Cancelled or Not? Girl Meets World, SYTYCD, Hit the Floor, Notorious and 9 More Series on the Bubble

The major networks continue to have trouble uttering the C-word.

The broadcast and cable nets are once again going out of their way to avoid slapping even the most struggling series with a cancellation label. As a result, viewers are, in some instances, given false hope that a show that’s essentially DOA has a shot at being renewed. Conversely, shows that are genuinely on the bubble are, in some cases, presumed dead. 

Well, we’re not afraid to call a spade a spade (or a cancelled show a cancelled show). Of the 13 seres featured here, more than half have been quietly, stealthily, unofficially cancelled. And the others? There’s still the H-word (hope!).

Scroll through the gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — and then hit the comments with your snappy reactions. 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. spindae2 says:

    People missing out on Frequency is so tragic. One of the better and more coherant shows of the new fall season. Keeping quality pretty high, not a CW fit for sure.

  2. Kevin says:

    Conviction, Notorious and Pure Genius are goners. #sorrynotsorry

  3. Andrea says:

    I’ve got Pure Genius on my DVR. Will have to consider if I should even bother with it.

    • kathye1141 says:

      Go for it…Interesting, light & cool medical inventiveness.

    • Big Cheddar says:

      It’s not bad, although they did air episodes out of order. It’s a little like House, except the illness isn’t the mystery, how they’re going to cure it is. The workplace drama part of it is a little snoozy, but it’s not terrible.

      • Sur says:

        I really enjoy Pure Genius. It’s not a cookie cutter medical drama. There are inventive solutions to interesting dilemmas. I wish it would stick around longer so it can hopefully find a larger audience.

  4. Lizzie says:

    The Girl Meets World non-renewel has baffled me for sometime. It is Disney Channels most talked about show. It brought a new audience and it’s two leading ladies are both on the rise stars. Why hasn’t it been renewed?! It feels like when Supergirl was making the network jump to the CW. Hopefully Disney is doing the same and changing it to Freeform.

    • Deb says:

      My 14 year old daughter loves GMW, and also thinks as they’re now in high school the show should move to Freeform and make the subjects more teen appropriate.

      • Patrick says:

        GMW has a major problem, and it is that one of its female leads is opinionated and outspoken about LGBTQ issues. Regardless of how you feel about the issues, her lectures on the subject come off as uninformed and immature.
        Regardless of that, Disney does not tolerate opinionated actors on its shows. Full stop. She is violating that unspoken directive, and it might kill the show.

        • Tyler says:

          That’s a bunch of bologna. Raven is very outspoken and controversial and they just ordered her a sequel to her original sitcom. Try again, bud

        • cuius says:

          …and the other is pushing her musical career

        • Jamie says:

          Oh please. She doesn’t come off uninformed – she comes off like a young teen who is learning as she goes along. She is definitely more informed than most people her age. And Disney has definitely had other stars that were on the more opinionated side.

          Regardless, this show should probably move to Freeform.

        • Saz says:

          Yeah, no. Disney Channel has let given their leashes on their actors a lot more slack since the days of Miley, Selena, and Demi. Like Tyler said above, Raven was just brought back to the Disney Channel family and Zendaya is pretty outspoken as well.

    • NP20 says:

      Don’t get it either. Even my kid knows the typical Disney show gets 4 seasons; this should be a no brainer. Either renew or send it to Freeform

  5. Boiler says:

    ABC certainly bombed this year, especially after cancelling 2 shows that would have had ratings higher than most everything else they have. And shame on NBC for cancelling Laura. It also performed better than some of their other stuff.

    • Kris says:

      Yes! Mysteries of Laura, while not the best show on tv, got an undeserved bad rap. I feel bad for Debra Messing, as both Laura and Smash (the 1st season NOT the 2nd season that went off the rails) were good shows. Hopefully NBC will finally give her a show that they keep on the schedule for longer than 2 seasons… Maybe a Will and Grace revival? I can only hope…

    • Kate says:

      ABC definitely messed up by cancelling Agent Carter and putting its star Hayley Atwell in the ho-hum Conviction.

      • Temperance says:

        The leads – Hayley and Eddie – were great. The rest needed some work despite good actors.

        • Buffy0531 says:

          I actually think it seemed to be improving. That death row case was done very well, and didn’t fall to tired cliches. It would be nice it the network gave it a chance to try and develop further. If they don’t, hopefully Hayley will find a new show soon!

          • leprecaun says:

            I agree with you that the show has been improving….too bad the network doesn’t think so…I never saw Agent Carter so no idea about Hayley Atwell’s acting abilities but I can say she’s OK on Conviction…I like the plot

  6. Gloria Seales says:

    Fox made a big mistake when they chose to feature kids in the last season of SYTYCD. They need to go back to their original format that made this show one of my favorites. I refused to watch this last season once I realized it was all kids.

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      Me too I have watched since the beginning and skipped last season would love if they brought it back to its original format

    • TiredofTripe says:

      The previous season of “SYTYCD” was a flop, too.

      Remember “Stage vs. Street”?

    • Big Cheddar says:

      I get why they did it – all the past contestants and winners we love weren’t prodigies who started dancing a year before they auditioned for SYTYCD. They all had years of training, and SYTYCD wanted to showcase that there are amazing young dancers out there. I did end up watching the show – the kids were incredible dancers and it was heartbreaking to watch them get eliminated. It was already a pretty family friendly show, so I dont understand why they thought they would get more viewers by doing a kids season. Tonly upside was Nigel couldn’t make skeevy comments to the girl contestants, which was a welcomed relief.

    • Temperance says:

      I made it through exactly one half of the first child audition, and ditched one of my favorite shows. The kids were unbelievably terrible.

    • Lauren says:

      Agreed. I was actually happy when I found out the ratings were awful. That way they can’t justify continuing this stupid format. The whole point of so you think you can dance was to showcase what mature trained dancers can do even outside their own genre of expertise. Amateurs are on dancing with the stars. That is why SYTYCD beats them every award season because they are not as trained and talented. The emotional depth and impact of dancing comes from life experience. These kids will have it someday but not now.

  7. RedReddington says:

    I must be the only one who really enjoyed Wayward Pines for what it was: a fun summer show. The last half of the episodes were good, and now I want to know what happens next. Please, FOX, bring it back. 🤞🏻

  8. Sheri says:

    Any word on Timeless? Is it a good sign that it isn’t in this list?

    • Kevin says:

      Hope they won’t cancel Timeless until the season ends but the show really got me hooked since the pilot.

      • Asia says:

        Timeless got a full season pickup (16 episodes) the remaining six episodes will air in January and February. I really enjoy Timeless too. Honestly, I’m surprised by how much I love it. I know This Is Us is the hot new show for fall (I watch that too) but I feel more excited about Timeless. I’m going to keep hoping for the best as far as a renewal is concerned.

    • I’d like Timeless more if they’d make it funnier. They have everything they need to do that — so many possibilities. Still, it’s like something is missing, even though the concept is so great!

      • Temperance says:

        I think the problem is that it’s… inbetween. It’s too nice to be real, but to dark to be nice. It deal with some really serious stuff, but the approach is too 8PM. It’s really good in many ways, but it needs to make a choice about what it is, and go with it. I say they should embrace the adventure and take it that way.

  9. Jovana says:

    As long as Pitch is renewed, I’m good.

  10. Amy jones says:

    I love girl meets world I have grown up watching boy meets world they always have good life lessons we can learn from in our everyday lives please keep girl meets world going there is a lot more we can learn from them

  11. Nathan Everett says:

    They better not cancel Amy.

  12. Joey Padron says:

    Really hope Girl Meets World gets renewed for another season!

  13. herman1959 says:

    I’ve actually never seen any of these shows with the exception of Wayward Pines (season 1 only). I’m able to spot a stinker based on the premise, and evidently so are a lot of others. But, the silver lining is that this frees up Hayley Atwell to return to Agent Carter if ABC can admit they were wrong to cancel it…OK, that’s not happening.

  14. Dominique says:

    Frequency and Conviction deserve much more than this. Both are very powerful shows that simply don’t get enough promotion and attention from their networks.

  15. kmw says:

    Wow the fact that FOX would consider bringing back So You Think You Can Dance tells me even more that they don’t have good pilots coming down( along with the low rated Pitch now being a safe bet). But then again they must figure there is still an audience for it. Everything else is spot on

    • Big Cheddar says:

      I think SYTYCD deserves a farewell seasonn similar to Idol. They could bring back some of their old choerographers and dancers throughout the season. It would be a really nice send off for such an influential show.

  16. kathye1141 says:

    Pure Genius is campy but so clever. Let it have a full season and see if ratings don’t improve thru the winter!!

  17. Leanne says:

    pure genius and notorious were good shows. Good riddance to screen queens. I didn’t see wayward Pines but first one was good, second not so much

  18. ToyCannon says:

    I’m so happy not to see “Pitch” on this list. Keep hope alive.

  19. Snow says:

    I want Hit The Floor to come back, hurry up VH1 make a decision.

    Although I’m happy that girl meets world is canceled that should have me lever happened.

  20. KLS says:

    I would hardly say that Wayward Pines was a franchise (maybe if you include the books?). It would take a lot of skill to squeeze anything out of the disaster that was season 2.

  21. Jared says:

    Frequencys been AMAZING! It’s a shame more people aren’t watching and that the network isn’t giving it a little more time to find an audience. On a side note why would Disney Channel cancel Girl Meets World?? Isn’t it still a big show for the network?

  22. Gerald says:

    Frequency and Notorious were (are) good shows. Too bad the ratings or the Timeslot was not more forgiving. Conviction I was still hoping to get on board. I watched, but was not loyal. Still sad to see Haley Atwell get cancelled again.

  23. Bigdede says:

    Bring back Hit The Floor!!!!

  24. Cas says:

    It’s a shame some of these actors and actresses are fantastic.

  25. B says:

    Still clinging to hope for No Tomorrow. Also, it’s not on the list, but I’m hoping for Timeless renewal – and another that I see is not yet solid: Life in Pieces, which is a fantastic show.

  26. PitchGirl says:

    I’m glad that Pitch is not on this list. If Pitch is renewed, I’m sure it’s being moved to Summer which will be a really long wait.

  27. Is it OK that I’ve only heard of one or two of them?

  28. Girl Meets World is a ok show but I really like the opening song.

  29. Chfh says:

    Lol rather than be cancelled amy schumer will just not return for another season so she can say its her choice.

  30. I really need a third season of Wayward Pines to happen, even if it’s a shorter run (say, six episodes instead of ten). Otherwise, it’s like getting two chapters of a three-chapter story.

    Meanwhile, I do hope SYTYCD can come back and end on a high note, instead of leaving us with that dreadful kiddie mess that I barely managed to get through last season.

  31. Saabstory says:

    Another vote for Hit The Floor! #TeamZude

    • abz says:

      Zude is really the only reason the show is worth watching in my opinion. I hope they bring it back. I’d love to see Zufe get married too at some point.

      • Sebizzar says:

        I literally just discovered Zude 30 minutes ago, and that lead me to tracking the show and being heartbroken that we won’t see more! :( MAKE A ZUDE spinoff please!!

  32. Jared says:

    I loved Hit The Floor and thought they wrapped the storylines up quite nicely. I wouldn’t be aposed to another season but it’s like what’s the point?

  33. mlippert255 says:

    I had heard Conviction was on the chopping block but it makes me very sad! That show has been good and getting even better as it went on.

    • DS says:

      I really like conviction, and I agree it has been getting better. The Simple Man one and the one with Richard Thomas were both really good. Maybe in the Sunday night timeslot it will get better ratings. Here’s hoping anyway!!

  34. Considering that I haven’t watched even one of these shows that are D.O.A., why am I not at all surprised that they are all on a flimsy bubble? I’ll tell you why: I think people are getting fed up with getting sucked into a series only to have it yanked away after one or two seasons, often with a cliffhanger of a finale. To get me to watch a series, it has to have lasted for two complete seasons PLUS have been launched into a third season. It helps that I no longer have cable; I use Roku; I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, and many others, and can very quickly catch up on a series when it has managed to last long enough to get my attention. Frankly, I can no longer invest the time and emotional energy into a show only to have it yanked, suddenly, with little or no warning or effort to tie up loose plot ends. A word to the networks: stop sabotaging good shows! You want ratings? Then schedule your shows to air on dates and times that sports (or other) events won’t boot them out. If you can’t do that, then don’t be surprised if a show flops. As for me, I enjoy TV a whole lot more since I gave up trying out every new show that came along, only to see them go belly up for no good reason whatsoever, other than networks’ lousy programming abilities.

    • I used to be like that — before I’d watch a show I’d first wait for ratings and see if it would go somewhere, before starting (not three seasons, but maybe half). But, in the end, some really good shows have ended up being 13 episode runs (Containment) and probably best that way.

      • I have to agree with you about “limited” run series… and it’s not always easy to decide where a series should go (as if a viewer CAN decide), but with only so many hours in the day, and only so much of that time available to watch TV, I don’t have much choice but to make a rule I can stick to, in general. By that I mean that I only heed that rule when it comes to major networks. I am much more willing to try a new series if it is streaming on Hulu or Netflix. I think they have less to lose in trying out riskier formats, at least for the time being. And, so far, I haven’t been disappointed. I’m watching “Chance” on Hulu, and just finished the first season of “Shut Eye.” I recommend both to anyone who wants to see grittier drama than can be found on mainstream TV. But, even with those two dramas, I didn’t start right away with the first show of the series (I started watching “Chance” when it was three shows into the season), and “Shut Eye” when the first season was done and they were streaming it all. But… the delay in my beginning to watch these was simply because I wasn’t aware that they existed. When Hulu started streaming some promos, I snatched them and ran with them, and I’m glad I did. But the major networks have lost me. They play fast and loose with air dates for solid series, always preempting a good series for a sporting event, as though non-sports viewers are worthless blobs of protoplasm, and my attitude truly soured because of THEIR attitudes toward solid series up against a football game or some other inanity (I know that sports fans will disagree, but I’m being honest here). So… until the major networks change their attitudes, I’ll stick to my rules. It’s easier on my nerves, this way. But I do appreciate where you are coming from, and do not disagree with your premise.

  35. Clairey says:

    Girl Meets world is horrible. No one can act. The character Maya has taken over the show because Disney created a music career for her and they want to promote it. Cory never grew up. Even my 10 year old daughter won’t watch it. Cory and Topanga deserved better.

  36. Clairing says:

    Awkward went through a really bad few seasons ( until they got back to the characters and nt the stupid gay stuff for attention) I hope it continues,

    • Jamie says:

      Nah, the last two seasons of Awkward were most definitely their worst. They are literally just cycling through the same storylines and romantic problems from the first few seasons, but they aren’t even trying to make them interesting anymore. Jenna makes the exact same mistakes over and over, even though she claims to learn from them. And I swear, Matty and Jenna break up and get back together every 5-10 episodes. That show is so far past its prime.

  37. Fara says:

    I refuse to watch anything a Lost producer creates after what they did to Lost and no I won’t get over it #Skate

  38. abz says:

    I’m gonna be bummed if Hit The Floor is cancelled. It’s not even that good of a show, but I love Zero and Jude so much, I’d watch it just for them.

  39. You better not cancel GMW. says:

    If they cancel Girl Meets World, I’m going to be pretty P****D OFF! What a great show with a great cast. BMW & GMW 4 LIFE!

  40. Ash says:

    Mostly concerned about Pitch and From Dusk Till Dawn.

  41. T.W.S.S. says:

    I never saw Conviction, but I wish Hayley Atwell all the best on her next project.

  42. Antwon303 says:

    I love Hit the Floor and I hope they are given another season. I love ZUDE and Jelena. The choreography is amazing.

  43. kevstar69 says:

    I would like to see SYTYCD back, but not the kiddie version. It’s actually my favorite talent competition show, but who’s dumb idea was it to put it on the same exact time as that other dance show? Stupid.

  44. Debra Usouski says:

    I really like frequency & Notorious, don’t get rid of them,,,,

    • MelodyJ says:

      I like Notorious as well. But a lot of people didn’t for some reason. there is a lot of backstory they could work with there. Sadly, they probably will not get the chance.

  45. PatriciaLee says:

    Frequency has exceptional acting and writing, and it deserves to be renewed. Hope springs eternal in this household, and hopefully the network will realize the jewel they’re broadcasting.

  46. faheemomg says:

    just bring back scream queens

  47. K says:

    Playing House should probably be on this list. It was renewed, and then disappeared for a year with no end in sight.

  48. Ally Oop says:

    I watched both Frequency and No Tomorrow but I saw the writing on the wall so I’m not too disappointed. The failure of Frequency, a good serial drama, bothers me more than No Tomorrow which was more lighthearted fare.
    Tvline didn’t mention Quantico, which barring a steep improvement in writing and an overhaul of the the format, will be cancelled because people who liked the first season are not digging the second season.
    The 3 shows I am most worried will be cancelled are Crazy Ex- Girlfriend, Pitch and The Originals, all great shows in my Top 20 but all suffering subpar ratings.

    • leprecaun says:

      You are right about Quantico, I watched the first season, the first few episodes of the second and said, nah, I got better things to do….

  49. Romie says: