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Younger Finale Recap

Younger: Darren Star Breaks Down Biggest Finale Twists, Teases 'Major Ramifications' for Liza in Season 4

Warning: This article reveals major, game-changing plot points from Wednesday’s Younger finale.

Yes, Younger fans, that really did just happen. All of it: Liza’s kiss with Charles, her proposal-turned-breakup with Josh, and — of course — her game-changing confession to Kelsey. And TVLine is turning to series creator Darren Star to help us make sense of it all…

TVLINE | First of all, thank you for finally clueing Kelsey in. Why was now the right time, in your mind?
In terms of the character, it was her way of trying to redeem herself a little bit. That’s really what motivated it. I don’t know if it would have happened otherwise.

TVLINE | She’s obviously shocked, but can you tease any more of Kelsey’s reaction?
That’s the story to be told next season. We’ve given a lot of thought to it, and I can’t say much in terms of Kelsey’s reaction, but I think it will certainly have some major ramifications for their relationship.

TVLINE | As much as you want to feel bad for her, Liza really did bring this all on herself. Is she going to have to really take stock and responsibility of these bad decisions?
The longer the lie continues, the harder it becomes to resolve. Not coming clean becomes easier. Just look at Bernie Madoff! … But her intention, of course, was never to hurt anyone. It really come back to the fact that she wanted to work and to be relevant.

TVLINE | In spite of everything, I do remain a Liza sympathizer.
I know it’s getting harder to be one, but it’s also really hard to dislike Sutton.

TVLINE | Let’s say Liza can’t get Josh to take her back. Do you still see a place for him in this world?
I do, because I think the show is an ensemble about characters who have relationships with each other that go beyond Liza at this point. But theirs is the primary relationship, and I think they have an attraction for one another that’s irresistible — and not always healthy. Unhealthy relationships are often the best ones to write about, so I don’t think this is necessarily the end of the road for them.

TVLINE | The fans — as well as Liza — were asked to choose between #TeamJosh and #TeamCharles this season. Is it safe to assume Liza has chosen Josh?
I think by the end of Episode 12, she had this epiphany that [what she has with Josh] is real, and that all the things she thinks won’t work about their relationship can be pushed aside. She wanted to say yes to him, and I feel like she does say it.

TVLINE | So if he does take her back, is the engagement back on, too?
[Laughs] That’s a question to save for next season, definitely.

TVLINE | I’m also enjoying Diana’s surprise co-habitation. Has she finally found her elusive happiness?
We’re going to explore that a little more next season. The happy problem about doing this show is that we have so many terrific actors and characters that we want to give screen time to. So many scenes and storylines end up getting cut because there just isn’t enough time. There’s definitely more story to be told with these two.

TVLINE | Moving onto Kelsey… Is Colin supposed to look so much like Thad and Chad?
You know, that’s something that didn’t occur to us until people started seeing it and mentioning it. I think he has a very different vibe, but also, they don’t look similar in person. But what can I say, Kelsey has a type!

TVLINE | Have we seen the last of Chad?
I mean, he’s alive — unlike Thad. I love the character, and I love Dan Amboyer.

TVLINE | And since Kelsey has moved out of Lauren’s parents’ place, might she grab the spare bed at Maggie’s apartment?
That is possible. You know, you’re giving me some good ideas here. I do think it’s clear she’s moving out of the house with Lauren, but Lauren is definitely still a part of the show. That character isn’t going anywhere.

OK, let’s talk: Which finale twist blew your mind the most? And what are your hopes for Season 4? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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  1. Guy says:

    ‘Twas so good! I still want to see Liza and Charles together for a time, but am happy with any choice.

  2. Absolutely amazing finale. However, I’m disappointed that Liza chose Josh …the whole season has been building to Charles. So I’m confused.

    • MLPR says:

      I am also confused. I thought it was building to a Charles epiphany, not Josh. I was very disappointed.

      • Yeah it feels like the whole season was building to that. Very confused…..we need more confirmation from Liza on if her feelings for Charles are real.

        • Carrie says:

          I think her feelings for both Charles and Josh are real… obviously she is attracted to Charles & he is to her, if only he knew her real age then Liza might be more willing to explore a relationship with Charles more. So maybe this will happen next season… I think Liza is confused herself because she does care about Josh but is she really in love with him? That’s what I have been wondering.

          • Yeah it just feels off with Charles/Liza now because she made her choice with Josh. I wonder how the writers will get Charles/Liza together in an authentic way.

          • Susi says:

            Carrie — I think that with Charles it’s probably more lust and with Josh, she seems to love him and it’s real love… I know the age is a big factor but Josh knows what he knows and he still loves her. I think she just has to make it clear what she really wants because it’s not far for her to string both of these guys alone Liza just needs to make her choose for herself and pros and cons both of them. But I think and hope she chooses Josh. I hope I make sense. Lol.

      • Lisa Niemeier says:

        Right there with you.

  3. Elena says:

    So the whole season builds on her feelings for Charles and we get… nothing. I am getting whiplash by how much she changes her mind. I want to see the show give Charles and Eliza a real chance to be together, not just have another kiss then say, “Just kidding! She really loves Josh!”

    • Carrie says:

      Yeah, I feel that way too. Charles would be a great guy for Liza, long term. They have so much in common and share love of literature. Josh is very sweet but Liza really needs to think seriously about why she is dating him. He thinks he loves her, but she doesn’t seem to feel equally…. that’s the impression I got. Or maybe she is afraid of making a committment with either Josh or Charles.

    • Janet Heller says:

      I think people forget that Liza has only been with 3 guys, one of which she was married to for 18 years. This doesn’t justify her flirtation with Charles. He deserves better than that. But I can understand her confusion as well as reluctance to jump from a bad relationship with her ex, to a good one with Josh. She’s said it herself that her husband wasn’t always the jerk that he is now. And to Liza’s credit, she did warn Josh from day one that she was not ready for him.

  4. AT says:

    Loved the finale. But I do wish the secret had come out earlier. It has just gone on too long. It was the premise for the show but it’s time to move on. The characters and relationships are established. They should move past they lie and make it about the characters.

    • Carrie says:

      I agree, but at least Liza took that step to be honest with Kelsey. I think Josh got through to her finally and that Get Real event tugged at her conscience and heart. She is a good person trying to keep it all together. In real life, there would be no need for Liza to lie about her age anyway, because there are age discrimination laws regarding hiring people over 40. So the premise that she felt she had to lie is actually very exaggerated. But it is a comedy drama tv show, so not supposed to be realistic.

      • c-mo says:

        Not trying to be cynical Sally or anything but please don’t lose your naïveté and sunny outlook on hiring people over a certain age…but employers have looooooots of ways to not hire you without using age as the direct reason. As a person over 40 trying to find a new job in a new industry and with lots of contacts in that industry, it’s almost impossible.

        • Carrie says:

          Sure, age discrimination happens simply based on incorrect perceptions or prejudice and not necessarily deliberately, but that doesn’t mean it is lawful or morally right under any context. If you are running into people who are not willing to hire anyone over 30 or over 40, you might need to find different people (more mature people) who are not so hung up on age. Also if you don’t look exactly a certain age, how is anyone to know exactly what your age is anyway? For instance, I look 10 to fifteen years younger than I am. No one can guess my actual age. Sometimes that is to my benefit, and sometimes not because if someone guesses me to be too young they might not take me seriously in the way I would prefer or if they guess me to be older, they may have a prejudice. I personally don’t care to be around anyone who has an age prejudice (any adult over the age of 30 in my opinion who has an age prejudice needs an attitude adjustment). It’s understandable why teenagers or twenty-somethings might still have age prejudices, because some of them haven’t had enough interaction with multiple generations to appreciate all age groups. Rather than judging someone how they look on the outside, we should be paying more attention to their intelligence, creativity and what they want to contribute to the world.

        • Anne says:

          Yes exactly. I’m also in that boat. In my 40s, competing with 20 year olds for the same jobs. . .

      • Marton says:

        There was this writer on Felicity who said she was 18 to get the gig even though she was 32. Once her real age got discovered halfway through season 1, she was fired in a heartbeat.

        • Carrie says:

          Why she even felt the need to pretend to be 18 as a writer is disturbing… 32 is a good age to be. Most people have greater respect for writers who are older (I am a writer and I have been hearing this for years from people in the publishing industry) because they have more breadth of life experience usually. It’s only Hollywood that tries to hold on to this fake world where the youngest people think the rule the planet. Sorry to break it to these young kids, but they only rule in the area of their peers, not in the world of people who are twenty or thirty years older than them. When I was a young college student (between 18-20) I couldn’t wait to be 30! Because I felt like that seemed like an appropriate age to be successful in one’s career. However my life has gone on very different tracks than what I anticipated while in college, although I did achieve relative success in a couple different careers. Now I am on a different career track. Life is a journey. We are never the same age more than once – I try to encourage people to appreciate whatever age they are because they are never going to be that age more than once. When a person is complaining about turning 30 or turning 40, I guarantee you when they get to be 60 they are going to want those years back. So value who you are and where you are right now.

          • Anne says:

            Easier to say than do, when decisions are made about your future based on what
            they see of you on paper only.

  5. Gailer says:

    Thankfully Darren Starr is still involved with this show, it keeps on getting better!

  6. Caitlin says:

    Everyone saying their confused because of Charles buildup should try and remember how their relationships felt like in a rut. In a long term and committed relationship there tends to be periods of dullness and lack of sexual interest. That is, in my opinion, Liza was being pushed toward Charles. She wanted the butterflies and the passion of a new man. This is why people end up cheating sometimes and why Liza having possibly lost Josh finally woke her up to their love being real and her kissing Charles was a mistake she made because of attraction

    • Caitlin says:

      And in other news, Liza still looks like she is 40. Kelsey’s response should be, “well duh.”

      • Noreen says:

        Finally!!!! Somebody said….I initially watched this show because of Miriam Shor (Diana); I was never convinced that Liza (Sutton Foster) looked like she was 26. They changed the hair & makeup & the language but she still looks & acts like a 40-year-old

        • Carrie says:

          Darren Star wanted an actress who could both look younger but also express the maturity of an older woman. They deliberately chose an actress who was the actual age of Liza. I think that was very smart on their part, because then the actress can better relate to Liza as her true self. This show should really be more of a comedy than it is, because people sure get wound up over the whole “lying about age”. Please lighten up people, there is no law that says a person must reveal their age to anybody! In fact there actually is an age discrimination law in the US, in case you didn’t know that. The reason many people don’t want to state their age is because of discrimination and because they want to avoid being ridiculed. That is not called lying. It is called keeping quiet so as to not draw attention to yourself in the wrong way.

          We as a society need to stop “casually” discriminating against people about their age. We are usually just talking biological age anyhow, which has less bearing on most jobs that require more mental agility and creativity, like Liza’s job. She is not a model so she really doesn’t need to look young. Thank goodness Liza’s bosses Charles and Diana are both mature enough to see that Liza does have a maturity about her that they respect, even though they believe she is 26. It’s because of her more mature perspective that she is able to come up with solutions that sometimes the younger people on the show don’t know how to address. Some jobs require emotional maturity – like for instance you would want your lawyers, doctors and nurses to exhibit emotional maturity. The publishing industry benefits from both a younger and older mindset – in regards to younger people tend to rejuvenate and bring enthusiasm while older people can bring practicality and a wider range of life experience. However there are some very smart and mature people under 30 too. Everyone has value, no matter what age they are.

    • Carrie says:

      Possibly, but I think her attraction to Charles goes beyond just wanting to be with a different guy. Think about it – Liza is actually close in age to Charles, so she not only shares love of literature but also similar generational interests, which is why they both loved hearing the Berlin songs. I myself am a Gen Xer and I grew up listening to Berlin. Josh is a cool enough guy to like Berlin too of course, so that’s why her situation is so complicated. If Liza doesn’t want to have kids with Josh, she wouldn’t need to with Charles because he already has a daughter… so she could easily be a Step Mom. This show has alot of surprising twists so who knows what happens next season! :)

      • AT says:

        I agree. From the beginning, Charles made more sense. He’s mature, they share interests, and they would be a good fit. But after this prolonged lie, I don’t know how you get there.

        Josh is a great guy and they clearly care about each other and have a great time. But I don’t see it as permanent. They’re in two completely different places in life. And while Josh knows her secret, she’s still pretending who she is and being with him is part of it.

    • Sara says:

      The problem with all the TeamJosh arguments is that Charles has never really gotten a fair chance. The two guys have not been on equal footing. If Charles was given the same opportunity with Charles that she’s had with Josh….then a real choice could be made. But it’s been in Josh’s favor this whole time.

      • Sara says:

        *same opportunity with Liza

      • This is true. Until Liza actually experiences a relationship with Charles and tells him in the truth..we won’t truly know who her better match is. I personally think it’s Charles though.

      • Carrie says:

        I agree. They started off with Josh being her first choice not only because she was pretending to be 26, but also because the book the show is based on really focused on that relationship of her with a younger guy. I think Charles is mature enough to wait for Liza to make her decision. He knows they have an attraction, but he might feel she is not ready for his kind of life, especially when she keeps dating Josh, obviously that has got to send a signal that she is not ready for a more serious relationship. With Charles I think it would be more longterm and possibly marriage. It could just as easily become marriage with Josh too, if Liza and Josh get past this rough patch and Josh still loves her enough to stay with her. So many possibilities! Will be interesting to see what happens next season!

  7. T.W.S.S. says:

    I’m five episodes behind, but it’s clearly time to start watching Younger again now that Kelsey knows.

  8. Shannon says:

    That final scene. Omg. So well done. The entire finale was really impressive. I LOVED Liza and Charles at that club dancing. I think it’s time she explores something new. Also loved how Josh, the love sick puppy, rejected HER. Incredible writing and acting by all. Can’t wait for the next season.

    • Luciana says:

      I also loved them at the club and how they have that older people flirting awkwardness! Soo real!
      But we can’t put Josh aside with his open heart approach to their relationship… it’s truly endearing.
      So, all I can hope for season 4 is a free love type of solution, one that embraces all!!
      Is America ready for it?
      Even coming from New Yorkers?
      Let’s wait and see!
      #teamjoshandcharles #freeloveyounger

    • Yeah the entire finale was amazing. I thought it was very powerful that Josh rejected her and it truly made my heart break for him. But it really affected Liza. But the Charles/Liza dance scene was truly amazing. I feel it so much for them.

    • Lisa Niemeier says:

      SO AGREE!

    • Carrie says:

      Yes, I was impressed as well with how well this final episode was written. This whole season was stellar.

  9. Jeff says:

    I thought the finale was terrific but the first 8 episodes were a drag – literally NOTHING happened this season until the final episode.

  10. AT says:

    Didn’t Josh give her a freebie card? I mean, I know that doesn’t really matter. What she did to him was terrible and of course he’s completely heartbroken. How could you possibly recover from that? I’m just pointing out that technically, he gave her the opportunity.

    • Michele S says:

      I totally forgot about the freebie card! I like Josh, but in the long term…not sure he will be right for her. Maybe she does not need long term right now? I think tonight showed us how her marriage really destroyed a little bit of Liza. Maybe that is why she is not rushing into any long-term commitment.

    • Sara says:

      Omg! The freebie! I forgot! Obviously Josh did too or he wouldn’t have pooped his pants so hard. Season 4 she’s gonna play the card!!

    • Heather says:

      You made some great points! Personally I don’t believe in freebie cards. Big mistake for Josh to have done that in the past- (even though he said he never wanted to know)- -oops-well now ya know- true love doesn’t give freebie cards- it’s called 100% committed 100% trust no matter the circumstances. Well- those are my beliefs.,

    • Anne says:

      Good point, about the freebie card!

  11. Rose Herbst says:

    I wanted to see Liza and Charles get together.

  12. ARS277 says:

    I think Josh was the perfect first boyfriend for Liza coming off of an unloving marriage but there is just no way they will work out in the long run. Whether it’s having children, a mortgage or any other real world obstacles, it’s not so much the age difference but the personality difference will pose too many challenges over time. Josh is a fine boyfriend but the chemistry and similar personalities of Liza and Charles are just so much more believable from a life partner standpoint.

  13. Kim says:

    I loved the finale. Hate that Liza and Charles were interrupted AGAIN. I like Josh but my vote is for Charles!! Hope Kelsey can understand and forgive Liza.

    • AT says:

      Me too. That’s the problem I have with the lie going on so long. It’s been so long that I don’t know how you recover and regain everyone’s trust.

  14. HAP says:

    Two time Tony Award winner Sutton Foster is an incredible talent.

  15. Missa says:

    I loved loved loved…and hated this finale!! The only thing I hated was that I now have to wait for Season 4!!!

    All jokes aside…the thing about Liza and Josh that has always stuck with me AND why I believe they ARE meant to be is because they first met AND had that initial connection before Liza ever thought about acting like a 26 year old. In fact, he is the reason why that idea ever entered her universe.
    She then followed that course and, I believe, became herself. Aside from lying about her age, she is happy with her life. It is who she is now.
    The idea of being with Charles appeals to who she was…or thought she was.

    At the end of this finale, during the phone call, she ‘dug’ deep and asked that hard question–what does she want??!!??

    Liza is still who she is. If she comes clean with everyone about her age, the only thing that truly changes is her age.

    Just my two cents

    • Carrie says:

      That is a very insightful perspective, Missa! :) We shall see what Liza decides – life with Josh, life with Charles or neither! Hmmm….

    • Anne says:

      I agree, very insightful. Although a little voice in the back o my head wonders. . .I had a friend who had a 16 year age
      difference with her partner & it didn’t work out. But prob he acted his age, a real homebody, when she went out. It was easy for her to meet someone else.

    • Bec says:

      I agree!!! #teamjosh 120% I think that she needs to be with him and because of everything you said I actually kind of hate the Charles storyline, I find him boring and that he takes her off on tangents that are against the whole point of her finally being herself and having a second chance!! I will be devastated if they don’t end up together.

  16. Marilyn says:

    This show need to be on a hour every week by the time it comes on with all the commercials it over they really need to get rid of the pastor and teachers these show really do anyone watch them stupid put younger on a hour it the best show ever

  17. dan says:

    Wait a minute … I’ve been missing the WHOLE THIRD SEASON???? GEEZUS.

  18. Jaime says:

    I think Liza tells Kelsey and eventually when they get to talking again Liza writes a book and is the newest imprint and that is how everyone finds out. I love josh, but her and Charles are on the same page and Josh would be so cute with kids. Not fair to him to miss out even though he thinks he would be ok with it. But nothing can happen with Charles till he knows the truth about her age!

    • Lisa Niemeier says:

      Your idea about the book is brilliant. Would make things ok all around.

      So I have a question – how old are most of us commenting on this thread? I think the beautiful thing about this series is how it appeals to all ages. My daughter got me hooked on it – she’s 37 and I’m 61!

      • Carrie says:

        I am in my 40s. Straight up Gen Xer. My generation is technically “middle age’. Kind of an awkward age to be. I don’t feel old, but I don’t feel like a teenager either. I don’t really acknowledge my actual biological age most of the time, because I have always looked younger than I am and so I don’t think much of myself in terms of being the age I am. In fact, I often forget what my biological age is! Most of the time I don’t need to think about it. Besides, I have been a “little adult” since I was about 10. I was an only child for 12 years, than my sister was born, so I grew up in maturity probably faster than other kids. My life partner is only two years older than me. That’s why I feel Charles is a better match for Liza, but it does come down to personalities, compatibility, It all depends on what you are looking for in a relationship. Younger has opened up real-life conversations that we might not be having otherwise. I can only hope that it will help more people to be less judgmental about a person based on age. Age should not be an issue at all for adults. It is the mental mindset and emotional maturity that matters more.

      • Anne says:

        I’m mid-40s & can relate to the competing with younger people in the professional world & until recently always looked super-young for my age.

    • Carrie says:

      I like your idea of Liza writing a book about her life story too…. that would be fun and interesting to watch!

  19. Chris says:

    Who styles each characters??

  20. Slava says:

    I don’t know why but I had the idea that Liza didn’t fell much for Josh and she wanted to be with Charles. They seemed to form a bound. The final amazed me but it was as crazy and interesting as the whole show. I adore this show!

  21. Natali says:

    I’m so happy Josh didn’t want to get together with Liza right away, she was taking his love for granted. I hope she will win him bach and that he forgives her. I don’t like Charles at all. He seams like a nice gentelman but he is so serious and looks so strickt.

  22. Lynne says:

    The biggest OMG moment for me was when Josh caught Liza kissing Charles..& then the ‘Marry Me’ written on the bed!!

    • caliiangel says:

      Ugh, that moment broke my heart! I know Josh is the less “logical” choice, but what they have is very real and I think they actually could make it long term. Sometimes love is not logical and there are certainly unusual couples out there that are very happy age difference and all! They bring out the best in each other and I was surprised at how much I fell in love with them together. I really like Charles a lot, but I’m strongly on team Josh. I hope he can forgive her because that was gut wrenching, especially after her epiphany that she truly DOES love him and wants to be with him.

  23. Madeline says:

    Younger should be on for one hour. More time is needed for all the great characters.

  24. Michelle says:

    Is there any hope for her & Charles?? They just logically make so much more sense. Yea Josh is sexy & exciting, but Josh is more of a “phase” type bf for Liza’s type of character. Charles actually has more things in common, his kids love her, they do have great chemistry, & they could actually have a real future together.

    • Caitlin says:

      Herein lies the issue, people think she should choose Charles because it makes more sense. Just because it makes more sense doesn’t mean he’s the right choice

  25. Heather says:

    Awesome season finale!! Great writers and actors! I was pleased and looking forward to more Younger! These are some things I would love to see in the future seasons:
    Looking forward to Charles finding out Josh and Liza split then seeing him retract the “it won’t happen again” words, so he can pursue her in “a real adult relationship. ” Obviously, they like the same music and relate to the same generation. Should be easier for her to “come clean” with him since they already proved they can trust each other with “secrets” in the past- work related. Yes, I adore Josh with Liza but they (Charles & Liza) really need to see where this can go, in order to know for sure if Josh and Liza can ever truly mend and heal their relationship. I also think Kelsey can do better than Colin. Yes, she has a type but it’s time for her to grow up and stop picking bad boys. She’s very intelligent and beautiful, she can do better and should. Nice to see Diana happy and relaxed for a change. Looks like this guy may be taking advantage of her seeing she’s emotionally vulnerable. Hope another gentlemen, more refined, comes into the picture to give her new bo a run for his money. Would be fun seeing two different type men competing for her for a change! Would love to see Maggie in a happy and healthy relationship. She’s always been the voice of reason and mother figure for Liza. Things didn’t work out in her last relationship, it’s time she found true happiness too and not worry so much about everybody else’s lives. She deserves a real commitment. Molly is a fun character however I would like to see her go through some real life experiences so she can grow up and be more empathic toward others. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts!

  26. Lisa Niemeier says:

    I don’t know why I want Liza and Charles to get together but I DO! I know the tattoo artist thing is out there and exciting but I want Liza to be really happy and I don’t see her having the kind of stability and happiness with Josh that she could with Charles. Maybe Charles would be ‘boring’ by today’a standards but he seems to be a genuinely good guy and someone who feels deeply and would want to really make her happy. And Liza and his little girls have a great thing going. You can see how amazing Liza is with children in the babysitting scenes. And seeing how that wants Charles’s heart really warms me to him!

  27. Helen says:

    Oh… how I want everything for Liza
    I’m all about her coming out and telling her real age. I ❤ #teamjosh but feel as though he is too immature for her, while #teamcharles may only be intrigued by her because of her youth. At this point Liza needs to focus on herself and attempt to fix what’s broken. This is one of my favorite shows. Wish it were on for an hour every week, 30 minutes just isn’t enough.

  28. Catherine says:

    Charles is soo hot and charming…and age appropriate…. and the build up!!! I feel wasted…. after the long wait.. :( why isnt he being explored further? And OWL… her story seems to never change…always the same since season 1… and what happened with Thad’s twin? I expected hilarius twists from him…. i hope season 4 brings jaw dropping twists….. and not just in the season finale…..

  29. Renee says:

    I think the sexual chemistry between Charles and Liza is off the charts, but they haven’t had the chance to explore it. It’s also fun and flirty, which was apparent in the finale when Liza walked away to the beach after commenting on Charles having knees, and then Charles awkwardly telling Liza she made a good choice with the danish for breakfast. The fun awkward stares between them at the club when “Take my Breath Away” played was so exciting, right up to her kissing him. The kiss between them at her hotel door showed that chemistry again. Seems like Charles and Liza have that infatuation that could develop into something magical. I feel her connection with Josh is based on lust and new sexual experiences with a younger guy. I just don’t sense the same chemistry between Liza and Josh as I do with Liza and Charles. There’s something that gets ignited when Liza is with Charles, but it’s subtle and mature. I hope that it can develop fully in Season 4. We started to see another side of Charles in the Hamptons that was less serious, more relaxed, more personal; seems that Liza brings that out in him. Plus, Charles is so handsome and refined with gorgeous eyes; he’s the one for Liza!

  30. Deborah Davis says:

    I was hooked on the first show in season one! I LOVE watching Younger each week! I look forwatd to it! As a 49yr old married (30yrs) stay at home mom (of 9 grown people) I can not get enough of this program! It is SO fun to watch!! I would like it to go to an hour long though…the story lines don’t have enough time to build…I really liked the last episode but it did feel a bit rushed until the end…Charles went cold WAY to fast on Liza. Josh also didn’t seem in character in his last scene. Also, I would have liked to have more envolvment/dialog from Kelsey as she faced multiple rejections during the last episode…..I mean, she is a queen bee who is now homeless! Also, why is Liza being labeled so horribly? She didn’t set out with the intention to have the life that came to her as she moved into becoming self sufficient. Im glad she told Kelsey. I hope Kelsey takes it well and they remain close. Please keep the sexual tension with Charles and Liza and the passion connection with Josh and Liza….that’s awesome! No wedding!…..No babies!….Just life! I would trade her for a day if I could….lol….as long as it’s not the day she is Princess Pam Pam! rofl
    Brovo, writers! Great TV!!

  31. A Kormos says:

    For me the final ending was too similar to the 1st season’s ending, I.e. Audience left wondering if she & Josh will split because of Liza really screwing up somehow in the finale … I think they could have somehow tied in Liza telling Kelsey the truth with Josh (maybe Kelsey suspects or realizes it was Liza that Liza’s ex hubby was talking to at the self help seminar) & Kelsey follows Liza to Josh’s. Then as Josh & Liza are heatedly talking at his place (with door open) & she’s explaining what happened with Charles & her epiphany about loving Josh, Kelsey shows up … and Liza proves her love to Josh then & there & confesses to Kelsey (same way she actually did on the show) & cliff hanger is both Josh & Kelsey are standing there looking at Liza shocked.

  32. Alissa says:

    What a way to leave us all hanging Darren Star! Perfect way to make us tune in next season! My daughter and I were screaming at the tv! How could Liza even be tempted to kiss Charles when she has OMG just look at his sexyness Josh! How will Kelsey handle finding out about Liza. It’s like she almost has to be ok with it because where else would she stay? Can we talk about weird Emily and her labradoodle book! Which not only did Liza trick Kelsey to leave but she offers Emily a book deal! So obviously the secrets out to Kelsey but if Emily doesn’t get her deal she will out her to the world. Well at least she wouldn’t have to lie anymore.

  33. Peanutrad says:

    Re: Darren Star’s response “The happy problem about doing this show is that we have so many terrific actors and characters that we want to give screen time to. So many scenes and storylines end up getting cut because there just isn’t enough time.” SOLUTION: Increase it to a one hour show. Please!!!

  34. MimiPLogsdon says:

    I don’t hate Liza at all. Her husband turned out to be a jerk and like some women do she wrapped her life around him. It’s not like it doesn’t happen in real life. He did leave her for a younger woman who worked at the Casino. Something that hasn’t been pointed out again in the scripts. Her intentions were good and desperate. She really did, many times, want to tell the truth, but circumstances, like the meeting with all the comments about the 40 year old woman, pulled her back. Also, I don’t condemn her for dating Josh, although she should have told him sooner. I married my husband when I was 41 and he was 27. We just celebrated our 15 year anniversary, so age is what you make it and for us just a number. However, she should have been honest about her attraction to Charles, and she does have that “Free Pass” so she should’ve been smarter. I just hope the writers aren’t too harsh on her. I mean, two wrongs (she and her husband) don’t make a right. However, her intentions were way better than her husbands. He was just a selfish A-hole.

    • Carrie says:

      I agree – I don’t think Liza is a bad person at all. But she does need to drop the pretense of being a 26 year old, especially now that she told Kelsey. Will be interesting to see what the writers come up with for next season! I would be really surprised if Charles has an issue with Liza admitting her real age – I would think he might have sensed that because I don’t think he is the kind of guy who chases after younger gals. Then he and Liza can both be more real about their feelings for each other. But was Liza starting to think too much like her 26 younger self and attracted to Charles as an “older” man? Possibly. It all comes down to what she wants to do with her life, regarding who she chooses to be with. The fun part of pretending to be 26 appears to be over for her, and now it is decision time. Fork in the road kind of thing.

    • Carrie says:

      btw congrats on your 15 year anniversary! That is awesome!

  35. Rae D'Onfro says:

    Josh is cute, but clearly not the guy for her. Team Charles!

  36. maggiecu says:

    Like Liza I can’t decide whether it’s Josh or Charles but looking into these actors it was so fun to find that Charles/Peter in real life is married to Mariska Hargitay and Josh/Nico is a wonderful sensitive soul with a podcast (the LoveBomb – iTunes) that explores his bisexuality in a pretty raw and honest way. In almost every episode he asks his guest if they think his sexuality will hinder his career and it’s sad to think that he has to worry about this. For me it only adds another interesting layer to these fantastic characters. The men on Younger, not just eye candy but keeping up with some power house ladies! Thanks Darren Star!

  37. Mary D Dailey says:

    Happy that the show is making the turn to more honesty and challenging Liza to confront the consequences of her choice to be “younger” but I am disappointed that she told Josh she loved him because I think this is another lie. Nothing in her behavior this season or for the last half of last season indicated that she does. She is easily irritated with him when he is immature or not knowledgeable. Of course she likes the sex but it is wearing off. She cares about Josh but she should not confuse that with being in love with him and so the plot twist at the end of the show does not make much sense to me. Some people will argue that Charles is a flirtation and you should not ruin a relationship over a flirtation but Charles is much more than that and has been for two seasons. They make decisions together at the firm – he depends on her insight as much as Kelsey does and the hospital scene was telling about their comfort level with each other. Bottom line you need to be with a person that intellectually stimulates you and for Liza that is Charles not Josh.

    • Carrie says:

      I agree – I also felt that Liza doesn’t deeply love Josh. Sure she cares about him and likes being with him, he’s a fun guy. But now she needs to figure out how much does she care and love him. Does that mean she is going to fight to win him back? Or will she finally stop avoiding Charles and just get real with him, now that she is being more honest with Kelsey about her age it seems like naturally she would find it easier to broach that subject with Charles. He didn’t even seem upset when he saw the “Marry Me” roses on the bed… I think he was not that surprised by it. He is a very intelligent man. If he does truly care about her (which I think he does), he will be understanding (the reveal of her age might surprise him at first, but he seems to be a very thoughtful kind of guy, so eventually I am sure he will be understanding about it). It all depends on whether the writers intend to bring Charles and Liza together. However what then happens to the main premise of the show being “Younger”?

  38. Grace says:

    Younger is the best show out at the moment hanging on edge for season 4!

    The finale was left you so desperate to know what happens next so much happened. It would be great for there to be an unexpected twist in season 4 nothing too predictable. I wouldn’t be happy if josh takes Liza back she cheated on him! I love how you don’t know if it’s going to work with either guy

  39. anne says:

    i’m addicted to this show. I haven’t liked anything on tv for a while but this show is awesome. Can’t wait for season 4. Anyone know when that will be ?

  40. Anne says:

    Great, but am as torn as she is between the male leads!

  41. Camille says:

    I LOVE liza’s and Josh’s chemistry!! I think it makes a large part of the show so enticing to watch! I know alot of ppl would be dissappointed if they couldn’t be together. I would love to see in season 4 if liza finds out she actually is pregnant after all and how everyone copes with that.

  42. Catherine McKean says:

    I think that Liza will be ostracized but not by Maggie. However. This is her time to dig in and write a novel about this Younger life experience. It will be a best seller and she will be sought after by all publishers. She may become very famous. Let’s see how this could unfold I’m obsessed fan as I was with SATC
    Love younger. It’s genius.

  43. Etika says:

    I would love to see liza and josh back together!!! Obviously Charles was just a crush who seemed to be the right thing because of age issues.

  44. loquis says:

    Please let Josh and Liza be back together, I couldn´t watch the serie if that didn´t happened

  45. Anne Nicol says:

    Here’s my take on Liza and Charles or Josh: she knows Charles is ‘the real deal’ but she knows she cannot enter a relationship with him unless she’s 100% in and honest, an impossibility now — and maybe ever — because of her job and The Big Age Lie. She’s also old enough to know that as much as she loves how Josh is so completely into her now, their age difference is least important now than ever — in 20 years she will be 60 and he will only be 45.I don’t doubt she loves Josh but it’s tempered with the wisdom of her year. Also, in terms of interests and commonality [literature, advertising, raising daughters, experiences, it’s Charles. She’s got great sexual chemistry with both guys but I think Charles is a better long-term fit!!

  46. Susi says:

    You know I kinda of did want her with Charles because he is more her age and she can be someone true to herself and not have to worry that he may want more kids but I have come to change I have loved the relationship she has with Josh and they honestly make the cuties couple and I do believe that they can make it work between them both they just have to communicate more with each other and be truthful to the way they feel and not hold anything back. With Kelsey, I love their friendship and I know/hope there okay cause they are what makes the show fun and fresh. I mean everyone lies but I think that once Liza was in she should have come clean when she had the chance to everyone because she has a lot a great input in the job and has done amazing.

  47. Jacki says:

    I love Josh and Liza. That relationship shows how to opposites can come together to actually find love in the most unusual circumstances. I definitely need to bring those two back together.