Major Crimes Season 5 Gets Winter Return Date, On a New Night

Some three months after Season 5’s summer finale aired, TNT’s Major Crimes has been given a return date — and a brand-new time slot.

The offshoot of The Closer is set to resume its season on Feb. 22, now airing on Wednesday nights at 9/8c — landing it opposite CBS’ Criminal Minds, Fox freshman Star, NBC’s SVU and Season 4 of The CW’s The 100.

Guest stars on tap for the back half of Major Crimes‘ Season 5 run include The Practice Emmy winner Camryn Manheim and The People v. O.J. Simpson’s Leonard Roberts (as Sharon’s rivals for the late Russell Taylor’s Assistant Chief of Special Operations job), plus Silk Stalkings‘ Rob Estes.

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  1. Whatevah says:

    Geeze, you’re not trying to kill the show are you TNT?

  2. Andrea says:

    Cause I wed more shows ro watch the Wednesday. Does TNT want to keep their viewers?

  3. KLS says:

    How many times has this moved? I know the NBA is it’s primary thing, but it’s not too kind to the rest of their lineup.

  4. Brandon Hogan says:

    Seriously?!?!?!? Since the Closer, they have always been on Monday. Why are we moving them now? I guess TNT just doesn’t want to renew anything that people actually tune in to watch live…

    • jericho says:

      The question is, does TNT have some other shows that it wants to launch on Mondays? If not, this is a huge mistake, if the answer is yes, well then its better to have the show than not. Remember shows like this make their bank not just on their initial airing but through repeated airings as well.

  5. Haz says:

    How does TNT plan to do the whole limited commercial angle when they do things like this? Animal Kingdom and Good Behavior did not exactly break ratings records for TNT. Rizzoli and Isles was starting to lose a bit of its charm for me towards the end of its run but I think TNT might end up regretting their decision to cancel it.

  6. Gary says:

    Don’t you people have a DVR? I doesn’t matter when anything airs live. Does that mean you sit through all the commercials? What year is it where you live? Seriously.

    • karrie pittsburgh says:

      Ok, love that it’s coming back, don’t love the night. We don’t have a fancy DVR, it can only record two stations at at the same time. So something has to go? Great. Hopefully TNT will run the second airing like they seem to do at 11pm. Annoyed…

    • Mommaknowsbest77 says:

      Yes, I have a DVR, but I’m in the same boat as karrie pittsburg – it only records 2 channels at a time. She and I are respectfully disagreeing with TNT’s decision to change nights! Hey, TNT – the decision sucks!!

    • johnhelvete says:

      I dont have a DVR but I can watch a show online the next day if needed, so I would agree that these “TNT is trying to kill the show” posts are ridiculous. Now if the networks do want viewers to watch live than perhaps they should take a page out of what TNT is doing with the Animal Kingdom and Good Behavior limited commercial format. 10 minutes of commercials is a fairly dramatic difference when watching live compared to 18-19 minutes of commercials.

      • nblackburn01 says:

        Seriously, John? Did we look at the same ratings for AK and GB? They were both flops that only got renewed due to being Reilly Pet Projects and that TNT really has little back up. If they were smart, MC would get that extra 10 minutes.

        As for TNT is trying to kill the show posts being ridiculous, I agree with you. I think there were several reasons it was done. First, for the NBA, which has 6 games on Monday nights. Also, both SVU and CM have had some serious sliding ratings within the season. They pick up on later views, but it shows that viewers are willing to hold off watching live unlike with the MNF numbers. I would much rather go up against these twords shows than MNF. Third, the loyalty of our fans. We have to remember that they just moved TBS’ number one show to Wednesday as well. My belief is that they see some vulnerability and believe their number one shows may be able to bite into it.

        MC fans have to remember MC is the network’s only show to get additional episodes and that it is the only show they put into the sweeps. Can’t see them doing that in a show they are trying to kill.

  7. Mr. Smith says:

    Live viewing weighs more than DVR viewing. This sounds like the attempt by TNT to kill this show. Pathetic!

  8. Susan Dunlap says:

    Whatever day/time I will watch. But it appears they are the last show I watch on TNT. I guess when they go, so do I!!!!!! Too bad, they used to be one of my favorite channels!!!!

    • mo1128 says:

      I agree! Used to love TNT! But it keeps moving the “old stand-bys” to try to make new ones work..& I have yet to find one that interests me! Please don’t lose thisn one too! Otherwise it’s on to USA! :(

  9. Tom Hall says:

    Kill off Rusty!!! I’m so tired of him and his story line. Even at it’s best, MC is still no where near as good a Closer.

    • Ronald Gold says:

      I agree, I love the show but it’s time to end Rusty his story got boring a long time ago. Give more time to Flynn and Provenza The shows that focus on them and the things they get into are the best.

    • kathy finnegan says:

      I agree with Tom Hall….get rid of Rusty. Never understood why they thought they needed a kid on the show to begin with. He adds nothing to the show and I’m so tired of his character. I wish he and Gus would get married and move to Europe!!

    • RAH says:

      I like Major Crimes, I think it has gotten much better with time but you are right it is not as good as the Closer mainly because of Rusty. The crimes are just as interesting as on the Closer and the relationships have gelled but on the Closer the personal storylines were compelling. Rusty is not compelling. He is selfish, immature and inconsiderate. Plus he never learns. Each episode someone of the cast is telling him one thing and he consistently does the other. He is an awful character.

    • nblackburn01 says:

      MC blows away the closer and the ratings prove it. BLJ so so f’ING annoying.

  10. grazelled says:

    So what are they putting on Monday nights that they had to move MCs to Wed.? They cancelled all the other shows I watch on TNT anyway.

  11. MzTeaze says:

    Lol at mentioning Silk Stalkings as Rob Este’s claim to fame show. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry because I actually remember the show.

  12. Debra Usouski says:

    I really like major crimes,,, but I did like closer better,,, I don’t mind it moving to Wed. I record my favorites anyway,,, USA & TNT have some great shows,,, & great stories,,, Don’t move things so much,,,people won’t be able to find them,,,,

  13. I really like major crimes,,, but I did like closer better,,, I don’t mind it moving to Wed. I record my favorites anyway,,, USA & TNT have some great shows,,, & great stories,,, Don’t move things so much,,,people won’t be able to find them,,,,

  14. Columbus says:

    I Tivo everything anyway so I could care less when it is actually aired. I’m just thrilled it is back!

  15. kathy finnegan says:

    What are you doing TNT! Majors Crimes was fine where it was. Its the best show on TV and you look like you’re trying to get it cancelled!! Grrrrrrr

  16. LJ says:

    Don’t get rid of Rusty I like him. He’s a break from the crimes a family life. I love the crimes but like “The Closer” had Fritz and Brenda MC has Rusty.

  17. LJ says:

    Don’t get rid of Andy or Dr Joe they were both hurt in the last show. They are good guys and I want to see them come back. I also would like to see Fritz Howard to Taylor’s place. I think he would be a great replacement for him. He’s been around MC for a long time and really has more connections with everyone and anyone else has. He’s a good fit.

    • Ronald Gold says:

      I agree on all counts. Andy is an important cast member and his interactions with Provenza are a great part of the show. Dr. Joe is a good character and should stay, but without Rusty. Fritz has been around for a long time and has the law enforcement background to replace Taylor which would give him a bigger role.

  18. Jim says:

    WOW because of the move to Wed night time slot and the competition from major networks. it almost makes major crimes like the odd show out. to bad I always enjoyed the closer and now major crimes on Mon nights the last 12 years. but I have watched SVU for the last 15 plus years and will continue to do so as long as SVU remains on the air. sorry to say goodbye to major crimes.

  19. laura c says:

    I DVR any show I want so the change doesn’t bother me. I had to follow Bones umpteen times, days, pre empts , breaks & I am STILL with them for this last abbreviated season. I am losing interest in MC only because of Rusty & his loser bio mother. I love all the other characters. I love Fritz, Sharon, Provenza, Flynn the best. Send Rusty somewhere FAR away & I may have more enthusiasm for the show again.

  20. kenneth says:

    that is really not a smart move to put major crimes up against SUV.

  21. Bernard Pierce says:

    Happy it’s back on…

  22. Nine months is tooooo long to wait for Major Crimes to return!!!!Networks return in 3-4 months. Bring it back ASAP!

  23. laura c says:

    I think I’ve remembered the show was on twice early on in the season. I love the shows stories, but lost interest since it became The Rusty show. I loved Provenza & Flynn shenanigans, and although I miss Kyra, I do like Sharon too. The show gave too much time to Rusty & too little to the others. Too bad for me. It was good for awhile. Send Rusty to college FAR away & maybe I’ll watch again. He ruined the show for me.