock the chemistry there)

  31. jj. says:

    my only wish is that iris has more to do at team flash, right now it doesn’t really feel like she has a ‘role’ on the team other than being moral support. I’ve got to admit i’m starting to roll my eyes at iris (and to a lesser extent joe) whenever wally tries to use his powers

  32. Alexia says:

    I would love to see a sexscene between iris and Barry I’ve waited for two years for then to get together I love their relationship like goals. If there were to be a sexscene that would be amazing and good for the show

  33. Betty Boop says:

    Kinda weird for the main couple of the show to have milestones like their first time together skipped over.

    Barry asking Iris to move in was sweet, but jarringly soon considering up until then the audience didn’t know if they’d even slept together. Why do shows rush these things? Specially ones with 23 episodes per season, you could build up to things more realistically.

  34. Irritated (Former) Flash Viewer says:

    And this is why I am done with this show. Who in the hell cares about a sex scene between Barry and Iris? Everyone doesn’t want to see crap like that. Shippers do not run the show. In fact, they ruin shows. Now, they’re going to keep whining and complaining about a useless sex scene until it happens and then what? They’re going to demand more garbage, get that and end up killing the show. It’s ridiculous.

    Such a shame, too, because Flash Seasons 1 and 2 were excellent. I knew Season 3 was going to be awful as soon as they officially put Barry and Iris together.

  35. amah lydia says:

    Pls Am I The Only One Who Thinks Between Caitlyn And Barry Is A Motherhood Relationship?And Though Patty Had A Little Chemistry With Barry,she Seriously Looks Like She Is Barrys Aunt But With Westallan Is Cute,lovely,beautiful But With That Sex Issue We Will Surely See Them In Bed Yh Seriously Cos If Am Barry I Will Be Like”iris You Know How Much I Love You And Now You Are Dying So Let Me Have Fun One Last Time” And We Will See Them On Screen.I Have A Problem With Barry Doing More Of The Love Thing Than Iris But I Think The Writers Will Do More Of Iris Loving When She Gets Closer To Don’t Know If I Will Die Or Not