Scream Queens Recap

Scream Queens Recap: Kill and Be Killed

Did you ever in all your damn life think you’d hear Kirstie Alley tell someone to “go suck a hot fart”? (I mean, like, on television. When she knows cameras are rolling.)

That iconic line was dropped on Tuesday’s Scream Queens during a meeting of the remarkably un-iconic Green Meanies. Hester assembled this season’s three killers — including Wes, who I completely forgot was her biological father — to figure out which one deserves to finally put an end to the Chanels. In doing so, the Meanies finally copped up to their long list of kills:

* Cassidy killed “Wolf Lady,” Tyler, Randall, the Hamiltons, Chanel No. 9, Chanel No. 11 and Chanel Pour Homme.
* Nurse Hoffel killed that reporter, and she claims to have assisted in offing Chanels No. 9 and 10.
* Lastly, Wes murdered Sheila, Chamberlain and Chad Radwell. He also poisoned the apple water, attacked No. 5. and went after Denise. He was shocked to hear she’s still alive.

We’re still not sure which of the Meanies is going to “take care” of the Chanels, but at least we can say it won’t be Wes; his melted corpse was discovered towards the end of the hour. (Any chance Grace might visit for the funeral?)

The rest of the episode, as usual, was utter nonsense: The Chanels cheated on their med-school exams, making them full-fledged doctors overnight; Brooke Shields was around for a minute, but then she died; and “Dean” Munsch revealed the truth about her cannibalistic urges (and subsequent death sentence) to the group.

With only one episode left in Season 2 — and, quite possibly, the series — how do you hope it’ll end? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Is it just me or should this show not come back. It has been an (un)hot mess.

    • Please forgive my lack of question mark in that first sentence.

      • Red Meanie says:

        I have to agree that this season was not really good compared to the first one but ohhh i’ll be sad to see the series end so early. Maybe this is because of the lazy writing. I need the writers to work hard for this if they’re planning for a third season.

      • dan says:

        Let’s face it, it’s not coming back. As ridiculous as it is, I still enjoy it and would want to see a return, but the ratings are dismal.

    • Katy says:

      So agree. I couldn’t wait for it to come back bc the first season was so good. But this one is so random, all over the place, and makes no sense whatsoever….. first season was bombthough

  2. Ken says:

    its not as good as season 1 was, but it still is hilarious and ridiculously over the top but I would really miss Jamie Lee Curtis and the Chanels.

  3. Adam says:

    Well, the Green Meanie killers have been pretty uninteresting, Wes made them a little more interesting but now he’s dead, my opinion of the show so far.

  4. JJ says:

    This episode was a let down vs. last week!! but im so excited to see everything come to a head!! i think the chanels, dean munsch, zayday, hester, nd dr. brock survives! nd nurse hoffel, cassidy, nd his mom either go to jail, dies, or go to a mental institution! this is just my guess.

  5. Piper says:

    The problem is this show is on the wrong channel. If it was on FX I think it would be doing much better. Not sure fox is the right home for such a show. They should definitely bring it back for a third season and move it to fx.

  6. The green meanie summit was probably the best scene of this season. Wes’ glee at killing Chad Radwell made me laugh, and I had also forgotten Hester was his daughter. He added fun energy to the last couple episodes, I’m disappointed they killed him off so fast.

    I’m really really hoping next week is a stealth series finale and all the Chanels end up dead.

  7. Jim says:

    Individually a lot of the jokes still land this season, but the overarching plot is a hot mess I can’t decipher so I just kind of have to say whatever and let that part go. As long as it makes me laugh I’m in for another season but I accept it isn’t getting one.

  8. J.B. says:

    Wes wasn’t pushed into a vat of acid by the Green Meanies. He willingly fell into a therapeutic tub full of boiling hot peanut oil when he realized they were trying to kill him.

    Chanel #5 didn’t cheat on the exam. She didn’t even know the other two did.

    How did you forget that Hester was Wes’ bio daughter? Him being the father of the “bathtub baby” (“babies” actually since Boone turned out to be Hester’s twin) was a big plot point in season one.

  9. To me, it seems like this is a fun diversion for Ryan and Brad and Ian–the creators. Like they have gotten high and throw out ideas and act out the dialogue just to make themselves entertained, and they don’t care about the plotting but just want to put the characters in the most campy and silly situations possible. If you go along with the ride, this show is a riot. Also, Jamie, Niecy, Emma, and especially Glen Powell were inspired characters. I would watch an entire show starring Chad Radwell. He’s the best.

  10. Tom says:

    That all sounds frakking ridiculous, and not in a good way

  11. Jared says:

    This season is so bad yet I can’t stop watching!

  12. Andrew says:

    The ending for Wes’ character was stupid.

    I have to agree with everybody else that Season 2 has been lackluster.

    They should kill off all the Chanels and send Munsch back to the university, if there’s even a snowball’s chance that it gets renewed. The hospital setting has been a total flop.