Year in Review
Best Worst TV Moments 2016

2016 in Review: Best Couples, Worst Sex, Most Super Villains, Underused Guest Stars, Brattiest Kids and More

Which TV twosome brought ohhhh-so-good to romance this past year? And which breakups broke our heart… or had us cheering, “Finally”?

TVLine’s Year in Review continues with the second half of our Best/Worst/Most list, which also singles out TV’s top pops and miserable moms, crowd-pleasing kills and unnecessary deaths, awards-show awkwardness and the programs that lived up to the hype… or didn’t.

Flip through our gallery at right (click here for direct access) to see our Best/Worst/Most Part 2 picks, then weigh in with your own.

Coming up soon, as TVLine’s Year in Review starts to wind down: Quotes of the Year, The Best of Late-Night, The Dumbest Things TV Did and more!

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  1. Courtney says:

    Awesome list — some stand-outs!

    Younger and Stranger Things love triangles were amazing this year and your root for both, despite definitely having a favorite #teamcharles
    Love Luke and Lorelai and Michael and Jane’s proposals. Michael and Jane’s, in particular, was perfect.
    Rory and Logan were THE worst.
    I am all for Marcia and Chris Darden!
    Josh Chan is a horrible boyfriend, for sure. I miss Greg so much.
    Caitriona Balfe in Outlander was devastatingly heartbreaking.
    And Jack is definitely the Best Dad from This Is Us!

    • Alex says:

      I love Stranger Things!!! As for underused guest stars I would also say Lexa in the 100 should win that hands down. She never made it through one whole season and still turned out to be one of the most popular characters on the show, that role should have been made permanent from the get go.

  2. Very happy to see Barry and Iris from The Flash along with Eobard Thawne listed great choices.

  3. J C says:

    Agree with almost this entire list lol

    But Barry and Iris? Are you kidding?
    I know they’re just the runner up but their “romantic” chemistry is so awkward. They had better chemistry as siblings, which makes their romantic relationship hard to watch.

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you!! Barry and Iris are kind of horrible together… it’s like watching siblings make out…. so gross!

    • curls975 says:

      when people say this it always seems so weird to me since this show started with barry expressing his romantic interest in iris… so when exactly was this “sibling” chemistry happening and why do you, and others who hold this view, consider someone who from the onset is shown having romantic feelings for someone and also being friends as “sibling” chemistry? honest question cause i’ve never gotten a response when i’ve asked.

      cause iris and wally have “sibling” chemistry. they act like brother and sister. wally was grossed out by iris showing up in tiny shorts and he’s barely known her. barry stares at iris’s boobs, checks her out when she’s wearing cute clothes, and has wanted to make out with her for quite a while now.

      so what is this “sibling” chemistry? what scenes from barry and iris are highlighted as them being siblings if barry has from the pilot (and even further before that as shown through the series) been in love with iris? or are you latching a “siblings” name on it to describe their friendship (platonic) in order to stress that you don’t like the couple? tho i’m also not asking if you think they are siblings or not since the show says no and i don’t care about how you have chosen to ignore canon.

      also if you like your sibling(s) romatically and that’s why you chose to watch barry lust and pine after iris and connected “sibling” to it please feel free not to tell me

      • Jeff C says:

        @curls975 Wth did I just read? Lol
        Clearly you are very passionate about this topic (more passionate than Barry and Iris’ chemistry, that’s for sure haha)
        so I’ll just agree to disagree and leave it at that lol

        • curls975 says:

          see. every time no answer. or its these passive aggressive low hanging jabs to cover that you’ve got nothing of value to add. why did you even waste your time, and mine tbh, with this reply? cause i thought the questions were pretty simple and yet…

          like i’m not passionate~ about it. i’m attempting conversation on a public forum and i’m seriously trying to understand but somehow no one ever has an answer. hmm… strange how that is…

          • Lyla says:

            There is nothing wrong with admitting that you’re passionate about TV. Or a couple on TV. That said, I don’t think you particularly understand what ”chemistry” is. Chemistry doesn’t come from someone saying ”I love you”. Or from people deciding to be together. And it most certainly doesn’t come from your mentioned ”canon”. When people say Barry and Iris have ”sibling chemistry” they don’t necessarily mean that the show currently writes them as such. It means the actors have a chemistry (common presence they create) that makes them look like siblings rather than lovers. And I agree. I totally love both characters AND actors. I also think Candice Patton is an underrated actress (but she’s got time). I also like them together on screen (which I couldn’t say for the Arrow’s intended ”canon couple”. Yuck.) But I just do NOT see any romantic sparks.That is not an offense to either of the actors OR you. It’s a common opinion, coming from a non-canon follower. And u know what? If The Flash presented itself only as a show for youngsters, as it partially is, where only a small kiss between the leading couple happened once a season, then maybe I wouldn’t care. Since I like both Grant and Candice. But as they are trying to make me believe that there is actual sexual chemistry between Barry and Iris…. man… no, lol XD

          • curls975 says:

            @lyla thank you for answering! some questions tho since you seem to be passive aggressively imply you know more about chemistry and such than me…

            so what you are saying is that you as a viewer ignore the story being told on screen to focus on a single interview given by the actor? and that the problem is grant is a poor actor who can’t do his job well enough to sell the relationship because he views candice patton, the actress not the character iris, as a sister? that the casting, eps, creator’s failed at their job during the 5 months of chemistry testing? since candice wasn’t a nepotism hire like danielle she had to audition multiple times before hired and was hired because of them feeling she had chemistry (sexual, romantic, platonic) with grant to fulfill her role as his eventual wife and mother of his children per the role of iris west? or was it their fault that they didn’t realize grant was a poor actor who couldn’t do his job even tho he was the one that picked candice as the one he thought was best for iris as well?

            what scenes were there that highlighted his poor acting that makes them seem like siblings? what are his failures in acting with believable “chemistry”? did you also find the chemistry lacking with patty and linda? do you somehow find romantic chemistry between barry and caitlin even tho in text neither are romantically interested in the other, she tried to kill the him, she threw the fact that barry’s mother was dead in his face, and since you hold off screen information so high grant said dani was like his mom?

            what about barry wanting to bang iris, per the text, is being portrayed poorly by grant? how is grant acting with “sibling chemistry” that for you that when he says, as barry, he wants to go to sleep and wake up with iris then proceed to kiss her done in a way that is sibling like for you?

        • Colour on TV says:

          Deal with it! Barry/Grant has tones of chemistry with Candice/Iris just by the way he looks adoringly at the woman. Deal with diversity on TV, for the world is not just full of pale people you know.

      • Paula says:

        PREACH Sis!! WestAllen and Iris haters be talking crazy. They hate interracial couples for their superheroes and find any false excuse to tarnish a great canon couple. Meanwhile, millions of fans LOVE WestAllen and the chemistry between Candice and Grant is off the Richter scale LOL #HatersGonnaHate LOL

        • Lyla says:

          I’m sorry if this offends you, but why oh why do u think it is always about race? I, for one, am not ”a hater”, and I know this show will follow the Iris/Barry love story till the end. But I also do not think there is any romantic sparks between the two characters. Maybe the actors, as good as they both are, and they ARE, just cannot sell the romance. The clue for me was when I first read an interview with Grant where he said that kissing Candice was like kissing a sister. Man, he doesn’t have to LIKE her as a woman for real, but in this case it just translates to screen… in my eyes. And, by the way, Iris is possibly my favorite Flash character. Ok, whatever Tom Cavanagh plays will probably always beat everything else, but still, second fave for sure. Though, since I read the word ”canon” in ur post, it made more sense to me. People can dislike ”canon couples” without being ”mean haters”, dear. Not everybody worships comics. Because it’s TV!!!! And for AAALLLL those people who do not read comics (imagine, there’s a bunch), they have to sell a couple based on what they show on screen. As evidenced in Arrow, that doesn’t always work. Barry and Iris, though, are way more likable than Oliver and Laurel ever could be, so I’m not opposed to them being ”endgame”. I’m just saying I don’t see any sexual chemistry there, and believe it or not, it isn’t about race at all, dude. Or are u really a girl?

          • telllem says:

            LOL! At this. You know you pales hate your privilege being threatened. You seen ya daddy or lover Donald Trump today?

    • Flashfan says:

      Barry and Iris are not sibling-like and neither is their relationship. They have outstanding romantic chemistry!! I enjoy their romance fully (heart eyes). Sorry you cannot see the awesomeness of their love story (sad face).

    • Max says:

      Agree. Barry & Iris – yuck. Forced awkward chemistry.

    • Alexis says:

      Chemistry is subjective and is unquantifiable but it is very interesting how you try to force your opinions on others. Grant and Candice have the best romantic chemistry out of the cast imo. Barry and Iris have never seen each other as siblings. I would rather people be straight foward about why they don’t like an interracial couple instead of the tired “they are like siblings” excuse for every single one of them.

      Anyways you guys have been at it with this same tired boring excuse for 3 years but you do you and @TVLine and the rest of us will continue to enjoy westallen. In fact the showrunners have enumerated multiple times that westallen is IT for the show because they enjoy and are proud of Grant/Candice’s romantic chemistry.

      • Jeff C says:

        Our opinions are just as valid as yours, and I love that we get to share them all here (which isn’t necessarily forcing them on others).

        I actually wanted to respond to your comment because unlike previous responses I think you articulated an actual argument as to why you think the reason people hate Iris and Barry is because of the interracial aspect. While I cannot speak for all fans of course, that is NOT the case on this end. So, here are the reasons why I’m having trouble shipping them:
        1) Regardless of whether they were related or not, they grew up together in the same household which carries (to an extent) a sort of ick factor from the get go since they pretty much had a platonic sibling relationship for many years.
        2) Until her relationship with Eddie Thawne ended (a relationship I had no problem with btw) Iris never looked at Barry romantically (that I can remember at least). So it seemed forced that after many years living with him, she realizes that the platonic love she felt him is romantic. He was obviously in love with her all those years, so it would have been beneficial to show some evidence that she at some point had feelings for him before her realization at the end of Season 1.
        3) Like you said in your comment, chemistry is subjective. But, while I do see two characters who “care about” and genuinely “love” each other, I don’t see two character who are “in love”. I don’t know it was their initial acting choices or the reasons listed above but I didn’t buy it then so it’s very hard to try to get on board with it now.

        Well, that’s all I got lol. Thanks for opening up the discussion.

        (**Speaking of interracial relationships, I totally was on board Wally/Jesse, Cisco/Golden Glider, and Iris/Eddie. And the reason I had no problem doing so was because they DIDN’T have a many-years-long “platonic” history together)

        • Jeff C says:

          *Apologies for all the typos. I was typing with a quickness lol

        • Alexis says:

          I don’t have problem with others having and sharing their opinions. What I do have a problem with however is people stating their opinions as if they were facts or chastising others for theirs. My issue is that you did the both. You said
          “Agree with almost this entire list lol
          But Barry and Iris? Are you kidding?
          I know they’re just the runner up but their “romantic” chemistry is so awkward. They had better chemistry as siblings, which makes their romantic relationship hard to watch.”

          1) Barry specifically stated that he has always been in love with Iris ever since they’ve been friends, long before Joe took him at age 11 because he was Iris’ best friend. He stayed with them till he left for college so. Barry and Iris have stated that they have never viewed each other as siblings so I think that supersedes your need to project a sibling relationship unto them.
          2) There were subtle hints that Iris even if she hadn’t fully realized it had some romantic feelings for Barry.
          The run in with Linda.
          1×15 -she said she didn’t want Betty Cooper dating Barry because she thought Betty wasn’t the right girl for him. Due to impending death by tsunami she told Barry she loved him and was initially angry after his confession because she realized she was in love with him too.
          -1×16 after the Eddie punched Barry, Joe confronted Iris about being in love with Barry as well. She said Barry confessed too late and that she was already in a relationship with Eddie
          1×21 when Barry was still pursuing her even after Eddie was kidnapped she told Barry that while she likes him romantically, that it wasn’t right for her to be thinking of them especially when her boyfriend was missing.
          So as you can see they did show evidence though suble that she also had feelings for Barry.
          3) The show has done a lot to show that these two characters are in love with each other, so I suspect you don’t see or “buy” it because you choose not to.

          But because you do or decide not see all these things doesn’t mean the rest of us and the writer of this article was wrong in selecting Barry/Iris as their runner up which is in fact what your original comment was implying.

          • kaitlin says:

            Dude, chill. You start off calling everyone who doesn’t ship WestAllen racist, and then feel the need to provide this long list as to why someone is “wrong” to not see Iris’ feelings for Barry, when she was in another relationship. As for me, I’m not onboard with WestAllen, but it has nothing to do with the color of their skin (skins?). For me, I feel like they rushed it. Two and a half seasons in and they’re already together. There were no obstacles they had to overcome to get together beyond Eddie (who I LOVE btw). It’s just . . . I don’t now. Boring.

      • Lyla says:

        But by all means – DO enjoy Westallen. I don’t think anyone should dictate what other fans do or do not enjoy. And you’re right, their relationship obviously IS IT for the show. That doesn’t mean ALL other people who don’t find them likable together are ”racist haters”. I, for one, don’t mind them because of their looks. It’s even funny to think about it like that – that’s not what chemistry is about. And if I WAS about to consider looks, then I, a very heterosexual woman, find Candice way more attractive and sexual than Grant. There, I said it. The baby face is just making him look 15. And not seeing sexual sparks doesn’t mean it’s ”an excuse”. Why does there have to be an excuse to NOT like a certain couple? Because it’s ”canon”? Have never read a comic in my life. Still a fan of the show, though. In my eyes there has to be a reason for me to LIKE it. And there isn’t any… yet. Lastly, you saying Grant and Candice have the best romantic chemistry…. erm, that is exactly where, I THINK the problem is. Grant gave an interview not so long ago, where he said that kissing Candice is like kissing a sister. No, he doesn’t have to like her as a woman in real life at all. But he has to be able to ACT like he does. And IMO, as good as an actor he is, he just cannot sell it to a lot of people. But good for you, that u like it, since clearly the show will stick to it :)

        • Alexis says:

          This is the dumbest reply I’ve gotten. I never said ALL people who don’t like them together were racist haters so I’m not sure why you felt personally offended that you felt the need to reply. I also personal don’t care if you were offended by the thought of someone thinking you are racist because facts are the humanity and life of people who experience racism (overt or subtle) take precedence over your feelings, guilt or lack there of.

          I also said that Candice and Grant have the best romantic chemistry because in my opinion they do which I made clear that it was my opinion. Chemistry is not objective, there’s no quantifiable measure for it, hence why it’s subjective so you can miss me with your bullshit. My liking westallen has nothing to do with reading a comic. It has everything to do with their onscreen romantic chemistry and the story being told. And in case you are wondering “sibling chemistry” is a coded language that we see used to describe interracial couples ad nauseam. So whether it’s intentional or not, there’s some unconcious racial bias there. Also wtf do you mean by “the actors have a chemistry (common presence they create) that makes them look like siblings rather than lovers. ” They look nothing alike. Want to talk about people whose presence make them look like siblings then look no further than Grant and Danielle. I mean they look like twins.

          Lmao using the Grant interview as an excuse. Grant also said that Danielle is his on set mother, guess it must have been especially odd doing those 2 kiss scenes with her then. Newsflash: alot of actors find they develop a sibling type bond with their onscreen romantic partners. It doesn’t affect his ability to play his role. You can choose to not see any romantic sparks, that’s your prerogative but don’t you dare claim that it’s not there.

          You claim to be a proponent of people having different opinions but yet it sounds like you and Jeff can’t get yourselves to accept the fact that the author of this article sees romantic chemistry and values the westallen relationship. You want me to take you seriously then start by accepting that it’s ok for people to enjoy westallen and their chemistry. If you must make a counter arguement then state it as your opinion and not like Jeff did with the statement below

          “Agree with almost this entire list lol
          But Barry and Iris? Are you kidding?
          I know they’re just the runner up but their “romantic” chemistry is so awkward. They had better chemistry as siblings, which makes their romantic relationship hard to watch.”

          Besides all this is mute because Berlanti and Geoff cast Candice precisely because of her romantic chemistry with Grant. Todd one of the EPs about a month ago stated how much they enjoy their chemistry and have so much fun in the writers room coming up with scenarios and storylines for westallen. Greg and Geoff have both tweeted how much fun they have just watching the both of them together on screen. So you may not see it but the folks in charge see alot of romantic chemistry and it’s their opinions that matter because they make the calls.

          That’s it for now, have fun watching the show

        • Alexis says:

          I never said that people who didn’t like westallen were “racist haters” so if you took offense to that then it’s time you did some self reflection. I also said Candice and Grant have the best romantic chemistry because imo they do which I made sure to state that it was my opinion.

          And just so we are clear the “sibling chemistry” is a coded language that has been used ad nausem when it comes to interracial couples so whether it’s intentional or not, there is a subconscious racial bias that people need to look within to examine.

          As history has shown us time and time again, with interracial couples there often needs to be an excuse.

          You lost me at “When people say Barry and Iris have ”sibling chemistry” they don’t necessarily mean that the show currently writes them as such. It means the actors have a chemistry (common presence they create) that makes them look like siblings rather than lovers.” How can they look like siblings when they look nothing of the sort. If you want actors whose presence make them look like siblings then look no further than Grant and Danielle. I mean they look like siblings.

          Excuse me while I laugh at you using an out of context line from Grant’s interview. But if you want to play that game need I remind you that Grant in an interview stated that Danielle feels like his mother on set. That must have been really horrible for him then to have kissed her those two times. Newsflash, it’s not uncommon for actors to develop a sibling type bond with their costars after working with them for a while.

          Not sure what comic book had to do with any of my arguments. My love westallen has to do with their onscreen chemistry and story.

          Geoff, Berlanti and Grant chose Candice specifically because of her romantic chemistry with Grant. Geoff and Berlanti have both tweeted how much they love watching westallen scenes. Todd another EP recently stated how much they enjoy Grant/Candice’s chemistry and how much fun they have in the writers room coming up with scenarios and stories for them. My point is it is your prerogative to not see “romantic chemistry” but you don’t have the right to claim there isn’t one or that others don’t see it either. Besides the only opinion that matters are those of powers that be (including DC chief Geoff) because they call the shots and they so happen to think they have romantic chemistry.

          You claim to be a proponent of people having different opinions but yet it sounds like you can’t get yourself to accept the fact that the author of this article and many others see romantic chemistry and value the westallen romance. You want me to take you seriously then start by accepting that it’s ok for people to enjoy westallen and their chemistry. If you must make a counter argument then state it as your opinion and not this: “Lastly, you saying Grant and Candice have the best romantic chemistry…. erm, that is exactly where, I THINK the problem is.”

          PS: I honestly don’t know what looks have to do with anything but if you were expecting a cookie for saying that Candice is more attractive than Grant then you’ll find one at grocery store near you.

          That’s it for now. Keep on enjoying the show

    • George H. says:

      To be honest… would have rather seen Barry & Patty Spivot as a couple. Was a lot more chemistry between them.

  4. Jecly says:

    Harvey and Donna need to happen. Waited far tooooo long for that!

    Thank you for recognizing the awfulness of Logan and Rory on Gilmore Girls. Blech. Also Luke and Lorelai’s proposal was the cutest, loved Luke’s speech.

    Also thank you for recognizing Stefan and Caroline to be the worst, most boring couple ever. Uh. If there was the most chemistry-less couple we were supposed to root for, it would be them. Also it’s obvious Stefan will drop in her two seconds for Damon anyway.

  5. RedReddington says:

    It makes me sad to see The X-Files listed as not living up to the hype. I enjoyed it immensely, even if it left us with the worst cliffhanger EVER. I truly hope it comes back so we can get some resolution. And put Mulder and Scully back together for frack sakes.

    • opus says:

      I think it is truly unfair to put X-Files as the show least living up to its hype. Could it have been better? Yes! But, except for the finale, I truly enjoyed the episodes. Don’t hate me, Michael, but Gilmore Girls may have been the most disappointing show I saw in 2016, not the worst, just the most disappointing.

  6. Anne says:

    Jackson and April’s break up to me was wayy more heartbreaking than olicity’s. Also their baby is adorable. Steroline proposal was not bad, come on. It was cute & nervous & real.
    But yes on Rory being a terrible gf and Rory being terrible in general in that revival. I not think you’d acknowledge it considering how y’all lovvve GG but thanks for doing it.

  7. spindae2 says:

    Steroline proposal was phenomenal. So disappointed in you #TeamTvLine
    Don’t agree with most of your choices. The only thing Olicity break up was breaking the show. ^^

  8. abz says:

    For most underutilized and poorly used guest star, I’d probably have picked Katey Sagal on The Big Bang Theory. I mean with such a talented cast in the premiere including Christine Baranski, Laurie Metcalfe, Katey Sagal, and more, the fact that it wasn’t a full hour episode was a big disappointment. They definitely need to bring Katey Sagal back and do her justice. She’s too good of an actress for the crap writing they gave her.

  9. Court says:

    Mike Heck! My favourite ever =’).

  10. Lara says:

    Interesting how both “platonic” TV couples feature a mixed-race couple with insane chemistry (and in the case of Pitch, an explicitly ROMANTIC storyline!). ‘Disappointed’ does not even begin to cover it.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I love Pitch and want Ginny and Mike to get together eventually, but with the exception of the almost-kiss, they’re mainly platonic right now. Their “moments” were adorable and certainly laid the foundation for a great bond and future connection, but I don’t think they’re romantic in the true sense of the word yet.

    • Pia says:

      Disappointed with what, exactly?

  11. Steven says:

    Made is the most annoying character. You couldn’t be more right.

  12. Brian says:

    Nice seeing Bates Motel and Speechless getting shout-outs.

  13. steven says:

    Henry Jennings should be the runner-up for most-ignored character, rather than most clueless.

  14. chitown_mimi says:

    Couple of things that I would change/add:
    Worst death: Abby- Sleepy Hollow (just the worst)
    Best Bromance: Michael and Rogelio- Jane the Virgin
    best sibling: Ralph Angel, Nova, and Charley – Queen Sugar,
    saddest breakup: Toby and Spencer (for real this time)- Pretty Little Liars
    Funniest Death: Noel being beheaded – Pretty Little Liars
    Best monologue: Darla apologizing to Aunt Vy – Queen Sugar

    • chitown_mimi says:

      Oh and…
      Best use of skin: Dolores and Maeve- Westworld (finally got the symbolism of their comfortability with their nudity)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Abbie got Worst Death Scene in Part 1. —Mgmt.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I agree with your picks from Queen Sugar. It’s such a phenomenol show yet gets completely overlooked on all the TV sites. Best new show of the year IMO and that’s in a stellar year that saw This is Us, Designated Survivor, Pitch, Jessica Jones, Wynonna Earpe, Colony and Underground all debute.

      • SGFan says:

        I don’t think anyone from TVline watches Queen Sugar…I’ve never seen it mentioned anywhere…yet it as one of the best new series of the year

    • evababy says:

      I so agree about Darla’s speech apologizing to Aunt Vi and thanking Hollywood. That was a beautiful piece of writing.

      • Ally Oop says:

        I really liked the scene between Aunt Vi and Ralphangel when she finally gave him back guardianship of Blue.There’s been so many great scenes though. As much as I love This is Us, I would hand the Best Ensemble Cast award to Queen Sugar with so many well-written, developed characters.

  15. kmw says:

    Got that right about The X-Files but best couple goes to Booth and Brennan on Bones and their baby Hank is pretty cute as well. Almost everything else I agreed with

  16. Gigi says:

    Mike and Ginny from Pitch is a non-romantic couple? This is the second time TVLine has tried to put them in a non-romantic category. Must have been written by the same hag as last time. Those two have CHEMISTRY! Please use the company credit card to buy yourselves a clue.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I stated this above, but I don’t see how they can be considered a romantic couple yet. Aside from one almost-kiss, almost all of their time was platonic. In the future? Heck yeah, they better be romantic. But when you compare them with actual couples on other shows, I don’t see how they are a romantic couple. Yet.

    • CourtTV says:

      They aren’t romantic yet. Still in the platonic stage of the relationship.

    • SGFan says:

      Like others have pointed out, their relationship if still very platonic right now and I think it’s going to stay as such as long as they are teammates. I’m all for Ginny and Mike but they are not romantic just yet.

  17. roses says:

    Awwww. ..WestAllen 😍😍

  18. myrcellasear says:

    Yay for Westallen! The cutest.

  19. Val M. says:

    Whoever he has chosen Steroline Proposal as one of the worst proposal…Well Done! He copied himself, the same proposal that he saw in his dreams for Elena (5×18). Fail!

  20. Luli says:

    Yes to seeing Kara and Alex! I would add great break up: James and Kara.
    Agree with the worst wedding from fuller house. That wholee show is a mess, but I keep watching!!

  21. Valerie says:

    Happy to see Barry and Iris on this!! Love them!! Amazing chemistry :)

  22. Diana says:

    Love seeing Barry and Iris on this list. They have amazing chemistry and I love how romantic the writers are writing their relationship.

  23. Stacy says:

    Cutest baby on TV award should go to Louie from Chicago Fire. That kid is absolutely adorable.

  24. Iakovos says:

    I have not even heard of half of these TV moments much less seen them. But then again, I am a child of the Big 3. Who has time to enjoy all this television? Really?!?!

  25. Marie says:

    My WestAllen all the way. Barry Allen and Iris West are the most romantic, sweetest, honest and true couple I’ve seen on any show for a very long time. Their love is lifetime goal to achieve and the fact that Grant Gustin and Candice Patton are acting soulmates doesn’t hurt either. Best couple for me hands down.

  26. xyz says:

    Pleasantly surprised by the villain and runner-up choice!

    Still no love for Person of Interest.

  27. This is my favorite:

    Can he please get a new show ASAP and not have it canceled!

  28. shadester says:

    I have to say worst dad is Lucious Lyon, Empire! And I Love the sibling rivalry between the brothers on Life in Pieces. Hilarious!

  29. CourtTV says:

    The baby on Lethal Weapon is my top choice. Second is the baby from Life in Pieces (the best comedy no one is talking about!).

  30. Lola says:

    I feel like Stefan and Caroline being named worst proposal is mostly fan dictated. It was not bad and considering Stefan did it as he built a room specifically for her girls made it more special. Just say you hate the pairing beucase the proposal was sweet. And how was Luscious Lyon overlooked for worst father nominee?

  31. Obviously, I need to rewatch The Magicians.

  32. Max says:

    Was it too late to include Hairspray as the “event” that didn’t live up to the hype? What a terrible production!

  33. lordofluck says:

    Barry and Iris as one of the best couples I have to disagree with yes their chemistry has improved but it is still not great.

  34. williami85 says:

    Awww I would’ve gone for Barry and Iris from The Flash for best romantic couple. But runner up isn’t too bad.

  35. Pia says:

    Obviously siblings don’t need to be genetically related, but it’s interesting that both of your top choices were a blended family.

    I’m still annoyed I got sucked into watching an entire unnecessary episode of Supergirl for the crossover.

  36. Matt C. says:

    Love that #Normero won best couple! The chemistry between Vera Farmiga and Nestor Carbonell was just off the charts. Their relationship was so beautiful, and ended so tragically. One of the many elements that made season 4 the best of the series (so far).

    Rick and Michonne from The Walking Dead would be my personal runner-up. I’ve been rooting for those two to get together ever since season 3, so the episode where they finally hooked up was like a dream come true.

  37. Janet says:

    I know “Queen Sugar” will never get an article or mention on tvline. But best couple hands down Charley and Remy from “Queen Sugar”

  38. Angela says:

    Yes to Norma and Romero’s relationship. *Sighs*

  39. DW says:

    Always some good chuckles with Team TVLine lists. Thanks for the unintentional humor.

  40. Alexis says:

    Happy to see Barry and Iris as runner up for best romantic couple. They are so great

  41. Mo says:

    Westallen is definitely my top couple of 2016 😍

  42. Tamara says:

    Very happy about the Flashs portrayal of Barry and Iris. They have the healthiest, most refreshing relationship on TV. This is especially important seeing as the show has many young viewers. There’s enough dysfunction on TV, no need to show case any on the Flash unless it’s in fighting metas, of course. Congratulations to Grant and Candice for doing such a great job with these characters!!

    • K says:

      This exactly. So many relationships on TV are very toxic, almost bordering on abusive. This ship is so sweet and healthy, it’s really positive. I love it.

  43. Paula says:

    THANK YOU TVLine for recognizing Barry and Iris as a Top2 Best TV Couple of 2016!! YAAAAAAASS
    You guys know why millions of fans love their iconic love which transcends space and time and exists on all Earths, Universes, and Timelines. WOOT WOOT!! Candice and Grant SLAY these characters in EVERY SINGLE scene. GO WESTALLEN!! Glad the writers and producers ignore the haters’s chatter and write Barry and Iris with the seriousness and solemnity their iconic status warrants. YAAAAASSS

  44. Phun says:

    Thank you TVLine for recognizing The Danvers Sisters from Supergirl as BEST SIBLINGS….

  45. luvthejem says:

    Mon-El as the best new character? Seriously? Do you even watch Supergirl? He’s terrible, unless you enjoy manipulative emotional abusers. Honestly, this season, so far, has been kind of lacking. I thought it was supposed to be about Kara focusing on herself, not about forcing Kara into a new relationship with someone who had to be shamed (more than once) into basic decency.

  46. Alichat says:

    Best Display of Skin (Male) – Uhhh????……Sam Heughan from Outlander thankyouverymuch!! That he didn’t get at least a runner’s up node is insane.
    Most Clueless Character – Totally agree with Henry on The Americans. Considering his sister Paige was so dogged to find out the truth, that kid is oblivious.
    Best Female Bonding – I loved that twist with Maze taking Trixie out trick or treating. So funny and adorable.
    Most Stylish Couple – Hello……Claire and Jamie from Outlander. Those outfits in the France episodes were GORGEOUS!!!!
    Best Villain – Dracula from Penny Dreadful? Meh.
    Best Sidekick – Totally agree on Janet from The Good Place. Such a hysterical character!
    Best Binge Watch – YES! Stranger Things!
    TV Event That Didn’t Live Up to The Hype – I would say this belongs to about 1/3rd of The X-Files. A couple of episodes were disappointing but most were old school X-Files. I loved ‘Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster’!

  47. Micaela says:

    That’s a pretty solid list really happy Barry and Iris made the cut they have been by far the most enjoyable romantic couple to watch this season I can only hope they go from strength to strength. It was also nice to see this is us characters as well that show is by far the standout show this season imo and I hope it too goes from strength to strength

  48. Paula says:

    Thank you for recognizing The Middle’s Mike Heck as Best Dad! Neil Flynn is an extremely gifted actor whose work goes largely unheralded.
    Also appreciated the shout out to Bates Motel’s Norma and Alex Romero!

  49. N!loofar says:

    William Hurt’s role was a fun combo Chuck McGill and Bloefeld also I hate Josh Chan.

  50. Cas says:

    Whatever #teamloganforever